Bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom

Bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom
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This story is a continuation of a very short story posted on the sex stories forum Feb 13, 2007, the day before my own 72nd birthday. Today is the day before my 74th birthday. WARNING DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONTENT. AGAIN THIS STORY HAS SOMETHING TO OFFEND EVERYONE. MY PROFOUND APOLOGIES IF I FAILED TO INCLUDE SOMETHING TO OFFEND YOU. Contents: underage, sibling m/f sex, oral, anal, incest, dad/son, dad/dtr, mom/son, mom/dtr, water sports, lactation, family sex.

BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT (From her point of view) I saw my brother in the kitchen. I thought I will get him this time. I had on my skimpy black bikini panties and a very lacy half-bra. It was April 12, his 19th birthday, and I was 17. My name is Andrea or Andi, and he is Ken.

So I ran into the kitchen, jumped up on him put my arms over his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him. He almost fell over from my impact, but managed to hang onto the edge of the counter and keep us from falling down.

I then glued my mouth to his and elena gilbert in rich girl learns a lesson my tongue into his mouth. He resisted me for a moment, then surrendered, opening his mouth and dueling with my tongue. After a minute or two of this, I sat myself down on the adjacent counter and started unbuttoning his shirt.

He asked me: "What the hell did I think I was doing, now? I told him: "Just watch and see big brother. Oh, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" (I only weighed about 90 lbs. and he was 6ft and about 200 lbs.) So to shut him up I sucked his tongue into my mouth again while continuing to get his shirt off, I think he finally realized "Resistance is Futile" and gave as much tongue as he got. Once his shirt was on the floor, I proceeded to unzip his pants (tricky while you are still kissing, but by now he had put his arms around me so I had a little more freedom of action.The belt was a little tricky, but I managed it.

So down went his pants; leaving his man's bikini briefs on and his cock sticking straight out stretching the fabric with a big wet spot where the tip was against it. I ripped his briefs down, and said to him to just stand there a minute. Then I jumped off the counter and got rid of my impediments. He looked at me all over very closely and said to me that I had really become a hot lady even for my age (which was 17).

This was his 19th birthday, and I damn sure was going to give him a present he would never forget. I had longed to own him body and soul for the last 5 years, since Breasty sluts are actually good at fucking knew what pussies and cocks were for. And now I was going to do it. I jumped down to my knees in front of him and sucked him in my mouth the full length. I didn't want him to weaken and get away by trying only licking on his cock.

I was afraid he would get cold feet and stop me or run away, but I knew once I had him in my mouth HE WAS MINE. He made no further protests, and let me suck him till he spurted his love juice in my mouth, which I quickly swallowed after swirling it around to taste it better.

I let him get soft, while still sucking, then let him go and said to him: "Brother, this is one birthday present you will never forget. I have been saving my virginity just for you. Now come here." I kissed him again and then walked over to the table (which I had earlier emptied of anything on it) and laid myself down on the table on my back, I put my legs over my shoulders and said, "OK brother, now come on and take me right now." As I positioned myself on the table and told my dear brother to come and take me now for his 19th birthday present, he turned toward me and slowly walked to the end of the table, devouring my tits and body with his eyes.

He stepped out of his pants and briefs I had pushed down to his legs before giving him his birthday blowjob. I said: "Brother Ken, was that the first blowjob you ever had? He answered me blushing and softly said: "Yes Andrea, you know I haven't dated much." I said: "Good, then you are also a virgin too, but not for long. Now first come around here and kiss me properly and you damn well better start feeling my tits." I looked at his hard stiff prick and it was copiously dripping juice at the end, in fact it had dripped on the floor as he came over.

I thought to myself, guess I better clean the floor when we are done, he might even shoot some cum on it too. He moved around the table, eyeing my furry mound and boobs and his nice cock was just bouncing and dripping with each step.

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He bent over to kiss me, and I reached down and smeared his juices all over his cock, and started jacking him but with my hand very loose on it. I would use one finger to tickle the place just under his baby juicer hole. As we passionately kissed, we intertwined our tongues and began tongue fucking each other's mouth. I could feel myself start to drip with girl juice running down my pussy into my ass crack.

He had one hand on each warm rounded smooth breast, rubbing them most erotically. I broke away from his kiss after trying to pull his tongue out of his mouth with all the suction I could manifest.

He said: "Sis, I never in my wildest dreams believed this could ever happen. I have secretly wanted you body and soul as long as I can remember.

I must have jerked off to your image over a million times, and shot a hundred gallons of cum since I could first do it. You were always my one and only love; that is why I didn't date much. I never wanted to do anything with those girls because you were the one always on my mind even when I was with them." I replied passionately: "Ken, I have always loved you too just like a lover, but was so afraid to ever let you know about it.

I finally decided it was now or never, and maybe since it was your birthday, I could coerce you into all the sexy nasty things I wanted to do with you as long as I too can remember." "I truly cannot ever imagine having another boy or man; only you in my life.

Just as soon as we can, I want to live my live forever with you, and as your wife, not only your sister. If we can ever get married, I would be the happiest woman in the world, but just being with you and having your mind and body all mine is the best thing I can imagine.

I am so happy that you feel the same way. I was so afraid you would completely reject me." "Andrea, now my love forever, I promise that we will be together the rest of our lives. I can't imagine anyone else with me. As of this moment I consider you my own body and soul and my wife. Let us consummate our wedding day right now." I was still manipulating his sweet lovely cock, but now I had to do something else first. "Ken, lets go into your room and get on your bed instead of this hard table," giving his cock some really hard tight squeezes and jerks before letting go.

I climbed down off the table gave him another kiss, holding him tightly against my perky tits, anal fist queen fucks cock deep and hard made me notice how hard my nipples had become.

We tongue fucked again, then broke. I took hold of his stiff handle and pulled him along behind me. Andrea just grabbed my dick as we started to my room pulling me along by it.

I could feel my balls swinging against her hand as we walked. We had just reached my door and I had a better idea. "Andi, why don't we do this on mom and dad's big bed instead, it will be even more memorable that we both lost our virginity and consummated our never ending love right were our parents created us years ago.

Isn't that poetic and romantic?" Ken just made the most wonderful romantic proposition I could ever think of; to consummate our love in the same place where our parents fucked to create us and maybe even that was where they did it for the first time, too. My heart just melted as he asian bdsm of busty japanese slavegirl tigerr benson in hotwax bondage that. I just had to let go of his love staff and take him in my arms again where we shared another long lover's kiss.

He rubbed the roof of my mouth and the outside of my gums with his tongue, like he was a pro porn star, and it gave me the shakes. I did it in turn hugging him with all my might, and I felt his fingers going into my hot dripping pussy as we kissed.

I had another evil thought; well not evil; maybe the most wonderful idea of my life. I knew I was in my fertile period. I started thinking, we are now as married. Why don't we start our family with our first encounter; our mutual virginal sacrifice?

Should I tell him or not? No it might scare him and he might not even fuck me then. So if I get pregnant, and we will be loving each other nearly all the time soon. I will surprise him with the good news. Thank God we don't have to worry about money, we both have gotten college scholarships, and our grandparents trust fund will be given in full to us when he is 20, next birthday.

The statements show it is around $250,000. We can move away to another town, buy a house, start a business and have the most wonderful life together possible. What of our parents? I don't think they would accept us as man and wife, but they don't have to know. I can just tell them the baby was by a boyfriend I kicked out, and I really wanted the baby, so Ken and I will raise it.

We are just going to let it call us Mom and Dad so it doesn't feel different from other kids. I broke off the kiss, and said: "Ken that is the most wonderful idea anyone could ever have, and we will all our lives remember the blessedness and sacredness of this day.

We are together always, let's go, and not be in a hurry, I really want to savor this with my entire being." So I took his flagpole which is soon to be flying me, in hand and led him into our parents' bedroom. I went into the bathroom and got some clean bath towels. Then I pulled back the covers folding them down at the foot neatly, and put the bath towels on the top sheet. I used five of them which pretty well covered the whole bed.

While I did that, Ken was watching my boobs lesbian honeys gape their deep buttholes and ride huge sex toys around, and holding his cock and squeezing it but not jerking on it.

I notice that he was dripping (for a boy) equal to as much as me. Hope it doesn't become noticeable on the carpet before we hit the bed. Before we jumped onto the bed, Ken spoke: "Andi, when you get on the bed, will you get on your hands and knees and spread your legs out so I can see every tiny bit of the pussy you have given to me and me only? I want to memorize it all, even your asshole. You have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, I mean in pictures, since it's the only one I have seen for real.

Wait, I saw Mom once naked after her shower when I was twelve. You know what, I thought she looked great, but you are even better.

You are so sweetly shaped, I think I could bathe the whole thing with my tongue for hours." So I told him to watch, as I climbed onto the center of the bed, and exposed my pussy and butt hole to him. I told him to spread me open so he can see better. I felt his hands on my butt cheeks pulling them apart, and he sighed loudly as he did, I looked back between my legs and saw my brothers big hard dripping cock bobbing up and down, so eager to push it's entire length into my virgin pussy, which was dripping drop after drop on the towel below it.

Ken ran his hands over every part of my ass and down my upper legs, circling them with his fingers, he gently stroked the sides of my pussy, and played with the hair there and on my mound. He spread my labia open and rubbed two fingers on my clit. He took one finger and put it up under my clit and another one on top and rubbed them together.

I almost immediately nearly blacked out megan rain likes getting jizz all over a screaming ultimate orgasm. Then it didn't stop, he just kept in and stuck two fingers in my pussy, and then transferred his sopping wet fingers to my tight little pink puckered virgin asshole.

He rubbed around on it while his other had was busy on my wet slick pussy, and then slowly sank his longest warm wet finger all the way into my ass. It felt so good and my orgasm had never ended, just kept on like wave crests, up and down fading and returning and fading and returning.

I finally had to tell my brother Ken to stop, that I had to rest. He then began to pull out my inner lips and feel them with his fingers, looking and memorizing each crease and fold in his mind. I began to recover my normal breathing and was so completely relaxed.

I said: "Ken, love, when you are done memorizing me, lets just lay together and hold each other for a little, but first I want to taste all the juice on your big hard cock." He said: "OK, Sis, I know you inside out, well maybe not inside yet, but all of the outside, it is permanently engraved in my mind as the only pussy I will ever look at." I just couldn't resist: "How about our daughters, won't you look at their pussies when you change them?" I think that idea shocked him. He stuttered a little and coughed, saying: "Uh, yes, of course, sis, I would always help you with them." I was feeling evil again, so I said: "And wouldn't you play with their tiny cute little cunnies and make them so happy and smiling, and later teach them about sex?" He had no clue how to answer that.

He just mumbled some kind of sounds. I notice his dick jumped when I said that. I thought I would get him some more now. I said: "Ken I have such wonderful memories of mom and dad stroking my tiny little crack and clit and making me laugh and smile. I just loved it but after I was 5 they wouldn't do it anymore, even when they rubbed my back to get me to sleep. I even asked them and they told me that now I was bigger I had to wait until I was grown up." I even cried once when Daddy wouldn't do it to me." I watched Ken's face and he had turned brick red.

I said: " Didn't mom ever play with your tiny dick to help it grow and suck on it?" Again he was struck silent trying to make a sound and couldn't. His dick was twitching wildly as I talked to him. I quickly grabbed it: told him to put in my mouth and pretend I was mom.

He squirted a huge load of cum in less than 10 young shelly is now addicted with anal sex. So much for waiting for our virginal sacrifice rites. Now I had to make him get his mind off of sex for a while to recover before we join ourselves, minds and bodies for the very first time. I was also wondering, I had never touched him before no matter how badly I wanted him and here in less than two hours, he had pledged his undying love and I had swallowed three, or was it four?

of his first loads ever squirted into a girl's mouth. And we were about to take each other's virginity, and at least I hoped I got pregnant with our first baby. A great morning's work, I would think. So after I sucked him dry we cuddled with his head on my boob, it felt so good. I told him: "No nooky and dicky play for a while, just relax and hold each other." He had shot his load three or four times in a short time and he dropped off to sleep with his head on my tit and his hand on my hot hairy mound.

I had read about guys doing that but didn't believe it. So now I know. Sex does make them sleepy. I was so relaxed I thought why don't I do the same. We have all weekend, our parents are gone, no else is expected to be here, and if anyone rings the bell we will just ignore it. I reached over and took the phone off the hook. No reason for us to interrupted on these most treasured moments in our lives by a stupid phone call from some idiot trying to sell us something we don't need or want.

After a few minutes I guess, I dozed off too. I don't know how long we slept naked and entwined on our parents bed where we were both conceived. I began waking up to the feel of something inserted in my love tunnel and rubbing my hot button.

I opened my eyes and saw my dearest brother kneeling between my legs again, and looking so beautific. The shining bright look on his face reminded me of pictures of saints. Well, not busty blond pole dancing and pounded by two hunk dudes frowning ones. I watched for a few minutes not wanting to interrupt his concentration and bliss, but also not yet wanting to reach another Everest with my body.

I softly spoke: "Ken, that feels like heaven, but we should make our love tryst and eternal commitment now if you are ready." "Sis, my love, I want to bring you to heaven's portal with my love. Just suck me up for minute then we shall do the virgin sacrifice." "Ken there is one thing I really have dreamed of and want you do.

When you come I want every drop inside me, and I want you to stay in me until me you slip out, kissing me all the time. I also need you to put about two pillows under my butt to raise me up for you. But put two more towel thicknesses over the pillows as we are going to make a very wet mess." I removed the pillows under my head and handed them to him.

He went in to the bathroom and got two more large bath towels, and placed them over the pillows after I raised my ass high in the air for him to place them. He had them too far toward my head, so I had him move them closer to my legs. I had read that having sex in this position helps to insure pregnancy.

I hoped that was true. We had rested about 3 hours and he was hard as nails while he was playing with me, and dripping again. So I figured that with him being as young as he is, the previous shots may not have kept him being able to impregnate me.

Now I was thinking of names for our as yet unconceived baby. Eva, Arlene, Julie, Marissa, and if it's a boy, it has to be Ken Jr. He had me in position now and his waving prick was bouncing around as he moved into place between my wide open legs. I had another thought, I bet I can help it even more. I raised my legs straight up, grabbed my ankles and pulled them back to over my head.

You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. I knew he would just slide right in to me. I had fucked myself senseless so many times with my vibrating dildo, the fourth one I had since I was 13. I kept wearing them out.

Always dreaming they were really Ken and his cock. I was very sure that there was no troublesome painful hymen left to break or prevent his easy entry to my love and baby making tunnel. I remember the first time mom gave me a vibrator, and showed me how to use it, shoving it deep into my pussy her very own self. She worked it in and out until I had a screaming orgasm, my first one.

I loved that so much I wished she was willing to do it with me more than that first time, but she told me mothers and daughters shouldn't have sex together for enjoyment, only for instruction.

I hugged and kissed her and felt closer to her then than I had ever felt before. The feeling of such closeness has continued to this day. I just realized that was on this very bed, too. I woke from my reverie; saw I had not even been noticed doing it, since he was so enamored of my soaking wet dripping pussy and my boobs.

I think this is the first time in my life I have really felt totally lost in love and also in complete charge of the person with me.

I knew I owned him body and soul and he would probably even eat shay evans the sirens cry poopies if I asked him to.

That was a disgusting thought, wonder why I thought that. I would never want to do that. Hmmm! Piss, maybe, I read about water sports, maybe someday we could. Oh if this baby is a boy, I saw my friends little brother squirt her in the face with pee many times and she just opened her mouth went down on him and drank it all down. She told me better than getting another diaper for him. I asked her if it didn't taste awful, and she told me she liked it and offered me a chance to try it next time.

So we played a while with him in baby games, then played with his tiny little peter, or is it pee-er? He started to pee and she pushed my head down on his dick and he filled my mouth with hot baby boy piss. I liked it too.

When he finished I told her so. So for his first two years we would keep him naked and drink all of his pee that we could. I guess that might qualify as blow job or maybe not. Of course he couldn't cum or orgasm. One thing I did notice, he was one very happy little boy when his tiny little prick was in our mouth. I never saw another baby smile as wide as he did, and I loved the giggly baby sounds he made while he peed in our mouths.

One day when he could talk and we were with him, he asked in his baby voice words if we would weewee him. I knew what he meant. His sister said Ok, and we both did, but we told him and I think he understood that this was a secret, just between us and nobody not even mom and dad could ever know.

He gave us the best solemn promise a baby that age is capable of.


He never did tell anyone and we sucked his dick until he was 8. He didn't seem to want to do it anymore and we would never ask him just let him ask us Now to get back to making my own and my brother's baby: I am still holding my legs up and he is just staring at my body.

I finally say: "My sweetheart, Ken, soon to be husband Ken, take your hard hot drippy love tool in your hand and place it gently wet pussy at night watch part on suzcamcom my love box, now.

NO KEN, I mean fuck me senseless and NOW!" He laughed as he moved his knees right up tight to my butt now in the air and in one fast hard thrust buried his entire,I think eight inches, of hot man sausage in my awaiting cauldron of love. He began to do what I have waited all my life for. He was slowly pulling it out all the way and putting it back in to his balls that were banging hard against my ass, every time. I told him to stir it around as he went in; (the way I liked it with my vibrators).

In my position I had to let him do most of the work but could move my hips a little bit. I didn't want to fall of the pillows and have a dis-ass-ter. I found that I liked moving my legs around with my ankles, and it seemed to increase sensation at my cunt. I told him to rub my clit with one hand too. He was starting to get to the heavy breathing stage, but I knew that with the previous injections of baby juice into my mouth that he could maybe last some minutes.

I yelled: "STOP!" He looked at me with a startled look and I felt his dick soften a little due to fear. I said: "You wonderful, wonderful, best step mom and cock doctor a fucking family affair in the world, my now husband, don't you know we are NOT VIRGINS ANYMORE?" He had a priceless look on his face again.

I said, "I now pronounce us man and wife, you may kiss the bride!" He smiled and leaned jelly belly chicks 18 pt1 tube porn, as I felt his hot rod inside me twitch in my socket and harden even more, then leaned forward and planted one of our best kisses yet on my open lips. We swapped spit for a good two minutes with his big dick clenching inside me.

I could feel it each time he tightened his asshole and made it twitch. I broke the kiss, and said: "Husband do your duty to your bride, finish it." He pulled his head back and sucked a nipple into his mouth so hard I thought he was going to break it off.

As he did, he kept on hammering my pussy walls with the swollen end of his dripping dick until after what seemed like ten years, but actually only 32 minutes since he impaled me, he had a screaming thrashing orgasm, and he made me have mine at exactly the same time. Our first ever vaginal/penile explosion of both of our lives. Our wedding consummation. The beginning of our life together as lovers; husband and wife forever. AND, I hoped, the beginning of our family.

It would be so absolutely mind blowing wonderful if this really did knock me up with our first baby. He lay his body down on mine, I let go of my ankles and let my legs enfold his body with my feet resting on his back, I moved them down a little and tapped on his butt with them as he collapsed and slowed his breathing. I was so in heaven I could hardly stand it.

I took his head and engaged our mouths so totally. I would have held him this way forever if I could. I thought, later, not this time, I am going to have him suck his cum out of me, then put in my mouth to swallow. Now I wanted as much cum to stay in my pussy as possible. I really had a feeling that we had done it, but I couldn't tell for sure for what was it two weeks? I forgot. I had bought a PG test kit and intend to use it whenever the box said it could tell. I didn't really know why I bought it since I was a virgin and not dating.

I thought it was just a whim. Well now I realize I must have planned this subconsciously. We finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. My back felt a little strange from the position I slept in with him on top of me.

And you know, he never moved once all night long, at least as far as I could tell the few times I woke up a little. I felt another raging hard-on in my pussy while he was still asleep and just decided to enjoy its presence without waking him.

We got up; peed in front of each other; I even made him let me hold and aim his dick for him and let him wipe my pussy. I was careful to see if any cum leaked out of me, and there was none so that made me very happy. Then we went into the kitchen and made breakfast. I looked around saw the spots on the floor, and realized I had some cleaning up to do today.

While we ate breakfast on this, our first full day of our marriage, April 13, I said: "Ken my darling, can we get wedding rings today? He said: "We certainly will and they will be beautiful. I also insist on an engagement ring even though, I bet our engagement was the shortest known to history." "Ken, we will just tell our parents if they notice, that we liked these so much we decided to buy them and wear them ourselves until we got married.

We can say you got the engagement ring for a girl you are thinking about but wanted to let me wear it to see how it looked. You think they will buy it?" "Andi, baby, I don't know if they will, but you know what, I don't even care.

I don't even care if they suspect or confront us. If they ever do I am going to tell them they gave both of us the best presents of our lives, each other; and maybe if that day comes they will accept it." So later that day a day I will remember forever, we bought the rings, and put them on each other, but not until Ken proposed and gave me the engagement ring placing it on my finger; and as we did so we both said: "With this ring I thee wed and promise faithfully to love teen first blow job my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even just a honor you all the days of our lives." TWO WEEKS LATER IN ANDREA'S BATHROOM: She just put the test strip in her peeing stream, took it out to look at it, saying: "I hope, I hope, I hope, please, please, please, let it be so." And slowly the strip turned the color indicating to her: SHE WAS PREGNANT!

She couldn't help herself she screamed and jumped up and down for several minutes, chanting: "YES, YES, YES, YES" THAT NIGHT IN ANDREA'S BED WITH KEN: "Ken, you know how we are always going to be together and raise a family?" "Of course, Andi, I would never have it any other way!" "I have a surprise for you, hope you aren't mad my wonderful husband." "No, dear never, "And soon to be father of our baby!" "WHAT!

How could it be, are you sure?" "What do you think, Ken?" "Well Andi, that is wonderful, me a dad, it fills me with feelings I can't describe, I love you, I just didn't think it would be for a xxxpron baby first time sex that I know you aren't mad about it, I confess.

I planned it at the right time of the month, and you remember the pillows under me?" "Yes" "I had you put them there so I would have a better chance of getting all your baby batter right into my mixing chamber to make our baby. I looked when we got up and we peed, and was so happy to see that nothing dripped out of me. So I knew I had absorbed the whole load of your baby juice into me, and I was so hoping it would come true. Now we have nine months of worry free bareback fucking to enjoy." ABOUT NINE MONTHS LATER: Just getting home to their parents house with the new baby.

The grandparents are now simply adoring it from the day four days ago they first saw the little one. They put her in the crib, then the baby cries, she knows it is hungry, so she picks her up and goes into the living room, and says dad and mom come here and sit down.

Ken is right beside her. She takes off her top exposing her big milkfilled tits and feeds one to the baby in front of Ken, her mother and dad. Her mother is ok but her dad gets a little redfaced and says do you think this is a good idea with us here?

Andrea says: "You have both seen my breasts before and I think watching me feed little Amy will be a great bonding experience for us all." Her dad, sighs, saying: "Well sweetheart I haven't seen those lovelies in long time and thank you with all my heart for doing this.

You know this may cause some hard feelings unblock proxy sites romi rain oil sex big boobs Andi says: "Dad I am sure it will and I hope you really do enjoy them.

Now Ken and I want to tell you something. Go ahead Ken." "Mom and Dad, this baby is ours, we planned it, we consider ourselves married now since April 12, the day the baby was conceived and we both lost our virginity right on the same bed we were both conceived on. " Neither one of us could ever consider any other person in our life. We talked this over: you had noticed our wedding and engagement rings that we brushed off. They are our wedding and engagement rings, but our engagement only lasted about 2 hours.

We came to the conclusion that the best thing for the family was to get this out in the open to you and not try to keep it a secret. We hope you accept us as married as well as you have accepted your grandchild, our baby. We plan to have several more maybe a year or two apart." Andrea says: "We plan to move to Farley, buy a house there, finish college, start our own business and raise our children as a normal man and wife.

No one except you will ever know we are brother and sister. We may or not eventually tell our children but that is far in the future. I sincerely hope that this meets with your approval." She noticed her dad had his hand over his pants and was surreptiously rubbing his dick. "Dad, I am glad you think my boobs are hot enough to arouse you, I would absolutely love for you to drop your pants and let mom suck you to a climax, it would be a real high for me to watch you. Mom, why don't you get your boobs out too, I know Ken has always fantasized about you."Both parents looked aghast at first, then started smiling, their dad actually laughed and started unzipping his pants and unfastening his belt.

Dad said: "Could it be that we can be just one happy fucking family?" Mom said:"SHIT, pretty babes veronica ricci and aaliyah love lesbian love is wonderful, Ken get your pants off too!

I am going to suck both of you off, is that ok Andrea?" Then she stood up and stripped off ALL her clothes right then and there.

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"Mom I would love to see you do that, as she switched the baby to the other tit. And said: Amateur couple homemade show fuck from camscom, suck the rest of the milk out, or maybe I should let Dad do it, no he can do the other one after he cums in mom's mouth; suck Ken!" Dad said: "Your mom and I talked about you two and pretty well suspected that you had done this, but decided we would say nothing and see how things went.

As far as I am concerned they couldn't have a happier outcome, unless we are all going to pile into the conception bed and fuck like rabbits. It has a name now: THE CONCEPTION BED!" I might even put a nameplate on it. In fact I want you to conceive all of your babies on it, a family tradition." With Ken openly sucking on one swollen tit and the baby on the other, Andrea said: "I always knew I had the best family in the world, and you just proved it to me.

Dad, after Amy is done the rest of the milk there is yours, and this is not going to be the only time.


As to getting into the Conception Bed and fucking like rabbits, I can hardly wait for that hard cock of yours into my pussy too, and watch Ken fucking mom. I am glad she is going to suck Ken off right after dad.

Bet she never had two shots of cum that close together in her life." "Mom says: "Don't count on that, Andrea, you didn't know me before you were born or before dad and I got married. By the way, The Conception Bed is where Ken was conceived on our wedding day you are going to taste your own cum for me cei our first time. We were both virgins too. So I think we now have a tradition to uphold.

We will all sleep together from now on except when you don't want to, kids. And we will all fuck each other like rabbits, too!" Andrea and Ken watch their mom now naked go over to their dad sitting in his chair with his pants around his ankles and his cock sticking up hard and straight, she kneels down not in front but on the side of him so as not to block their vision and starts teasing it with her tongue.

After a little of that; she sucks it all into her mouth and he spurts a big load of cum into her after only 4 minutes. After she extracts the now wilting organ, wiping it clean with her lips as she does, she says: "Dad, you haven't cum that fast as long as I guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone remember, I guess Andi is hotter than me in your eyes!

Worry not, sweet one, I don't mind and am happy to see it, because it means I can finally get to suck and fuck Ken without it causing you problems. I wanted to do it since he was 14." Their Dad removes his pants and just as little Amy decides to quit sucking on Andrea, she puts her down, hands her to Ken, and says put her in her bed and she will sleep now. Dad, get on this boob and get the rest of the milk from me." He does and sucks on her hard for 5 minutes. She notices that even at her dad's age, his dick is hard again.

He stops, and says,: "Heavens, I didn't know that could even happen looking at his proudly erect dick." Andrea says: "Dad, you sit here," patting the seat beside her. She then moves in front of him and kneels on the carpet, putting her hand on his swollen cock and takes all of it into her mouth. This time it takes him a whole 14 minutes to cum. She drinks it all and says: "Mmmm mmmmm good better than Campbell soup is!" Everyone laughs, including Ken who has just returned.

Their mom says: "Ken you get out of those clothes right now!" She walks over to him, pulls his shirt over his head, removes his undershirt too, and starts unbuckling his pants. She says: "Now if you know what's good for you young man you will get those off right now, or I may have to spank you!" Everyone laughs again.

Ken says: "Mom, I am not a kid, don't treat me like that." Mom says: "Young man, I am your mother you better mind me." He goes along with it and lowers and steps out of his pants after removing his shoes. He still has his shorts around his calves, but steps out of them too." She grabs his soft dick and pulls him over to the chair she was in and says: "Sit!" She kneels down in front of her son and manipulates his hardening cock with one hand while reaching under and fondling his sperm laden balls with the other hand.

He rapidly hardens and she engulfs the whole 8 inches with no problem. She works him hard and in only 6 minutes he is shooting spurt after spurt in to her mouth. She swallows it all, and then looks up at him and says: "Son that tastes even better than I imagined; I have waited five painful yearning years for this. I love you and Andrea so much." GAME OVER!