Being roommates with my slutty step sis

Being roommates with my slutty step sis
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Step Daughters' Desire chapter 5 We ended chapter 4 with slave Sandra waiting for punishment for acting like a bitch. Slave Sandra waits in the basement play room naked, kneeling, legs, spread, hands clasp behind her back, forehead pressed on the floor, crying with pain in her heart for disappointing Master Frank and making him angry with her. Her knees hurt from remaining on her knees on the hard floor of the basement for the past hour waiting for the man she loves with all her heart to come and administer her punishment for not obeying a request from perky cheater blows fat cock in car mother, slave Janis, without question or hesitation.

Slave Janis, daughters Diann and Angela are getting dressed to go shopping to give Master Frank time and privacy to punish slave Sandra. Over an hour after Master Frank commanded slave Sandra to wait in the basement play room for her punishment slave Janis, Diann and Angela come into the den where Master Frank is sitting.

They each hug and kiss him telling him they love him as they are about to leave for shopping. Janis. I will call when it is clear for you to come home. Yes, Master. I will wait for your call.

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Love you. Master Frank walked her to the car and watched them drive away. No longer angry with slave Sandra he went down the stairs to the playroom. Slave Sandra is in the correct position he gave her to wait. She is still crying very hard even though her tears dried up minutes before.

Master Frank sat in a chair to the side of the room. Slave Sandra come to me. She immediately crawled on sore knees to him, keeling before him legs spread wide, hands behind her back and eyes down cast. Look at me Sandra. Her chin flew up, eyes wide open with sorrow and looked at her beloved Master. What did you do to deserve punishment, slave Sandra? Sorry Master for not obeying without hesitation or question a command from Mom.

I deserve any punishment Master wishes to use for my disobedience. Yes, slave Sandra you are correct about part of your rule infraction but you also tried to pass your duty to your sister. Do you think that was a right thing to do?

No, Master it was very wrong and I am very sorry Master. I will never do that again if you will punish and forgive me please Master. Then you understand even though I do not want to punish you I must as part of my duty to train you to be gals quinn wilde and sophia leone share cock better person and slave.

Yes Master, I understand that you punish me because you love me and want me to be the best person possible. I did terribly wrong and deserve harsh punishment so that I will remember to be a better person and slave for you Master. We will start now and get it over with for both our benefit. Thank you Master. Stand and get leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, blind fold, short spreader bar, three foot spreader bar, nipple clamps, and rope.

Place these items on the roller table and place it under the ceiling hook sunny leone pron hot girls the center of the room. Sandra moved quickly to obey his command while he remained seated watching her. Task completed Sandra dropped to her hands and knees to crawl back to him.

No, slave. Stand under the hook. She quickly stood under the hook feet apart, hands behind her back, eyes closed, head down and waited. Master Frank slowly approached the trembling, sobbing slave before him. His heart ached for the agony he is about to force her to endure. Slave present your hands in front spread shoulder with.

She quickly obeyed swallowing hard from the fear of the pain coming to her. He quickly buckled the wrist cuffs on and attached them to the 18 inch spreader bar. She felt the hook lower to the center eye hook of the bar. Then she felt the ceiling hook rising pulling her spread wrist above her head.

He raised her arms above her until she was forced to stand on the balls of her feet. She moaned with discomfort in her arms and shoulders but never opened her eyes or raised her head. He buckled the cuffs on her ankles and connected them to the ends of the 3 ft spreader bar forcing her feet apart and putting more pressure on her wrist, arms and shoulders.

She continued to cry as she slowly became more helpless in her bondage. She felt the double rope circle her body under her tits and pulled tight as he tied the knot behind her back before circling her body again over the top side of her tits pulling it tight from the back making the rope cut into her tender tit meat before tying it. The split rope was separated and drawn on either side of her neck over her shoulders.


He threaded the ends under the double strands of rope under and over her tits, wrapped it around the lower and upper rope pulling it tight making her horizontal ropes to pull tighter pressing deeper into her skin. This caused her tits to bulge and start to change color.

Her bound breast and nipples became very sensitive. Satisfied with the restraints he clamped her tender nipples. Aaaaeeeeee she screamed at the sudden terrible pain in her nipples.

She screamed and pulled against her restraints trying to relieve the pain in her nipples sending fire through her body. He stood calmly back watching her as she thrashed, screamed and pleaded with her eyes for mercy. Tears ran down his cheeks for his suffering slave.

He wants to release her and hold her close to make the pain go away but knows he can't. She finally calmed down as she became accustomed to the pain enough to endure it. He picked a vibrating dildo and a vibrating but plug from a near by table. Using a generous amount of lube he pushed the butt plug deep in her ass and the dildo in her pussy. As he put the dildo in her pussy he noticed that there was no need for additional lube as her cunt is slick with her juices.

He had to grin thinking. I have a true pain slut for a daughter. Dildo and plug inside her he tied a double rope around her waist running the ends between her legs over the inserts through the waist rope back through her crotch and tied it to the waist rope in the back. Slave Sandra started hunching and squeezing the plugs in her ass and pussy. Open your eyes slave. She did as told immediately to see a flogger, cane, crop, and paddle in his hands. She looked at Master Frank with fear in her eyes.

Slave you are getting a total of 40 strokes with these instruments. To show you I am merciful I am letting you choose which instrument on which part of your body it will be used and you will receive 10 stokes with each. Crying she said. Master I deserve and want any punishment you decide. If Master will allow this unworthy cunt to ask for Master to decide for me. Permission granted slave. I will beat you making you scream and cry if my slave cannot endure her punishment she will use her safe word and I will as your Master cease your punishment and release you as my slave deeming you unworthy.

No Master I will prove to be worthy of your acceptance of me as an obedient, loving slave that will strive to please Master hence forth. He placed the blindfold over her eyes buckling it tight so that she is plunged into total darkness. Thank you Master. Ooooh she moaned when he turned the vibrating dildo buried in her cunt on high. Aaaahhh she moaned when the butt plug started to vibrate in her ass. Her pussy leaked streams of pussy juice down her thighs as she wiggled on the intruders in her body.

Slave you may solo beauty is passioantely masturbating for you without permission as much as you need. Aaaaah she groaned as she said thank you Master. She jumped hard in her restraints and screamed as the leather paddle smacked her right ass cheek hard. She thrashed in her suspension and screamed louder with each smack on her ass cheeks as he alternated from one cheek to the other and both at the same time.

When he landed the last blow to her ass he stopped. Thank you Master for your loving punishment of this worthless slave. She moaned loudly when he released both nipple clamps at the same time setting her nipples on fire. Her body shook violently and she screamed with an enormous orgasm squirting cum onto the floor. He waited for the orgasm to pass and she regained some control of her body.

Suddenly she screamed louder than ever from pain burning through her upper thigh near her pussy as he placed a whelp across it with a hard blow of the cane. Aaaaaaayeeeeeee she screamed as loud as she could and thrashed against her restraints with each of the first six strokes of the cane on her awesome teenie bouncing on one eyed monster homemade hardcore. The next four she flinched and moaned with each stroke.

She was moaning and squirting cum on the floor as he completed the last strokes of the cane. Amazed at the pain slave Sandra could take and even embrace it as pleasure. He stood near by watching her until he felt she was ready to continue. She still moaned and humped at the dildo and but plug.

She only grunted and flinched as he whipped her back with the flogger and had another powerful orgasm as he landed the last three blows. Thank you Master for punishing your disobedient slave. He almost dropped the flogger when he heard her statement. She yelped when he landed the first blow directly on her left nipple with the crop. She yelped and screamed with each blow of the crop on her tender tits and nipples.

He landed the last blow on her cunt mound hard. Her body jerked violently and she screamed with the final blow of her punishment. After letting her calm down. Slave Sandra the first part of your punishment is done. I will now let you rest petite babe takes an anal dicking critical x a while.

Thank you Master. This worthless cunt of a slave has learned her lesson and hopes that you forgive her for her disobedience and allow her to serve you to the best of her ability. He smiled. I am very proud of you and you have been punished for failure to obey a command without hesitation or question. But I am still going to punish you for being a bitch to your sister.

Yes Master I am ready for my punishment. He said. You will rest first while I prepare you for your punishment. He untied her wrist and ankles, removed the blindfold, and removed the dildo from her wet sloppy pussy.

Her legs gave way and she fell to the floor on her butt. She started to lay in a fetal position.

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No you don't slave. He helped her to her feet and walked her to a short bench standing on a padded rubber mat. Standing her at the end of the bench. On your knees and lie face down on the bench. She quickly obeyed.

Her tits hung either side of the bench as her thighs pressed against the end of the bench with her head hanging past the opposite end. Frank tied her wrist cuffs to the legs of the bench below her shoulders, buckled a long leather strap around her back and the bench pinning her flat on the bench surface.


He spread her ankles and attached the 3 ft spreader bar forcing her legs wide apart. Her pussy was exposed and the end of the butt plug showed. He shut the vibration of the butt plug off and left it lodged in her ass. His cock throbbed painfully so he dropped his pants, knelt between her spread thighs and rammed his rock hard cock deep in her cunt. She screamed Yeeesssssss when his cock went balls deep slamming into her cervix and his balls hitting her very sensitive clit.

Headmaster sleep with students story fucked her hard, fast and deep making her moan and grunt with each thrust. He felt her cunt muscles contracting on his cock and knew she was about to cum.


His own cum started racing to the head of his cock. She screamed and squirted cum when he released a shot of cum deep inside her cunt. They moaned and orgasm together mixing male and female cum inside her love tunnel. OH! Thank you Master she said as he pulled out letting their mixed cum gush to the mat below her. He left her tied to the bench and left the basement. She was disappointed as she was expecting and needing the after care Mom had told her about. She lay on the bench in pain waiting for her Master to return.

After about 20 minutes she heard him coming down the stairs. She smiled and looked over her shoulder to see Master approaching with Rusty the family German Shepard following him. What did he have in mind for Rusty she thought. Why is Rusty wearing some type of booty on his front paws. She flinched when Master fingered her pussy a couple times. He called Rusty to him and offered his cum coated fingers to the dog.

Rusty eagerly licked his fingers clean and searched for the source of the cum. Finding it he quickly pushed his nose into her open cunt and licked fast from her clit to her ass hole. At the first contact of the dog's tongue she yelped and tried to college anal collection marina visconti britney amber alby rydes mike adriano away from the tongue assaulting her gapingleaking cunt.

Then the shock turned to extreme pleasure and she started moaning and wiggling her pussy on the dog tongue. Yeessss &hellip. Rusty lick this bitch's cunt. Make this bitch cum hard. The harder he licked the more she leaked fresh pussy juice enticing him to lick faster to get all the sweet nectar offered him.

Suddenly his tongue drove deep in her cunt pushing her over the top and she screamed Aaaaayeee and squirted cum on the dogs face. Her body was still shaking and she was moaning from the rampaging orgasm ripping through her cunt when Rusty mounted her with Master's help and drove his large, hot cock deep in her pussy and fucked her with jack hammer speed slamming into her cervix and womb.

She screamed at the top of her voice at the sudden intrusion of his cock and again when it pushed into her cervix and womb.

Ooowch she screamed as his large knot slammed inside her cunt and started swelling to the size of baseball stretching her painfully. She hung her head and groaned with pain as the dog brutally fucked her pussy. The pain suddenly turned to extreme pleasure as his knot pushed hard on her G-spot as his balls mashed her clit with each stroke in her cunt. She started to orgasm one after another until Rusty stopped fucking her and his cock swelled and pulsed hot cum deep inside her womb.

Feeling the hot cum deep inside her catapulted her into another extremely powerful orgasm making her squirt cum continuously until Rusty finished blasting cum inside her love canal. She lay limp breathing hard and her body shook violently. Rusty tried to pull out of her pussy entrance before his knot shrunk. The pain in her cunt made her head fly up and she screamed. Noooooo stop it hurts too bad.

Stoooopppp please. Frank grabbed Rusty keeping him from pulling on her abused pussy. After twenty minutes of being knotted with the dog Sandra was relieved of his knot as it plopped out of her cunt with a loud pop and squishy cum flowing out of her cunt.

She grunted then moaned with relief but felt empty without his huge cock lodged inside her. Frank took the dog away and came back to untie her. She hurt so bad and was so exhausted she could not move.

He picked her up and sat in the arm chair with her in his arms. He held her softly talking to her. Sandra, I love you very much hot mom make great anal fucked by the pool I am extremely proud of you for taking your punishment like you did. I know you are in pain and sore but are you going to be alright? She sat on his lap with her head on his shoulder and arms around his neck.

I am good Master. Thank you for punishing me for everything I did wrong. I know I will not need another session of punishment for a very long time and I will make you proud to own me as your slave. Master she whispered to him. Why did you humiliate me by letting the dog fuck my brains out? He grunted. Baby you acted like a bitch so you got treated like a bitch. Next time you act like a bitch he will fuck your ass and cunt both. Oh no Master you have driven all the bitch out of me.

She giggled. Master, I have to say I orgasm harder than I ever have while the dog was banging into my womb and his knot pushing on my sweet spot felt great. I will be your good slave and fuck the dog any time it pleases you Master. You feeling better now, baby girl? Yes I am feeling better but I would feel much better if my loving Master would carry me to my room. Well I think we can do that.

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She giggled and kissed his cheek. Thank you Dad. He carried her to her room, lay her on the bed and ran a hot bath with bath oil to sooth her pain from the beating she took.

He picked her up and gently lowered her into the hot water. Oowwww she exclaimed as the hot water stung the whelps on her body. Master? Yes baby. May I remove the butt plug now. He laughed. Of course I forgot it or I would have done that for you. She raised and spread her legs to reach the butt plug. Removing it she dropped it over the side of the tub onto the floor.