Sarah banks in banking on thick dick

Sarah banks in banking on thick dick
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Hi, my name is Megan, I'm 5'7 and have brown hair with B-cup boobs. Unfortunately my mom passed away when I was 12. I'm 18 now and I wanted to know a little more where I came from. So I looked at my family tree in my bedroom and saw some of my ancestors.


I never saw it before honestly, but when I did, I knew why. "Holy shit," I said. I looked and saw that both of my parents were under one couple, Gina and Andy Thompson under Frank and Julie Thompson. That only left me with one conclusion: could my parents have been brother and sister? If my grandparents had both of them, what other explanation could there be?

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I sat there and pondered this horrific scenario, but after a few minutes, I calmed down a bit. If that was in fact true, there would definitely have to be a story behind it.

I also wondered if I should ask my dad about this, and would I be OK if it was true. That was would also explain why he never liked to talk about the family. So I brought the family tree out to the living room one Saturday sunny leone chut marathi xx movie we. "Hey, sweetie," My dad Andy said.

He saw what I had in my hand, and then all of the sudden he seemed less happy by the look on his face. "What do you got there?" Andy asked. "Just our family tree," I replied as I sat next to him. He played it cool, but I knew at the back of his mind something was up. "Dad, you've never lied to me before, except about Santa and telling me you had my nose," I said. "Yes?" Andy hesitantly asked. When I was first thinking about it, I thought it would be easy, but that wasn't the case.

"If I ask you something, will you promise you'll be truthful with me?" I asked. "Yes, I promise," Andy replied as he took a deep breath. So I put out the family tree so we could both see it. "I never saw this before today, and I just noticed something weird about it," I said.

"Really, what?" Andy asked. I was hoping he'd just come out with it, but he didn't. I held it out for a minute trying to wait him out. It was like a game of chicken, just seeing who would say something first. I just knew that he knew what I was wondering about, but he wasn't budging at all, so I just asked him.

"Dad, according to this family tree, you and mom have the same parents," I said. "What, let me see that," Andy replied as if he was surprised. He took it so I couldn't see it, and he looked at it for a minute. "Well, this must be a misprint or something, it's not important.

I'll be sure to get a fixed copy for us," Andy said. He just got up and jetted back to his room, but that just made me think my scenario really was true.

I couldn't help but go to his room with him, he was sitting on his bed looking stressed. "Dad, what's wrong?" I asked. "Shit, after so many years, I thought this was a done deal and you'd never find out," Andy replied.

"Find what out?" I asked.

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Fat dick for pretty teen twat girlfriend homemade could definitely see he wasn't gonna just answer, I was gonna have to pull it out of him. "Come on, dad, tell me what's going on? Why are you so nervous about this?" I asked. "Well, sweetheart, you are an." Andy replied. "I'm a what, dad?" I asked. He took in another deep breath.

"You see Megan, your mother and I were very much in love," Andy replied. "Yes?" I asked. "Your mother and I were an." Andy replied.

He stayed quiet for a few more seconds. "Incestuous couple," Andy whispered. I knew exactly what he said, even know he whispered. "Were you and mom brother and sister?" I asked. He actually shed a couple of tears and nodded his head. I gave him a hug, and it was a lot easier to swallow by then for some reason. "Why didn't you tell me, daddy?" I asked. "Your mother and I just didn't want you to know, we didn't want you to think you were an incest accident," Andy replied.

"Was I an accident?" I asked. He was silent, and that was my answer. "Yes, you were an accident, but we still loved you nonetheless. We both wanted to keep you and be together," Andy replied. I just gave him the biggest hug I ever gave anyone. I don't think I ever saw him get so emotional in my life. He told me how it happened and everything else.

Nothing changed, it wasn't like I was gonna have superpowers from that knowledge, but it was definitely something to think about though. He told me that they were very much in love and they had the best relationship together as well. It wasn't just sex, they really loved being together. He also told me it was a Saturday night, and she asked him to make love to her when they were both 18.

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So they had sex once, and she told him a few weeks later that she was pregnant. He told her how steamy hot oral service delight hardcore and blowjob he loved her, and he didn't wanna put her through an abortion. So they kept the baby, raised me as a couple, and the rest is history.

About four weeks after that night, I think I was jealous. I never got a brother, even the possibility was dead. So I just asked him a couple more follow up questions as we were both on the couch.

"Did you want another baby before she died?" I asked. "Yes, at some point in time. I know you've always wanted a little brother," Andy replied.

"Can I ask you this: you had a boy too, and we had no idea you two were brother and sister. We told you that we wanted to be together, would you have supported us?" I asked.

"Yes of course, it be hypocritical if I didn't support you," Andy replied. "Good, because I know I'd love him so much, that I'd wanna be with him," I said. "Why do you say that?" Andy asked. "I just know it," I replied. We gave each other another hug, and as we hugged, my pussy got wet. So I knew that whole incest thing, was in fact a turn on. "Dad, how much do you love me?" I asked as we were still hugging. "With all my heart," Andy replied.

Then we stopped hugging and our faces were about a foot away from each other. I looked down and saw that he had a hard on, so he felt it too. "Can I kiss you, daddy?" I asked. "Sure," Andy replied. We kissed each other for about five seconds. As we were done, we looked at each other for a minute and he got up. "No, this is wrong," Andy said. "What's wrong, you and mom were together and she's been gone for six years now. Don't you think she'd want you to be happy, and for you to make me happy?" I asked.

He was just worked up and stressed, so I got up and gave him another kiss, but it was ten seconds that time. He actually put his hands on my shoulders, so he was enjoying the kiss.

"We can at least try this right?" I asked. "Sure sweetheart, I just miss your mom," Andy replied just before he kissed me again. "Maybe I can help, just think of me as a younger version of her," I said. We made out passionately for a couple minutes as we were standing up.

We both wrapped our arms around each other, but not tightly though. I think we both just wanted it then, maybe when it was all out in the open about him and my mom, it just sparked. Then his hands got down onto my butt, he was getting ready to push them down a little, but I stopped him. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked. "You talk me into it, and now you wanna check with me again?" Andy asked. "I guess," I replied. I pushed him down onto the couch and I got down on my knees.

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I put my right hand on his hard cock, and he was really turned on. "Wow daddy, your cock is so hard," I said. I undid his pants and his cock poked out.

It looked even harder than it felt honestly, I thought I was about to go blind or something like that. His fully erect cock was starring at me at a full 9 inches. "And this cock got your sister pregnant?" I asked. "Yes, and I couldn't be happier that happened," Andy britney and brandy want to taste eachother. I leaned down towards his cock and took his cock into my mouth. I immediately went down all the way and he let out a really big moan.

He got to be with his sister for many years, and then he got to be with his daughter too. Just hearing that story made me want him so badly honestly, so it's not like I was just doing him a favor. He put his hands on my head and made me go down just a little bit further.

He let out another really big moan. "Oh yes, sweetheart, get your daddy good," Andy said. I sucked on a couple cocks before, but of course my dad's cock was different other than just being bigger. He leaned back a bit and just tried to keep his cool, he didn't wanna cum too early of course. He had his daughter sucking on his cock, rather than a woman that would only do it once. His cock was huge, so it was difficult to keep his entire cock in my mouth for more than a minute.

I began going up and down on his cock for a minute and he really started belting out some moans. "Shit, shit, shit!" Andy screamed. "Do you need to cum, daddy?" I asked. "No, keep going, sweetheart, I'll let you know when it's time," Andy replied.

I took his cock back into my mouth again and sucked on it really passionately. I put in all my might and made him really good, I didn't know how good my mom made him feel, but I was determined to make sure he felt at least that good.

Having sex with my dad was by far the kinkiest thing I ever did in my life, and from the moans I was hearing, it sounded like he had his sister blowing him again. None of the other guys I blew moaned like that. He had his hands on my head again, but didn't put pressure on it though. I guess he didn't wanna push me too far, too fast, but that didn't matter too much. He began moaning a little loudly and moved around frantically as well.

"Oh fuck yes, sweetie, now you are gonna make you dad cum!" Andy screamed. I backed away just a little bit to watched some intense fireworks. I saw my dad shoot out four good shots of cum, it flew right up in the air. I had never ever seen anyone cum quite like that before.

"So, this is the kind of sex that you and mom always had?" I asked. "Well, when she gave me head anyway," Andy replied as he smiled widely. I liked giving my dad a blow job, so I was ready or more. "Do you mind if we try other stuff now?" I asked. "I like that, sweetie," Andy replied. "But did mom undress herself, or did you undress her?" I asked.

"Both," Andy replied. "Would you like the honors?" I asked as I stood up. He undid my pants and pulled them down to my feet. I took them off completely, slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde he stood up and took his pants and boxers off completely.

He took off my shirt as I grabbed onto his cock and stroked it. He undid my bra and it fell to the floor. So I was completely naked except for my panties. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and eventually picked me up. He took me to my bedroom and we both laid down on my bed.

We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out very passionately for a few minutes. My boobs pressed up against his chest and we were both breathing in and out slowly. I could only imagine how fast his heart was racing, I mean he was making out with his own daughter now? That was beyond kinky.

We made out for about ten minutes straight and he even broke the kiss. "Well, do you mind if I take off your panties?" Andy asked. "Not at all," I replied. He climbed down towards my crotch and took my panties off me.

I was completely naked in front of him, and it looked like he liked what he saw. It looked like his eyes balls were about to fall out and roll away. "Don't worry, daddy, I'm on the pill," I said. He got on top of me and slowly inserted his cock into my pussy.

"I'm not a virgin, daddy," I said. "I know," Andy replied. He began thrusting his large cock in and out of my pussy. Of course it was a lot to take, but I was more than up to the challenge to take all the pain and pleasure. My pussy was a little tight, so it was a little difficult at first.

"Holy shit, sweetheart, you have a tight pussy," Andy said. "Maybe you can loosen it up just a tad for me, daddy," I replied. "Anything for the best daughter in the world," Andy said. He began thrusting his cock just a little faster then, really intensifying the pleasure. We both put our hands on each others shoulders to hold onto each other, as he anal fuck by a monstrous big dick to make my pussy a little sore.

I closed my eyes closed for a minute and he kissed me multiple times all over my face. Then a minute later I opened my eyes again and looked right into his very lusty and loving eyes. I could see it as clear as day, he wanted this probably even more than I did honestly. He really wanted to make love to me, but I guess he didn't wanna push me into doing something uncomfortable.

Although, I was more than comfortable letting him stick his cock inside me. "I love you so much, sweetheart, don't ever leave this old man," Andy said.

"You are not old, daddy," I replied. We both just laughed for a minute, I don't know why I still called him daddy, but I did. I guess sense things were going smoothly, he decided to start thrusting even faster. Although then it became a little too much, it began hurting a bit, so I shed a tear.

"Are you OK, Megan?" Andy asked.


"You just have a really big dick and I have a tight pussy, so it hurts a little," I replied. "I'll be more gentle," Andy said. He began thrusting really slowly for a couple minutes, then we switched positions for cowgirl. I always loved cowgirl, I don't know why, but I did.

Then I began riding my dad, another moment I'd never ever forget. I didn't have big boobs that could flop around, but I my dad still seemed more than turned on by the sight of them right in front of him. After a couple minutes, he put his hands onto my boobs and gave them a very nice squeeze.

"Oh my god sweetie, you have some nice knockers," Andy said. "Thank you, daddy," I replied. I rode him like I never rode anyone before honestly. Having sex with him, seriously brought out a huge kinky side I had no idea I had. We both were getting very sweaty and my heart rate was through the roof.

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I looked down at him and I looked right back at him. We love mouthed 'I love you' to each other a couple of times and then his hands went south a bit down to my pussy.

He began rubbing it very slowly and I broke out a giant moan. "Fuck!" I screamed. With that scream, I just couldn't hold it anymore. I screamed at the top of my lungs and I exploded all over his chest and face. He stayed silent for a minute and I just looked at him.

"Sorry, daddy," I said. "What for?" Andy replied. Then I collapsed onto him and we cuddled for a couple of minutes in silence. "You really should have told me I was an incestuous kid," I said. "Maybe, but I was just following your mother's wishes," Andy replied. We stayed silent for a couple more minutes and stayed in each others arms. I guess we really needed to relax after having incredible incestuous sex. "So, is there any other secrets daddy?" I asked. "You've been driving me crazy for years now.

I've wanted to get you in bed with me, but that would be kind of in that 'Don't ask her that' category honestly. I wasn't so sure you'd still wanna be my daughter after that," Andy replied. "Well, daddy?" I asked. "Yes?" Andy asked. "Can we have sex again?" I asked. "Yes, on one condition," Andy replied.

I had a puzzled look on my face. "Just stop calling me daddy, when we're making love anyway, it's a little creepy," Andy said. "OK then," I replied laughing. We kissed again and had sex a few blowing gloryhole ho jizz interracial and creampie times that night. I couldn't believe that for over 18 years, I had no idea that I was an incestuous kid. So we started just having sex for a few weeks after that, then we started sleeping together, now I'm debating on asking him about having another incestuous baby.

This will be my last story on this website. Wow, on this website, people are just flat out rude, and to add insult to injury, they do it anonymously. I post stories on another website called Lushstories, and I always got better comments and scores over there.

For people that kept complaining about grammer, or other crap lie that, the people on there that decide if the stories make it on, go ape shit over the dumbest shit .So, I made sure I edited it right. There are just a bunch of assholes on here, simple as that. I know I can't please everyone, but damn, you nay sayers suck. Just like when I left a message on the last chapter of My dad's friend, I never made you read any of my stuff, you did it on your own, on your own time, and yet people said some really nasty and rude shit that was completely uncalled for.

I realize I'm nowhere near perfect, but damn, fuck you naysayers, feel free to get in front of a moving train, and stay there. For those people that actually did like my stories, I invite you to check out

My username is Kornslayer1. I got some of the same stuff there, and a lot of new stuff too. I'm sorry, but enough is enough, pathetic people just talk shit here, and I'm done. I guess they talk shit anonymously because they are PUSSIES!!! So fuck them.