Girl stripped naked by friends story

Girl stripped naked by friends story
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Disclaimer all characters in this story are fictional and are over 18 years old. *** The story so far Crystal writes a diary hoping her Daddy will read it and know her true feeling for him! James looked up at Chrystal, he quickly pulled her hands from his face and pushed her away. "No Chrystal, it's not right!" James cried.

Jumping jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom the bed, tucking his now limp cock in his trousers he ran from the room. "I am going to work, I will see you later. I love you as a daughter and only as my daughter," he shouted. Chrystal did not reply she slumped down onto her bed crest fallen and full of despair.

What had she done? She couldn't help the way she felt about the gorgeous sexy man who just happened to be her Daddy. Chrystal remembered the scene as she walked in on her Daddy reading her diary with his glorious 8 inch cock on display.

Now she would not get her heart's desire. Chrystal buried her head in her pillow and sobbed uncontrollably for what seemed like a lifetime. Then the anger crept in welling up from the pit of her stomach. How could James treat me like this? She thought. Chrystal decided to teach James a lesson. But first she had to satisfy herself she rummaged in her bedside table for her good friend the vibrating dildo she had bought herself.

She lay back on the bed legs open and with one hand she massaged her left boob pulling and squeezing the nipple and the other held the dildo to her pussy massaging the clit and along to her pussy it was heavenly. It wasn't long before she was groaning loudly as her orgasm rocked her body.

Carefully Chrystal replaced it too the box and returned it to it hiding place and sat on her bed. Picking up her diary she wrote; Dear Daddy I'm sorry to have upset you and cause you so much embarrassment.

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I am going away for a while to give us space. I love you like any woman loves her man. It's not my fault you are my Daddy. Goodbye Daddy Lots of love Chrystal xxx With that she grabbed a few items of clothing, toiletries and her handbag and left. Later that day when James arrived home full of remorse, about leaving the house the way he did, he had decided to tell Chrystal that he did love her more than a Daddy Daughter way too and wanted more than anything to make love to her.

"Chrystal, Angel, I'm home!" He shouted as he walked into their home. Silence, he walked from room to room looking for his beloved daughter. There was no sign of her anywhere. When Quick masturbation cute black pussy got to Chrystal's room he saw the diary open on the bed, he smiled thinking she was playing a game with him writing another story about the two of them.

How wrong he was! When James read the note Chrystal had written his heart sank.What had he done? "I have to find her." He shouted out loud tears streaming down his face.

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Where has my darling baby girl gone? Her car is still here. James was distraught with worry where should he start? The rational side of his character began to surface. "Think man!" He said to himself, "There is no point running round like a headless chicken." Firstly he rung Madison, Chrystal's best friend, "Hello" Madison said as she answered her mobile.

"Hi Madison it's James, Chrystal's dad, have you seen her today?" "No James. I spoke to her briefly this morning and she said she was going on a trip and would see me in a couple of days," Madison replied "Did she say where she was going?" James asked trying to hide the fear and distress in his voice. "No James, I'm sorry she didn't," Madison said with no real compassion.

"ok Madison sorry to trouble you." "Goodbye James." "Goodbye and Thank you." James made a few more calls to Chrystal's friends with no results.

James was overcome with worry.


He decided to ride round the neighbourhood in the hopes of spotting her. Chrystal hugged Madison, "Thank you for being such a good friend, the best there is." "Chrystal what has happened you and your dad are so close it must be bad for you to not tell him where you are." Madison said with real concern in her voice. "If I tell you it must not go out of this room, do you promise?" Chrystal asked.


"Promise!" Chrystal began to tell Madison. "I love my Daddy in a much stronger way than I should do, so I wrote a diary of what I would like him to do to me. I really wanted him to fuck me, lick my pussy till I came and then I wanted to suck his cock and caress him till he filled my mouth with his cum. I knew Daddy was reading them so I waited and caught him. I kissed him and he pushed me away. Don't judge me Madison I'm just a woman who desires the man who is her Daddy." Chrystal cried!!

Chrystal looked at her best friend and waited for a reply. Madison looked at her friend and then reached out and drew her into a hug.

"Chrystal I know where you are coming from I have the same feelings for someone I shouldn't but that's another story, stay here a day or so and think things through." "Thank you I love you!" Chrystal replied. "I love you too!" James was beyond himself audrey bitone as the darty massage worry it had been 48 hours and nothing, no word from his beautiful daughter where was she? He had to go into work but decided if she had not returned when he got home he would call the police.

Five o'clock was a long time coming but soon James was driving home hoping his baby girl was home. As James walked through the door he thought he could smell Chrystal's perfume the one he loved the most. Instinctively James went straight to Chrystal's room she wasn't there but her diary was and it lay open. With great anticipation and worry he grabbed the diary with his eyes shut scared to read what was written.

Opening his eyes he read.

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Daddy I'm home, I love you and want to be loved by you, I'm in your bedroom!! James took a deep breath and walked to his room. The door was open and there Lying on the bed was the most glamour style mei haruka masturbates with a dildo sexy sight he had ever seen.

Chrystal was lying full length of the bed. She was wearing a black lace Basque, a very tiny thong that showed off her shaven pussy, and black fish net stocking. James gasped at the sight that lay before him and had to fight every manly urge not to ravish her straight away instead he looked her up and down and gave her a sexy grin.

"I should be mad with you but you look fucking amazing!" Chrystal looked up at James then down at his crutch, she slid off the bed and walked to her Daddy putting her hands either side of his head she pulled him towards her and kissed him with such passion James could have cum there and then.

Breaking from the kiss, James said "are you sure Chrystal?" "Yes James I am your woman tonight and I want you to make love to me.

I want to taste you, I love you." James started to undress but Chrystal was on the case she had his shirt and tie off first then his trouser shorts and socks. James was completely naked and Chrystal was on her knees in front of him. She looked up admiring his gorgeous 8 inch cock standing to attention right in front of her face, she grabbed it with both hands and started to lick it from the tip to James balls. Chrystal loved the way James was bald she hated pubic hair on men.

"I'm going to sort out your lovely hard cock that is throbbing and in need. I am just a lady who wants to suck it and taste your cum please," she purred like the cat who got the cream.

Chrystal knelt before James looking up at him she guided his cock into her mouth, caressing the very tip with her tongue before taking it in inch by inch.

She gagged as it hit the back of her throat and James tried to pull his cock out of her mouth he was afraid of hurting her.

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Chrystal held on tight sucking and licking him until she could hospital australia doctor and nurse him tensing and his breath was coming in short rasps. "I'm going to cum Chrystal," James whispered as his orgasm was rising. "Go on James give me all you have got," Chrystal mumbled.

Almost instantly James spurted his love juice into her mouth, Chrystal gulped and tried to swallow every last drop.

When he had finished he lent back against the wall and looked at the stunning young woman in front of him. James reached down and lifted his beautiful daughter into his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her down gently he went and stood at the end of the bed to admire the view. James knelt on the bed slowly moving up planting kisses on her ankles, calves, knees and thighs as he reached the top of her thigh he noticed a damp patch on her thong, he bypassed her pussy and undid the laces at the front of her Basque so it fell to the sides revealing her lovely pert boobs sitting on her chest her little nipples were perfectly shaped and rock hard.

Chrystal moaned with pleasure as James sucked on one nipple and played with the other. "Daddy please lick my pussy and make me cum," Chrystal cried as her kageny linn karter and johnny sins shortened as she could feel the throes of her imminent orgasm.

Without a word only a look of desire and understanding he slid down the bed. Removing her thong as he went, to reveal a soft smoothly shaven bbw anything and everything compilation tube porn. Chrystal opened her legs and James told her to bend her knees so he could access her forbidden area. James slid his tongue along her clit gently flicking it and down into her pussy tasting the sweet love juices that had started to flow, he licked and sucked her until he could feel the tension building in her legs.

"Daddy I'm coming," Chrystal screamed as the ecstasy of her orgasm reeled through her body taking her to heights no one had ever taken her too. As Chrystal came slowly back down, James cock was almost fully hard again and pulsing waiting at the edge of her pussy. "Chrystal I want to make love to you is it ok to put my cock in you lovely pussy," he felt the need to ask to make sure she was certain.

"Yes Daddy please make love to me I need to feel your cock in my pussy." James slowly and gently pushed his cock into his daughters pussy. "Oh my god Daddy that is magnificent, harder Daddy please harder" she shouted. James didn't need telling twice he fucked her as she wanted until they were sweaty exhausted wrecks, coming round after an almighty orgasm.

"Are you ok darling Daddy didn't hurt you did he?" James whispered. "No Daddy I'm so sleepy," Chrystal replied her eyes already closed. James pulled her in his arms and they drifted off to sleep. A couple of hours later James woke feeling very hungry. He looked at his sleeping daughter slid out of bed and went to shower. Chrystal woke to find James gone at first she thought it was a dream then she heard the shower. This was an opportunity not to she climbed out of bed and ran to the bathroom to join James in the shower.

The sight of Chrystal's naked body had his cock stirring again. "Look what your gorgeous body is doing to me." James said. Chrystal took his cock in both hands and massaged to full length. James picked his daughter up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. James then lowered her onto his waiting cock. The water cascading down over their bodies adding to their pleasure. James fucked Chrystal to another orgasm which nearly brought him to his knees.


James stood Chrystal down holding her with one arm he washed her clean with the other. Once showered and in their dressing gowns they realised it was 9.30 no wonder they were hungry. Dinner was made and eaten in the usual way like every normal day. When all was done the each took a cold drink into the lounge to chill out for a while. "Daddy can I sleep in bed with you tonight?" Chrystal asked with a little girl smile that normally got her what she wanted. "No sweetheart we have to go slowly and we each need our own space," James replied.

Chrystal excused herself saying she was tired. She went to give him a bedtime kiss but not on the cheek as petite ariana marie and halle von lesbian fun she kissed him passionately on the lips. "Goodnight baby girl sleep tight," "Night Daddy," Chrystal smiled and went to her room.

When she got to her room she picked up her diary and wrote; Where to next? *** To be continued