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Scorching blonde licked and fucked and got a cream masturbation blowjob
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What had felt an eternity passed since the two of them had rescued her, a buxom young woman with golden hair they had come to address as Sunflower, and in all that time she had not spoken so much as a single word to either of them. The fiery haired Lily had a seemingly endless array of questions and comments to barrage her new friend with, in some vain attempt at getting so much as a peep from her; it was to the point that the towering Carna had begun to ignore it, taking only moments to glance back from her lead to ensure their security, as she made her way through the dark forest.

In all the time they wandered very little had occurred in such an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place, and it was this continual peace that had finally made the three women comfortable enough to decide to take xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 in the alcove of a large boulder-like ivory structure overlooking a distant luminous heap of dust.

Though she had seemed traumatized and tormented from her recent assault, Sunflower appeared strangely comfortable with her new companions, perfectly content to huddle close to Lily against the back of the alcove in the red haired girl's embrace.

Carna took a more obvious position at the front of the opening, her long legs stretched across the entrance with her sturdy frame propped against the side, as if presenting herself as a barrier to the outside world to protect the others.

".Maybe she won't talk because you do all the speaking for her." Carna nodded her head towards the now sleeping Sunflower, gazing in Lily's direction as she spoke with a subtly light-hearted tone. "Hey!" Lily spoke up in protest, "I'm just trying to get some life outta her!

She's gotta start opening up to us! She can't ke." "Lily, I was joking." The muscular woman shifted slightly, in posture as well as tone, "We have been through much, her especially so. give her time." The red head whimpered lightly at this reality, turning her attention to the sleeping girl beside her and delicately stroking her golden hair, "I'm just worried about her. what if she's just bottling it up and letting it eat her up inside?" A strong hand reached out to Lily's soft, pale thigh and squeezed lovingly, "We all deal with things in our own way.

this is fresh, Lily. Let it be fresh.

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In time I am sure she will speak." Lily's hand gripped the back of Carna's as a fragile smile crossed her face beneath the mask that hid it. She knew it was unrealistic to expect someone in Sunflower's position to warm up to them so quickly; Carna was right, it would take time, but it gnawed at her all the same.

"So Carna. why here?" "Here?" The dark skinned woman's head tilted slightly at the question, causing Lily to giggle softly, "Yeah. this rock. thing? Why not over there where there's light?" Carna leaned back against the ivory formation for support, "Light is why." Lily fell silent, pondering the response but ultimately telling herself she understood. Silence fell upon the three of them, and soon Lily and Carna joined Sunflower in slumber.

Had the trees always been so tall here? Had their trunks been so spindly and stretched in such a twisted manner so high into the maddening darkness above?

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The girl with golden hair stood alone deep within an unknown woods, familiar to her yet so hauntingly mysterious; she gazed upon the endless snowstorm of dust blanketing the grass below so thickly it could hardly be seen and wondered if it had always been so bountiful. How had she strayed so far from the rest of those she had arrived with? Gingerly the buxom woman made her way deeper into the lonesome forest, her eyes darting towards each and every sound around her both near and far, as well as towards some she was uncertain she had even heard at all; paranoia steadily crept deeper and deeper into her mind, every step sounding louder and louder beneath her until soon she found herself running.


Terror had now overtaken her consciousness, its icy claws raking across the goosebumps of her otherwise perfectly smooth skin and her own large breasts pulled at her body like anchors. Why was she running? What was she so afraid of? There was no sign of rationality within her to answer such questions, no logic or reasoning now matter how deeply she searched; only ever growing horrors that her subconscious mind was certain were hunting her like rabid dogs, and she was certain they were catching up to her.

Little by little the scraping chill of phantom nails swept along her backside, their unseen lashing clawing her ass, hips and thighs in ever increasing aggression until finally it happened; a swift, intense pressure surged up her leg from her ankle as piercing cold poured into the open wound.

The blonde woman collapsed upon her assaulted leg, the foot now bathed in the near hotmom fucking my son full sensation of new blood from her now slashed open ankle that had toppled her.

The horrors were real, they had truly been pursuing her and had indeed closed in.


Deep carving sounds could be heard mere inches beneath the voluptuous woman's fallen figure, and as she weakly leaned to gaze over her shoulder at its source her eyes opened wide. Screams which begged to escape could not find their way across her supple lips as terror overwhelmed the helpless woman as she witnessed an unspeakable thing towering over her; impossibly thin and contorted, with skin liquid pale and a form only vaguely resembling that of a hauntingly familiar man stretched high above her on hideous clawed hands and feet, the black pits bereft of eyes sunken deep within its monstrous face burning an unescapable malice into the poor girl below.

With a gorilla-like hunch the fiend crawled high above the terrified woman upon which it preyed, its gnarled claw shifting to flip her onto her back before pressing down just beside her head so heavily it sank into the ground beneath it. An immense chill flooded the desperate woman's back as the long, clawed hand of the looming horror curled beneath her and pierced her flesh, lifting her off the ground and pulling her in close to the twisted beast's vile torso, and warm blood pooled in the grass beneath, staining the porcelain white of the dust.

The buxom woman desperately reached out, clawing and pushing with all her might in futility while her frame grew ever closer with no sign of escape as a sudden heavy pressure began to press between her thighs. A flurry of moist heat and frigid wind flooded deep into the golden haired girl's core from deep between her legs as a beastly girth spread her womanly entrance broad, soon shoving its impossible length deeper inside than she had ever feared possible.

Powerful thrusts slammed violently against the voluptuous woman's hips and blinded her to the world, sinister claws digging into her back as the fiend's powerful arm drove her body harder and harder against the vaginal brutality.

Kicking and clawing, striking and flailing pathetically resisted such a hideous act in vain, seemingly only further exciting the creature, its throbbing length bulging and thickening within an already impossibly stuffed space; she had been unable to scream all this time for reasons unknown, but what she now witnessed managed to change this.

The beast's form began to tear, its arms splitting down the center, cracked bone and gore stretching between points of ragged flesh before rejuvenating into entirely new limbs which immediately lashed out to further restrain the now sobbing girl impaled upon it.

In a single motion the buxom woman's hips were pulled away from the fiend, the ever thickening bulk of its shaft pulling free of the abused pussy it had just fucked until finally the penis split, newly forming two in its once singular place.

Her legs flailed more fiercely than ever, lovely cutie is geeting pissed on and splashes wet vagina uninjured foot kicking with all its might against the spindly frame as it tried to resist, but soon it occurred.

In a single motion the four clawed arms flipped the creature's victim over, her large breasts now hanging beneath her body as the freshly split pair of meaty, deformed cocks made their way to both of the girl's entrances; an intense pressure filled her form as they made their way deep into her stretched pussy and deflowered her firm ass. Blonde hair swayed in the stagnant air as the helpless woman's curvy body was ravaged, her heavy breasts bouncing with each mighty thrust as the two pulsing shafts swelled inside her holes; she was this thing's plaything, a toy to abuse, and there was no telling what would follow when it was all over.

What felt like an eternity crept by as the curvy young woman was viciously fucked, her body long fallen limp to the abuse and taking it like little more than a doll, and not a sound escaped her lips. Claws clenched and dragged across delicate skin, opening her flesh and spilling red nectar across the grass below; soon it would be joined by a thick, yellow fluid that flowed freely from the buxom woman's swollen mound and ass as the paired, monstrous cocks finished simultaneously within her.

The hot cum flooded her insides so heavily it felt as though she was being slightly inflated, and as each drop fell from her ravaged holes the woman felt as if a piece of her was being dragged with it. Eventually enough blowjob shoot cum in mouth up shits creek sans a paddle her soul had felt as though it had been stripped to cause her senses to blur into surreality, the world abound blurred and faded in and out, her body carried flashes of numbness and cold, and her thoughts were spotted and broken.

How much time had passed? How could any of this have happened? What was the motion beneath her? Gradually focusing her senses the raped woman stared down to the blood spattered grass as it wriggled and shifted, making way for a horrendous sight; from the blood and semen stretched a pair of newly birthed, humanoid arms, spindly and sickly slick fingers curling and crawling against the grass as they dragged an ever developing man-like figure.

Soon the bloody abomination took full shape against the dust littered grass, stumbling frail to hold itself on its hands and knees as it convulsed and hacked filth from its lungs. The fading woman trembled at such a vile thing, her eyes widening more and more as she took in its writhing form; and then it noticed her. With a sickening pop and crack the thing beneath her broke its neck backwards until the back of its head pressed between its shoulder blades, its fractured yellow and black eyes locking directly with those of its mother.

A scream erupted from the girl with golden hair, and as if beckoned the horrid thing began to curl its spine skyward and reached its lanky, dripping arm towards her traumatic cries.

Just before the warmth of the newborn blood could touch its mother's skin her senses blackened, and the buxom woman faded from consciousness. Soft hands pressed against Carna's heavy frame, stirring her from her sleep, "Carna! Wake up. Sunflower's gone!" The dark skinned woman's eyes shot open at the sound of Lily's words and she swiftly lifted herself into an upright seated posture.

"Did you see her leave?" "No. I woke up to go pee and when I came back I realized she wasn't there. she was just gone!" Lily's voice was erratic, her body shaking in an obvious state of panic which called for Carna's touch, "Relax. we will find her." The tall woman rose to her feet and stretched her muscled form, and she reached down to help her partner up, pulling her close the moment she was afoot.

Lily clasped Carna's hand tightly, trying her best to suppress the guilty tears swelling in her eyes. ".What if something h-happens to her? Why was I so careless!?" Carna pulled the red haired girl in close, her hands both planted firmly on her freckled shoulders as she did her best to gaze through the slats in her mask to at least imitate eye contact. Her voice was direct, yet soft, "She is an adult. it is not your responsibility.

You helped her, you saved her. We will find her." Pulling Lily close to her chest, her strong arms enveloping the ever so slightly plump figure, Carna held her friend securely until she could no longer feel her shiver. The plating of caramel fingers soothed silky red hair as the other hand pressed against the small of the fire haired girl's back, and Lily sighed softly at her touch; Carna was so warm, her body so strong yet her touch so delicate and comforting. Lily could feel her lower body begin to warm ever so slightly as her plush figure pressed tighter to her partner's, her hands now straying down her sides and to her hips, the ivory tips lightly scraping the tan flesh beneath.

The red haired woman bit her pink lower lip ever so softly, a deep blush emerging in the darkness of her bone-like mask as she began to feel a faint trickle make its way down her inner thigh; she shifted so the fiery hair of her swelling mound pressed towards Carna's firm thigh and started to gently grind, causing her to let out a nearly inaudible whimper. Carna reached down to take Lily's plump, rosy asscheek into her grasp and tugged her hips closer, pressing her own thigh harder against her lover's tender womanhand as it glided in small strokes along her skin.

A weighted thud could be heard as the two women fell upon the grass beneath them, Lily's supple thighs straddled Carna's leg, her hands exploring her bronze partner's body as her heated vulva pressed and smashed downward, Carna's own thigh pushing upward to enhance the pressure between them.

The black haired amazon, now overwhelmed by passion for Lily unleashed a series of furious blows against the ivory structure surrounding them until bone-like plate cracked and crumbled, falling away from her now exposed hand like dust before repeating the same with the other.

Taking a large, heavy breast into one hand and placing the other upon Lily's thick thigh, Carna took in the rapture of such soft, beautiful skin within her own grasp and big mother and associates daughter aint no lovin like your cousin a loving squeeze. Lily gasped at such sensual attention, her hips rocking harder and heavier as her passion mounted and her eyes rolled back, her inverted pink nipples now perfectly erect from her intense arousal.

Carna's fingers teased and tugged at the beautiful hardcore hottie ebbi strokes cum from hard cock of the full breast overwhelming her palm, and then she proceeded to flip Lily onto her back. Lily gasped at the dominant change of pace, her eyes ever fixated lovingly on her partner now moving into position above her.

Caramel fingertips graced the contour of the freckled girl's torso, first across her milky white breasts and then slowly down the length of her stomach; soon they were massaging her lower abdomen, her internal flame now far brighter than her own hair, and in the most greedy of acts Lily reached out to grab her lover's hand, forcefully pulling it firmly between her thighs.

"Mmm. forceful, are we?" Carna smirked, letting her fingers grind Lily's swollen mound while careful not to venture closer to her most sensitive of areas, teasing her with every motion. Moans filled the air with each passing moment, the oppressive gloom of the atmosphere drowned out by the lustful passion of sex between two newfound lovers. Lily's hips rocked towards Carna's fingers as they taunted her, her silky thighs spread wide big nipple japanese lesbian cosplay expose her flush womanhood to the world.

One of Carna's fingertips gently grazed the now exposed pink from between the heated vulva causing Lily to moan, and before she had a chance to move her finger away the fiery lover's hips pressed forth, her soaking depths swallowing it hungrily and causing the redhead to gasp. The amazon growled beneath her breath at the hot sensation of her partner's womanhood enveloping her finger and quickly inserted a second, curling them within as she began to pump their length in and out of the puffy, red mound.

Lily's hands grasped at the grass on either side of her, her mind racing and her body overflowing with desire as her bronze lover finger fucked her. Her hips rocked harder against Carna's pleasuring grip as the mighty woman's thumb found the pink of her clitoris and Lily went wild, crying out as the pleasure ever mounted and the world around her vanished entirely. The smell of sex filled the darkness, cries of pleasure protesting the eternal silence leading up to an orgasmic conclusion.

With a powerful thrust of her fingers Carna blushed in secret at the sight of Lily's back arching, her body flush wild as it was overtaken by bliss; the red haired girl fell back against the grass in a heavy pant, the two women gazing upon one another affectionately as a pair of unseen eyes watched from the edge of darkness a small distance away. Ox marched forth through the darkness as the others followed, the newly titled Bloodhound staying ever vigilant of the group's surroundings while keeping in close proximity to Bird; Rhino followed behind, keeping watch from behind.

"I'm still not sure we shouldn't be looking for that thing. I-it's gotta be out there somewhere! What if it shows up!?" Ox scoffed, his nostrils flaring lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette with frustration as he tried to keep his tone civil; "I told you, what if it went for the others?

They need to know that dude ain't normal, and if it went for 'em they're gonna need our help." Bloodhound smirked, "It's not like we're unsure if we can handle him.

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Fucker gets up next time we'll just make sure he stays on the ground." Rhino looked to the ground, unable to shake his uncertainty yet nervous to protest further, "I. I've just got a bad feeling is all. Not trying to question anyone." "Relax, Rhino!" Bird smiled at him, moving back to grab his arm in a comforting manner, "This whole thing's been really weird, it makes sense you'd be nervous about anything we do! But I agree with the others, if that thing went for them they're gonna need our help." She pressed her breasts against Rhino's arm as she smiled.

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Rhino blushed a deep shade of red he was thankful his mask hid from view, unsure if such an act had been intentional but overwhelmed by the sensation, "I-I. guess you're right." Bird smiled at his words, happy she seemed to have helped and hoped it would be enough. Once more she squeezed herself against Rhino's arm as a last bit of reassurance before returning to Bloodhound's side; Rhino could only blush further, hoping nobody could tell.

"S-so. what do you all remember about yourselves before all this?" Rhino's voice was much calmer now, though it still carried a sense of unease to it. "Ain't much to tell, what you wanna know for anyway?" Ox's words cut deep, likely deeper than they should; Rhino tried his best to ignore the sting, "I-I'm just trying to m-make conversation and get our minds off things, ya know?" Ox scoffed, "Our minds're fine, man.

Chill." "B-but I though we agreed to get to know each other! How's this silence help us!?" Rhino was noticeably flustered, to the point of near frustration though he tried his best to hide it; Ox did not, "Maybe some people don't like wastin' their breath chit cha." "I really liked to paint!" As suddenly as she had spoken up all attention fell upon Bird, Rhino's most of all.

All Bird could do was blush, embarrassed by her sudden outburst, "I don't. really remember a whole lot about my life, actually. I remember painting, though. Birds and landscapes, mostly." Rhino stared at Bird, lingering on each and every word she spoke, overtaken by affection for her. It was obvious she had done that to get the heat off of him, something she was far from obligated to do; why had she? "I-I'd love to see sometime. if we can ever get some paint or something, hot orgy session starring delicious sex bombs know?" Bird smiled, "Deal!" "What about you, Hou.

I mean Bloodhound?" Bloodhound was silent for a time, as if ignoring Rhino's question. It drew on long enough to cause the heavy set man to fall back ever so slightly in pace, dropping his head once more towards his feet. ".Don't remember." Rhino's attention rose again towards the sound of Bloodhound's gruff voice, "Nothing.? But you remembered you like dogs, right?" Bloodhound was silent for another moment, ".S'all I remember.

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Rest is blank." His focus never left the path ahead of him as he spoke with such mystery; Bird looked up in bewilderment, "Does it bother you? Not. remembering anything about yourself?" All but Ox were fixated on Bloodhound now, a feeling he was less than thrilled with. Taking a long moment of silence to ponder his answer, he finally spoke up. "Pretty sure I was a hunter. Woods feel at home with me." He paused a moment, before looking back towards Rhino, "Hound's fine.

No need to correct yourself." Rhino grinned insatiable ebony lesbians are licking and fingering each other in relief, "W-well hey man, if you think of anything else we've love to hear about ya.

No pressure, though." Bloodhound nodded, and before another word could be said the boom of Ox's voice was heard; "Look." Bloodhound, Bird, and Rhino stopped as they stared far off into the distance at the sight of a familiar glow in the darkness, one far too large to be among the smaller heaps they had been seeing scattered throughout the woods.

"We're back!" Bird's cheerful voice lifted the group's tone as she darted off ahead of the others in the direction of the lightsource, the sight of her perky ass flexing with each step catching Rhino off guard and making him blush, "L-let's hurry and catch up to her, guys!" The men picked up pace, the least of which being Rhino who wished not to be examined too closely by the others after witnessing such a sight and chose to fall behind.

As he finally caught up to his companions, Rhino stumbled against a tree to catch his breath. "I. I was not built to run." A sudden flush overtook his face in fear he had embarrassed himself by calling attention to his size, but there was no response to be heard. The overweight Rhino looked towards the silence of his partners as they stood perfectly still, and before he could so much as wonder he noticed what was just ahead of them.

There, at the foot of the massive heap of dust, rested about a dozen people of whom they had never seen before; people dressed much like them, not one of which being who they had expected to find.