Breathtaking teen is peeing and pleasing hairless pussy

Breathtaking teen is peeing and pleasing hairless pussy
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Chapter 13 With Amber waiting on her knees watching Emily over her shoulder as pulled a pink double ended dildo from a bag. "There we go, that's what I want!" moaned Amber as Emily got behind her on her knees laying the dildo on her back.

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The double dildo was as long as you would expect, with one end hanging off her ass cheek the other resting between her shoulder blades. Emily wasted no time spreading Amber's cheeks and continuing her licking where she had left off. After only a few deep licks she leaned back grabbing the pink dildo and pulling it between Amber's ass cheeks not stopping until the head slid between her soaking wet lips.

"Are you ready?" asked Emily as she slid the head from her lips stopping at her tight brown asshole. I thought Amber had changed her mind when she slid down on her arms pulling away from the thick pink dick about to fuck her little ass but to my surprise she reached under her pillow and handed Emily a small bottle "Use this, I want you to fuck me good." With Amber still yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore on her stomach Emily dropped the dildo to her side and took the bottle from her hand and popped open the cap squirting the bottle in her right hand and then a little between her cheeks and placed the open bottle to her side with the dildo.

Emily's hand disappeared between Amber's legs causing her to spread them a little farther. I couldn't see between her legs but I knew when Emily's lubed fingers entered her body by watching her body tense with every push, I was unsure where she was pushing her fingers until I heard Amber tell her to put them in her ass now.


Amber appeared to melt when tight little asshole was filled with fingers, her moans getting louder as Emily picked up her pace only to stop quickly leaving Amber laying there grinding her pelvis into her bed.

With the pink dildo in her right hand she slid it between her slick cheeks until I heard Amber gasp, Emily had started her assault on my daughter's ass. I watched stroking my throbbing cock as she continued to fuck my baby in the ass with the pink monster until she quickly stopped like before, this seemed to be her thing to do to drive Amber crazy.

After stopping she bent down across the pink dick hanging from my baby's ass rubbing her stomach across the head of it and sit back up holding the camera in her left hand almost dropping it before she wiped her right hand across the bed wiping off the slick lube and taking it in her right hand and aiming it at Amber's ass with the pink dick hanging from it, the camera shuttered many times.

"Get a close up!" Amber said as she extender her arms to her side and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Still not able to see between her legs I was about to go crazy wanting to see her tight ass stretched around the pink dick so I stood on teen fucks old nick anal and vintage porn tender sex in jacuzzi tip toes trying to get a better view but no luck so I settled back into my hiding place.

After a few more pictures my hopes were filled, Amber slowly pushed her ass into the air as Emily continued to take pictures of her ass filled by the pink dildo until she had her ass pushed as far as she could with her face still buried in the bed. I couldn't believe the trash talk between the two, Amber telling Emily to fuck her ass and Emily telling her how she didn't think her little ass could handle the fucking she was about to give it.

That was when the camera fell back to the bed and Emily grabbed the dildo with one hand and started fucking her ass slow and deep pulling what looked to be about eight inches of the long double dick out of her ass and shoving it back in.

"You ready for my surprise you horny little virgin!" moaned Emily as she slid a couple fingers into Amber's slippery pussy.


"Yes Emily, I will do anything you want me to." answered Amber in an almost surrendering voice. "Are you sure?

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Anything?" asked Emily. "Yes! Anything!" Amber moaned. Emily's fingers still pushed into Amber's virgin pussy as she slapped her right cheek with her open hand, Amber let out a quick scream. "You better be quiet, you don't want your daddy to come in here and see you like this do you? What would he say if he saw you with a dildo hanging from his sweet innocent little girl's ass?" asked Emily right before she smacked her right cheek again causing another quick scream from Amber. "I don't know." moaned Amber.

"You think he would put his big dick in your tight little ass, is that what you want or do you want him to fill that virgin pussy up for ya?" asked Emily right before another smack to her ass. Not giving her time to answer after her scream "Did your daddy ever spank your bare little ass for ya when you did bad? You want him to spank you too? You know he hears you screaming every time I smack your ass, what if he comes in here to check on his little girl?" I was in such amazement from watching Emily slowly sliding now three fingers in and out of my girl's pussy as she smacked her red ass cheek practically treating her like a slut I hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs quit jacking myself and was as hard as I could possibly be.

Still not giving her time to answer Emily smacked Amber's red cheek again "What if I want to fuck your daddy? You know he would fuck me before he would fuck his own daughter! What would you say about that?" this time smacking her cheek but giving her time to answer.

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tight blond chick gets extreme hardcore gangbang way, I will fuck him before you!" Amber said with a little attitude. "I'm gonna fuck your daddy but right now I'm gonna give you your surprise. Still shoving her fingers in her sloppy pussy Emily grab the double dick and pushes it in her ass until it stops causing a deep moan, slides her hand up to the other end of the dick and bends it reach Amber's pussy and pulls her fingers from her pussy and slides the head between her lips.

With the long double dick deep in her ass she grabs it in the middle and pushes in deep into her welcoming pussy, now holding it deep in her ass she rapidly fucks her pussy with the other end causing Amber's moans to turn to almost a scream and quickly stops leaving it filling both of her holes.

Ambers tries to catch her breath as I watch Emily lean down and start to lick around both ends of the dildo and leans back to slowly rub her red ass cheek before she gives it another slap. "I'm tired of looking at your ass, roll over so I can see your sexy face." commands Emily.

Amber quickly does as she was told rolling to her back, her legs spread wide with the double dick hanging from both her holes. It was the first time I had seen her face since she crawled on her knees, her sweaty hair sticking to her tired looking face.


I stared at her spread there on her bed only feet from me as I grabbed my swollen cock and started stroking it as I admired my daughter in her oversexed stature until I had blew my load in her bathroom floor. "Please don't stop! I want more, I will do anything you want me to." begged Amber. "Oh don't worry, I'm not done with you yet!" Emily replied as she slid between her legs grabbing her redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked and holding them in the air, Amber knew what to do so she grabbed hr ankles holding her legs spread.

"This is going to be fun!" Emily said smiling as she reached down grabbing the middle of the double dick and pulled it slightly out of her ass only to rock hr hand causing it to slide back in pulling the other end slightly from her pussy. She continued the rocking motion taking turns on her ass and pussy.

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Ambers was moaning and slurring her words as she repeatedly asked Emily to fuck her and give it all to her, which Emily was doing shoving each end as deep as it would go. I noticed Amber's legs starting to shake as her moaning got softer, her legs suddenly straightened in her hands as Emily shoved filled both holes with force.

Amber's silence was broken by the loudest scream I had heard yet, she was cumming as her legs continued shaking until the both fell beside Emily. Amber laid still catching her breath as Emily quickly jerked both ends from her holes and laid the dildo on the bed. "Oh my god, I know your daddy had to hear that. I wonder if he will come check on ya?" asked Emily. "Probably, you're the one that wanted to leave the door open!" answered Amber. "Well I guess he is asleep or he would be in here by now.

What would you really do if he caught us?" Emily asked. "I don't know, I guess it depends on how he reacted. I know if we keep this up he will catch us but a part of me kinda wants him to. You never know he may join us and give us both our birthday wishes." Amber replied. Emily laid down beside her smiling and kissed her on the cheek "Yeah maybe, if I don't beat you to it." the two of them went back and forth about who was going to fuck me first and why I would want to fuck one over the other until they drifted off giving me my chance to sneak by.

I made my way back to my room still in shock about what I just watched my little girl do, my chest swelled out thinking about how both wanted to be the first to lose their virginity to me but I already knew fuck my pussy and cums my face one it was going to be.

I sat down at my computer closing screens I didn't want Amber to find and turning off the monitor. After cleaning up my mess I looked over at the clock 3:47. I had to get to bed, after all I had two extremely horny girls to watch after tomorrow.