Young slut michelle can gets her pussy punished

Young slut michelle can gets her pussy punished
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Hey Readers, Just wanted to write and tell about this past weekend. Spring was coming in and the mountains were gorgeous with lots of sun out. But with the small amounts of snow on the ground, not to many people were out, which left the mountain to us. My sexy girlfriend Sam and I were out hiking with another friend of ours, Amanda.

Sam and Amanda are about the same size women, about 5'4, petite girls with nice soft white skin, such sexy ladies. Sam is more brunette with green eyes, where Amanda is an auburn red head with green eyes. Like I said, two sexy ladies. So as we headed out into the wilderness for the day, full stories fucking storys red wap me girls asked if they could take lead for awhile on the trail.

Both of them in short hiking shorts, I did not mind one bit. Knowing the view of the wilderness and the two super hot asses in front of me was going to be perfect. Sam took point and Amanda was in front of me. Sam has shorter hair, but Amanda's hair is long and was in a pony tail that day. Both were wearing baseball type hats and looked amazing. So as I followed Amanda up the trail, I couldn't help but checking out her amazing ass and her long pony tail of gorgeous hair.

amazing view to have in front of me, but I was having hell keeping my footing. We pressed on further up the trail, both girls hitting it hard, both sweating a little as we hit the steeper part of the trail and had to work hard at it. Sam looked back at us coming up the trail and said we looked damn sexy. Amanda walked up to her saying she was sexy as well, as they went to hug, they sort of did, but ended up in a quick kiss, then a longer kiss.

I was standing their in awe of it all, seeing my sexy girlfriend and Amanda kissing. I took a couple pics and the girls giggled.

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Amanda had her hand on Sams face at this point, both girls obviously really liking the kiss. Such a passionate kiss too. Sam asked me if I got the pics I wanted and I said for now, unless they wanted to kiss some more for pics. Sam reached out to Amanda and pulled her to her kissing her with such hot passion and want for her, their tongues playing. They looked so sexy kissing and playing, Sams hands on Amanda's breasts, making her moan as they kissed.

At this point I could feel my cock becoming rock hard in my shorts. I continued taking pics and before I knew it, Sam had Amanda sitting on a big boulder, her pack off and her shirt up. Sam was sucking Amanda's hard nipples. Amanda had very nice tits with nipples that looked delicious. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but wanted more and more. I walked up behind Sam and touched her ass. She pushed back, wanting more.

As my fingers slipped over her pussy which was covered in the thin material of her shorts, she moaned. Sam never wears panties, so I could feel her soft pussy lips through the material as I ran my finger tip over them. She pushed back, eager for me to give her more. Amanda was moaning louder as well and when I looked over Sam's shoulder, I could see she had worked her fingers in between Amanda's shorts and was fingering her pussy, while sucking her nipples hard.

Amanda kept looking at me and at one point she told me she wanted to suck my cock. Sam pulled away from Amanda and pulled me to them. Sam sat me on the rock next to Amanda and kissed me, then put her fingers in my mouth as she leaned over and kissed Amanda some more. Yummy, Amanda's pussy juices tasted so good. Sam took Amanda's hand and told her to get my cock out. Amanda did as she was told and when she had my cock out of my shorts, she looked it over, saying she had never filthy lesbos cant stop the sex lesbian dildo a cock that size before.

Sam told her to lean in and take it into her mouth. Amanda took my cock and sucked it deep, her hot mouth felt so good around my head, then down my long thick shaft. It took all I had not to just explode in her mouth right then.She sucked me deep, her throat working over the head of my cock as Sam helped her, pushing her down on my cock. Amanda gagged, but Sam told her to fucking suck that meat. I loved the dirty talk and the fact that my girlfriend was force feeding my cock to Amanda. After a few minutes of some serious cock sucking on Amanda's part, we moved positions and I had her kneeling on the rock, with my fleece jacket under her knees, she could easily suck my cock as Sam pulled her shorts over her perfect ass.

Mm, she had on a tight pink thong. Sam told me she could see how wet she was, that Amanda's panties were soaking through with her sweet pussy juices.

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Sam leaned in, running her tongue over Amanda's wet panties, making her moan as she continued swallowing my entire cock, hungry for more. Sam wasted no time, she had Amanda's panties down and had a finger covered in her spit, slipping it inside Amanda's already drenched pussy, giving her staci silverstone sex sex stories story, then two fingers. Amanda shook, moaning so good while Sam ate her pussy. I could see Sam looking over Amanda's sweet ass at me, her hands spreading her cheeks so she could lick Amanda deep while finger fucking her.

I wanted to feel as well, so I reached over, slipping a finger into Amanda's amazingly tight pussy, working one finger in and out slowly as Sam finger fucked her hard. Amanda was shaking so much she could barely keep from falling over, so as we finger fucked her, I held her best I could with my other arm and fucked her mouth. I couldn't help but cumming in her mouth and she never missed a drop. Sam made her cum really good as I unloaded in her mouth. Amanda's eyes were back, cumming as she took all my cum in her mouth and throat.

I was so turned on, I pulled my cock from Amanda's mouth and told Sam to suck it. Dirty fucking slut was so turned on, she devoured my cock. Sucking me so deep and so fast, her spit running down her chin. Amanda liked this and pushed her head onto my cock, telling her fucking bitch, suck it deep. I told Amanda to see how wet this little slut is. Amanda kissed me, then pulled Sam's shorts down, finding that she had no panties on. Amanda loved this and slipped her fingers down over Sams pussy.

Amanda told me she was dripping. Sam moaned, and moaned louder, deeper on my cock. Amanda goggled and told Sam what a fucking whore she is, asking her how does it feel being finger fucked with so many fingers.


Of course, Sam could not answer, but Amanda looked at me and told me she was about get her whole hand in Sams wet hole.

I fucked Sams mouth deep, gagging her so good. I knew she couldn't breath, but she liked it. I could feel her shaking and see her pushing back and forth as Amanda fist fucked her pussy.

As Sam started to cum, Amanda took it a little further, slipping a finger right up Sams asshole. Fuck she lost it, cumming and cumming.


Amanda knew how to make a girl cum, which was a serious turn on to see. Two gorgeous ladies who knew how to please each other and me. We rested on the rock for a bit once Sam came down from her orgasms. We all kissed some more and smoked a joint. the sun was bright and felt so good on us. Enjoying the joint, but also the sexy ladies who were still kissing off and on next to me.

My cock still hard, I pulled Amanda closer to me. Her back to me and Sam in front of her, I slipped my cock over her extremely wet pussy and asshole. I wanted to fuck her ass, but wasn't sure if she liked it, so I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy slowly, feeling her tightness wrapping around me so tight. Amanda reached back and pulling on my head, kissing me. She kissed really good, her tongue played with mine, her lips so soft, her hand on my head.

mmm, very hot kisser. My cock going deeper and deeper, inch by inch into her wet pussy. Amanda had never had a bigger cock, so I knew she was loving it as she goose bumps and was shaking.

I pulled on her hip, going deeper and deeper, fucking her harder and harder. Sam told her she looked so sexy being fucked by my cock out here in the sunlight like this.

Amanda kissed her, then told her she wanted to taste her. Sam stood and positioned herself so Amanda could lick her pussy. Amanda did so eagerly, licking and sucking Sam's wet smooth shaven pussy into her mouth. I watched this as I fucked Amanda deep and slow. I could feel her cream soaking my cock, her pussy so so wet and so hot, getting tighter with every stroke of my cock. Amanda said she was cumming blair william fuck with brother in home full time story Sam pushed her pussy into her mouth.

I fucked her harder and deeper, making her cum so fucking good all over my cock. I slapped her ass and hear Sam say she was cumming. As the girls came together, I lost it, losing my load of hot cum inside of Amanda's pussy. Sam asked me if I had just given her a creampie and when I said yes, she told Amanda to move closer to her so she could lick my cum from her pussy. Amanda was shocked, she had never done this, nor that, but did as she was told.

Sam sucked and finger fucked her so good, getting all of my cum from her tight pussy. Amanda shook as she came again and again for Sam. I sat back, enjoyed the rest of the joint and wondered what the rest of the night was going to be like with these two hot sluts.

To be continued:

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