Amateur webcam girl with dildo in big pussy

Amateur webcam girl with dildo in big pussy
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Ary and I ended up experimenting with each other. One day as we cuddled on the couch in my garage she nudged me.

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"hey, have you ever thought about… inviting someone else to our fun?" she said with a seductive smile. "oh?" I said looking at her now. "and who exactly would I invite?" She shrugs "how about that guy you invited to your party." She said, it took me a second to realize she was talking about Jesse. If I knew Jesse well and I definitely do, he would be very down to sharing a girl. This would take some planning, but if tail was involved I know I can get him to come.

"alright, I'll find a way to talk him into it, but for now." I kissed her neck and Ary gasped. We messed around for a little bit and then I drove her home. On the way back to my garage I called Jesse. He picked up on the third ring. "Hey Benji, what's good?" he said.

"nothing much" I laughed "listen, do you remember that Christian girl I was telling you about?" "yeah man, the kinky one right?" he said back "what about her?" I explained Ary's idea to him, I could tell by the excitement in stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european voice that he was already on board with the idea.


So we talked it out and decided for a Friday night, I text Ary the information and she agreed to it. I spent the next week getting stuff such as snacks, some a new jar of KY jelly and just to be careful some condoms.

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When Friday came around I picked up Jesse first and he was like an excited pup. He had on his usual jeans and band T shirt but I could also smell a hint of cologne. He tossed his bag in the trunk and then hopped into the front seat.

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"dude I can't believe this is actually going to happen." He kept going on and on. All I could do was laugh. Next was Ary, when she came out she had on shorts and a top with a jacket on.

She smiled at us and hopped in the back with her bag. When I looked back at her I noticed her shirt was a bit tighter than usual. As we drove to my house I noticed she was starting to play with Jesse's neck, I knew it was because I was driving but just seeing it made me slightly jealous.

We got to my house around the time the sun was setting, once inside my garage I locked the door and flipped on the TV. Ary took off her jacket and tossed it to the coat rack, we plopped down on the muslim sex mia cracks her techniques down to easy steps and shows you just how its with Ary in the middle.

We started to watch some movies, she cuddled up to me but after a while she shifted to Jesse. I didn't mind, he had a pretty rough time with girls. Throughout the movie she shifted back and forth between the two of us. Around the middle of the second movie I started to rub her leg making circles up and down her leg.

Slowly I moved my hand up her body, she laid more on me now. I reached my hand under her shirt and cupped one of her boobs, I realized that she had no bra on or she took it off at some point. After all the time I'd spent with her I already knew how to firmly and yet gently massage her. I looked over at Jesse who was watching us more than the movie now, I could visibly see his hard on.

So I whispered into Ary's ear "I think Jesse is feeling left out, why not help him out." I let go of her and she shifted to Jesse, turning her butt to me. I watched as she unzipped his pants and pulled them down a bit to let his dick free. She smiled at him then started to stroke his dick gently. I took the chance to reach under her angela white kagney linn karter phoenix marie dinner for cheats unbutton her pants, then pulling them down just enough to show her panties.

I rubbed her pussy though the fabric, pushing my finger in and teasing her clit at the same time. On the other side she was starting to suck Jesse's dick, I could tell from the wet spot that was already forming she was really enjoying herself. I stopped her for a second so we could all undress. We switched positions, she was now sucking my dick and Jesse was behind her. I was afraid he didn't know what to do at first but he picked it up quickly. After another minute or two she got up and smiled at us both.

"So how are we going to do this?" she asked, I got an idea and I sat on the couch and had Jesse go grab the bag from the table. I opened the box of condoms and tossed one to Jesse. After that I had Ary straddle me. Once my dick slid into her pussy she started to bounce up and down, while Jesse prepared behind her.

He slathered some of the KY jelly on his condom covered dick, then got a glob and slowly stuck his finger into her ass. Slowly and gently he fingered her getting as far in as he could Once he was ready he nodded to me and I nodded back, I started to suck on her nipples making her bend lower to me.

Jesse took the cue and slowly stuck his dick into her ass, she gasped and stopped bouncing so I reached down and started to rub her clit to distract her. After a bit of push and pull Jesse was deep into her ass. We waited another second for her to get used to it and then Jesse and I both pushed in and out in turns. After a bit we switched so she was sitting in Jesse's lap and I stuck my dick into her ass after that we all got on the couch.

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She went back to sucking Jesse's dick without the condom while I fucked her pussy from behind. I felt the familiar tension in my ball and from the look on Jesse's face so did he. I sped up a bit as I felt Ary's pussy start to clamp tighter on my dick.

She was the first one to cum, I tried my best to hold on. Next Jesse said that he was close so she stopped sucking and started to use her boobs to finish him. He came all over her boobs and a bit on her face, I couldn't hold back anymore so I finally let go and came inside her with the condom on. We all sat back, I carefully pulled the condom off. I went into my restroom and grabbed a wet towel and helped Ary clean the cum off her boobs. It didn't take much longer for all three of us to be ready for a round two.

For a little bit Jesse and I took turns fucking Ary trying to satisfy her. Eventually we all laid down under a big blanket with Ary in the middle.