Hot brunette girlfriend denissa first time anal sex in pov

Hot brunette girlfriend denissa first time anal sex in pov
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That time of year had finally come John's annual birthday sleep over had arrived.


He was only allowed to invite three people. Jamie, Evan and the last person he couldn't decide on. Evan kept trying to convince John to invite Mark because Evan had a secret crush on him. Little did Evan know that his secret crush wasn't so secret and John also had a crush on Mark.

John invites Mark to the sleep over. On the night the four boys all lay around in the sleep wear (underwear as they wanted to seem cool). John is quite tall, about 6'3" with messy, dirty blond hair. He american soldier fuck black girl in jail wearing white boxers that are two sizes two small, which make his dick look massive.

Jamie is also quite tall, about 6', and has dark black hair. Jamie is wearing some grey boxers, which are tight and his ass looks great.

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Mark is smaller than the others, about 5'8", and has light brown hair, which he keeps quite short. He has a solid six-pack which he is very proud of. Mark is wearing blue jack wills boxers and his dick looks massive. Evan is the only one of the four boys who wears glasses, and his hair is longer than the rest, however he is wearing black boxers from Hollister which make his bulge look amazing. Both John and Evan keep checking out Mark's package and six pack.

Jamie catches both the boys staring at Mark.


Trying his best to annoy them, he crawls over to him and starts kissing Mark. The boys open their mouths in awe! Then they too crawl over. Evan then leans in to kiss Mark followed by John. All the boys, in their kissing frenzy, start to get horny.

John whips out his dick, a respectable 5.5". "Look at this big boy," he claims. Jamie then retorts with his, hard dick, which is bigger at six inches. Then Evan joins in by pulling out his seven-inch erection! They all turn and wait in anticipation for Mark to revile his.

Marks dick was the biggest out of all of them, weighing in at 7.5 inches, yet Evan's was by far the thickest. John began sucking Marks dick while Jamie and Evan 69. Both Jamie and Evan moaned while Mark face fucked John Then Jamie sat down while all three guys fucked his face at once.After John wanted a huge dick in his tight ass, so Evan started to slowly insert his dick into John.

He then started to pick up the pace, hitting John's prostate with every thrust. Mark then stuck his huge dick into Jamie'stight ass and screamed in pleasure.John couldn't contain himself and yelled as he came and then Evan burst into John's ass.Jamie's ass was so tight that Mark was cumming after only a few minutes.

The feeling of warm cum squirting into his asshole was enough to push Jamie over the edge, and he screamed as he covered the floor below him in sticky semen. John then starts licking up all the cum from the floor, determined to have all of Jamie's cum in his mouth. Suddenly Evan looked up and swore.Standing in the doorway was John's younger brother, Ben. He was wearing pajamas and everyone could see the massive bulge in his bottoms.

Ben walked over to John, who was still on the floor, completely naked, with cum dripping from his mouth and ass. He pulled his dick out of his bottoms, and forced the impressive six-inch erection into his older brother's ass.

The other boys laugh as they realize Ben's dick is bigger than John's, who is more than two years older than Ben. John squealed in pleasure, his semi hard dick returning to full erection.

Bens cock continued squelching in and out of Johns ass, and everyone could tell he was getting close to orgasm. Then without any warning, Pussy licked and gangbanged homemade and hardcore pulled out, and came all over Johns back and ass. He then walked over to Mark, who was sitting stroking his hard dick, and sat down on it. Ben started bouncing up and down on Marks dick, as Mark starts gorgeous milf lisa ann loves sitting into toni ribasrsquo big cock. Evan then crawls over, and forces himself under Mark, sliding his dick into his ass.

Evan then is able to suck Bens dick, deep throating his entire length. Ben soon cums, and his tightening ass brings Mark over the edge, filling up Bens ass with cum. Evan soon cums, as Mark starts moaning in pleasure. Ben then goes over to Jamie and forces him to lick out his hole, still filled with cum. He goes down to suck Jamie's dick, and has him cumming very quickly. Evan goes over and picks up Bens underwear, still in his bottoms.

Ben wears the same type of underwear as John, but black, and Evan can see the cum stains all over them, making his dick twitch, and return to erection. He decides that everyone should contribute their own spunk to Ben's boxers, and starts to suck Mark, forcing him to cum quickly, all over the boxers. Mark then returns the favour for Evan, and soon there are two fresh spunk stains on Bens boxers.

John is next to add to the collection, fingering his ass, and finding his prostate, and spurting out a spray of cum, all over the boxers. Evan then takes them over and rubs the boxers in Bens face, who is still sucking off Jamie, trying for a second orgasm, making sure the cum covers him.

Ben then cums all over Jamie, and Evan wipes it up with Ben's boxers.

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Ben leaves as the boys all collapse into their beds, covered in cum and exhausted