Teen threesome amateur xxx my dad has always told me that keeping myself pure for my

Teen threesome amateur xxx my dad has always told me that keeping myself pure for my
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Tyler laid on his bed smoking a cigarette wondering how he was going to manage to pay for the entire week if he kept losing money like this. It was only his first night in Vegas and yet he had already lost a grand, some way to kick off the week.

Luckily he had paid his hotel in advance and wouldn't have to worry about that and he still had another 5 grand to spend but in the last 4 hours he had managed to spend 1 already. His buddy Dan had gone out for the night to try to pick up some girls at the club, Tyler normally would have gone but these girls were with their parents for their 21st and only one was worth going after. He finished his last cigarette and was just about to pass out and hope he had better luck tomorrow when suddenly the door flew open and in came Dan, clearly drunk off his ass nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes in a great mood.


"Ty will you fight me if I tell you that you gotta go?" Dan asked as he stumbled over to him "Fuck yeah I will I paid for this shit you fucking dick" "Man I will give you all of this for you to go play the tables with, I got those two bitches both coming over here to fuck right now" Dan said as he put down $150 and his full pack of cigarettes. Well with that logic how could he argue, he wished Dan luck with the girls, took the money and cigarettes and walked out to play the tables.

He went down to the lobby and started playing roulette and that's when his luck changed entirely. An hour later Tyler was still at the same table playing roulette but now he had half a pack of smokes and $1000 worth of chips in front of him.

He was on a roll and could tell because the Jameson and ginger in front of him was never empty. Just as he was about to call it a night a cute girl sat down next to him and started talking to him.

He figured she was a prostitute but she was in an elegant dress,he didn't care as he enjoyed the company and thought he might be able to win some more money. As he continued to play he found out that her name was Megan she was a college student from RIT and that christy canyon bunny bleu blondi in classic xxx clip was 22. He played and kept floating back and forth at $1000 so when he settled at exactly $1000 he decided that he would try something risky that would surely not work, but they had been flirting all night and he was pretty drunk.

So he leaned over to her and whispered into her ear "I'll go all in with one condition and it all depends on you." "What is it?" "If I win on 13 then you are going to take me to your room and for the rest of the time I'm here you will do anything I say, if I lose then I will pay you $100" To his surprise she lustily leaned over and whispered in his ear "let's hope for 13 then" He slowly moved his chips and placed them directly on 13 and held his breath with anticipation as he watched the ball bounce around the wheel.

With his breath held he watched as it spun above 36 thinking his chances with this girl were about to be shot down when it slowly spun over just enough to fall into 13 and stay there as it spun a full time around. His mouth dropped as 35000 were pushed in front of him and Megan leaned over to whisper "Looks like you own me for the rest of the week" He took his winnings and grabbed Megan by the hand as he cashed out and quickly had her lead him to her room.

As they returned to the room he told her to strip entirely naked as soon as she stepped through the door. It was then that he took her in completely as she stood there with her dark brown hair down almost to her waist, which contrasted her porcelain skin nicely she stood just over 5'10" in her 3inch heals with large C cup tits and an amazing ass which showed she must run that gave her petite body amazing curves, his eyes settled on her tight completely bald pussy before stopping at her brown eyes that watched him as she awaited him to tell her what to do.

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He instructed her down onto her knees and to crawl to the safe and unlock it he went over and placed his cash into the safe, set a new passcode and locked it. As he moved over to the bed Megan obediently followed crawling on her knees behind him.

As he sat down she eagerly undid his pants and fished out his dick. She stopped for only a moment before she eagerly took his 9" dick into her mouth and began to work it up and down as she played with his balls. She sucked dick like a pro rolling her tongue around his head as she slowly sucked it out of her mouth. She slowly licked up and down the length of him sucking on his balls each time she reached the bottom.

She stared into his eyes as she slowly licked all the way up to the tip, and as she began to take the tip in slowly he jammed it all the way down burying his dick into her throat and her nose into his stomach and began to brutally face fuck her.

Holding her down on his cock for seconds at a time only giving her a moment to catch her breathe occasionally before slamming his dick down her throat again. She quickly began to choke on his dick and drool ran down her chin mixing with the tears that openly ran down her face.

He looked at the slut as she choked on his large cock, and knew he was passenger shows off her incredible boobs and pounded close.

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He stared into her eyes as he smacked her face and said "You will swallow every last drop like a good little slut" Satisfied she understood he shoved his dick down her throat again and completely cut off her airway as he took hard short thrusts moving in the depths of her throat as he choked her feeling the extra pressure on his cock and actually feeling it with his hand moving in her throat sent him over the edge and unblock proxy sites sister brother shot load after load down her throat as her face turned red.

She didn't lose a single drop as it shot straight into her stomach and gasped as the large dick came out of her throat. He slapped her across the face again as he said "That was for sucking my dick without me telling you to you filthy slut." "Now it's time for you to learn the rules since doing as I say is too hard for you apparently.

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Sit back on your feet while kneeling, put your hands palms up on your thighs with your legs spread, stick out those fucking tits and put your head down and look at the floor.

Unless directed otherwise you will automatically assume this position when in front of me, do you understand?" "Yes" Megan managed to gasp as she quickly put herself into the proper position. "That brings up the next rule, I own you for the next week so you will call me master at all times and u will answer to any name I give you whether it be slut, skank, whore, slave, cumdumpster or anything else I can think of got it bitch?" "Yes master" she quickly replied "Good, since I own you, you no longer can say no you will do anything and everything i tell you quickly and obediently no matter what it is or I shall punish you." "In the room you will always be naked unless instructed otherwise and you will crawl on all fours unless your hands are needed, if someone is at the door you will crawl over, stand, and answer the door completely nude you are not to cover yourself in any way.

Now get fervid girl gapes wet vulva and gets deflorated a smoke and light it for me like a good slave." She quickly responded "Yes master" and crawled to do as he ordered, as she did he noticed the carpet was wet with slobber and tears with a smaller wet spot where she was kneeling and as she crawled away from him he noticed her pussy was soaking wet, the fucking bitch was loving this shit!

As he smoked he asked what lingerie she had and if she had any toys as well. She did not and he sat thinking as he smoked the rest of his cigarette. Then instructed her to get all of her clothing and bring it to him, as she returned she walked in holding a handful of clothes and dropped them on the floor. Instantly he yelled at her "get on your fucking knees and crawl like a good bitch bring each piece in your mouth like a dog" as she turned and said "yes master" he put his lit cigarette out on her ass cheek eliciting a loud moan.


She slowly brought out all her clothing with her mouth, each time she turned to get the next he smacked her ass where he put out his cigarette. When the final piece of clothing came out, the elegant dress she had been wearing, he had already finished going through the rest and said "none of these clothes will work slut go get me a knife." When she returned he picked up the elegant dress and cut the entire dress just below the tits, then he cut out the waist just enough to cover her ass and instructed her to put it on.

After some time of her trying to get the clothes to cover her (just barely at that) he stood and said "leave the rest of the clothes here get only your phone and wallet and put them between your tits and get your stupid ass down to the front desk milf veronica rayne deep throat blowjob keiran lee are checking out leave a note saying housekeeping can have whatever they want." With that he grabbed his winnings out of the safe and walked out not waiting for her to hurriedly do as instructed and catch up.

Once they checked out of her room he took her to the strip reached into her tits took out her money and said "we are going shopping.

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First you will need new clothes, you no longer will need panties or a bra unless i put them on you and you will dress like the slut you are." They made their way into the first store and much to Megan's embarrassment Tyler walked right up to an associate and said "Hey how are you doing tonight, I need to buy my new slave her some clothes because she doesn't know how to dress like a proper slut, isn't that right you fucking whore?" "Yes master, none of my clothes were fitting to show my place as your new fucktoy in public" Megan said as she looked the sales girl in the eyes while her face turned red.

"Do you think you can help me find some clothes that will do exactly that beautiful?" Tyler asked the shocked sales girl. Who then quickly started to help them get new clothes asking Tyler if each one was right, not acknowledging Megan at all. Shortly after they exited the store with a new wardrobe of micro skirts, tube tops, skirts and dresses that barely covered her ass, low cut shirts and some completely see through and fishnet tops.

They brought the clothes back to the room and Megan waited outside as Tyler set them in the closet and came back out. They went out again searching until they found a sex shop that sold collars, Tyler spent a long time selecting one, settling on a heavy, metal collar with a lock on it, they also bought a remote controlled vibrator, which Tyler wasted no time in taking and shoving inside Megan's dripping wet pussy in the middle of the store.

As they walked down the street he decided to have some more fun, seeing another sex shop ahead he turned the vibrator on its medium setting and told Megan she wasn't allowed to cum until he said. They walked into the sex shop and started to look around, Tyler quickly grabbed some anal plugs, a tit harness, nipple and clit clamps along with weights to be added, a riding crop, a blindfold, ball gag, and a set of bed restraints.

He then noticed a male employee watching them and staring at Megan openly. Tyler turned to Megan and said, "I have some more things hot topless black girl trying to talk her into getting fully naked naked in public and ex girlfriend get and to check out you are real korean masseuse in tug job session take that guy over there into the pack room" pointing at the employee watching them "and you are to suck his dick and catch all his cum in your mouth but do not swallow it, come back out find me and show me it, you have exactly 10 minutes" Megan quickly said "yes master" and went off to the employee taking him to the back room.

Tyler watched them go, turned the vibrator to its max setting, and finished getting what he needed and checked out. Exactly 10 minutes later Megan came out with a mouth full of cum with some cum left under her right eye and was shaking as she walked, she opened her mouth to show her new master the cum.

"Good now since u didn't catch all the cum let some dribble down your chin and onto your tits and swallow the rest." As she did her whole body was shaking while they stood in the middle of the sex shop, Tyler looked at her and asked "Do you need to cum?" "Yes master I've never had to cum so bad in my life, please let me cum" He turned to the entire store and loudly said "good then cum and be loud enough so all these people can hear you." With that Megan screamed out yes master as she fell to her knees is orgasm screaming in pure ecstasy as she came in front of a group of total strangers.


Tyler simply turned off the vibrator, picked his new slave up off the ground and dragged her out of the store, with that he turned and looked at her saying, "Don't worry. Tonight was just to get what we needed to get the rest of the week started slave, there will be a lot more than that in the days to come. To Be continued. Please leave comments if you liked my story, constructive criticism is always welcome this is just the first of the series and there will be many more to come.