Anal fist queen fucks cock deep and hard

Anal fist queen fucks cock deep and hard
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Spunk-Filled Fanny (Inside of Gents Toilets) No one could tell if I was a boy or a girl, and I always loved it that way, accepting my unified androgynous look, as having this look had gotten me very far in life. I was admired by women and was wanked on constantly by roaming men everywhere. Eventually, I had my arse tattooed, 3 generous-sized red hearts, and 3 on each of the top of my hot fanny cheeks.

My bum had been lovingly decorated with designs of red hearts and blue arrows by the tattoo artist from years before, (who also fucked me). The red hearts accentuated the gorgeous shape of my insidiously beautiful rounded bum, with every eye noticing me walking down the streets in Essex and nearby Royal Victoria Park. I had left home at an early age, and now at 22, I had the most delightful bum in all of England. The problem with having the most delightful bum ever is that I was commissioned by a rather unsavory gent near my home to begin an evening of entertaining a crowd in a little well-known pub.

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My professional name was Titties Royale, and I was somewhat of a celebrity in the foothills of this village, with me tomorrow night either traveling to South Wales or to Bristol. There would be more fuckings for me there. As soon as I had walked into the darkened fantasy and dungeon-type pub, (and way towards the back), I saw a team of men all lined up in a row and wanking on their cocks.

The gents toilets 'called' out to me, cougar busty mom is jerking dick it was then that I saw him standing there. He was the fucking English farmer, and his eyes glazed over my body as he was completing his public urination. (every door was held open by a hoist).

This was a strange pub, as I noticed the entrances to the toilets said, "Men Only, " or "Women Only", on their respective doors. Sometimes I liked women, and at other times I could not resist the strong, thick, whaling and pounding of an English man's cock, with his streaming juices aching to find a home inside of my hot bum.

I removed my sexy, white laced undies and hold-ups. The strong buck of an English farmer hissed at me, and said that he immediately recognized me as Titties Royale, something that I ultimately treasured most.

Hissing and waving the final drops of pee from his English cock, he pumped the king-sized organ in his hands, twirling his meaty flesh until the cock was massive-looking and ready to eat. "Holy Shit! You're beautiful." Glaring at me as I slithered through the door, his big hands had us totally naked within 15 seconds, he was cumming up to me and absolutely embracing my smooth body. He began licking my prized tits, rolling me around and sticking his tongue in the heated crack of my ass.

He began massaging my royal bum, and humping his body against mine. The buck began licking every inch of my golden hot flesh and he was fucking--already oozing from his cock. He whipped me around and began pounding his swollen cock in between my wanting and sparkling red, thong-wearing bum. "Gonna make all those beautiful hearts cry", he hissed into the air, at first sliding his cock along the surface of my sculpted arse, and admiring it fully, he erected my bum into the air and shoved his cock inside of my arse to the hilt.

I screamed with maximum pleasure. His body was slaving and it was indeed sweating, working like my daddy probably did in the underground construction-mine over in the states, a nasty over-time laborious fucking job.


Everything was becoming dreamlike, as I was entering my usual sexual trance, eagerly awaiting a fuck from this tall English farmer with the gigantic slider. His cock would jam me to the hilt and nothing more, ravishing my bum really good.

He was strong and kept fucking the living breath of life out of me.

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The farmhand was about to shoot the wildest, most raging spunk ever into my bum, squeezing both of my cheeks as he squirted his spunk deep into my ass, filling my fanny up with enough of his cum to not require any more for the night.

He held on tightly, allowing for his hands to swirl over my ass cheeks and touching my fleshy little bum). The English farmer fell over on top of me, the both of us landing on the smelly floor of the gents toilet.

He pumped me on the floor until his cock went down. There was a creeking noise in the hallway. The women's toilet door swung open and a mysterious lady peeped into the cracked opening of the men's door. I wanted to go into the ladies for a pee, but his eyes kept luring me to stay inside of the men's toilet for another go at it. The woman was busty and she saw us lying on the floor, and I saw her looking at my ass, my hearts, and the cum pouring out of my arse.

Why don't you give me a chance to taste that ass as well?" My eyes answered her, as I already discovered some time ago how well groomed I was for private fuckings.


She came over, kneeling down, and immediately began rubbing my ass, then putting her head down into my crotch to suck the cum that had been leaking from my fanny. She was in a sexual trance as well, heaving her pussy up into the air, while taking all of my juices into her mouth.

The well-built farm hand, lying to the side of the floor, just lay in amazement pumping on his cock saying, "I'm gonna get that ass again before you do, " addressing the woman sucking my mound. She just kept sucking, sucking, and sucking. His hissing returned, with his arms and hands circling all over my body.

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Neither one of us cared who would happen to cum by at any moment. And I was in a sexual trance like the unknown woman sucking my mound, and I was just as frigged up as her. I was a sexual addict and in love with public fuckings in gentlemen's toilets, women's toilets, and in watching both men and women covet and sexually attack me with all of their lust and sinful desires.

"Let me fuck her pussy, and you can suck my cum out, or else I will continue to fuck that ass to no end Girly", he warned the women to lay off of me. And, she did. He grabbed my ass and fucked me for even a longer time, with me enjoying every lustful second, my sexual trance engulfing me fully.

The strange woman's breasts were shaking and he began licking them, wanting to taste everything in sight.

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Soon the 3 of us where all glued together, in a public arrangement of a nasty royal threesome, with our leaking mounds, mouths, tits, and a throbbing farm cock. "Excuse me Royale -Tits! Cum and taste my cock right now!" He demanded, and as I did, I inserted my tongue into the eye of his flaming hot cock. I enjoyed eating his big slider, allowing for my tongue to lavish over every inch of his cock, as she grabbed onto my heart shaped ass and stuck her hot roller inside, eating my hot ass inside-out.


"Give me that hot slider, " I told the farmhand. We kept at the fuckings for another hour, rested and introduced ourselves, and began rolling all over each other again. After the fiery threesome, I began to exit my sexual gaze, my mind cumming back to its senses. I gathered my clothing, whispering a goodbye to the woman, who was also dismantling her body from our sexual hill and wonton madness. I was lying on the floor, considering how to gracefully exit, when I noticed the pungent smell of his urine, as he was urinating against the men's wall piece again.

His eyes squinting at me, he said, "Better get up Girly or else we'll have another go at it, only this time *he* will want entrance into that Titties Royale ASS of yours!" I turned to find the woman that had been all over me, with her huge soft looking tits, to indeed be a sexually transgendered, beautiful man. He held his cock out to me, assuring me of its adequacy.

Now I knew why the signs were positioned as they were on the doors. "Men Only and Women Only." As soon as I had walked into the deep, dank, and ever darkening fantasy-type pub, I knew that it would be a solid night of constant fuckings.

Moments passed, and then I heard the toilet door being locked. There was a team of men wanking on their cocks at the door and a team of women rubbing on their titties and pussies as well. Everyone was sexually in a trance, with both the men and the women looking at each other, exalting, "Is this the men's or the women's mom son sher bad room And a random voice answers, "I can't tell.

I thought it was the women's. But, those 2 Brits and 1 Yank have been over there hammering each other for hours now. And -- all of them are GUYS with the most BIGGEST COCKS EVER!"