Japanese teens playing with her dildo uncensored diary

Japanese teens playing with her dildo uncensored diary
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The second chapter of my fan-fiction series for skulduggery pleasant I do not own anything from the books they are property of Derek Landy Enjoy LB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skulduggery pleasant chapter 2 Fletchers Present Fletcher lived in a small apartment in Dublin's dankest street; it was of course populated entirely by sorcerers.

It was small and cluttered with various items; weapons, books on magic, mirrors, hair gels and double edging blowjob compilation and championship hot arab dolls attempt foursome wall full of games and films. When he awoke he rolled of his bed and glanced at his mirror, he winced when he saw that his hair was flat and unkempt, it took him a minute to look away from the mirror and when he did he glanced at the digital clock on the wall (Fletcher had trouble reading analogue clocks) and with a jolt he realised it was his birthday he grinned and picked up his phone.

There weren't any messages he pouted then realised they were probably planning a surprise for him yeah that has to be it he smiled to himself in excitement and walked over to the bathroom where a full length mirror leant against the wall he struck a pose and smiled.

Damn I'm gorgeous he thought turning away and stepping into the shower and sighing as the hot water caressed his body. After spending an hour grooming himself he turned off the shower and looked at the mirror again, ahh that's better he thought his hair styled to perfection his skin clear of any dirt and water still running in rivulets down his body, he dried himself and thought about what could happen today. Hopefully Valkyrie gives me a little present he thought his mind wandering back to the week before when he had finally had sex with her.

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He hardened at just the thought and he glanced down at it smiling slightly it had been a tight fit for Valkyrie and that thought had made him proud and more arrogant than before. He got dressed pulling on a pair of jeans and a linen shirt pulling on a leather jacket over it.

Once again he marvelled at himself in the mirror and was only roused from his self-admiration when his phone beeped. He looked at it excitedly and grinned when he saw it was from Valkyrie, Hey wake up, skulduggery wants us to meet him at Ghastly's.

Vx His smile dropped, not one mention of his birthday but it sprang up again, maybe that's where the party is he took one look around the room picking up his keys, wallet and phone before hesitating and picking up a stun gun and sliding into his back pocket. Then glancing at himself in the mirror he vanished with a faint pop.

Valkyrie waited with her arms crossed, and didn't even blink when Fletcher appeared in front of her his eyes tightly closed, since last month he had appeared when she was changing and saw her fully naked for the first time, she had jumped and kicked him between the legs but he still thought it was worth it. "Open your eyes moron" she sighed and he opened them disheartened to see there was no present in her hands.

Maybe it's at Ghastly's he thought holding out his hand and when Valkyrie clasped it they both vanished. They arrived in Ghastly's shop and only ghastly busty slut has her orgasmic twat hammered brunette and big tits his head to them, he smiled and said hello at which point skulduggery and Erskine Ravel turned and greeted them quickly returning to their hushed conversation.

They walked up to ghastly Fletcher looking around for any presents, "What's going on?" Valkyrie asked "Madame Sutra has demanded a meeting with us" "Who?" Valkyrie asked "Err I'll let Skulduggery explain" ghastly said awkwardly "happy birthday by the way" he said to Fletcher pulling a package from under the table. Fletcher grinned and tore the brown packaging revealing a dark black coat and waistcoat.

"Wow thanks ghastly" he exclaimed shrugging his own coat of and throwing on the waistcoat, it fitted snugly and was extremely comfortable.

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He looked into the mirror at the side of the room and smiled totally unaware that Valkyrie had gone quiet and was looking extremely embarrassed for she had completely forgotten it was his birthday. The coat was long and it ended below his knees, it was extremely comfortable. He laughed and thanked ghastly again when Skulduggery and Ravel walked over. "Valkyrie, Fletcher" said ravel nodding to them.

Skulduggery tilted his head and looked Fletcher up and down "Have you done something different with your hair?" "Ghastly made me a…" Fletcher began "Who's Madame Sutra?" Valkyrie cut in. Fletcher felt a stab of annoyance but let it go. "Madame Sutra is a Seductress" Skulduggery said simply "A Seductress?" Fletcher asked "A Seductress is a woman whose chosen discipline is pleasure magic" Ravel explained, "They err use the climax of people to strengthen themselves" "So why don't you like them?" Valkyrie asked looking at the dislike on ravels face, "Because they are deceitful and untrustworthy" said ravel.

"And since they have no power of their own they live of other peoples" Skulduggery said "They are by definition a parasite" said ravel "When are we meeting her?" asked Fletcher teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz we are going to drive there now" skulduggery said "Can't I take you?" Fletcher asked "No" "Why?" "Because I like to Bentley more than you" said skulduggery and turned and walked away Fletcher stared after him and before anyone could stop him he vanished, He reappeared in front of the Bentley and skulduggery tilted his head, "Yes?" he asked closing the door.

"I've had enough" Fletcher said crossing his arm. "Enough of what?" Skulduggery asked leaning against the car. "The way you treat me" Fletcher said walking forward "you treat me like I'm nothing" Skulduggery just stood there and didn't say anything.

"So that's it I've had enough" Fletcher said anger evident in his words "either treat me like a person or we part ways" "So that's it you'd leave Valkyrie and everyone else behind?" asked skulduggery facing Fletcher, "No their my friends I won't leave them but you skulduggery you treat me like dirt and expect me to put up with it" Fletcher said angrily.

"Fine then go" Skulduggery said opening the door and climbing inside, Fletcher wanted to do something smash the window maybe or teleport him a hundred miles away. He turned and came face to face with Valkyrie she kissed him and he felt the anger fade away, he hugged her and said "I'll come by to your house later for my present" with a smile that had no humour behind it, he shook Ghastly's hand and thanked him again for the clothes; he nodded to ravel and the disappeared.

He didn't even think of where to reappear to and without realising he was appeared in China's library making a sorcerer jump, masturbating milf gets a helping hand julia reaves caught the book before it hit the ground and apologized to the man before walking around the corner and almost walking straight into China. "Fletcher how nice to see you" she said "where are the others?" "Going to the sanctuary" he said glumly.

Chinas eyes wandered curiously over his face then she smiled, "skulduggery went too far didn't he" Fletcher frowned "how did you know?" "Tsk my dear boy I'm surprised you didn't say anything sooner" she laughed and Fletcher felt his heart soar, he still had trouble being near China. "So why are you here then?" she asked "I didn't really think when I was teleporting" he explained "Let's take this discussion to my apartment" she said catching the look of the sorcerers face, They walked through the maze of bookshelves and in no time they were outside her door.


She opened it and offered him a seat in front of an johny sins fuck shop assistant girl lily carter in changing room desk he took of his coat and draped it over the back of the chair whilst China placed some books on her desk. "Why does he treat me like dirt!?"Fletcher exclaimed no longer able to keep silent "does he hate me have I done something to upset him is it because I'm dating Valkyrie?" China smiled and laid a comforting hand on phoenix marie hardcore high notes shoulder "My child the answer I'm afraid is threefold first thing is that you remind him of himself when he was younger" "What?" Fletcher said.

"Without meaning to be rude you are incredibly vain and arrogant" China smiled "and so was he" She waited for him to say something and when he didn't she continued. "Second is that he blames you in part for his time with the faceless ones" "WHAT!" Fletcher shouted "how can he blame me?" "It was you that opened the portal" she said "and let me continue" she cut in quickly seeing his anger, "And third is that he has a crush on Valkyrie" This last piece of information floored Fletcher and left him sitting there with his mouth wide open.

"Yes its true" China said "he loves he like a father naturally but there is always something there and your relationship with her is making him jealous" Fletcher just sat there finally closing his mouth and China smiled. "Don't worry within a day or two he will ask for you to come back but don't expect an apology" she said "oh and happy birthday" Fletcher smiled and stood up. "Oh by the way did Skulduggery say why he was going to the sanctuary?" she asked "Some women called Madame Sutra asked to see him" Fletcher said.

China smiled a blush creeping on her face and said "I'll see you later Fletcher", And Fletcher vanished He reappeared in his apartment and looked into the mirror, so much had happened and thoughts were still whizzing around his head but the most prominent one was, damn I forgot my coat he reappeared back into China's apartment and held back a gasp China was sitting on her chair her head back, eyes closed and one hand in her underwear undeniable masturbating.

He felt himself go rock hard and he was frozen to the spot, he knew he should move but it was as if his body was rooted to the ground, with an extreme amount of will power he was about to teleport when. "Hello Fletcher" China had opened her eyes and was looking at him her hand still in her lacy panties, "I'm so sorry I forgot my coat and then I" he began but China interrupted him.

"It's ok" she said and stood up walking over to him she put her hand on his face and he could smell her arousal on her fingers, "Fingers can only do so much" she said and once again Fletchers mouth dropped open. She laughed, "Close your mouth Fletcher I can think of better uses for it" Fletcher couldn't believe what was happening, he was shaken back to reality however when Chinas delicate hand slid into his jeans and grasped his cock.

He groaned in pleasure, "Impressive" China said sliding her hand back and forth. She unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankles she freed his erection from the confines of his boxers and knelt down. She grasped it in her hand and licked it from the base to his tip which was leaking pre-cum, Where did this come from? He thought as China swirled her tongue around his head and licking the shaft in precise movements.

She continued this for a few minutes whilst Fletcher leant back against the wall with his eyes closed, this is wrong, what would Valkyrie say but the thought was flung clear from his mind as China suddenly engulfed him in her mouth his entire seven inch long thick cock in one movement, He looked at her in absolute pleasure and amazement and their eyes met, she winked and started to hum and Fletcher went over the edge he moaned and thick spurts of his cum splattered down China's throat.

She didn't even bat an eyelid but kept eye contact and swallowed it hungrily, Fletcher was too caught up in his climax to notice the faint pink aura around her as her magic reserves grew, Fletcher collapsed he felt like he had run a marathon and all he wanted to do was sleep, but he looked up at China was wiping some of the cum she missed of her cheek and swallowing it. "Wow" was all he could say, She looked at him raising an eyebrow, "well aren't you going to return the favour?" she asked and Fletcher hurried to his feet almost tripping on his jeans he straightened up and China guided him to her room, the walls were a light blue mixed with streaks of gold and crimson, the bed was massive against the back wall and an oak desk and some bookshelves were against the wall on the right.

But Fletcher's attention wasn't on his surroundings, it was on China who was slowly stripping down in front of him, she slowly removed the silk shirt she was wearing, one button at a time never losing eye contact with him, she was wearing a black lace bra that cupped her breasts snugly, when she unclipped it they didn't even sag an inch, her nipples were light pink and her breasts were perfect handfuls.

Her denims came next she sashayed her hips from side to side pulling them down incrementally until they past her lacy underwear, Fletcher unconsciously licked his lips and she sat down on the bed, he knelt in front of her. "Take them off" China instructed breathlessly, Fletcher reached his hands up to pull them down.

"No" China said her voice heady with anticipation "take them off with your teeth". Trying not to seem to eager Fletcher leant up and panting his pleasure and nerves he gripped her panties in his teeth and pulled them slowly of her legs, he looked up to see one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen, China had a thin triangle of hair above her dripping snatch, and her lips were parted slightly hinting at the pleasure it held inside.

Fletcher nervously brought his head up breathing in her scent with blew away the nerves, he slowly licked her clit, bringing his tongue down to push slightly in her folds before bringing it back up trying to get as much friction as possible by flattening his tongue, China moaned and leant her head back, He began to repeat himself making patterns with his milf bbw showing tits watch more of her at ulacamcom. He could sense China getting close, her breathing was becoming ragged and she was arching her back trying to get as much as her womanhood onto Fletchers tongue, he gave her one final big tits young nurse slut fucked by guys before latching on to her clit and sucking, China screamed in pleasure and her juices spurted from her clutching womanhood splashing Fletchers face with her nectar.

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It was a long time before she spoke and when she did her voice was shaky. "Wow" she said, and Fletcher knelt back his tongue hurting slightly, at some point during his cock had sprang to attention and was now painfully hard, China looked at it. She pulled Fletcher to his feet and pushed him onto the bed; she crawled on top of him and positioned herself over his awaiting member.

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She dropped without warning onto curvy legal age teenager beautiful babe likes fucking a lot hardcore and blowjob spearing herself with his throbbing manhood, gravity only took her halfway down his thick shaft and she had to lever herself for him to be fully sheathed, he moaned in pleasure her silky folds encompassing his dick like a warm, wet blanket.

China lifted herself up and dropped back down again and they both moaned, China repeated the action and Fletcher couldn't help it abruptly he spun her around so she was on her back and her was on top and he started to piston in and out of her, she gasped at the sudden inversion and groaned in pleasure as she came again, he felt her wet folds squeeze his cock as he thrust in her, she groaned again and leant forward to unclip her bra, Fletcher bent down and started to suck on her pink nipples, China mewled his name and pushed his head into her chest, he started to lose his rhythm and China started to gasp as her walls clenched and unclenched.

They came in a sudden and euphoric symphony, Fletchers vision flickered as he shouted his release bathing her insides with his hot release, she bucked and screamed his name thankful she had symbols carved into the walls so no one could her them, they lay next to each other gasping as they slowly came down from their high.


When they were ready to stand they both got dressed without speaking to each other, "Is there a reason we aren't talking?" China asked wiping a cum from herself and licking her fingers, "I just cheated on Valkyrie" Fletcher felt awful now it was over what would she say, "Ahh now your morals kick in" China mocked lightly "don't tell her" "But I have to" Fletcher began. "No you don't" she said "plus she." China stopped suddenly and glanced at Fletcher.

"What?!" Fletcher asked in disbelief his feeling a pain in his chest "I'll say no more" China said " but if you do break up don't hesitate in coming back" she walked past him squeezed his cock and left the room, Fletcher stood there for a minute and then turned picked up his coat and teleported. He spent the rest of the day thinking, and by the time it was getting dark he came to a conclusion, He wouldn't tell Valkyrie about China and call themselves even. He stood up stretching he took a shower and as he got out the shower he heard his phone.

"Hello?" he asked "Hey fletch you coming over" it was Valkyrie. "Yeah let me just get dressed I just got elsa jean lexi lore elsa and lexi the shower" he replied he thought he heard a slight intake of breath, "See you in a minute my room yeah" she said and hung up.


Fletcher changed quickly and after checking he had everything vanished. He reappeared in Valkyrie room, and looked around he spotted Valkyrie on her bed, she turned when he arrived. "hey about today" he began but she cut him off by kissing him and pushing herself against him, he realised she was wearing her school uniform and he grinned, his grin grew even wider when she got on her knees and fumbled with his belt, succeeding she yanked down his jeans and took him in suni liyon sexy sex stories vedio mouth, "whoa" he said "what's gotten into you" she began to suck hard bobbing her head faster and faster gagging once in a while when he went too far down her throat, fuck happy birthday Fletcher he felt himself getting close from this furious onslaught when a shape hopped through the window, Fletcher looked sideway his cock in Valkyrie's mouth.

Valkyrie merely glanced sideways and continued. "Ok what the fuck is going on?!" shouted Valkyrie shadows curling in anger behind her… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that took me a while, had a lot of work to do and I couldn't seem to focus on a decent plot, I am trying to write as much from Fletchers point of view than Valkyrie as I find it easier Comments are aprectiated even if some aren't welcomed, feel free to ask for a pairing, LB