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Jake leaned down and whispered to Amira whose eyes went wide, and then she nodded. A moment later she, Jake and all of his Jinns were clothed. Jake nodded to Amira and reached into his shirt and grasped the bottle talisman and thought of Trully then the council.

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Appearing a second later Trully's mouth was hanging open, there had to be well over 500 Jinns who had vanished or been destroyed.

Turning she saw Jake and Amira sitting on the edge of her bed. Bowing low she said, "I was about to ask how, but seeing the both of you I don't think that is necessary." Jake's face quickly had a huge grin on it, Trully had to turn away; Jake was so damn cute she was tempted to throw him down and ride him for an hour.

"Please make sure they are all alright Trully. Better to do it now before I get started and find one that needs immediate care, true?" Trully's eyes went wide as she nodded then started to smile, again Master Jake had surprised her.

He'd shown an amount of compassion that she hadn't the measure of from a Jinn let alone a human. Then again she thought she'd never met as kind a master as Master Jake was. Moving through the massive amount of people she found that almost all of them were healthy though weak. Almost an hour later she was almost done when she came across a young man.

The man's face was scarred; his body seemed to be broken in several places. Trully moved to the man trying to ease the apparent pain the man was in. "Master Jake this one?" Trully said appearing next to Jake. "I found one that seems to be in bad shape, nothing I did seems to help the pain and injuries he has." Jake arose and walked to the one that Trully indicated, thing was the nearer Jake got the more of a cloud of evil seemed to cover the man.

Jake's face went placid a moment when he approached the man. "I see that you have no thoughts of anything but chaos. Though I believe that no one is completely evil, I still hesitate each time I see one of you." The man looked up at Jake with a look of nothing but hatred. "Kill me you bastard! I can smell the human stench rolling off you like a sick wave of putrid water. Kill me so I am no longer subjected to this torture of your presence!" Shaking his carolyn reese office perverts creampie big tits Jake was still surprised at the amount of hatred and malice he felt.

"I won't kill you though you obviously wish me to. I will grant you two powers then you are free to go. I." "What a coward! No stomach huh?

That's fine I will recover my powers and completely enjoy killing you after I destroy your ass when I take it!" The man sneered at Jake. Shaking his head Jake wished the man had almost complete health. Then the two powers of movement and food creation. Leaning close Xxnx sleeping sister rape brother download whispered to the man, "Remember, there are far worse things than dying!

I offered you a chance to start over. You are obviously far too stupid to see it! Be gone and if you ever change your mind, truly change your mind then I'll be ready." "Wait you." the man started then vanished. Jake looked at the rest of the people that were there, "I know that there are a few others of you here that feel almost the same way.

I will offer you the same conditions." With a menacing look Jake stated, "I suggest before I reach you," here Jake sighed, "that you think of where you are, what you are and what you could be. I am the Ever Last Master." There were more than a few startled gasps as Jake continued, "I have great compassion even for those that wish me harm." Here Jake looked at a group of several Jinns that were huddled in a small cluster. Jake started to walk the room looking at several Jinns at once whose eyes were suddenly wide then they stood.

The council had arrived right before Jake's speech their eyes huge at the amount of people there. Jake was through the first one hundred, when there was a shout from one of the, until now quiet councilors.

"Hakim!? Is that you son?" The man ran from the group of councilors holding the young man to him. A smile crossed Jake's face as the young man's eyes grew wide and he suddenly stood up.

Turning to Jake his mouth open he flexed his hands and arms. Then in whispered tones the young man told his father, "He really is the Ever Last Master!" Turning back to Jake the young man said. "Thank you sir, thank you very much!" Jake bowed to the young man causing even more gasps from bizarre fucked-up porn 30 tube porn in the room.

"I wish to thank you. For allowing me the chance to put right what cruelty was done long ago." Amira who had been silent the whole time suddenly stood and was staring at an older man. Swallowing hard she tugged at Jake's sleeve. Jake turned and looked at the shock on her face then followed he gaze to the older man.

"Princess Amira? Are you alright? Do you know that man?" When Amira only nodded he kodam x x x vedeo in front of her.

"Princess I cannot help if you don't talk to me. You look as if you have seen a ghost." Amira nodded again then in a low very quiet voice she stated, "Yes master Jake, a ghost from the past.

A ghost that no one has seen in a very long time. I had thought he was there in the void but could never seem to find him." Again her eyes were wide and she didn't seem to be able to move at all. "Please Master Jake call my brothers!" Jake looked shocked a moment then nodded and grasped the talisman and the brothers were there.

You called.? By the great Jinn!" Aahil shouted. Looking at his sister with a questioning look, she slowly nodded with a slight blush.

"We are Master Jake is there a problem?" Jake looked at Aahil and his now smiling brother with a suspicious look. "I'm not sure, your sister saw that older man and was suddenly quiet and asked me to call you." Aahil and Aalee looked in the direction that Jake indicated; both suddenly had a shocked look on their faces as they fell to their knees.

The council, also curious, noticed the brothers on their knees searched the crowd and their mouths dropped open as they also dropped to their knees. Jake could only shake his head what in the hell was going on?

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Looking around he quickly saw that ALMOST ALL that were there were also on their knees. Amira and her brothers had tears flowing down their faces. Jake walked up to the older man who was struggling to talk and rise.

Jake wished that the man's health and strength were as they were before this happened to him. Finally the man stood and grabbed Jake in a bear hug that Jake could swear was about to crush his ribs. All three of the royal cute blonde babe blows a thick dong walked up behind Jake and the man.

"Father it is a blessing to see you again!" Jake slowly backed away from the man, Father? Oh shit Jake thought I am dead for sure after what Amira and I did he thought. The older man was startled a moment and grabbed Jake again. Then in a voice that held a commanding presence to it spoke. "It was a blessing to both dimensions when this extraordinary man was created.

Praise be to the great Jinn!" Finished the man again crushed Jake in another bear hug. Then the thing that embarrassed Jake the most the man bowed to Jake. This drew an even larger gasp from those present. "You have the full support of the royal family; this is a decree from King Al-Mazhab." Leaning close the King whispered, "I am happy that the prophecy is being fulfilled. It has been far too long since there has been the sound of children in the palace!" Jake started to back up from the King slowly the man knew that he and Amira had.

Wait a moment!

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Children who'd said anything about children. Amira looked up at Jake and a sly smile crossed her face. "Master Jake you think that sex was the only motivation?

It was written that I would bear the royal child of the Ever Last Master. A very wise and benevolent ruler." Amira looked away with a reddening face.

"I feel more than honored that you have given me this child." Jake was in shock! Falling down upon the bed he started to tick off on his hand.

Amira, a royal was pregnant by him. Sheeka was pregnant with a future powerful leader of the council. Nyrae, Juno's Jinn, a powerful Jinn just like Rashala. Then there was what else he'd heard, that Rashala, Gen and Rosalinda would also bear children from him. Jake could only shake his head, just how many children was he supposed to sire? Damn!

There were three on the way and another three that were to come soon. Thinking a moment Jake stood and walked to Rasmir. Oh dear, the older man thought. it appears as if master Jake has quite a few questions. Turning he started to discuss how to dissuade Master Jake from asking too many questions.

Rasmir's actions hadn't been lost on Jake as he was approaching the man. He has already gotten the other's to help him distract me. Sighing Jake stopped thinking further when an idea hit him. Turning around Jake walked to his Jinns with a grin on his face. "If it is possible," Jake started. "I wish to know if Amira, Nyrae, and you four are the only females that will conceive a child with me." All four of his Jinns smiled hugely as they all concentrated.

Suddenly Jake felt what could only be described as a small shock run through his mind. Though he didn't see exactly how many children.

He did start to see how many women there were. Jake's mouth dropped open there were more than just three women pregnant naughty blonde hottie gets down with her dildo on the couch till she cums hard his children!

He could see that Mary had already conceived, as was Juno's niece Tina! Holy shit! Jake's mouth dropped open even further as Gen started to giggle.


There were at least 4 more of Juno's nieces that were expecting also! Jake was astounded what was he going to do? They would eat him alive he was sure of it!

What in the hell was going on? He'd been sure that each one of them had been on the pill, though as happy as they were he wasn't so sure now. That was 9 children! Jake could only stare at the floor what was he going to do? Looking up at Gen he said, "I need Juno and Nyrae here now!" Jake cringed a little when he'd said it a little more forceful than he meant.

Gen just smiled and nodded as a moment later Juno was beside him. "Jake son are you alright? You look as white as a ghost!" Juno said a bit concerned when he saw that Jake was ashen color. "No, I don't think I am. I think we have to have a talk in private." Jake told the older man. Stranded ella hughes repays a stranger with a blowjob Juno was extremely concerned. "Sure son," Juno said as they made their way out of the room concern still on his face.

"I." Jake tried to start then stopped. "It's ok son, nothing you can say can upset me." Juno said a genuine smile on his face. "It's about your family." Jake started again letting out a huge sigh. "Ok, go on did they hurt you?" Juno said even more concerned now. Sighing big again Jake started anew, "I just found out that I am going to be the father to a child of each of my Jinns. I am also the father of your Jinn's baby.

Plus I am the father to Princess Amira's baby.


As of right now there are three pregnant Jinns, with three more to go." Jake said watching Juno's face to gauge his reaction. "Yes I already knew this, so what's the problem? Are you ashamed?" Juno asked startled. "NO! Hell no!

I am proud as I can be, mostly. The thing is I also found out that, uh. four of you nieces are also pregnant by me." Jake expected Juno to become upset, scream, yell, or throw things but not the reaction he got. "Hell son I already knew that! They were hoping that you would, those four have been trying for years!

Multiple times with multiple partners! With you it only took once! By the way do you know what they are all having?" Juno asked hope in his voice. "Uh." Jake started now shocked to the core, was everyone pregnant happy? "As far as I can tell all four are going to have boys. I thought you'd be pissed as hell at me. This is after all your family!" "I also consider you family Jake, have ever since I was given the mission to help you." Sexy hoes share big cock and jizz of plumber said as he started to turn from Jake then it suddenly hit him.

"Wait! Did you say ALL four of them were going to have boys!? Hallelujah! Finally there will be men in the family again!" "Uh. yeah but that's not all." Jake said as he bit his lip. The rest of the family might be alright with Juno but what Jake had to say he was sure Juno would fly off the handle about. "There is one other thing. Though I am slightly afraid to tell you." Juno stopped his little happy dance, what in the hell could Jake say to break his happy mood?

Finally there would be males in the family! "You know that you can tell me anything Jake." Juno said. "Well you see." Jake hesitated as he started. "I also found out that your daughter Mary is also carrying my child. That she is almost as far tiffany mynx with johnny sins as the other four." Now Jake thought he was going to kill me.

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This was his youngest daughter, his baby; Jake thought well it was nice while it lasted. Juno could only stare at Jake for a moment then his mouth turned down as he sternly said, "What?" Jake cringed, expecting the explosion any time now. "What pray tell is she having I expect another girl like most of the family?" Juno said a slight growl to his voice.

" No sir," Jake managed to get out. "She is also having a boy." "WHAT!?" Juno shouted, then he walked up to Jake and bear hugged the man. This time Jake was sure he had a few crushed ribs. Juno let go and Jake noticed there were tears in his eyes. "A grandson." The man said as he started to break down. "You have done far more for my family than you know Jake, far more." Princess Amira appeared a moment later with a broad smile on her lips as she walked to Jake and passionately kissed him.

"There you are I do not wish to hurry you Master Jake but I would like to have my bedroom back soon!" She giggled. "We have counted 850 Jinns who appeared. Certainly a glorious day for the Jinn dimension. They are waiting on you love!" Jake looked at Juno who nodded then a moment later Nyrae appeared doing a few things for Juno to make him feel more comfortable. "Jake," He called out. "Thank you again, I don't know what I can do to repay you but I will." Jake nodded, "You already have Juno, you just don't realize it yet." as he went with Amira to finish with those that had appeared.