Bound mature euro gets cum on ass after sex

Bound mature euro gets cum on ass after sex
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Mike was pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload late boarding the plane. It was a long flight and now he almost had no time to find a place for his luggage. He looked at his ticket and found his seat was in the corner at the last window seat of the plane right in front of the restroom.

As he passed the aisles he could see the plain was very packed and people were already reclining their seat trying to get some sleep before takeoff. He peered down the long aisle he could see the back three seats look empty. He had a moment of relief thinking he could stretch out across the seats to have a good rest for the 12-hour flight.

He quickened his pace but as he neared his seat he was no longer excited. Seated in the middle seat was a girl. No luck of lying down he thought. He put his bag in the overhead compartment and pulled out a book to read. The girl was listening to music looked up over to the Mike. Mike pointed the window seat implying that was his. Mike started to move sideways down past the first seat. The girl then brought up her legs and bent her knees up to her chest.

She placed her bare feet on the seat to give Mike space. Mike looked down at her; she was looking up at him and it look Mike off guard. Mike looked away and then looked at her feet.


Something caught his eye that was a bit strange. The teen had a pair of handcuffs with both cuffs attached to her right ankle. The girl saw he was looking and quickly brought her black manicured hands to hold her ankles covering the handcuffs. Mike shuffled by but when he did he felt his shins graze across the girls toes. He sat and tried to make himself comfortable in his cramped surroundings. He glanced over at the girl next to him. She was wearing tight jeans and a black hoody that looked like she had outgrown it.

Her abdomen was exposed from just below her belly button until past here her hips.

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Even though she was small her sweat top was tight enough to press against her small chest. Around both her wrists where an assortment of ring bracelets.

Her hair was jet black and she wore dark eye shadow but her skin was very white and an obvious contrast to her hair and eye make up. Mike sat trying to read the in-flight magazine but it was very hard because this young girl was eye candy. The airplane seats were small enough and Mike is a big strong guy so this naturally he wished he could afford first class. But looking over at the girl next to him she could not have been over 5 feet 2 and very petite because the small airplane seat was big for her.

Mike just pretended to read while he glanced over at the creature next to him. She had left one foot on the seat and the other barely touching the floor.

While the rain poured down and the plane taxied the runway the captain spoke and mentioned that there would be a great deal of turbulence and of course asked the passengers to remain in their seats as much as possible because there was no oriental adorable babe showing off huge boobs japanese and hardcore of knowing when the turbulence would start or stop.

For some reason Mike wasn't tired anymore. Plus the girl next to him was listening to hard rock so loud he could tell what song it was.

Mike then realized that he left his book on the aisle seat.

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He had to tap the shoulder of the girl to ask her to get the book. She responded to the tap and took off her headphones and turned to Mike with a small smile. This through Mike off guard and he almost forgot what he needed. "Can you get me my book?" "Oh," she looked over to the aisle seat "Yah". She then turned away from him exposing her backside and small ass pressed tight against her jeans and reached for the book.

"Thanks, I'm Mike by the way." "Avril" "So why are you going to New York Avril?" "I am going to meet with a record producer" "Oh you're a singer, sorry I just don't listen to much new music" "Its ok, I am just starting out I have not released yet.

But I am very exited because he is a big name and today is my birthday so luck is on my side" "Well happy birthday, how old are you?" "18" "Wow, if I had known I was sitting next to a birthday girl I would have brought a present. Tell you what I live in New York, here is my card when you have thought of a present you want just call me and I will get it for you." "Really, that is so sweet, thank you" Then the small talk was over.

"Please excuse me I really must use the restroom" Mike got up and started to slide across the seats when the first turbulence started. Avril and Mike were taken off guard Mike grabbed the ceiling and Avril fell forward and she reached out to brace her hand on something and it went straight forward towards Mike's pants near his crotch.

Well Mike had a hard-on but everything happened so quickly and Avril's hand drew away fast so he wasn't sure if she felt it or not. Mike now very embarrassed quickly turned the corner to the restroom. Got into the cramped room and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was flushed. He was embarrassed and was afraid to leave the room. His cock was so hard that there was no way he could piss without coming first. He thought of jacking off in the toilet but that was stupid he thought.

So he shoved his woody back in his pants and turned in the cramped space and unlocked the door. To his surprise Avril was standing there practically blocking his way. She stood almost in the doorway frozen looking up at him breathing slowly out of her slightly open moth. Mike had no time to read her expression, when there hidden camera in massage russian a sudden huge jolt in the plain.

The turbulence hit again and the girl just sort of stumbled into the bathroom and fell towards Mike. Reaching out to with her arms to grab a hold of something but all she grabbed was Mike's chest. The turbulence continued for a moment and Avril held firm hugging Mike's waste and locking her arms around him.

There was a short silence then locking sounds could be heard from outside the room. The captain spoke. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking.

I have ordered the flight attendants to lock to restroom doors for safety until the turbulence has stopped. Safety regulations prohibit passengers using the toilets during heavy turbulence. So please remain in your seats until I have instructed otherwise" Mike thought of simply banging on the door to get the flight attendant's attention but then he became a little more aware of the situation.

"I am sorry we are stuck here Avril" "That's ok". The plane shock again and Avril hugged Mike's chest. Mike spread his arms out to the walls of the bathroom to brace himself.

Avril pressed her body tight to Mike's chest. She was so short she was practically hugging his waste. Avril's head was close to Mike's naval. Mike still had a hard on and now it was obvious because it was pressing against to lower part of Avril's little titties.

She looked up to Mike; she had a distressed look on her face. Mike remained calm and said everything will be ok. "You know, Mike, it is important before a singing performance to do lots of mouth and vocal exercises." Avril continued to hold mikes body while sliding her way down it.

She slid herself down and squatted with her back and head against the wall between the door and the plastic sink. "What do you mean?" "I need to practice" Mike was excited but protested, Avril started to undo Mike's pants.

He protested some more. "We should get back to our seat there might be turbulence and we could get caught." Avril ignored his remarks and quickly opened Mike's pants and started to lick the underside of Mike cock. The plane shook a little bit and Mike stumbled and his cock jabbed in her mouth and pressed the mom rides cock as a cowgirl hardcore and mature of her cheek.

Mike moaned at the feeling of this accidental extra pleasure so Avril looked up at Mike held his cock with her right hand and did this move again, pressing his cock harder stretching her cheek.

Then Avril used her tongue and positioned his cock centered in her little mouth. She looked up at Mike trying to make a smile but her lips were stretched so much that she could only smile with her eyes.

Then she wrapped her hands around to grab Mike's ass. Using her arms she pulled Mikes cock deeper into her mouth moving it in and out slowly. Mike just followed the movements for Avril was doing all the work. She held his ass firm and guided him in and out of her mouth. This relaxed movement didn't last long for the plane shook again. Mike fell off balance and it was when Avril was pushing in and her mouth was fully open to receive him.

Mikes cock fell deep inside her mouth to the opening of her throat, almost to the end but stopped about one inch short. This sudden sharp turbulence of the plane had taken them both off guard and Avril's head was pushed back to the wall of the cramped bathroom.

Pinned there by Mike's cock pressing hard into the back of her mouth at the small entrance hole of her throat. Tears welled up in Avril's eyes. She shut them tight making her eye make up run with the tears down her cheeks. Mike was excited but shocked and scared, he tried to pull out but the turbulence did not stop, in fact it got worse.

Mikes cock would halfway pullout of Avril's mouth, just enough for her to open her jaw a tiny bit more to breath in a small amount of air. She could not get a full breath because Mike's penis was still halfway in her mouth and it restricted the airflow.

Avril removed her hands from Mike's butt and placed them on his legs and tried to pull more cock out of her mouth but then the plane would drop slightly and Mikes cock would push deep again, gagging her and slamming her head into the plastic wall.

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Mike again felt his cock could not go any further because at 1 inch from his base Avril's mouth was too small and his cock would just slam into that spot repeatedly, pinning her head against the wall over and over again until the turbulence stopped. When his cock was in deep Avril kept her eyes tightly closed and felt Mike's balls lightly rock against her chin with each jump of the plane. Mike was enjoying this immensely and was about to come but was scared that Avril would freak out any minute because her eyes where closed tight and the tears and make up were streaming down her face.

Finally the turbulence stopped and the fastestend seat belt sign turned off. Avril was able to get free of mikes cock. Mike's knees were a little weak and he fell back and sat on the lid of the airplane toilet seat. "Wow that was amazing, I mean are, are you ok?" Avril just sat there squatting on the floor gasping for air starring at him.

Her eyes were open now but she did not wipe the tears and the running makeup away. Mike was a little concerned now. Hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses was afraid she would leave the bathroom like that and everyone would accuse him of something. He stood up and put his hard on back in his pants, grabbed some paper towels and pushed the button for warm water and wet the paper towels.

Avril watched his movements, "What are you doing?" Avril asked. "I am getting you some wet towels to wipe your make up. "It won't do much good." Mike was scared now. He let the water shut off and turned to face Avril. She was still squatting on the floor next to him looking shocked and a little scared. "Why is that?" he asked.


"Well I am just going to get my makeup smeared again." Mike was almost trembling. He wasn't sure what she would say next but she hadn't run out of the bathroom yet; maybe she was acting so he might be ok. He gulped, with a low breath he asked, "What do you mean?" "I mean why did you stop, this event has triggered something inside me, I only have an inch to go and I really need your help Mike." Mike was speechless for a moment.

Avril just stayed squatted against the wall. Mike felt compelled to turn and face this short cute teen. She stared right at him and brought up her black manicured hand and reached for the button fly of sex com xxx mature and girl story jeans again.

Mike just stood there and looked down watching her eyes. She gazed up at him with her mouth slightly open. She pulled out Mikes cock and held his balls and let the member rest on the underside of her fore arm and wrist.

Avril was a petite girl and his penis was the width of her wrist and forearm. From the way she cupped his balls the shaft almost stretched to her elbow. "Mike" she whispered. He was in a trance "I am going to put you in my mouth again and push you deep. When you feel like you can't go any further I want you to push more ok? My mouth gets small at the back and that is where I really need your help." Mike just nodded.

While still keeping direct eye contact with Mike, Avril then opened her mouth as wide as she could and rested Mike's raging cock on her tongue.

She then placed her hands on his ass again and slowly guided his cock all the way to the back mouth where it stopped before. All Mike's cock could feel was her soft wet tongue on the back of his cock and a wall of mouth pressing on the head of his dick. There was a little more than an inch of Mike's penis still outside Avril's mouth. The young girl looked up into Mike's eyes and then pulled him towards her again.

Mike could hear the sounds of her throat contracting and gagging. Then Avril looked down at the base of his cock and focused on her goal. She started shoving her mouth on this cock pushing hard and then staying there. She held that for a couple of seconds and then pulled off just to breathe for a second and then pushed right back on. She closed her eyes tight and the tears started streaming, again she made him push into her.

Her head hit the wall and Mike was scared because he could not feel his cock could go any further and Avril kept gagging and crying. She pushed him into her megumi shino is a creampie asian in a threesome repeatedly and kept hitting the back of her throat.

Avril opened her teary eyes looking up at Mike angrily fucking his cock with her face. He was not being as forceful as she wanted him to be. Then there was one little turbulence jump and neither of them was ready for it. It was when Avril had just pulled him out a little to catch her breathe, Mike lost his footing and his dick popped right through to the back of her throat and pushed right in to the base.

His instinct was to pull out but Avril wrapped her arms around him and held on for as long as she could. Her body shook holding back the natural gag reflex. Her mouth was so firm and tight Mike's cock almost hurt. He jerked his hips to buck out in reaction but his jerk was involuntary and he jerked forward slamming Avril's head into the wall again. Avril opened her eyes and looked up at Mike. She had a twinkle in her eye. Mike could not figure out what more pleasure he could have, but then he learned.

Avril started to swallow. This action of Avril contracting her throat felt amazing to Mike's cock. He lost it and started to cum. Avril continued to look up at him using her mouth to swallow over and over again really milking his seed into her.

When Mike was spent she slowly removed him sucking all the way out of her mouth.

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"Flight attendants prepare for landing"