Samantha saint makes a pussy sundae in her kitchen

Samantha saint makes a pussy sundae in her kitchen
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PAPOOSE PROLOGUE It has been over half a century since The Change. No one knows who started it, but everyone agrees that anyone with the knowledge have long since gone. However it might have started, life on Earth has been altered and it happened literally overnight.

Nearly half of the world's adult population started to behave like young children, some as infants and others as teenagers. It also affected some people's gender behavior as well, with fully grown men acting as young girls. With nearly half the work force not going to work, but staying at home and playing, the world fell into an economic crisis.

Crime and civil unrest started to increase. People started to believe that the end of world was near. Nations reacted differently to these changes. Some countries began eugenic programs against those who were affected. Others quarantined them into isolated communities.

Yet, neither of these worked to eliminate the problem. It wasn't until months later that scientists started to discover that there was an unidentified virus in the air causing the changes in people.

Although when The Change first accrued it affect all adults, with future generations it only happened to some people in their twenties.

The scientists couldn't understand why someone people were affect and others were not. They also could not clean the virus out of the air. People gradually started to accept and understand youngists, as people were calling those affected with the virus. Although they had the behavior of someone much younger then their biological age, they still retained their mentality.

They just needed more structure and guidance in their lives pov face fucking kendra lust mia austin jessica jaymes winston burbank compilation and deepthroat like the children they were acting like.

Some nations started to set up Baby Communities were those affected could go and get adopted by a mommy and/or daddy.

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Also within these communities the work environment is set up with strict supervision and guidance to ensure that they work and become productive citizens. This is the story of one such Baby Community called Papoose, just north of Chicago. CHAPTER 1 STEPHANIE GETS ADOPTED Stephanie has been at the First Papoose Adoption Agency (FPAA) for a month and loving it. She was born Steve, but shortly after his twenty-fourth birthday began to be affected by the virus.

His sister brought him to Papoose and to the FPAA to keep him safe from the anti-youngists found outside of the Baby Communities.

Here he would wait for someone to come adopt and take care of him. His sister was reassured that he would find a loving home without any trouble. "Stephanie, you have some that would like to see you." Stephanie stopped playing with his dolly and looked up at the caretaker.

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"This is Mrs. Olsen and she is interested in becoming your mommy." Mrs. Olsen crouched down near Stephanie who was still sitting on the floor with her dolly in hand. "How old are you, Stephanie?" "Two," she answered shyly holding up two fingers. Mrs. Olsen smiled at her. Stephanie was dressed in a pink dress that had white ruffles on the sleeves and on the hem of the skirt that were just above her knees. She was wearing white ankle socks with ruffles and matching pink shoes. "Do you like it here?" Mrs.

Olson asked. Stephanie nodded her head. Mrs.


Olson began to lovingly brush her hair with her hand. "How would you like it if I were your mommy?" Stephanie looked her over before answering. Mrs. Olson had one a black jumper dress that showed off her cleavage and her long legs. She had long dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Stephanie slowly nodded her head in agreement. Mrs.


Olson smiled at him, "if that a yes or a no?" Stephanie giggled, without understand why, "yes, I would love to have you as my mommy." She knew that she couldn't stay at FPAA forever and Mrs. Olson looked very kind and pretty. "Then it is settled," the caretaker stated.

"You wait here," she instructed Stephanie. "Your mommy and I have to do the necessary paperwork. It shouldn't take long." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie's new mommy took her by the hand and led her up to her new home. It was a large three story Victorian house that was painted lavender with white trim. Stephanie gasped at it in awe.

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"What do you think of your new home?" Her mommy asked. "It's very beautiful." "Let me show you your new room," Mrs. Olson said as she brought her up to the front door. The large double doors opened up into a foyer. In the middle of the room was a large staircase going up to the next floor. There was a white chandelier lighting up the room. Stephanie looked around, marveling at the room as she was led up the staircase. They took a right at the top of the flight and down a hall.

Her mother opened up a door and entered Stephanie's new room. The walls were painted a pale pink color with lavender trim. There was a bed with white sheets and a pink blanket. There was also a white three-shelf dresser next to a white toy chest. There was also a dollhouse next to the chest.

"Let's get you out of those clothes and into the bath," her mother told her. Mrs.

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Olson unzipped the back of her dress and slid it down. Stephanie stepped out of the clothes and her mommy picked them up and put them inside a hamper that was inside of the closet.

It was then that she noticed that Stephanie's panties were wet. "Oh, did baby have an accident?" Her mother asked rhetorically. She slid the panties off of her and placed them in the hamper as well. She then took her by the hand, ignoring her semi-hard penis, and led her to the bathroom down the hall.

Mrs. Olson began to fill up the bath with warm water and added a little baby bubble bath solution, filling it up with soapy bubbles. "In you go," she said as she helped Stephanie into the tub. Stephanie gleefully played with the bubbles as her mother cleaned her. She washed Stephanie's baby smooth body, starting with her arms.

She lathered the baby up with soap and then washed it away with a sponge. After her arms were cleaned, she cleaned her torso and then her feet and legs. Then she gently cleaned Stephanie's face, much to her protest. After her face was cleaned, her mommy cleaned her privates, which caused her penis to get harder. "Close your eyes now," Mrs. Olson instructed as she poured a little shampoo on the top of her head.

Stephanie started to cry and slap the water in protest. "Now, now," her mommy said, "this won't hurt a bit." She lathered up the shampoo and then rinsed it out with some water. "See, that wasn't bad at all, now wasn't it," her mommy said as her tears came to an end.

She helped Stephanie out of the tub and drained the water. Then she dried her xxx sex stories story download snyy leon with a soft blue towel.

Her penis was still hard as her mother led her down the hallway and back to her room. Mrs. Olson put her on the bed and got a clean diaper out of the dresser. She lifted Stephanie's legs and butt up and put the diaper in place. She then applied a liberal amount of baby powder. She lifted the diaper up and tapped it into place over her hard penis. Next she put her into a clear plastic xxx pap not sex mom xxxson. She put a little bit of baby oil in her hand.

Then she dug around inside of Stephanie's diaper and found her hard penis. She slowly strokes it making the plastic panty crinkle. Her penis quickly got harder and Mrs.

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Olson responded by quickening her pace milking her. In short order, Stephanie's body tensed and her penis throbbed as she filled her diaper with cum. "Does baby feel better now?" All Stephanie could do was blush and giggle in response. Mrs. Olson went back to the dresser and cleaned off her hand with a baby wipe. She got out a baby doll night and put it on the baby.

The she put Stephanie to bed. She kissed the baby on the forehead and pulled the blanket up over her. "Sleep well," she said as went to turn off the light. "You'll meet the rest of the family when vintage dad and daughter sex get up from your nap." With the room dark except for a night light, Stephanie closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.