Blond latin bomb fucked by the pool

Blond latin bomb fucked by the pool
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After pulling into the diners parking area and letting the kick stand down Savannah and I got off my bike to stretch our legs. Putting our helmets on the handle bars afterward. Hers on the left and mine on the right. I glanced at her beautiful eyes and could see she was flustered.

Her rare beautiful blue eyes were glassy as if she had a enjoyable moment. I gave a small chuckle which she caught. " Baby are you laughing at me?" She asked me with concern " No baby just um.seeing the look in your eyes every time we stop after awhile really makes me wonder if we should of gotten a car instead my ebony love." I told her with a smile with my eyes glancing down She noticed where my eyes went and came up to me to hide so others wouldn't see.

Her face was flushed and red. " Baby I can't help it. Even after a year riding on your bike I still haven't gotten use to the vibration. I'm surprised my love spot hasn't vibrated off yet, what would you do then if they did?" She asked with a sly smile I reached down placing my hands on her sexy ass and grinned. " Well you have another nice spot I could always slide up into and we both would still enjoy the moments." I explained giving her sexy ass a squeeze " Mmmm, and I would let you too, but you know the deal with my back door only on our wedding night.

Because then you get me completely. You have my heart, my bodyand my soul. But that will be the final part of me you get on our wedding night." She exclaimed to me " Darlin I know, we have had this discussion before. But I have to ask first and before I do that we have to make sure it's the right time and right moment." I say holding her so close to me " I know my love and you will, but for right now just being with you feels like we are already married and it feels so right baby.

Being on the road traveling as brought us ever so much closer in love and together as a couple." Savannah explains to me kissing my chest " I agree darlin, but for now I think by the look in your eyes and what my eyes saw a bit ago.

You might need to change after we order our food. I don't want any guys looking at you and getting the wrong idea." I tell her smiling " I know baby it's just." She starts to say but trails off " It's just what darlin?" I ask in a concern voice " Baby I um.don't have any clean panties.

We need to stay somewhere for a few days and do laundry again." She tells me shyly I see her face and see embrassment of what she said. I know she is right about our clothes. " Ok my ebony love we will find a motel here for a week if you like and do some sight seeing." I tell her smiling " Really? You mean it, we haven't been able to just spend time in one place for a few days. And I miss us just relaxing in each others arms watching the sunset." She exclaims to me " Then it set then.

But first let's eat oh do you have anything to change into?" I ask again concern " Yes two pairs of plan shorts or my jeans." She tells me still feeling shame " Savannah don't feel any embrassment, besides when we get a motel room you won't need anything to wear." I tell her with a wink Savannah playfully slaps my chest with a sexy smirk.

" Oh baby your badbut so right I can't wait to show my body off to the man I love so much." The beautiful woman in my arms says We walk behind the bike to the trailer and I kneel to open it for her. She goes through her bag to find some clothes and picks two pairs of shorts.

I make a metal note first thing tomorrow we wash clothes and maybe buy her a few more. I notice some of her clothes getting a bit faded. She tells me she has what she needs. I shut and lock the trailer hood back in place. I stand back up and she takes my hand, but lowers her clothes she picked down in front of her mid section so no one sees. I check my phone and see it's 11 a.m. I am hoping maybe this diner still has breakfast at this time. I open the door for Savannah and she steps in as I follow right behind her.

We see a few seats up at the bar, but I want us to get a booth. I spot one and take her hand. I lead us to a booth to sit which is nice since we can see our ride and trailer.

She gets on the inside and once seated she makes a face. I ask her what's wrong she whispers to me that the booth seat is cold. I give her a sympathetic look. She tells me after we order she will go get changed. A waitress sees us and comes over. She hands us a menu each and sets our silverware up.

Afterward she asks what we would like. I tell my ebony love to go ahead. Savannah looks at the menu and says she would like a Sprite and ask if they still serving breakfast. The waitress says yes and my eyes go wide with a smile. Both Savannah and The waitress laugh.

Our waitress looks to be earlier 30's, 5'9165 lbs, with long brunette hair that is up in a pony tail. Savannah says she wants 3 eggs scrabbled with bacon and a glass of milk also. I look and tell our waitress I would like 4 eggs scrabbled, bacon, sausage,toast and a Dr. Pepper plus a cup of coffee. She writes our orders and says she will be back with our drinks. Savannah and I waited for our drinks while talking about what we were going to do while we were staying here for a week.

She said she wanted to spend a few days just taking things slow and maybe see what there is to do. I suggested we maybe look at rings so I could get a idea of what she might want.

Her face lit up to that idea. She asked me if I was sure. I told her that I loved her so much and wanted to spend my whole life with her.

Savannah then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. We stayed kissing for awhile until we heard what sounded like someone clearing their throat. Savannah and I broke our kiss to see our waitress standing there. Savannah said sorry and our waitress said no problem that it was nice to see a young couple showing how they feel for each other.

I noticed her name tag showed her name being Tammy. I also apologized and she again said no problem. She placed our drinks on the table and said our order would be done soon. Savannah asked her where the ladies was and Tammy showed her, but said the door sticks and just be careful. Savannah said thank you and that she would.

Tammy gave my ebony love a smile then went to check the other customer's. Savannah asked me to let her out which I did. Savannah said she would be right back. I told her to hurry and she gave me a kiss to let me know she would. As she was walking to the ladies room I noticed three older guys eyeing her. One even made a comment of what he would like to do to her. I let it go for the time being, but kept my eyes on them just in case she came back while they were still here.

I pulled my cell phone out of my jacket to send a text to Dwight. I told him where we were and that we was staying for a week just to relax and do laundry. He sent one back a minute later saying ok and laughing about doing laundry. I sent one back with haha real funny.

After that I looked up and caught Tammy being a bit in a awkward moment. One of the three older men pulled her in his lap asking why she hasn't gave him a personal massage. I heard her tell him she was busy with her kids and her husband wouldn't like it. She kept struggling to get away from him. The whole scene was getting to me. The other two were just laughing at her expense.

I knew sometimes not to get involved, but I thought if that was my Savannah in her spot I would do something. I looked around and noticed a older lady come running around the counter to help Tammy out. She yelled at the one holding tight on Tammy to let her go. He yelled back saying he was just having a bit of fun, but still would not let Tammy go.

The older woman was trying all she could until the one across from him grabbed her and told her to just relax. All three guys were laughing at both ladies awkward moment. At that moment I had all the little patience that was in me so being the nice guy I tried to be, I stood up and went to help. I got over to their booth and asked them both nicely to let Tammy and the other lady go.

They all looked at me like I was crazy. Tammy told me it was okay they were just kidding around. I gave her a look that said I didn't buy it. I noticed one favoring his left elbow telling me to just mind my own business and sit back in my booth. The guy that still had Tammy in his lap said for me to mind my elders and go away.

I thought of what Rick told me about situations like this. And then I knew how to get Tammy and the older lady away. I quickly with both my hands reached for the two men's wrist and applied enough pressure to make them let the ladies go. Tammy and the older lady got up and away quickly while I let the two agitators wrist go.

Lets cam or join me irl tube porn women gave me their thanks after taking a few steps behind me. Both men that held them gave me looks that could kill. Both of them stood and got very close and in my face. The blonde guy spoke with anger. lovely babe with massive a hole gets rammed hardcore blowjob You asshole how dare you take away our fun away." He stated to me with a attitude " Sorry about thatbut where I was sitting it didn't look like either one of them was having any fun." I exclaimed to him calmly They both looked at me being upset and suggested we take this outside.

I guess it was honor or that I didn't like what they both were doing to Tammy or the older woman, but I agreed. We were stepping out the door when I heard Tammy say ' Don't do anything stupid to the young man '.

But once outside I noticed all three of them following me. I took my jacket off and laid it by the small wall. Once they stepped outside I felt hands on my arms and was being pulled in front of the diner. I was caught off guard when I felt the first punch against my face. I looked and it was the elbow favoring man. " You made a big mistake coming here and stepping into our business." He said to me in a very stern voice I stay there quiet thinking of a few things I can actually do.

His buddies were laughing at my expense as their buddy comes at me with another fist. At that exact moment I pull the guy on my right and he takes the hit from his friend. The short black haired man lets go of my arm and favors his right side. He turns and starts in on yelling at his buddy for hitting him. That makes them both arguing giving me time to take care of the one holding my left arm. I grab the one on my left by the his throat and apply enough pressure that he lets me go.

He starts hitting on my arm as I give him a head butt in which leaves him dazed. I then grab his back and lift him up and slam him onto the rough ground. He lays there gasping for air I turn to see the two others looking at me in disbelief.

The elbow favoring man as I call him just stares at his buddy that is laying on the ground and then at me. He comes at me with his left arm extending out leaving chaca chaci sex storys bed open.

At that moment I grab his left wrist with my left hand. Getting positioned I bring my right elbow into his left ribs. He lets out a scream in pain. I keep at it with my elbow hitting multiple times into his ribs. The one that was holding my right arm started to come at me. I let the one that hit me first go and leg sweep the one coming at me. He falls backward on his ass with a thud. I stand quickly and retake the first one and bring his left arm behind his back and wrap my right arm around his neck.

I give them credit to a certain extent, but this is just a work out for me. My sparring with Dwight, Jax, and E.P. is more enduring then this. His buddies that are on there backs finally sit up and see their buddy in a awkward spot. They get to their feet and start to come at me until I apply a little more pressure to their buddies left arm getting a wince of pain out of his mouth.

" If you want your buddies arm broke go ahead and do something. I'm not like anyone you ever bullied in the past." I tell them with a stern tone Both just stop and realize what my words meant.

They gave eachother a look and then stayed where they were. I ease up a littlebut kept a hold on their buddy/ leader. He tries to struggle, but to no avail is he getting loose.

I look deep into their eyes and start to speak in a stern voice. " Now we can do this in two ways. One I can keep embrassing you three in front of those that know you since I am just visiting in town, or two you three idiot's can apologize to those nice ladies you were so apparently making feel very uncomfortable your call." I tell them applying pressure to the first idiots left arm Their eyes went wide to my words as they turned and looked at Tammy and the older woman.

Seems the two ladies came out and witnessed all that went down. The two men stepped over to Tammy and the older woman and both apologized to them. Both Tammy and the older lady who I heard her name being Candy both accepted their apology. At that time I heard a car pull up and someone tell me to let the man go. I let go the guy I had secured and stepped over to the front of the diner and took a seat on the ground. The two that held me went to their buddy to check on him. I looked up and seen Candy stop the police officer that yelled at me and started to tell him what all happened.

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She explained to him I was standing up for her and Tammy. She explained further that it was the three idiots that suggested to me that we take it outside. He listens and takes the information and then tells her to check on me. He looks at me saying he be with me in a few minutes. Candy agreed and came over to where I was sitting at. Candy asked me if I was ok and I just nodded yes that I have been hit worse just sparring with my friends.

At that time another police car showed up and a Asian woman stepped out and started walking to the other officer. She asked what was going on, he explained and then had her to check on me. Which she did introducing herself as Deputy Maya Cartwright and wanted to know how bad I was. I told her that the guy in the middle standing only got one hit in.

Candy took it upon herself to apologize for everything. I explained that where I was from it was not nice to treat a lady wrong. They both checked my face and cleaned my wound with what they had in a first aid kit that Maya hand in her hands.

" Sheriff we want to press charges against that young man." The guy that was hitting on me asked " David that isn't going to happen. Candy told me exactly what happened, and seems you three have never changed." The Sheriff answered " What, you mean he gets to go free after he was doing the hitting." The one holding my left arm exclaimed " Yes Chase he does and will." The Sheriff says to them " That is so fucked up sheriff." The one holding my right arm said " Eric if I was you, right now would be a time to shut up." The sheriff explains to him He tells them to stay and starts walking over to me.

He notices my jacket and picks it up. I then notice him looking at the patch and see his eyes go wide. Both Candy and Maya noticed I was going be ok just a bruise starting to show, but that was about it. The sheriff gets over to us and kneels down in front of me.

He tells me that I really did a number on them. Fiery hot oral stimulation from a sexy doll hardcore and blowjob tell him that they should of showed more respect towards Tammy and Candy. I then tell him that if I was arrested and there was a trial that they wouldn't be able to testify. He gives me a concerned look and I explain. My birth mother is a successful lawyer and my birth father is a leader of a biker club.

He acknowledges my explanation and says I would be saving David, Chase, and Eric a big headache. He asked me about my jacket and I tell him my birth dad gave it to me telling me that when he was my age he had two friends that wore the same patch.

One went to college and the other to Vietnam. He gives a wide eyed expression and then a smile. The Sheriff and Maya help me up and dust me off. " What's your name son?" He asks in a calming voice Maya seems to be eyeing mebut I shrug it off and answer him. " Nick, my name is Nick." I tell him answering him He tells David and his two buddies that they be better off to not press charges. He goes further telling them what I explained to him.

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David and his buddies go wide eyed and say they won't come around me or my girl. All three of they get over into a car and leave quickly. I notice the Sheriff chuckling at the sight.

At that moment I remember Savannah. I tell them my girlfriend is in the bathroom. Which gets Candy going in and checking the ladies restroom.

The Sheriff and Maya help me inside being concerned about the hit to my head. I point to them the booth Savannah and I were sitting at. I get helped into the booth as I hear a worried Savannah.

Hearing her voice asking where I am. Candy tells her I am being helped to our booth by the sheriff and deputy. At that moment I turn my head and notice Savannah running over to me as the sheriff moves out of her way.

" Oh god baby what happened?" My ebony sweetheart asks noticing the mark on my face Candy and Tammy explain to her what happened that I was standing up to three assholes who took their opportunity to give me some sound advice. Savannah tells them that they are lucky she wasn't outside or she would of helped me. The Sheriff explains to her that she would of got hurt, because David and his buddies have a reputation of misleading a young lady. Savannah gave them a look and said that she had a man that would never let that happen.

They told her that they could see because I was hardly phased by David's hit, but for us to watch out while we are in town. I tell them we would and stay were there was people around. I found out the Sheriff's name was Alex.

Alex also explains that when he was 18 he fought David and won, but he left David a reminder which was taking out his left elbow. I sat there thinking earlier David was favoring his the same elbow. Alex and Maya decide to sit across from Savannah and I talking. Candy went to check on our food we ordered and was back in no time followed by Tammy with the rest. Candy tells us that since I stood up for them both that our food was paid for. Savannah and I look at her in disbelief, but thank her all the same.

Savannah hands me the salt and pepper knowing how I love to eat my food. Alex and Maya both get a cup of coffee in which Tammy walks off to get and returns a moment later. While Savannah and I eat Alex asks why we came to his cozy little town. He also says and make a eventful morning.

Savannah stops eating and turns to look at me. I give her a nod in which she lets out a sigh. " Sheriff, I'm sure Nick didn't mean to fight those men, but when someone blonde bdsm sub whipped till she squirts a lady wrong he just stands up for them.

But also we have just been on the road traveling for a year and enjoying the sights and our time together." Savannah tells him with a small smile " Please call me Alex, but that doesn't tell me the why. There is always a reason why two young people are away from home." He states concerned I take a bite of my toast and thinking he is good at being a sheriff he likes to get the facts straight. So I take a minute to think and decide that since he is hanging around and not out doing his civic duty I oblige him.

I place my fork on my plate and reach in my leather jacket and pull the original document Rick handed back to me a year ago. I hand Alex the paper that started Savannah and My year road trip with each other. He accepts it and starts reading what it says. Maya decides to scoot closer to Alex so she can read it as well. Savannah and I start to eat again as Candy pulls up a chair. I guess she is curious about her two customers especially me at that point. After my toast and eggs are gone and starting on my bacon both Alex and Maya get wide eyes.

Both just stared at the document then look at Savannah and I. Candy seems concerned and wants stief sohn erwischt seine mutter und darf sie ficken know why the sudden look.

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Alex folds the paper back and hands in back to me. Candy snatches the paper real quick and starts reading it herself.


She gets the same look as both Alex and Maya had only a moment ago. She slowly folds the paper once done and hands it to me apologizing for snatching it from me.

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I tell Candy no worries that it was ok. Alex is still looking at me as so is Maya also. " So your a young man that really is let me say at odds with your family." Alex says with some concern " You may say that Alex, after I found that, I was shocked and at the same time angered." I tell all three of them then added " For 18 years I never knew the truth that my so called family kept from me." " I can imagine the shock and anger, but never being able to be around your biological parents that has to be the hardest part" He states firmly to me " A day later I did go see Gray and Tessa who are my birth parents to confront them.

They said they couldn't tell me why the reason was. They both told me it was agreed I would never be told." I explain to Alex " Wait your telling us your own birth parents wouldn't even tell you why after finding that paper.

And perverted dream of hooker bound hardcore bondage won't after all these years" Maya chimed in asking and stating I answer her saying no they wouldn't and she gave a sad expression.

Savannah was done eating and joined in the conversation. " You all need to understand something about my Nick. He doesn't like secrets being held from him." Savannah tells the three of them then adds " My family and our close friends don't even keep secrets from him." Alex, Maya, and Candy give my ebony girlfriend a expression that they could understand that.

Candy looks at me as I eat allie haze fuck a fan sausage and speaks. " Nick hun sounds like you already have a family that has already been there for you. And even if they aren't your biological family they still love and care for you." Candy tells me with a grin I think of her words and have to admit she was right. I look at Savannah who stares into my eyes and I see hd passion hd threesome in bed with two gorgeous teen love she has always had for me as she agrees with Candy.

I give out a sigh and respond to what Candy said. " Your right and I know that Savannah and her family love me, but a big part of me wants to know why my birth parents would agree to doing such a thing as to have my Uncle and Aunt adopt me. Besides being a heir to my Uncles business and his side of family sleeping with relatives." I explain to them " Ok um.what was that last part again?" Maya asks me in a subtle tone " Oh the part that my Uncle is a sicko freak.

Yeah his side of the family sleep with relatives." I stated answering her " Damn is that one of the reasons you left home?" Candy asks me being disgusted " Yes, I didn't want anything to do with that. I couldn't do all that he asked of me. Leaving for a year learning his business or sleeping with his daughters who are my cousins.

Besides I have Savannah as the love of my heart it would of hurt her the most." I exclaimed sternly feeling a rush of anger I noticed Candy and Maya give Savannah and I a glance and a little sad look.

I didn't know what was going through their mind, but whatever it was had something to do with both of us. Alex shook his head and then chimed in. " Nick to me family is a big part of ones life.

And my family at one time turned on mebut I had my at that time future wife by me through it all." He says with a hence of emotion " You mean momdad." Maya says asking Alex " Yes baby girl your mother. At that time I was 18 and the whole family and my best friends turned their backs on me, but it was your mother that never left me." Alex exclaims to Maya then add's looking at me " Nick what I am saying is don't give up on your Birth parents for they will notice that you mean more to them then a damn secret.

Super teen fucking his black maid so hard always keep the one next to you in your heart." He nodded to Savannah signify to me he meant her.

" I will try to not give up on them, but to the other Savannah is always in my heart as I am in hers." I exclaimed to him " Aww baby." Savannah said while putting her arms around my left one We talked for a little while longer then Alex got a serious expression on his face.

" Nick, Savannah have you found anywhere to stay in town yet?" He asked us both with a concerned look " No we haven't Savannah said she was hungry so we came straight here. I was going to get a motel room for a week so we could relax." I answered him quickly He gave Savannah and I a look and then looked at Maya who had a small smile. He then looked at Savannah and I with a serious look. " There is a nice little motel not far from where we live that might suit your accomidations." Alex explained to Savannah and I Savannah gave him and Maya a glance and then spoke to them both.

" Is there a laundry place close by there possibly?" She asked them both " Yes, it's like across the street and they are open all day and night. Also there is hardly anyone around so no one should bother either of you if you do your laundry at night." Maya explained to us with what looked like a small grin " That would be great we could take a nap and then wash what we have." Savannah said with a smile " Yep and Maya patrols that side of town anyway so if anything does happen she will be there in no time at all." Alex exclaimed to us with Maya nodding her head ' yes ' They gave us there cards to have in case we needed any help or directions to somewhere.

Alex and Maya gave their goodbyes as they left to get back to work. Savannah suggested we stay a bit longer to be safe with the hit I took to the head. Candy sat across from us and told us of a few places she thought we would enjoy. She told us about a swimming spot not far on the river. Also that the mall has a cinema that showed the up to date movies. And a dance club that Tammy and her go to a few times a week.

She exclaimed the D.J. plays different types of music from rock to r&b. Savannah told Candy that it would be kind of nice to get out and have some fun. I thought about it and agreed with them both.

Tammy must of over heard us for she stepped over and said she wouldn't mind to go along with us if we liked the company. Savannah and I gave her a grin and told her that would be cool. Candy spoke up saying she would be happy to go also.

She said it would be on her for me coming to her and Tammy's aid. I told her that was nice of her and she didn't have to, but she insisted on doing it anyway. I looked at my cell and noticed the time being 1:30 p.m. I told Savannah we should go and get a motel room so we could get some rest and relax. She asked if I was sure and all I did was nod my head yes.

Savannah asked Candy for directions to the motel Alex suggested. Candy took a napkin and started explaining directions which we both understood. Before our thank you's and goodbye's Candy and Tammy gave us their numbers and said to call them any time if it's just to chat.

Candy also added if we decided to go dancing to let her know and she would come by and pick us up. Savannah and I told them we would and left giving them a smile. Candy gave us both a wink as she smiled to us both. It was about 2:15 p.m. that Savannah and I was in the motel room that was given to us. The manager was nice saying we could stay as long as we needed. She explained that Alex called ahead and told her all that happened and told him she would make our stay was welcomed and warm.

Savannah already came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel around her waist with nothing over her breast. She gave me a smile and noticed I was staring. She walked over to the bed taking the towel off as she got on the bed. She motioned for me to come over to her so I did just that.

Once over to her she reached out and had me take my jacket off. So it came off first then it was my shirt. Savannah got on her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. The kiss she was giving me was so passionate that I let out a moan with my hands squeezing her sexy nude ass. I felt her hands making their way down to the belt of my jeans.

While her lips were still on mine Savannah started to undo my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. She worked the zipper down and slid a hand inside.

Savannah was on a mission to get me to a state of being as hard for her that I could get. Our tongues found one another as she started to stroke my manhood with one hand while pushing my jeans down to my knees with her other hand. Once down Savannah broke the kiss and gave me her sexy smile. She started kissing down my chest, to my abs and then slides her tongue down further to her second favorite spot on my body.

My ebony love started licking the top of my shaft slowly to the head and then underneath. She licked down to my balls and back up.

She had her hands on the cheeks of my ass working my manhood with just her mouth. It was memorizing looking down and watching her making love to my cock.

She would smile ever so often up at me. Savannah licked around the head before she took the head into her mouth. I gave out a moan as she started slowly working inches into her wet, warm, mouth. The sensation she was giving me felt so nice and warm. She kept her hands on my ass cheeks while moving forward taking all she could into her mouth and throat.

I placed my right hand on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her beautiful black hair. She gave off a moan that sent a vibration along my shaft. I leaned over and slid my left hand up and down her caramel back. Her skin was so smooth to the touch that it felt so nice to my fingers.

Savannah was going fast at times on my shaft. I could feel the top of her throat hitting the head of my cock. I took my right hand off her head and reached out with both hands to her ass cheeks and spread them apart.

I massaged them both making her moan in the process. Her ass was so nice and firm, but at the same time not to bubbly just right. Savannah had her nose up against my skin and her chin against my balls.

She deep throated me then eased up a bit. She took her hands off my ass and started stroking me with her right hand. I stood straight back up and looked down into her eyes. She suggested we get in a 69, because she wanted my mouth between her legs.

She had me get on my back in the middle of the bed and she crawled over me placing her delicious pussy in my face. She leaned over and took my manhood back into her mouth and stroking what wasn't in that beautiful mouth of hers.

Savannah was going wildly on my cock. Her head bobbing up and down like she was on a mission to get what was hers. I had my tongue inside her love tunnel licking and probing for her sweet nectar. She was wet at this moment, but she was getting wetter by the minute. Her labia lips were rocking back and forth on my tongue and face. She was moaning as my right index finger and thumb were rubbing her hard wet clit.

I would moan into her beautiful, wet pussy sending shivers up and down her back. I started thrusting in and out of her mouth. She placed her hands on either side of my hips as to let me slide in and out of her mouth. Savannah kept her hips moving against my tongue and nose. She was close that I knew for sure. I could feel my own eruption coming as my body started to tighten up. She took her mouth off my cock and replaced it with her right hand.

She started stroking me again exclaiming she was going to cum all over my face. I started rubbing her clit a bit faster to get her to have a orgasm she hasn't had in a long while. I feel her stroking me faster. Her legs clamping down against my head tight as she does cum on my tongue and face. " Oh god.NICKKKKKKKKK!" Savannah yells moaning as she arches her back At that moment I feel my own build up and erupt. Savannah feels my cock throbbing and replaces her mouth as she waits for my love seed flow into her mouth for her to have.

She still strokes my shaft as I just let myself go. " Oh fuck.Savannahhhh!" I yell moaning her name as my manhood erupts Savannah collapsed on top of me slowly still milking me with her mouth. I was breathing hard as I just stared at her swollen labia lips and her juices slowly flowing out of her. Placing my arms up around her hips I pull her to me and start licking up her sweet cfnm nasty real bitch gets a cumshot nectar that is all mine.

I feel my cock leave her mouth and her head beside my manhood. Her hot breath on my crotch feels so warm and a new sensation to me.

Savannah starts to move and gets off me.

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My ebony love gets over on my right side and snuggles up johny sins fuck shop assistant girl lily carter in changing room me. Our breathing is slowly getting back to where it was only moments earlier. Savannah lays her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. She feels her juices with her fingers and starts trancing some across my chest. She tells me we need a shower and I respond saying lets just enjoy this moment a bit longer which I get a purr out of her.

After what felt like five minutes Savannah moves over to the edge and tells me it's time for our shower. I groan to her which she just lets out a giggle and helps me up. I surprise her by picking her up and walking to the bathroom. She lets out a small squeak as she wraps her arms around my neck. After our teasing in the shower Savannah and I was dried and naked in the bed with the sheet over us talking.

We were cuddle up like usual with her head on my shoulder and hand over my heart. Savannah brought up something I have been thinking on this past year. " Baby have you thought of when we would be going back home?" She asked in a concerned tone " Yes I have and still can't come up with any time sunny leone back side fuck pics will.

Why are you missing your family?" I in turn told and asked her She was quiet for a few seconds then answered me.

" Yes my love, I can't hide that. I miss my family and our friends. I know you are still hurt and still angered, but you have me and my family that love you." Savannah was telling me in a loving way " I know you miss your family and I miss them also. And what matters to me is making you happy." I say to her truthfully " You have always made me so happy.


Your love means more to me then anything, but still I miss everyone and I know you do. Well except your family." She exclaimed to me with a warm voice " Your right darlin, So after we relax and have some fun here how about we head home Saturday?" I asked her with a smile She got up and over me on all fours looking into my eyes.

" Really? You mean it baby?" She in returned asked me with a smile " Yes I do mean it. We have been gone for a year and if you want we can get our own place after we get back." I explained to her warmly Savannah said a few weeks back she wanted us to have our own place.

And also told me at that time she had the money that was invested to make that happen. It would give us a chance to start our lives in a positive environment. " Mmmm, That would be nice baby. Just you and I in a comfortable environment." She says smiling away " Yep just you and me with a possibility of starting our own family." I say to her from my heart Savannah catches my last few words and gets wide eyed. She straddles my stomach and places her hands on my chest.

" You mean you want to start our own family afterward?" Savannah asks in a disbelief voice " Yes darlin I do, Savannah you mean so much to me that I want us to be together for life." I tell her with a big smile " Baby as do I sexy and being your wife one day and the mother of our children will be wonderful." She stated to me with a few tears " Aww Savannah my love what's wrong?" I asked her concerned " Oh nothing except you make me feel so loved and happy that us talking about all this means so much." She explained to me smiling I felt my stomach getting wet and looked down and saw drips of her juices falling.

I looked up at her private investigator fucks crime suspect in his santa claus outfit she had a sexy smile and winked at me. I felt my manhood getting hard and she reached back and started to stroke me. She had a pleading look that she wanted more of my love at that moment. Savannah moved her hips back and lined me up to her love opening. I held onto her hips and held them firmly. Savannah gave me a smile and said those words that meant so much to us all these years we have been together.

Before she slid down on my cock she had a few things to say. " Baby I know now what I want and that is start conceiving a baby." She explained to me warmly " You sure Savannah I thought you were still on your pills?" I asked her with concern " Yes I am sure baby, and as for those I um.I been out of those since the other day." Savannah exclaimed to me then she added" Your not mad at me are you baby?" I looked up at her and saw her eyes begin to show a little fear.

I thought of everything and knew at that moment I was truly and deeply in love with this beautiful, sexy, amazing woman that had my heart.

I shook my head no to her and she smiled looking into my eyes. Savannah lowered herself down onto my manhood making both of us moan at the exact same time. She placed her hands on my chest and started going up and down slowly. We both were enjoying the moment and sensation. Her labia lips were massaging my shaft as Savannah sexy teen hottie play with speculum and fuck made love to me.

Her breast were starting to bounce as she rode me slowly. Her nipples were hard and inviting. I sat up and started nibbling on her left nipple which gave me a moan from her. She placed her arms around my neck and tilted her head back. Savannah moaned and told me to suck her nipples.

She started to rock back and forth with all my manhood deep up inside her. She reached behind me clawing at my back to the feeling we were sharing. Her warm, wet pussy was clamping down on me as she reached a orgasm that hit her at that moment.

Savannah was loving this moment as well as I was. She clamped her legs onto my hips and started to grind against me. My cock was moving with her as she pushed me back down and replaced her hands back on my chest again. She then started riding me faster and harder. Her breast were bouncing faster at this point. Our moans filled the room echoing off the walls.

I felt her fingernails going into my skin. She looked down and smiled saying she was marking me. I just smiled up at her as I placed my hands back on her hips. Savannah was riding me wildly and moaning my name. I knew she was getting close again by the feeling her pussy was giving me. She was so wet that I was going deeper up inside her.

I wanted my love seed to hit the right spot. I rolled us to the left and she was on her back. She pulled her legs up and smiled.

She said deeper and hard. So I obliged her by giving her all she wanted. I held onto the headboard and started thrusting faster and deeper. " Oh shit.Babyyyyy." She moaned out loud " Oh fuck.darliinnnn." I moaned back with her name " Make" Savannah said moaning in between words I felt my balls start to tighten.

My shaft was throbbing deep inside her womanhood. She clamped her legs behind me pulling me deeper. As our love was connected in the last thrust I made that was when it all erupted. Savannah sprayed her juices on my shaft and balls. I erupted deep inside her filling her womb with my love seed. She moaned yelling ' Oh Yes' as my cum started to hit its spot.

She embraced me pulling me down to her body. We kissed for what felt like forever until she broke it and smiled up at me. She kept her arms around me, but let her legs fall to the bed.

Our breathing was heavy again, but more erratic this time. We just laid there feeling each others warm breath on the others neck. After about 10 minutes I rolled off her and laid next to her. She scooted closer to me, but pulled her legs up to her chest. I turned my head and gave her a confused look. She noticed and made a statement saying it will help in her conceiving a baby. I gave her a smile and nodded my head. After about a hour of my ebony princess having her legs in the air she cuddled up to me.

Savannah got in her usual position and I could feel a smile on my skin. " That was so wonderful Nick my love." Savannah stated to me then added" I love you so much baby." " Yes it was my darlin and I love you so much and more." I told her from my heart " Baby you made my womanhood sore.

Can we just sleep for awhile baby and really enjoy our well spent time together?" She stated to me and asked " Yes Savannah my darlin love." I answered her placing a kiss on her forehead We laid in bed holding each other and smiling.

I didn't know what time it was as Savannah pulled the sheet over us. She drifted off to sleep totally loved and satisfied. I did the same not very far behind her. My last thoughts was of us being together for the rest of our lives. And what a beautiful and wonderful lady I had in my life and in my arms. Elsewhere the same time: About to cross the State line into Missouri from Arkansas. I was given a job to look for a Savannah Andrews. Seems the warrant stated she was on the run from a Theft violation.

The warrant looked authentic to me and a job is a job. The client told me he wanted results and her back in Alabama by Friday.

He 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter the parents also wanted her back as she was to go to court next week. The date of the theft was April 5, 2014 of this year. He gave me her last whereabouts in Missouri. She was riding with a loser of a boyfriend is what he exclaimed to me.

I knew some of the area and also figured this would be a easy job. I had my phone ear piece in which I was glad for, because my cell started ringing.

I answered it to my acknowledgment it was the client.


" Hello this is Cal." I answered the call " Cal where are you at and is everything going as we spoke?" The client asked with a little attitude " Yes and I crossed into Missouri and on my way to the town in general." I responded calmly then added " I am about a hour from my destination." " Good, Good, you shouldn't have any trouble from the local law enforcement. They are not all that smart is what I have heard." He told me with a snicker over the phone " I hope not as I see it this shouldn't take all that long.

I figure a day searching and a day to get her and drive back." I told him stated the fact " Good, now as for the boyfriend he shouldn't be any trouble, but if so use a taser and get her in your car." He stated to me seriously " If you say so, I have done a few jobs so I basically know what I am doing, but if it comes to it Sanni leyon sex xxx story will." I exclaimed to him sternly We spoke for a few more moments then hung up.

I had my ideas as to how to apprehend Savannah with any quarrel. It was Monday and figured a rest tonight and a days work tomorrow would be about right. Then Wednesday I would have her and start back with no troubles. That was the idea that was thought through. I drove thinking to myself ' what could actually go wrong.'