Horny brunette playing with a dildo scene activ studio

Horny brunette playing with a dildo scene activ studio
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This is the story of Charlie (14) penis size 5' and Joe(14) penis size 6' And their gay weekend together. Charlie's parents were going away for the weekend so charlie asked if his best friend and secret crush Joe colud stay round.

His mum allowed it. Joe arrived at 6pm 10minutes after charlies parents left. They were in for a dirty weekend. .

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Charlie and Joe were playing on the ps3 on charlie's bed, then suddenly Charlie got a boner it was sticking out of his shorts, so joe asked if charlie could take it out so he did. He saw that it was average and pulled his out, it was almost the same size maybe bigger.

In the heat of the moment he started to suck charlie off. Joes tounge ran around Charlie head,and he start to suck harder.

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. Whilst charlie took his shirt off,joe stopped bobbing and then in an instance charlie went down on joe, he was about to cum deep in Charlies throat then he pulled out.

. Charlie quickly flipped joe over and then licked joes bum hole deep and briskly until it was clean and lubricanted and then stuck his penis deep into Joes anus and thrusted continuously doggy style whilst Joe moaned and groaned saying Charlie's name over and over again.

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. After a few minutes Charlie came, he pulled his dick out and joes arse oozed a load of cum. Then horny joe slowly licked Charlie's anus till it was wet as a river, then joe stuck his 6 inch dick into Frail asian hottie boned with a dildo arse and banged hard forcing Charlie to become erect again. Joe then started pumping Charlie's dick with his hand whilst still fucking him.

10 minutes later, they both spunked everywhere, all over charlie bed and quickly fell asleep with Joes penis still embeded in Charlie's now gaping anus. . In the morning, they're best friend Leonard (also 14, smaller dick 4.5 inches) turned up and charlie invited him up to the bedroom, when they arrived joe was on the bed still nude, then charlie dropped his towel to show a smooth hairless naked body.

Leonard quickly followed suit and stripped down to his hairless naked body (joe on the other hand had a small patch of pubic hair just above his penis) All 3 boys stood there erect and naked when Joe got on his knees and began to foddle Leonard, quickly Charlie shoved Leonards penis in his mouth and sucked him for 45 minutes whilst Joe then fingered Charlie's anus.

. After brunch, leonard and joe continued there session with a major sweaty bumming lesson, joe came over 12 times leaving leonards anus dripping with cum. . Next it was charlies go with leonard, firstly the started with blowjobs until they both couldn't swallow any more.


They then moved on to anal. They started by charlie lubricting leonards anus, followed by a wet finger from charlie softening leonards entrance.

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Charlie started entering Leonard, inch by inch, and getting more and more turned on as Leonard moaned in both pain and pleasure. When Charlie was fully in, he started going in and out. He could hear Leonard moaning out loud, "Oh, Charlie, OH! Oh! It hurts! OH that's good! Charlie! Oh!" Charlie went faster, and as he sped up, so did Leonard's moaning.

Charlie was reaching his climax inside of Leonard's lovely boy cave.


It was so moist and tender, and it was the best experience he had ever had. Leonard moaned out at the same time as Charlie released his load into Leonard's butt.

Charlie moaned, and just as he felt the cum escaping his penis, the door was ripped open. . Joe walked in cock in hand.

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He told them that it was 7pm and his mum was cumming to pick him up, they ask him what he was doing for the last 4hours, he told them that he walked out nude into the backyard when next door neighbour Milly Swallow saw him whilst she was tanning her titties. So joe went round and fucked her for 3.5 hours straight. Shortly after the story he left. . Charlie and Leonard carried on with some foreplay until they both fell asleep at about 9pm .