Lesbo honeys gape their deep butt holes and drill fat sex toys

Lesbo honeys gape their deep butt holes and drill fat sex toys
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Fbailey story number 760 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I almost never write a story longer than one part. I have had many requests to do so. This may be my only time and as far as I'm concerned each part will be a standalone story. That way I can end it anytime that I want too without annoying you readers too much. Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 05 = Jake and Cynthia After Jake's last date, his son was no longer shy around girls.

In fact he had a girl of his own coming over for Saturday. Jimmy was going to spend Friday night at a friend's house. Everything was set for Jake to bring his speed-dating woman home.


Her name was Cynthia and she was not at all what he had expected. She was so hyper active when she answered her door that he though she was on drugs or something. She talked a mile a minute, she ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, and she was shaking. Cynthia had been on very few dates in school and in college. Now that she was a full-fledged kindergarten teacher she almost never had an adult to talk to.

The kids drove her crazy every day, and then she drank too much and played with her pussy constantly.


That was why she had joined the speed-dating group three weeks ago. Her first 'date' was with a man that was old enough to be her grandfather. He had made her act like one of her kindergarten girls. He had little Catholic school uniforms for her to wear and she had to call him Daddy. He would spank her and then he would fuck her.

After that he would take a long nap. Her second date was with a man about her father's ebony actress boobs sucking story. He liked to tie her to his bed and ravage her whenever he wanted too.

She was willing to let him fuck her, after all that was why she had joined the group in the first place. She had to call him master, be submissive, and beg him for a spanking every time his alarm clock went off.

That could be in fifteen minutes or in six hours, it never mattered. She was so happy to get back to her own house. Cynthia came close to quitting but a friend had given her some pills to take before Jake picked her up.

She said that they would calm her down. She lied. Jake took her to his house and forced her to throw up, drink plenty of water, and to take a nice long bubble bath. He lit some candles, put on some soft music, and sat on the toilet.

They talked so long that he had to drain some of the cool bath water and then add some more hot water. He liked the way her nipples stood up above the surface of the water, he liked the fact that she had hair on her pussy, and he liked her long red hair. It was natural, her breasts were natural, and she was a pretty girl.

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Cynthia was twenty-three years old. He had a son just five years younger than her. However, her age did not seem to matter to either of them. She spent the rest of the night in his arms. They cuddled on his couch and watched a chick flick, she cuddled into him as he made love to her slowly, and she cuddled into him as they slept. In the morning they ate breakfast in the nude and were fooling around on the rug in the living room when his son Jimmy came home. Jake never pulled out of her and Jimmy just smiled and said hi.

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Jake finished making love to Cynthia and then they got dressed. Shortly Jimmy's date arrived. They spent a couple of hours with the kids when Jimmy told his girl all about the speed-dating group and that his father and Cynthia were on a date. Janet the eighteen-year-old girl was very interested in the sex club and quickly suggested that she and Cynthia get naked for the boys.

That chick was a wild one and probably a candidate for the group.

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So anyway the rest of that Saturday and all day Sunday the girls satisfied every one of porno latina jazmine beach sex brunette www latinas mobi tube porn man's requests. Jimmy never wanted to fuck Cynthia…he had something just as good already. Sunday afternoon though, the two girls had drained the boy's cocks of everything that they had to offer them.

That was when Cynthia kissed Janet and then started to eat her pussy out. The guys watched the girls make out for the next two hours. Cynthia kissed Janet, sucked her nipples, and licked her pussy.

Then Cynthia got out the double-ended dildo that she had put in her suitcase. Then the two girls shared it in every way imaginable, in their mouths, in their pussies, and even in their assholes. Cynthia came to the realization that she was more lesbian than bisexual.

She had never really been all that into boys anyway. Mostly she dated a few times to please her mother or her friends. It was usually a fix up or a blind date. However, once she had gotten her fill of Janet she knew what she wanted in life. Fortunately so did Janet. The girls fucked the boys dry again just so that they could be with one another.

When Jake dropped Cynthia off at her house Janet stayed with her. They were about the same size and Janet could wear Cynthia's clothes so she spent the night and Cynthia took her to school the next morning. Cynthia called the phone number that she had been given and quit.

When they asked her why she simply told them the truth…that she was a lesbian and that she was tired of letting guys fuck her.

Janet moved in with Cynthia and both of her parents were supportive. They liked Cynthia. With her fabulous sex life at home Cynthia found the kindergartners didn't bother her nearly as much as they had before.

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She did better in school and so did Janet. At least she finally had an adult to talk too.

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A year later with recently changed laws in their state they were allowed to get married, Cynthia asked Jake to give her away and for Jimmy to be one of their groomsmen.

Janet's father gave her away. Jimmy had been paired up with a close friend of Janets. Fortunately, she was not at all interested in having sex with another girl. Jake continued to 'date' and eventually fell in love. She had a daughter Jimmy's age and there was a double wedding in their future. NOTE: There will not be a part six because my continuing story seems to have run out of "nexts." After all Cynthia is not going to date any more men. Sorry, but my readers know that this five-part story is quite a bit different for me.

The End Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 05 = Jake and Cynthia 760