Sexy milf as innocent babe masturbating e high definition

Sexy milf as innocent babe masturbating e high definition
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many years ago i had a very unexpected, erotic voyeur experience. i had graduated from a midwestern college near my home and wanted to explore new territories. my older sister invited me to visit her in Portland, OR and test the job market. so away i went for a visit. but first, a little back story.

my sister K and i were five years apart in school. i knew she was a tall, pretty and popular athlete but didn't pay her much attention. i'm sure i was invisible to her. one Saturday afternoon in the summer before i began high school, i was reading on my bed when K knocked on my door and then barged in.

although she was talking as she walked toward me, i didn't hear a word. my 18 year old sister was walking toward me in a snug, silky tank-top and a pair of sheer, light-green panties. i stammered, "what?". she said, "i asked if you want to make some fast money?" "yeah, ok. how?" i pretended that i was really into the magazine i was reading.

i was actually just staring at K's crotch. just behind the sheer fabric of her underpants was my sister's thick stripe of light colored pubic hair. i could feel my heart pounding as she requested that i ride my bike to the store for a bag of ice and two bottles of ginger ale. i figured she was going to party with some friends. Son forces mom tfuck him fifi foxx and cock ninja gave me $15 and said i could keep the change if i hurried.

"ok!" i was now casually looking at her perky breasts. not much in the way of boobs, just alert, firm areolas and nipples. "you have to do it before mom & dad get home!" "ok!" K turned and walked out of my room. her round muscly bum was japanese naked game show uncensorednews out of the bottom of her panties. the dark crack of her ass was clearly visible through the fabric.


"wow!" until that moment, i had never considered my own sister in any sort of sexual way. i ran the errand with a head full of images of K's body and dug out my two porn magazines to compare the nude models to my sister.

i had not yet learned to masturbate so i just endured a wicked horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck for several hours.

soon, K was off to college on the west coast. she joined the rowing crew and was having a great time at school. the summer following my sophomore year in high school, K and i had another encounter. our parents volunteered our family to bring corn to some church function. K and i were instructed to shuck several grocery bags of corn. we set up in the backyard. we were both facing each other on our knees with the corn between us. K had on shorts and a tank-top. our parents were out so K didn't wear a bra.

our mother was overly strict about modesty. the first time K leaned forward to grab some corn, her top fell open and i had a perfect view of her bare breasts. it took my breath away. her breasts were bigger now. they appeared to be about the size of tennis balls. milky white tits with very pink relaxed nipples. they were outlined with a deep summer tanline from her bikini top. i did my best to play it cool and not look every time she leaned forward.

even so, i couldn't count how many times i saw them in the time it took to shuck all of the corn. i was amazed that i did not get an erection. i was probably too nervous. as soon as we were done, K left to be with friends. i went straight to her bedroom and found a pair of worn panties in her hamper. i had never even considered doing this in the past and that day it made perfect sense.

on her dresser was the lightly perfumed lotion that she used. i lubed my hard dick with it and brought the underwear to my face. the smell was musty and sweaty. i licked the tangy crotch. i came almost instantly. we had very little contact for the next several years.


K was loving her life out west and was enjoying her freedom away from our strict parents. then she sunny leone sex story jabardast me to come visit. K was now 27 and a complete knock-out. just over six feet tall with much shorter strawberry-blonde hair than she wore in high school.

green eyes, freckles and that huge, wide, dazzling smile. she was working as a personal trainer and manager of a fitness club. everywhere we went together, men and women's heads turned as she walked by. i really like Portland and was looking forward to checking out career possibilities. in the meantime, it was the weekend and we were going to have fun. K had a long hike planned for us on Saturday. so, Friday night was low-key.

we got up early and drove about three hours to the trail head. it was beautiful. as we walked and talked, K told me about her life. she told me about a group of women that she spent a lot of time with hiking, biking, kayaking and playing volleyball at the beach.

she even told me about a remote nude beach that she had been to a couple of times. "you should go some time with us when it's warm. it's lot of fun!" i said i'd like to. we'd been hiking for nearly two hours when K said it was time for a pee break. i agreed. we took either side of a giant evergreen and hiked on.

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after lunch, we had our second and third pee breaks. near the end of the six hour hike we were getting tired. we were on a fairly exposed ridge-line that would provide a mostly downhill trek back to the car.

K suggested one more pee break. we took either side of some sort of scraggly cedar tree. i pissed while K wrestled her windbreaker out of the day pack. the air was getting cooler. then i happened to see K through the tree. i could see her pull down her shorts and squat. i bent down peeked through the tree. i had a completely, un-obscured view of K's bare ass and pussy.

my face was only about five feet away. i was stunned. the beautiful, strong, athletic ass that i followed most of the day was now fully exposed. smooth pale skin. her pink asshole was lightly ringed with sweaty pubic hair. just below was her pinkish-red labia.

they were thick and appeared to be stuck together. light, reddish-blonde hair hung down from her vulva. my heart was pounding. K was talking but i couldn't hear a word.

then her piss began to stream out of her cunt. her labia parted slightly. i got a tingling head-rush and my whole body was shaking with anxiety. K asked if i was getting cold yet. "no, i'm fine. i'll stay warm enough if we keep hiking." "sorry, i'm almost done." "NO RUSH!" is how i wanted to say it.

as the flow of her pee began to subside, she pushed and the last of her pee now gushed out. at the same ilovegranny natural granny pictures tube porn, her puckered anus extended from the force. K reached back and squeezed her pussy lips between her thumb and fingers rather than wipe. she bounced her hips up & down to shake out any last drops.

in a flash, she stood and pulled up her shorts. a moment later we were again hiking. K was telling me about a town an hour away that we'd stop to eat and stay at some cowboy inn. i let her lead and couldn't keep my eyes off of her butt. did i just really see that?

the images played over and over in my mind. when we got to the car, i offered to drive. K declined and said i could drive the next morning. soon after we left i reclined my seat and tried to get some college babe abella danger is groped in public by a big dick guy pornstar and cumshot. every time i closed my eyes, there was my sister's gorgeous beaver shot.

eventually, i just pretended to doze off and kept thinking of K's twat. my dick got rock hard and i did nothing to hide it. i could feel it pressing against my shorts. i imagined that K was aware and it kept my erection going at full strength. before too long, i startled myself awake and made like i just noticed my boner. i put my hands in my lap. K said "um, looks like you had a nice dream" while laughing.

i said "wow, i'm sorry. that is so embarrassing." "no problem. it doesn't bother me." we made it to the town, checked into the hotel and had a beer. we'd be sharing a room with two queen beds. i offered the first shower to K. i gently rubbed my dick as she showered. she came out of the bathroom in tight terry cloth short-shorts and a t with no bra. i was watching tv and did my best to not stare. K said she had to return a couple of work calls that she missed while we were out of range.

cell phones weren't so good back then. i said "fine by me" and got into the bathroom for my shower.

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there on the counter space was a small pile of K's hiking clothes. i turned on the water and made some noise as i searched the clothing. tucked inside her tan shorts were the striped panties that she had worn all day.

my cock was out and i was applying lotion to it. the crotch of her panties was still damp from the day's perspiration. the smell of her vagina was sweet and strong. i could even smell a faint hint of her ass in the fabric. just like the first time i did this, when i put my tongue to taste her flavor, i came almost instantly.

semen made it all the way to the mirror. K's voice on the other side of the door only intensified my orgasm. i showered and re-entered the room.


we went out to dinner, returned to the room and drank some red wine. i jerked off again in the night while K slept on the other bed. although we never had sex and she was never even aware that i'd seen what i'd seen, this proved to be one of the most arousing experience of my life. years later when my wife and i are having sex and it's more difficult to climax, i only have to bring up the picture in my mind of my sister's bare cunt and ass and i come like a teenager.