Ass of amazing gal is fucked hardcore blowjob

Ass of amazing gal is fucked hardcore blowjob
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Just a warning this story is a bit strange. So I'm a 6' 4" 22 year old guy and I have an 18 year old boyfriend. We have been dating a few years now and pretty much since we've been dating we have been posting stories on a snapchat we made. The stories we post are pretty sexual so we get followers pretty fast. We have gained over 10k followers despite our account getting banned every so often. So about a month ago I am on snapchat and I get this message word for word: "Hey guys.

My name amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment Jason. I have been following y'all for a while know and I think you are the cutest couple and love that you don't care that your bf is younger than you. I know you took his virginity and was wondering if you would want to take my brother's.

His name is Jacob. hmu my number is ###-###-####" So after hearing that I was immediately suspicious. I ended up texting him and asking to facetime. He was pretty cute. Brown hair blue eyes, he was shirtless and I could see his abs. and he said he was 19. and he wanted me to fuck his brother. He actually said "I really want you to fuck my brother".


I asked him why and he didn't really give an answer. I asked if he had ever done anything sexual with him and he said no and told me he is straight. So I asked for some pics and this boy was way too hot. He was a skinny blond kid with bright green eyes small face and tight body. Jason clearly got pics from tumblr or something and I was not buying it.

What in the world was going on? In my mind there were two options: 1. He is a gay guy wanting to meet up without saying it out loud or, 2. This is some kind of prank So just to cover my bases I say I don't want to have sex with him but I would be ok with meeting them one day. Jason said his parents would be out of town the next day and that I could come over. They lived huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi an hour away and the only thing I could think when I was driving there was "I have no idea what is about to happen." So I pull up to the house and it is huge.

One of the biggest houses I have seen in my life. I walk up to the door and text Jason that I'm there.

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The door opened and standing there was the boy from the pictures. About 5' 2" long swooshy blond hair and no shirt and no pants on, just some boxers. He said "are you Cameron?" and I sad couple francais avec webcams voyeurs chez eux exhibition and francaise yeah…" and he walked inside. We walk through this mansion to the living room and Jason is sitting on the couch in his boxers watching a baseball game.

I sat down and we talked small talk a bit and I could not keep my eyes off of Jacob. Jason clearly saw that and there was a pause and Jason said "you want him don't you?" At this point I noticed that Jason had gotten hard. All of a sudden Jason looked at Jacob and said "take em off." And without skipping a beat Jacob dropped his boxers and sat down on the couch next to Jason. He was hairless(obviously) and was sitting there happy as can be. I asked "are you guys naked around each other a lot?" They answered at the same time but with different responses.

Jason "no" Jacob "yes" Jason turned to Jacob and said "no we don't" And Jacob looked at me and said "I can tell you what his dick looks like" Jason turned red in the face I said "It's cool I'm not judging" Jason looked at me with like an "oh really?" I asked, "so have you and Jacob ever done anything?" He said "not really.

He has seen me jerk off though. I wouldn't want to like fuck him or anything." "Jacob go sit with him" Jacob got up and on his way over Jason smacked his little ass.


Then he walked over to me and sat on my lap. Jason, cock throbbing, was clearly turned on. Jacob turned and looked at me with his big green eyes and whispered&hellip.He Whispered " I can feel your dick" Without noticing my 7.5 inch dick had gotten rock hard. "Have you ever done anything with another boy?" I asked "No" he said "but I've seen like porn and stuff" "take off your clothes" Jason said Jacob got off my lap and I slipped off my shorts and shirt.

I left my boxers on but Jacob got them down before I was able to sit.

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Jacob got back on my lap So there I was, rock hard and naked with a naked boy's ass cheeks surrounding my dick, with his brother mostly naked sitting across the room. I could feel his hole on my dick. It was so smooth, so innocent, yet I could feel it was begging for my cock.

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"I'll leave you guys alone" Jason said. And he got up with his hard on and left the room. "I want it" he said. That was enough to send me over the edge. My animal instincts kicked in and I grabbed his head and shoved my tongue in his mouth.

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He wasn't the best kisser but for a first timer he wasn't bad. He then got on his knees in front of the couch and started eating me out. I never get eaten out as I only 10 little grils xxx com, but having is little tongue in my hairy hole felt pretty good.

He then licked his way up to my dick adorable bonnie rides cock on a leather couch like a pro pornstars and hardcore licked up the shaft until it was in his mouth. He bobbed up and down with is eyes closed. I heard a voice "Fuck his face" It was Jason, he had come back in the room completely naked.

I looked at Jacob "You want me to?" "Mmhmm" he said with his cock filled mouth. I grabbed his head and started sliding my dick in and out of his throat.

I was able to get my whole dick down there a few times. He took my slobber-covered dick out of his mouth looked up at me and said "I want it in my butt" I picked him up and put him on his back on the couch. I spread his cheeks wide and began eating away. As I am writing this I can still taste his little boy hole on my tongue. So silky smooth and tight. As soon as he was nice and wet I stood up and poked my head in. He let out a little gasp.

"Just breathe" I told him as I continued to slide in his hole. Just as was about half way in my phone rang. It was my boyfriend. He didn't know I was there.

And with the craziness of this whole thing I forgot to tell him anything. So, 4 inches into a virgin hole I pick up the phone. I quickly said I was with my parents about to see a movie and I got him off the phone. "Shit that feels good" Jacob whispered "Keep going" So I preceded to slide inside him "Are you all the way in?" Jason asked.


He was standing about five feet behind me beating his dick. "Yeah" I said "let me see" He said as he walked over to look at my full dick in his little brother's virgin hole. "That is so fucking hot dude" he said as he continued to jerk off I began to go in and out very slowly.

Not for him but because his hole was so tight I could hardly move my dick. When his hole adjusted, I started picking up the pace. Jason stood next to me watching his brother's hole get pounded. "Let me see his hole" Jason said I slid my dick out and Jason started jacking off harder "That is so fucking hot dude, how does it feel?" he asked "It's unbelievable man" I replied He walked over and put his hand on his little brother's ass looking at his gaping hole "Shit man I'm gonna cum" he said "can I cum on you?" "Sure" I said He went around and put his knees on either side of his brother with his ass facing Jacob and his dick facing me.

His eyes went back into his head as he was about to cum. His dick was facing up and he was about to cum on my abs, but as soon as he started shooting he opened his eyes and aimed for my dick.

"Put it in" he demanded as my dick was dripping with his load "but don't nut in him" Jason got off Jacob and watched as I slid my cum covered dick amateur brunette ariana maries first porn audition into his little brother. I began fucking him hard again, packing that load deep in him. "Do it in me" Jacob said I immediately began to squirt inside him.

Jason could see I was cumming and tried to stop me but it was too late. His but was filled with both our loads. I got up and got dressed left and drove home. Tell me what you think of the story. I appreciate all feed back