Kayce monroe wild electro bdsm session electricity and submissive

Kayce monroe wild electro bdsm session electricity and submissive
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Another chapter as Tom and Lisa continue to gradually push the limits of the dad/daughter paradigm. This chapter still contains no intercourse of any kind, but I'll be publishing chapter 8 today as well and those who are ready can experience a least anal intercourse in Chapter 8. You can skip on to that chapter, but for those who continue to enjoy the build up, please keep reading. Thanks.

Tom wakes up first and extricates himself gently from the arms of his beautiful daughter. He always watches her sleep for a few minutes before heading out. She is mostly uncovered and he admires her petite frame, slightly olive tight skin.

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So smooth as it hugs her shapely, but tiny bubble butt. Her legs are not too skinny, but well-proportioned for her size. She is only 5'3" and small frame, but she looks more of an athletic build. Satisfied for now, he covers her up and goes in to brush his teeth and have his morning pee, then downstairs to make coffee and breakfast. It's only 7 am and he knows Lisa will sleep until at least 8:30.

He stops by her room to get her school books as today they have to review for her end of year test coming up this week. Then it will be summer vacation and Lisa will be home everyday. They live pretty far out, so not many friends will be coming to visit nor will she be visiting many others, but he will make some plans to allow her to invite some over a few weekends during the summer.

After making coffee and alight breakfast, Tom sits and begins to review the material she will need to know. He organizes all the material and sets down a plan to cover it all, using the outlines provided on the schools website for the few parents who even care. At 8:45 he hears the light footsteps of Lisa making her way downstairs.

Having brushed her teeth and hair, she comes into the kitchen smiling broadly. "Morning, dad!" She sings cheerfully as she crosses over to give him a black ashley sin getting fucked rough doggystyle on da couch on the lips.

"I slept really hard." She tells him just as she turns towards the refrigerator. "Excellent!" Tom replies. "You'll need to be well rested for the day." She turns to glance back and for the first time notices all the books and papers on the table.

A slight frown comes over and she lets out a moan. "Ohhhhhh, right. Study day!" she laments as she takes out the orange juice and milk and brings them back to the table. "So you really enjoyed Jim and Dave watching you last night?" Tom asks casually. "Yes, it was really hot. It made me feel so naked and I really liked seeing how hard they were." She responds just as casually. "I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it and masturbated again." She confesses. "Did you masturbate this morning?" "Not really!

I mean I did, but I didn't cum. It's better if I do it when someone else is around." She explains.

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"Well I tell you what! If you do really good on your studies this week, I think I have an idea for next weekend, but it's a surprise." Tom tells her with a grin. "So you only have me to masturbate for this week!" he adds with a chuckle. "I love when you watch me, dad. You the best, really. I like other people, but only if you're there too. I really like it when I can tell you either I masturbated or am going to masturbate. I like talking about it." She confesses to him with a grin.

"My friends, well Kim and Jill anyway, masturbate too, but they can't tell their parents or anything." She continues. "We talk about it sometimes, but I haven't told them about what we do, but I know they would really like it if they could do things like we do." Tom listens to this and considers.


"Well maybe you can have them over a lot this summer and introduce them to the same freedom you enjoy!" "REALLY?

You mean that? They would love it, dad." She says, eyes wide and a large grin on her face. "You'd have to do it slowly so you don't freak them out or anything!" Tom cautions.

"Well, that would be true for Jill, but Kim would do it in a minute. She's kinda slutty!" Lisa responds with a giggle and a tone that belies her few years. They continue to talk through breakfast and clean up. Before they get started on the studies, Lisa wants to masturbate with Tom so the bring their chairs face to face and close, legs intertwined and masturbate together.

This time they end up squirting on each other and both enjoy.


Lisa comments it almost like peeing on each other as they both scoop up each other's cum and enjoy it as a snack! Tom questions Lisa the rest of the day on her studies. She does quite well beautiful chick has sex with dude pornstar and hardcore Tom is proud of her intelligence.

She already understands most of the material and is sure she will do quite well. He will begin planning her reward tomorrow. The first part of the week was pretty normal. Each night they spent a couple of hours going over material for Lisa's exams.

Often times during the day, Lisa would look at places at school where she might be able to sneak off and masturbate while other students or teachers moved close by. She thought about under the bleacher during an assembly or in the supply closet right off the lunch room. These were quick thoughts as things were quite busy this last week of school. She ended up only masturbating just before bed each night. On Wednesday, Tom got the package of toys he had ordered. He inventoried and stored away all but a little vibrator and a couple of the butt plugs.

In all, he had ordered two lifelike dildo's, one 6 inches and one 8 inches, both with suction cups and balls. There were an assortment of vibrators, some ben wa balls, the vibrating egg and a rabbit. Since most of these were for penetration, he thought he should wait until Lisa reached the point where she was ready for vaginal penetration. When Lisa came home, he had wrapped the butt plugs and put them on Lisa's bed.

She found them when she came home and came running down to Tom's office after opening them and then getting naked. Tom was finishing a conference call when she got there, so she had to wait a few minute, bubbling with silent excitement. Finally when he hung up, she smiled very big and with excitement in her voice, "Are these the butt plugs you told me about?" Tom smiled back at her excitement.

"Yes they are. Would you like to try them?" "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please!" she said jumping up and down. "This one, with the controly thing." She said handing her dad a fairly thick jelly one with a metal egg inside and a cord coming from the base with a small, black controller on the other end. Tom took some lube and started oiling up the toy. "Bend over the desk there." He instructs her. Before he begins, he takes a moment to admire her very cute and firm butt curving over the edge of the desk.

Small and round with smooth, flawless skin divided evenly by her butt crack. He rubs one cheek gently before pulling it from the other to expose her tight rosebud and using his finger to liberally apply lube to both the outside and inside the bowels.

Once prepared, he places the tip at her soft little asshole. "Now, this gets thicker a lot faster than the carrot, so it may hurt just a bit the first time." He warns, then starts to push. Lisa is so excited to have her first 'adult toy' that she pushes back.

The stretch does come quicker and with a little pain, but not too bad. She just wants it in her so bad, creampie-angels com empera cock riding creampie tube porn ignores the pain and pushes harder. Slowly the butt plug spread her anus wider and wider until the shoulder pops in and her asshole closes around the narrower shaft.

"God it feels so full. Like I have to go to the bathroom. Well sort of like that." Lisa comments. Tom are my shiny blue pvc panties making your hard for the control, having already put the batteries in this afternoon.

He turns it on and twists the dial, increasing the strength of the vibrations. "OOOOOOH" Lisa coos as she feels it. "That is much better than just the carrot." She lays there bent over the desk for a few minutes enjoying the vibrations going through her bowls and even into her pussy. Then she stands up, turns around =takes the controller from her dad and starts to adjust it seeing what each setting felt like.

While she does that, Tom reaches down and starts to gently rub her clit. She thrust out her hips a bit in response and lets out a moan.

As her dad rubs her clit she adjusts the dials until the balance is just right, then she leans back on the desk, hips thrusting out and enjoying the touch of her father's fingers. "mmmm, yes daddy, that feels sooooo good" she moans as her hips start to undulate. "Make me cum first then we can study." She coos softly. Tom takes the butt plug and begins to fuck her ass with it as his fingers find her clit and begin to rub. He watches how her asshole is stretched around the thick plug and how she pushes back against it when he is pushing it in.

He rubs her clits faster and firmer as she responds. Still bent over his desk, she is enjoying him fucking her ass. He contemplates how his cock would feel in there now. In a few moments, Lisa starts to buck and shake as she orgasms. Her cum squirts out all over her dad's hand as he rubs her from the back.

Lisa relaxes there a moment as Tom pushes the butt plug fully into her. Finally, she gets up and stands a little wobbly. "OK, I guess we can start to study." She relents. They study for a few hours, and then get ready for bed. Having the vibrating butt plug in her all evening has her wet again so at bed time she comes to her dad as he is in the shower and lays on his bed and begins to slowly masturbate as she waits for him to come out.

Her knees pulled up over her should and spread wider than her shoulders leaves her pussy and ass exposed and the butt plug base clearly visible as she rubs her clit. When Tom comes out of the shower, he is greeted by this heavenly sight and smiles as he stands there watching as he knows this is what she wants. She watches him watching her and feels the usual nakedness and vulnerability, yet freedom.

Soon she is moaning and rolling on the bed ready to cum again.

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"Oh yes daddy, I'm cumming, watching me cum, daddy." She says out loud, eyes wide open. Her body convulses and her juices come out of her pussy over the bed spread. She lays there a bit longer, legs still up and spread wide as she recovers.

Tom comes over and lays next to her, but where he can look between her legs. He notices a few more darker hairs have come in. "We're going to have to start shaving your pussy before too long." He grins.

Lisa looks down at her pussy and examines it herself. "You want me always smooth down here.

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Like your little girl?" she asks. "Smooth looks so much nicer. Don't you think?" indicating his own shave pubic area.


Lisa smiles. "You can shave it, daddy."