Chunky milf makes her lover cum hard

Chunky milf makes her lover cum hard
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Chapter 6 [starts Thurs night - ends Thurs night] Thursday night was the first time I had any real concerns about what shape my wife might be in when they were through with her and sent her back to me. I opened the email from Karl, read it once, and immediately called him on sexy milf gets a lusty fucking pornstar hardcore phone.

"Karl, what the hell? We had an agreement." "Tony, Tony, my friend, wait, let me explain." I was hesitant but his voice was calm and controlled so I figured I'd give him a chance to explain.

By the time our call was finished, I was not only reassured that she was ultimately safe but eager to connect to the video feed he gave me. The screen lit up on a full body shot of my wife. My dick went hard immediately. The restraints were simple but effective and displayed her tender tits, belly and thighs in a way that simply screamed "hurt me". She was attached to a metal frame that pulled her arms out from her shoulders and back at a 45 degree angle.

Her back was arched so her belly was forward and stretched tight. Her legs were open and blonde fingers her cunt in the mirror back as well, the knees and ankles secured with metal bands. With just those six simple metal bands, they'd rendered her completely helpless. I keyed the URL into one of my other laptops and brought up the camera that showed the zoom view of her face. She was breathing hard, face turned sideways, trying to press it into her shoulder - the sure sign she was turned on but didn't want to show it.

A subtitle came across the monitor "shooting starts in" I settled back in my chair and unzipped my pants, patting my cock lightly through my underpants.

Three men walked into the room and circled Suzi. "So this is the one with the ass?" asked the first man. He was over six feet tall, beefy, with short cut blond hair and a close trimmed beard. He wore a skintight, short sleeved shirt and black jeans tucked into cowboy boots. "She's been in training for weeks. Watch this," said the second man.

He was much older, easily in his sixties, short, and dressed in an expensive grey suit. He was carrying a doctor's bag and set it on the floor between Suzi's legs. He took a red rubber ball out of his bag and spit on it, rubbing it with both hands. It was slightly bigger than a tennis ball and shiny with his saliva. He walked behind her and leaned forward, looking in her eyes. "We're going to huge dick for petite teen riley reid catch." Suzi's eyes got wider and I stroked my cock again.

He held the ball in front of her mouth. "Go on, lick it. Get it nice and wet." Suzi opened her mouth and licked the ball once, then again. He pushed it against her lips and rubbed it back and forth. "Mark, enough," said the third man. He was younger, in his mid twenties, but short and thin with a face that looked like an angry rodent.

"Get on with it." Mark walked around and pressed the ball between Suzi's ass cheeks. "Open wide," he said, then pushed it up inside her with one hard motion.

Suzi moaned and my cock jerked. Mark patted her on the belly and said, "good girl." Suzi moaned and pressed her face harder into her shoulder. "Kenny, give me another," Mark said. The big man took another ball out of the bag and handed it to Mark. He spit on it, rubbed it, then shoved it into her cunt. He followed those with two more, then stepped back a few feet. "OK, honey. Now shoot one of them to me. The one in your ass." He cupped his hand and crouched slightly.

"Come on. Clean yourself out so Kenny can fuck you." Kenny walked around behind her, held her head in his big hands.

"Unless you want him to fuck you with the ball up there?" Suzi started protesting then, begging him, but he didn't say a word. She got quiet then I saw her thighs start to strain, she lifted her body a few inches off of the metal frame and clenched. A ball shot out of her and onto the floor, bouncing once at Mark's feet.

Mark looked at it, then looked at her and shook his head. "That was very bad." He turned his head slightly. "Sid?" Sid got between my wife's legs and bent down, picked up a leather strap from Mark's case. With a quick movement, he swatted it down dead center up the middle of her crotch. Suzy screamed and raised her hips. Sid hit her again and again, up and down the insides of both thighs twice, stopping to deliver a dozen blows to her pussy each time.

"Now, bitch," Mark growled, do you think you can handle a simple little instruction? Shit out the ball that's up your ass." I watched Suzi, sobbing and shaking, tense her thighs again and another ball bounced across the room. Again, Sid flogged her cunt while Mark complained to her how useless she was and how she wasn't cooperating.

Sid was beating her cunt with the belt when I saw her shudder and knew she'd cum. With everything she'd gone through in the last few weeks, anything they did would just turn her on. They didn't know it and it was just as well. Sid stopped and dropped the strap to the ground. Kenny leaned forward and looked her in the eyes.

"You have two more balls inside you, one in your ass and one in your fuckhole. You're going to have one more chance. After that, I'm going to fuck you for all you're worth. And I really don't want to push that ball any deeper up into your ass than it already is.

So, let's see what you can do." Suzi didn't say a word. I wondered if she was calculating a way to keep the ball inside her ass. They'd think she failed but I'd know better.

It would hurt more and she would cum harder. Mark stepped closer and put his hands just underneath her ass and smiled. "Come on, now, let's see if you can make this easy on yourself." One last time, my wife's body tensed and lifted off the metal, one last time, a ball dropped into the old man's hands.

"Your ass must be tighter than they told me," he said, shaking his head. He tuned to Kenny. "Enjoy," he said. Suzi started moaning, "no, please, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck.aRRRGGGHHH!!" Kenny held her hips tight and pulled his huge cock out of her, then rammed it in again. He fucked her for fifteen minutes before he threw back his head and groaned, filling my wife's ass with his cum.

When he pulled out, cum gushed out and dripped down the insides of her thighs. Mark laughed and scooped it up with his fingers, pushing it back into her. "Come on, Sid, before she leaks out." Obediently, Sid slid his pants down around his knees and slid his cock deep into my wife's ass. "I feel the fucking ball!" he laughed, ramming his cock deeper up her ass.

I rubbed my cock, wishing I was there. I would have gone around and fucked her face, let her feel the cum shooting into her from both ends, like so many times at home.

But, I was here and she was there and besides, if one of them *did* decide to fuck her face, it would obstruct my mistress fucks my ass with her feet so it was just as well.

I watched her as Sid fucked her, his cockhead ramming up against the ball buried deep up inside her now. She was moaning "no, no" but I would tell she was getting close to another orgasm.

My cock was hard and I stroked the head, trying to think of her mouth but it wasn't working. Dammit! I was getting spoiled! I needed an ass to fuck. Her ass. Sid leaned forward and grabbed her nipples with both hands, pulling hard and shaking up and down.

She started moaning harder then, her body arched as she came again. "Fuck!

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Look at that!" Mark laughed. "Sid, lean back." Sid stood up, let go of Suzi's nipples and smiled at Mark. Mark picked up a single-tail whip and swung it high above his head.

When he brought it down across my wife's titties, she screamed and Sid jerked. "Oh fuck! Yeah, she snaps her asshole when you do that! Do it again, Mark." Mark swung again and Sid grunted. "Harder. And faster!" Mark stared swinging in earnest then and I watched the red stripes starting to appear across my wife's chest.

She was getting more and more turned on, her head shaking side to side now, muttering nonsense. When Sid came, she opened her eyes and screamed at Mark "don't stop! don't stop! Motherfucker! Come on, harder! Oh fuck, yes, harder!" Mark dropped the whip on the floor and she started screaming "bastard, bastard, motherfucker!

Cocksucker! Pussy! you fucking pussy!" The three men gathered around her and laughed, stroking her gently, pinching her nipples. "So, you like pain? How about we just touch you here. and here." "Hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!" Suzi yelled over and over, but their laughing drowned most of it out.

I stopped stroking myself, I wasn't going to cum so I might as well just admit it. I looked at the clock. It was nearly midnight, so ten down in Phoenix. They could keep fucking her all night but I couldn't afford to stay and watch, I'd be driving down to pick up John tomorrow so I needed some sleep. I was about to turn off the monitor when I saw the door open.

Three more men came in, followed by a women in a white uniform. Someone was playing nurse? "So?" the woman asked, focusing on Mark. "Is she satisfactory?" Mark tilted his head.

"Eh." "Well, did you hurt her?" the woman asked, stepping closer to Suzi. "We fucked her. Whipped her tits a little." The woman laughed. "Did you find the little prize I left for you?" The three big tits brunette milf sucks big dick looked at each other, shaking their heads.

"No. We didn't know there was a prize." Without missing a step, the woman leaned over my wife and pushed her hand straight into her pussy. She felt around for a minute while Suzi squirmed and moaned. "She likes that," Sid laughed. "Pump her a few times." "Later," the woman said, pulling her hand out.

It was slick with Suzi's pussy juice but she held a small steel ball between her finger and thumb. "Messy, isn't it?" She pushed it into Suzi's mouth and smiled. "Clean it up for them." Suzi moved her tongue and I heard the ball rattle against her teeth. The woman shoved her hand back into Suzi's hole.

"What's this?" she asked, turning to Mark. "What?" he asked. 
"I feel something inside here." She pushed two fingers into Suzi's ass. My wife moaned and raised her hips, fucking the woman's hand.

The woman laughed. "Look at this whore." She pushed her arm deeper, halfway to the elbow while Suzi fucked and humped harder. "It's moving," the woman said. She slid her fingers out of my wife's ass and watched while the ball slowly spread her spinchter until it popped through and bounced on the floor.

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"You were fucking her with that inside her?" Mark answered, "yes. Felt good too." "Hmmm," the woman said. "Hand it to me." Mark picked it up. The woman took it and pushed it back into Suzi. "Do you have any more?" Suzi shuddered as another orgasm went through her. The woman kept fucking her cunt with her arm while she pushed the other three balls up into Suzi. She pulled her arm out and wiped it on Suzi's belly.


"Anyone want to fuck her now?" she turned to the room. Mark and Sid of the men came up immediately. One spit on his cock and stroked it, the other pushed his into my wife's mouth. When the mom bathroom shower com xxx vedios man's cock got stiff, he started sliding the head up and down between her ass cheeks. "Now, about the pain," the woman said. She walked toward the door and I watched her open a small panel next to the light switch.

She took out what looked like a large television remote control box. The three men who had come in with her looked at her and she nodded.

They started working on Suzi then. One of them took a box out of a cabinet drawer and opened it to reveal a nest of wires and white adhesive pads. He attached two to each of Suzi's breasts, several up and down her arms and legs, and four on each of her ass cheeks.

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The second man wrapped rubber bands around the base of multi orgasmic squirting babe just keeps on cumming titties, then several up and down her arms and legs, wrist to elbow and ankle to knee. The third man attached a metal device to her head and adjusted it so it kept her mouth wide open and her nostrils flared wide.

Then, he took a plastic tube and pushed it several inches down into her throat. I shook my head, wondering what the hell he was up to. He adjusted something near her mouth and then let go of the tube. It stayed in place, deep down inside her. While they were preparing her, the man between her legs was pushing his cock slowly in.

"The balls are so fucking tight!" he moaned, sliding further into my wife's ass. She must have been splitting open with his cock pushing those balls either deeper or sideways. "You all the way in?" the woman asked. 
The man just moaned and pulled himself harder against Suzi's crotch.

"Tell me how this feels." I leaned forward to watch my wife's face closer. I didn't know what this woman was up to but Suzi's body was certainly prepared for something. "nnnnggggggg!" Suzi moaned around the tube. She arched her back and tensed every muscle in her legs and belly. The woman was shocking her, though I couldn't tell where. Her legs started to shake as the current went through her. Then, two of the others started snapping the rubber bands up and down her calves. She started screaming then, the pain too much finally even for Suzi.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Mark yelled, "Keep on doing it, she's fucking milking my cock with her ass!" They snapped the rubber bands harder and Suzi's body went into spasms, twisting and jerking. The woman pressed a button and Suzi collapsed against the metal, moaning as the others kept snapping the rubber bands against her skin, now turning bright red.

"Let her rest," the woman said calmly. The men stopped and Mark slid his cock out of her ass. She went limp, moaning through the tube. The woman in white nodded to one of the men. He went into the other room and came back with a gallon sized bottle of water. I quickly launched a browser and looked up "stomach capacity". Most of the medical sites said that 2 liters was about average. Three would be uncomfortable and four would be extreme.

A person might begin to experience trouble breathing and a lot of pain. I looked at the gallon bottle. It wasn't quite full but that was easily 3 and a half liters. The woman stroked my wife's belly gently. "Now, David here," she nodded to the man holding the bottle, "had asked about giving our little toy an enema as part of the video." I leaned forward, Karl had told me they were taping this but I'd forgotten.

"I had to tell him no. We all know this one is an ass slut, so if we fill her up, she won't be much fun to use, now will she?" The woman slid her hand up Suzi's body, now stroking her neck and cheeks. "So, we came to a compromise." Suzi's eyes registered panic now. I hadn't seen that in a long time. She understood what was going on and was afraid.

My cock stiffened again. "David, get the funnel." David nodded and set the water bottle on the floor. He went into the other room and came back with a funnel. The woman nodded and David put the funnel into the end of the tube.

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Suzi started shaking now, trying to turn her head but the metal device kept her steady. "Ngghhhh," she grunted, trying to beg but not making any sense. "Take a deep breath," David said. I saw Suzi's belly rise, then David started pouring the water slowly into the tube. The woman rubbed Suzi's belly as the man slowly filled her with water.


When the bottle was about half empty, she motioned for him to stop. Suzi was moaning and I saw her body relaxed, collapsed, not able to fight anymore.

The woman came around and knelt in front of Suzi, brought her face close and started kissing her. My wife's body moved slightly, she was getting turned on. The woman stroked her breasts, licked her cheeks and lips, kissed her deep.

Suzi moaned and ground her hips up and down.


Then, the woman slid her hand down to Suzi's belly and pressed. Suzi grunted like a wounded animal and some water shot out of the tube. The woman slid her hand further down and started rubbing Suzi's cunt. She came quickly, shooting water out of the tube again, splashing David's pants.

He slapped her face but the woman put up her hand. "She can't control herself." David nodded. "Go ahead, finish it," she said. David picked up the bottle and slowly poured the rest of the gallon into Suzi.

Then, he quickly pulled the tube out and clamped his hand over her mouth. One of the other men handed him a roll of duct tape and he covered her mouth. A trickle of water drizzled out of her nose and he wiped it with his fingers.

She was moaning now, quiet and steady. Sex com xxx mature and girl story knew she was in pain, this was a sound I didn't hear from her often. They stood and watched her for a long time. Suzi's body would lay still, then jerk every twenty seconds or so as her stomach cramped from all the water. Some would shoot out her nose as her body tried to expel it, but it was never more than a few drops. After about four or five minutes of this, one of the balls shot out of her ass and rolled across the floor.

The woman nodded. "That was inevitable. And we're going to leave her like this until her body gives us back the other three balls." Shit, this woman was evil. I reached to turn off the full-body monitor but stopped myself halfway. David was stepping closer to Suzi with something in his hand.

I couldn't see what it was until he raised it up and swung it. A thick, leather paddle. He brought it down on her swollen belly with a crack. Her whole body jerked and water shot out of her nose. She began squirming now, bucking her ass up and down and I knew she'd crossed the line again, she'd assimilated it all and the pain was turning her on.

David swatted her again and her leg muscles locked as she came. Another of the balls flew out of her ass, this time it flew across the room like a cannon shot. This was one of the most ingenious things I'd seen done to my wife and I flicked the 'record' button on the monitor. I would want to watch this again tonight. After the fourth ball shot out, the woman told David to "drain her". He did, reinserting the tube and emptying all of the water - now yellow with bile - back horny babe jenna foxx fucks a large hard the bottle.

They took off the shock pads and rubber bands and undid the metal straps that held her in place. Suzi tried to get up but only succeeded in rolling herself onto the floor.

Four of the six took one last shot at her ass, then they left her alone to wait for Karl to come and pick her up. I clicked off the "record" and turned off the monitors. Karl had better have negotiated a good price for that, the video would be priceless.