Outdoor english lesson brutal class with british goddesses

Outdoor english lesson brutal class with british goddesses
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[b] I met Katrina in a bar, friend of a friend sort of thing.


She was blonde, terrific body from what I could tell, and around my same age. Funny how two people meet and where it goes from there. I joined their party already in progress. Cindy and Katrina were doing shots and sucking limes as fast as the waitress could bring them. I never have been much of a drinker, a few beers and an occasional cocktail were my limit.

I took one shot with the girls and then settled on my usual beer. We had the usual conversation about work, family, likes and dislikes. Katrina and I are both divorcees and both have kids. She two daughters, me two sons. The girls continued with a few more shots and then ordered bourbon and coke. I thought, man these two are out of my league. I could never keep up with this much booze. But the worm turned and I could tell Katrina was not doing as well as Cindy.

She was getting loud and everything was funny. She excused herself and stumbled off to the restroom. I questioned Cindy about Katrina and asked if she was going to be ok drinking that much and then trying to make it home. She said, "If you play your cards right you might just get to take her home yourself." I told her I didn't think that was a good idea since I just met her and from the looks of things she was likely to pass out anyway before long. When Katrina returned to our booth she scooted in next to me, grabbed my head, turned me toward her and gave me a big wet sloppy drunk kiss.

She said, "You like me don't you!?" "Will you take me home cause I can't get another one of those fucking drunk tickets!" My radar wasn't working at all that night, because I should have read the writing on the wall right then and there. Another drunk ticket. went right over my head. Arousing and juicy oral sex deepthroat and blowjob left her car in the parking lot and she gave me directions as best she could.

Still everything was hilarious and with every missed turn she laughed that much harder. I was slightly amused myself but knew she wasn't long for this night and we had better get to her house quick. I did question her about her daughters, would they be home? Yes. Would they still be awake? She didn't know. Was there a babysitter? No. The oldest daughter, Christie 10 was capable of taking care of her younger sister Stacy, 7. Again, my radar wasn't working at all.

You don't let a 10 year old stay at home with a younger sister without any supervision. Still, I was single and wouldn't mind getting my wick wet even if it was just this once. I was surprised when we arrived at her house. I nice three bedroom ranch in a very nice neighborhood. The yard looked like shit, obviously hadn't been mowed in awhile.


Two girls bikes laying on sun gkong vs dewi kwan in sex sidewalk leading up to the front door. I saw the curtains in the front of the house close quickly as we drove into the drive.

I helped Katrina (later known as Kat) into the house. I think every light in the house was on and I heard doors closing as we entered. Katrina immediately began turning off lights and dropping bits of clothing as she went. I was feeling very uncomforable knowing the girls were not asleep and it appeared their rooms were down the same hall as hers. I quickly sat on the couch as Kat started making herself another drink. She mixed me one as well and sat down next to me.

She was still wearing her skirt and a bra. Where the hell was my radar!! This was moving really fast for me. She wanted to toast our new found friendship, we clinked glasses and she downed her drink. She put her arms around me and began kissing me.

I wanted to get aroused and get this over with but my mind kept thinking something just isn't quite right here. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. Then she started rubbing my crotch and unbuckling my belt. I slipped my hand under her bra and started feeling her breast trying to get into the mood. I pinched her nipple and kissed her back hard.

I stopped her and told her I had to pee bad, trying to get my head together. She said, "What the fuck, pee later" and continued at my belt and pants. I stood up and told her really I needed to pee and asked which way to the bathroom. I told her to fix us another drink and that seemed to pacify her enough to point down the hall.

I reached the bathroom and relieved myself then splashed water on my face. I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. What the fuck had I gotten myself into. I decided to return to the living room and get it over with. Blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc her quick, do what I came for and get the hell out. When I opened the door I saw a little face looking out from one of the bedrooms and straight into my eyes.

Come to find out this was Stacy. I said Hi to her and smiled. She looked right at me and said, "Your not going to hurt my Mommie are you"? I told her No. What ever gave you that idea sweetie. She said, " All the other men end up hurting her and then leave". I told her everything was going to be alright and for her to go back to bed. She closed her door and I went back to the living room. Just as I thought (hoped) would happen Kat was passed out on the couch.

I took a coat from the closet and covered her up and headed for the door. Just as I was about to leave I saw another little face looking around the corner, long brown hair and big brown eyes were staring at me. I said, "Everything is all right and I'm leaving now". This turned out to be Christie.

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She didn't say a word but watched me until I was out the door. I heard the deadbolt lock the instant I left. Smart Girl. As bad luck would have it I saw Kat again about three months later. She was at a car wash and she was sitting on the bench outside crying. I had already paid and had just walked out the front to wait for my car.

I think fate plays a big part in our lives and my fate was sealed. At least for now. I went over to her and asked if she was ok? She nodded her head and continued to dab at her eyes with a tissue. I asked if there was anything I could do to help, she shook her head and looked away.

RUN DUMBASS! GO BACK INSIDE AND BUY A DEODERIZER. anything. JUST GO. But NO, I had to ask her if she remembered me. She shook her head and again looked away.

"I'm Dave, remember. I met you with CIndy at that bar". "I took you home, when I went to the bathroom you feel asleep, remember?" She weakly said, "No, not really." I couldn't let well enough alone, guess my ego was twinged.

"Oh come on, you have two daughters, I have two sons. Cindy introduced us. I took you home, you passed out". She said, "You covered me up with a coat before you left, my daughter told me".

"That was sweet, thank you". I said, "Ah, thats alright, well I gotta go". . Thats what I should have said. Instead, "Are you alright, you were crying". She said, "You don't want to hear my troubles, I'm sure you have better things to do". I should have said, "Your right, I gotta go". But NO, DUMBASS sits down and says, "Whats going on"?

She preceeds to tell me she lost her job, broke up with a guy she was seeing and had more going out than coming in. She asked me if I would mind buying her a drink after we finish at the car wash. I said SURE. The DUMBASS SAID SURE. We had sex on the couch that night. The living room door was closed.

We had sex many times. It was fantastic. She knew exactly what teen couple first tape and long hard nipples xxx my dad always says that once you open do. I fucked her in the ass.

I FUCKED HER IN THE ASS! I have never fucked anyone in the ASS before. She went crazy. In the past I was good for maybe two times. Thats it. "2". She sucked my balls and somehow got more juice for me to shoot into her. I came 5 times in around two hours. Once in her pussy, the first time.

Once in her mouth, she sucked so hard I felt the cum crawl up from my balls. It was extreme pain/pleasure/pain/pleasure. one of those two. Twice up her ass and the last time I had an orgasim but there was nothing to come out. I was humping her from behind, her tits were college sluts pleasing cock together after dodge ball, her hair covered her face, she was sweating, I was sweating, She came hard, her pussy clenced my dick and I felt the orgasim hit me but I didn't feel any ejaculate at all.

We collapsed on the couch. We lay there for about ten minutes without talking. She got up went into the kitchen and fixed us a drink. Come to find out later, her favorite, bourbon and coke. Not much coke. No ice. Shaken not stirred.

Something like that.


I'm a beer drinker remember. She asked me to stay the night. I said no. I SAID NO! The next morining I got up and quietly left before anyone else got up. Or so I thought. There was Stacy peeking out of her bedroom door. I looked like shit warmed over. Hair all standing straight up, unshaven. glassy eyed. I looked when I took a pee. Scared even myself. I started to speak, but she closed her door and I left. I started seeing Kat on a regular basis. Lots of fucking.

I insisted we move to the basement for our fuck sessions. She could have cared less. Just so she got fucked. And then she got drunk. I would spend the night and sneak out the next morning. She had found another job.

This girls a nurse. And a damn good one from what I was able to gather. She knew her shit. Top of the class and all that crap. But she had a little problem.

Alcohol. And Sexaholic. I started pumping Cindy (for information you perverts). Come to find out Kat has a pretty sordid history with men and alcohol. Abuse at the hands of those that choose to treat her badly. She was really pretty pathetic at times.

I, the great enabler decided I could fix her. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing or what I was getting into. Kat started working nights. 3 PM to 11 PM. Girls alone. yo cute teen girl pushing her dildo deep in her ass year old taking care of the younger Stacy. I hated it. I started going by after work to check on them. I brought dinner many nights. The girls began to warm up to me. I became a regular fixture not only on top of Kat but in the girls lives as well.

Kat would start drinking even before she would get home. She hit the house sometimes in a great and fun mood and others not so fun. Many a night I got, "What the fuck are you doing here, get the fuck out"!! Then there would be those weekends when I would have my boys and I would get the calls, "Where are you, why don't you come over"?

"Please come over, I need you so bad" Sunday night would roll around and I would, like a sick puppy dog, be right back over there wanting some latina hoe violet starr gets impaled by driver. I tried to stay away. Once for a week. Then she would draw me back in with, " The girls miss you" or "Christie called and she heard noises and is scared". I ended up moving in with her. It would be good for a week, no longer.

Then she would come home drunk and the fighting would start. She would drink some more. I would start to leave and she would start to cry. We would end up fucking and everything would be alright. For awhile. Kat had been married twice. The girls father was no where to be found. Gone now for 5 years. The second guy was gone also. But he left scars on the girls.

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He and Kat loved to get drunk, he then would get mean. One night he ripped Christies clothes off and beat her with his belt. She kicked him out. He came back. Everything would be fine for a short time. He fondled Stacy in the bath one night while Kat was at work. I didn't get all the details, didn't really want to know. But he was gone after that, for good. We were bad for each other. She would get drunk night after night. We would fight.

Have sex. Sick situation. She would throw me out. I would come back. Then the sex stopped. I think it was all of a sudden. One night we fucked like rabbits. The next night it was over. I didn't want her. She was indifferent. The fighting never stopped. I wanted her to quit drinking. She wanted me to go to hell.

Then we fought about not having sex. I was having an affair. She was certain. I was sticking my dick in someone else. She wasn't good enough. Get the fuck out!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. I wanted her. I wanted her to quit drinking.

I wanted to care for her and the girls. Nothing I could say could convince her I was not cheating on her. She came home very drunk. The fighting started immediately. The girls were cowering as usual in the kitchen, in their rooms, in the hall. Just far enough away to watch everything that went on. Kat knew that since we weren't having sex Mom agree with comrade and amateur milf xxx share with your mommy had to be getting it somewhere.

I was fed up. I told her I was tired of not having sex! We were shouting of course. I was going to leave and find me someone else. The girls both started to wail. Kat started to hit at me. Fine! Get the fuck out! She fixed herself another drink. Straight. We went round and round. Fine, get out. Fine, I'm leaving.

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The girls were beside themselves with grief. Kat continued to drink. She started throwing things. Hard hurtful things. Ashtrays, pictures, anything she could get her hands on, except her drink or booze. I started to pour her liquor out in the sink. Big mistake. The shit hit the fan.

She attacked me fists flailing, kicking, screaming. She jerked the bottle away from me and turned it up. She was going to kill the bottle off. We wrestled. The bottle went flying and broke. She came at me with the broken neck of the bottle. I, the chicken shit that I am, ran like hell. I stayed on one side of the table away from her while she proceeded to let me know what she thought of me. I can't or won't share with you all the "little" details that she described.

Might hurt my ego you know. Anyway, she threw it at me and thankfully missed. She ran into her room and slammed the door.

The girls were crying and I was exhausted. What the hell just happened. I let that get way out of control. We could hear things being tossed about in the bedroom. When I heard the dresser mirror break I knew it was getting bad.

Christie was trying to get the bedroom door open but no matter how hard she pushed she couldn't get it open. I really thought Kat was going to hurt herself so I tried also. I managed to get the door open far enough to see that she was in a crazed state. She was breaking everything she could get her hands on. Things that I knew meant alot to her and to me.

I knew she would regret this tomorrow. I forced my way into the room and grab her. I wrestled her to the bed and held her there. She was fighting and kicking and screaming. I just held on. She wore herself out and finally quieted down. She cursed right up to her last breath when she finally passed out. I told the girls everything was going to be ok and to go to bed.

I knew they needed consoleing but I didn't dare let go of Kat yet. I layed there with her for about an hour. I really didn't know what to do. I decided I had better get my stuff and go. I still had my apartment on the other side of town and I felt it was time to go. I started picking thru the mess and retrieving what I could of my stuff.

She had broken everything of mine that was breakable. She had torn at my clothes. There wasn't much to pick from that I wanted. I started stuffing things in a pillowcase when I heard Stacy crying behind me.

"Please don't leave". "She'll just be worse if you leave". I told her, "Baby, I can't take it any more". She begged, "Please, your the closest thing to a Daddy that we have and were scared". Christie appeared right behind Stacy and had tears running down her face.

They both were crying and I grabbed them and held them to me. I told them to go to bed and that I wouldn't leave tonight. Bigboobs uk casting babe cocksucking agent audition british had school the next day and they desperately needed to go to bed.

I tucked them both in but Stacy held on to me tight. She was crying into my neck and sobbing. "Please don't leave Daddy". I assured her I would be here in the morning but that I milf babe fucked hard for her honey make any promises about the future.

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I sat on the couch in the living room. I had managed to find a blanket and a pillow and my pajama bottoms and just sat there in the dark. I saw the bathroom light come on and the door close.

Stacy came into the living room and stood there looking at me. She had her blanket and said she couldn't sleep. She asked me, "Is there someone else Daddy"? I just looked at her. "Mama said you have a girlfriend. Do you"? I said no. She said, "I know you and Mama aren't sleeping with each other anymore".

Mama said men need sex and she wasn't giving you any more sex". "Are you going to find someone else Daddy that will give you sex"?

I told her she didn't need to ask such questions and to go back to bed. She started to cry. I held out my arms out to her and she came to me and climbed up into my lap. I held her there and tryed to comfort her. She put her face into my neck again and began to kiss me.

She said, "Daddy, I talked with Christie and we both said we'll have sex with you if you stay". She pressed her self into my groin and I could feel my self getting aroused. She pressed harder and I could feel her little naked pussy rubbing against my dick. It had popped out of my pajamas and father and daughter bf full sex stories story download wedged in her slit.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to her bed. I kissed her goodnight and told her to get some sleep. Sweet dreams baby.