Amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob

Amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob
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So being married is wonderful and I as a wife couldn't ask for more. He, Frankie is a great provider and just bought us a great house in the desert a few miles from the Vegas strip. As I put the tea water on for my first morning cup I asked him "Frankie do you have to be gone so long" I said to him as he frowns then kisses me then says "Hey baby that's how the bills get paid".

I with a sad look on my face understand as he kisses me one last time and walks out the door to his limo waiting in front on the house. I watch as he pulls away when the phone rings. I wave once more as I walk over to the other side of the room to answer it. I pick up the call and it is Marta my best friend. As she is talking to me I glance at myself in the mirror.

I was always too modest to stare at myself in the mirror but while she babbled on I was noticing just how cute I was. I got her off the phone finally and walked away from that blasted mirror shaking my head in disgust. In that very same moment I walked back and took a better look at myself.

I was a young 23 years old married to a great guy and I just wanted to see what he saw in me. I had blonde hair flowing to the middle of my back. I was pleased with my 36D breast and I know for damn sure he was too.

As I put my hands on my hips I thought for the first time in my life that I was hot. I mean the kind of hot girl that you found in playboy or penthouse magazines. The whistle of the tea kettle brought me back down to earth and I ran to shut it off.

I sat at the table thinking about things and sipping my hot tea. The doorbell rang so I took another sip and went to answer it. It was the daily mail and the postman said I was looking great today as he handed me my mail. He always pays me compliments like that and smiles while he says them but now for some reason I thought he meant them and the words were more then idle chit chat.

I walked over to that mirror one more time. I unbuttoned my top and tied my blouse into a midriff. My top half looked good but I wasn't pleased with the bottom half. Slacks just lovely eyes amateur blowing a big cock going to make it if I was to be all I could be. I ran to my room and rummaged through my closet until I found what I was looking for.

It was a silk skirt that I haven't worn since I was in high school. I quickly got out of my pants and out the skirt on. I ran back to the mirror and took another look. "WOW" I thought "Either I grew or this skirt shrunk". What was once a midi was now six inched above my knees and talk about tight, this skirt showed every curve I owned. The one thing I hated was panty lines so off they came and the lines were all gone. Now I needed one thing more if I was to become the hottest girl in Vegas and that was something in a heel.

Like a school girl I ran back to my closet and found a perfect black four inch heel and they were real leather. Now that girl in the mirror was complete. I got out my makeup bag and put on the rubies red lips and made up my eyes almost cat like. I strutted in front of the mirror gently running my fingers on my cleavage. Now I knew what the mail man was smiling at because I was smiling in the same way he did. It was the wanting of me that he was smiling at. I shake my head as if I was dreaming all of this.

I think "What the hell am I doing"?

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Just then the image of me smiled and said "Look at you. You are a hot babe and bored out of your skull." I just stared with a blank expression and listened as if I was powerless and need to hear what the girl in the mirror was saying.

I knew it was me but it really wasn't. I was plane Jane newlywed true blue Janet Harkin from a small remote part outside of Vegas.


But I listened deeply as that girl in the mirror spoke again. "Hey, I'm just looking out for you sweetie. I think being cooped up in this hell hole is enough to make anyone batty." I start to janet jacme and tom byron away realizing that it was just the quiet house and the heet getting to me. "Hey", the girl said as I was walking away she added ""You have a small amount of cash so why not have a good time and hit a casino and get out for a day".

She told me that I deserved a day for myself and I new that was so true. I was dressed for a day on the town and Frankie wouldn't be home for a few days anyway so I got in my bug and headed to the strip.

I pulled up to a red light and looked to my left.

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A guy was smiling at me and I was flattered. I guess the looks helped my esteem. I pulled into the casino parking lot and parked. The guy eyeing me at the red light walked over to my car and stood their as I opened my door. His eyes were all over me. I didn't know whether to be scared or glad that men found me sexy and irresistible. It was almost like I forgot I had no panties on and when my skirt rode up he saw everything. I just smiled and pulled my skirt down to cover up.

He asked where I was heading but I locked my car and started walking away. He ran after me and I sort of liked that he did. He held my arm and even went so far as to open the casino doors open for me. He then asked me to join him for lunch but I refused. He now shows me a stack of hundred dollar bills. He fans them out and asks me to at least join him at the tables. I smiled and went along with him. I watched as he threw his money around like it was nymphos nail dudes asshole with monster strap dildos and squirt cream and admired the fact that he didn't care.

He then orders drinks for the table as he hits for fifty thousand and in the excitement we headed for his room. He went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

I looked in the mirror and saw the girl smiling once again. I said "Oh no, are you crazy? I love Frankie." The girl said that it was just one time and for a few kicks and no one would be the wiser. When Tony came out of the bathroom I just went for his cock with my hand and felt he needed me.


I undid his belt and his pants dropped to the floor. He just stood there as he watched me drop to my knees.

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I kissed sucked and licked him until he couldn't take it anymore. I stopped and took his hand and walked him to the bed in the other room. He started climbing on top of me but I push him off.


He started to speak but I said "SHHHH" holding my hand over his mouth. I then got on my hands and knees and he placed his hand on his cock and slowly moved it into my ass. I always loved ass fucking.

It was always more intense for me then regular sex. He knew just what he had to do to please me fucking me hard deeper into my ass. The more it hurt the more I loved it. He pulled my hair thrusting deeper into me.

As he pumped my I reached my hand into my flooded pussy and fingered faster with every thrust. His cock exploded inside my ass spraying me inside and out. That wasn't enough for me. I just didn't cum and he knew I wanted more. He made a few calls and told me to relax and sip my drink. A soft knock came at the door and he answered it as I lay their under the blankets. He didn't know it but I was still playing with my wet pussy under them. Three of who I think were his friends came in and he talked with them for a while.

I couldn't make out what they were saying but between my fingering myself and almost getting to the point of climax I really wasn't paying any attention to them. I downed my drink and he had another waiting for me. I started on that one and was very drunk. He walked back into the room and got under the blankets with me. He turned to me and smiled. He said his friends were waiting for him to go to a high roller game in a private room.

I said "Then go, go with them if you like them better then me". He said it wasn't a horny asian slut licks and sucks dick hardcore filipina of who likes who better it was a matter of business. I asked him why they liked card playing better then a good fuck and he told chap bangs her as hard as nobody girlfriend homemade that they would take a good fuck any day over a card game.

He told me to hold on as he left me alone again. He returned and he wasn't alone. He pulled the blankets off of me so fast that they all saw me fingering my pussy. I stopped suddenly but they all started talking to me talking me into doing it some more.

They said they liked it when a woman did that for them. I slowly started fingering myself again as I watched them all disrobe. One cock on my mouth sucking hard and as fast as I can with another moving closer to my pussy. I just watched as they put their cocks where ever they wanted to, needed too.

I wanted to stop but needed to go on. I felt alone because the girl in the mirror had left me. I knew now what I was doing was wrong but I was already getting every input in my body violated.

"What the hell are you doing to me" I screamed as they kept raping me. I screamed for help but no one heard me as my ass got fucked again. I twisted and turned as they kept pounding me against my wishes. "Rape" I screamed as I turned to the mirror for help.

She was their. I felt more at ease and that got me through the rest of the fuck fest. The girl in the mirror was indeed back. She assured me that I was a pro and could handle these bastards. I knew the only way too end this was to satisfy all of them.

I blew one then the next until they came all over my face. Then I knew the one guy liked a good hand job so I gave him the best I had to offer. I gave him a two fisted hand job with some nice cold hand cream to slide with ease over his stiff hardness. Another one down and their was one more to go.

He liked torture so I squeezed his balls until he screamed bloody murder. I then started sucking him off and between the pain and the pleasure his cum shot clear across the room.

While the men were getting dressed I took a shower. I didn't know how men could be so greedy. I finished four of them and not a one thought I needed any attention what so ever. In the hot tub I started feeling myself again and finally came the way I needed to. I headed back home that night and never told anyone about that girl in the mirror. I rarely look at myself anymore. I think you know why. Maybe that's why I stopped looking in the first place.