Beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis

Beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis
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John came home at the same time he usually did. it was friday evening and he was ready for a few days off work. not that he hated work. john was a photographer who did various kinds of work. most of his income came from doing weddings though. he pulled into the drive way of Mistress jenny's house at 6:00 pm in his " work truck" he grabbed his camera gear from the back seat and went inside the house.


his Mistress jenny was sitting on the couch watching TV. she had noticed his entry and said "welcome home slave, come on over here" john did as she ordered and sat down on the couch next to her. Mistress was wearing her everyday house clothes. just some short shorts and a tank top.

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Mistress jenny didnt work and instead stayed home and relaxed all day and did things she had to do around the house. occasionally she would even fix dinner or order food for when john got home. john noticed her nipples through her tank top and started to get hard. it had been at least a week since he was allowed to cum and was incredibly horny. he wanted so bad to reach down and touch his cock, even just one stroke. but he knew he wasnt allowed to touch it without permission.

Mistress jenny noticed his hard dick through his pants rather quickly and smiled "hard all ready slave, i haven't even started teasing you yet". before john could answer she said "down on your knees slave" john did as he was told part spycam camera espion private party les bulles replied "yes Mistress" "come between my legs boy" she said john moved still on his knees so his whole body was between her legs.

he was so close to your soft, smooth skin. "bring your head close to my pussy slave and rest your chin on the couch, just stare at it, but dont you dare touch it, yet" john did exactly as he was told, Mistress continued to watch TV and running her fingers through johns hair. johns cock remained hard the whole time being so close to his Mistresses pussy and not being ebony teen screwed hard and creampied by throbbing cock to lick or kiss it, yet he could smell her.

that didnt help his hard dick any it just made it throb. before long it was too much for john and he tapped his finger on Mistress jenny's leg as this was what he was sopose to do if he wanted to say something while Mistress was busy watching tv. if she didnt answer he was not allowed to tap or poke her again. luckily for john she answerd "yes slave" "mistress, may i please have permission to stroke my cock, its throbbing so bad" Mistress glanced at the TV, her show was rolling the credits "hmmm, looks like your in luck.

follow me into the bedroom on your knees." john did as she instructed and followed her, as he watched her he could see her fantastic ass saw from side to side as she walked. he also could feel precum seeping out of his dick and covering his entire cock head. once they were to the bedroom Mistress Jenny had him lay on the bed spread eagle and she tied him down and put a pillow behind his head.

"stay there slave" she said as she walked into the walk in closet. john knew this was where the toys and everything where kept but had no idea what she had in store for him tonight. Mistress walked around in the rather large closet staring at all the toys on the wall.

she grabbed a whip, and a cane to begin with and walk out and set them on the bed, she then returned to the closet. after looking around some more she grabbed a bottle of lube, medium sized butt-plug, a strap on, and a bucket full of pegs and returned to set them on the bed.

she grabbed the bucket of pegs first and kneeled on top of johns chest. Mistress jenny was in excellent shape, very skinny and fit and john had spent many years doing weight training and working out so she was not hurting him in any way, in fact john found it arousing. Mistress jenny picked up two pegs as she said "hmm its been almost a week in a half since you have cum last, really thats not a long time but it has been for you hasn't it" "yes Mistress" john replied.

"hmm, well i'll let you cum boy. but you will have to earn it tonight got it"?

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"yes Mistress" said john. "good slave" with that Mistress attached the two pegs on johns nipples. she flicked them around a bit and then continued to add more, first in a straight line from nipple to nipple across his chest, and then down the center of his chest. john made light, quite sounds of pain and frustration but kept them at that because he knew if he wasn't quite she would gag him and he didn't want that. at least not if he didn't know if it would be her wet shorts or a ball gag, filthy lesbos cant stop the sex lesbian dildo even his own socks if Mistress wasn't in a good mood.

Mistress jenny looked and admired what she had done and got up and walked over to where she had laid the whip. she picked it up and slowly walked around the bed lightly hitting her hand with it. then she suddenly whipped it across johns lower stomach. he flinched but didn't make a sound.

she continued to whip him over and over in the same spot until she had whipped him 25 times. all the while john made medium gasp or grunts but nothing loud to need to be gagged. she stopped for awhile and began to stroke john, she started off fast and hard taking him right to the edge, and then she took her hands off and watched as precum seeped out. she repeated this process 10 times, each time giving him little time to rest between edges but enough so he wouldn't cum.



Mistress jenny gave john some time to rest while she picked up the whip again, this time she started at his chest whipping where the pegs where at. she continued purposely knocking the pegs off. john still managed to keep his sounds under control. after every last peg had been whipped of she moved on to the cane. hitting him hard enough to leave red marks. by this time john could not help but make more noise.


Mistress jenny set the whip down and walked into the closet as john watched not knowing what kind of gag she would bring out. but instead she brought out some duct tape, she tore off a piece small enough to fit just over his mouth and said gorgeous big booty latin luana gettin bbc tube porn there, that should take care of those noises coming out of you" john nodded saying thanks because he knew it could have been a lot worse, for one she had many types of gags, or she could have made she the tape didn't come of easy by wrapping it all the way around his head several times.

Mistress Jenny used the cane a few more times this time not holding back and hitting him harder. she did this 10 times then set the cane down and walked to the end of the bed.

she started teasing him again by stroking his cock to the edge, this time only a couple times before she let go. she undid his restraints on his legs and the tied the restraints to the top of the bed, in doing so this pulled johns legs up exposing his ass. MIstress jenny slipped in her part of the strap on which gave her pleasure as she fucked him. she lubed up both the strap on and johns ass really wet, after all he had been pretty good and she didn't think he deserved to have it shaved in rough without lube at all.

she fucked him slow at first as and slightly got faster and faster until john was moaning through the gag. she continued at this pace until she had an orgasm. she left john tied up in that position while she removed the strap on and cleaned it.

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she also put everything back in its place. only then did she let johns legs down and tie them to the bottom of the bed again. she walked over to where his head was and removed the duct tape. she got on top of john again this time she straddled his face and he knew exactly what to do without her saying a word.

she lowered herself on top of him as he licked her clit over and over again. it wasn't long before she was having another orgasm. she stayed on him until her body was fully through the orgasm, then she got up and walked to the bottom of the bed and leaned in towards his cock. she said "well done boy, you earned your chance to cum." she started stroking him until he was hard again and then slowly started sucking him.

she continued untill he was nearly on the edge and then stopped, after a few seconds she started stroking him again this time not stoping. within a minute she heard the words she was waiting for "mistress may i please cum" "yes slave you may"