Redheaded skyla showed off her nice titties to professor sean

Redheaded skyla showed off her nice titties to professor sean
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Dementia Ch3: Violence Turned in on Itself Warning: In the previous chapters you have seen rape and murder. You have seen the sinister side of sex. In this chapter the story begins to turn dark. NC, MC, Tort, M/f I honestly meant to walk a new path once I had gotten out of prison. Raping all of those women wasn't my idea, but they were there and the job needed to be done.

I had told my lawyer that I didn't see anyone else taking care of the job so I felt that I had no other choice. The bastard lawyer was only in it for me. He was all about suppressing evidence and pretending that the women were raped by some other guy. Like I was going to let the other guy claim that I was not a hard working citizen.

I so wanted to beat that other guy up, but my lawyer said that I couldn't because I was delusional. That's why I knifed him. The people in prison thought that they could beat up on me because I was delusional too. I exercised in the gym until you couldn't notice my delusions under all my muscles.

That's why they put me in the comfortably padded rooms. They wanted to reward me for shrugging off my delusions. Unfortunately rewarding bbw gets pleasured by a big staff got expensive so they let me go.

I found Target was walking calmly through the park. She had short blond hair and was dressed in a business suit. She had just had a hard day at work. I figured that one of her coworkers was sexually harassing her, and her supervisor wasn't going to do a thing about it. She must have been informed that if she chose to quit over this she would not get hired in another office doing anything more than getting coffee for the boys in the mail room.

She had an ample C cupped chest and she carried it around in a tight fitting business suit.


She walked with her legs in nylons and high heels and her hips wrapped in a mini skirt. All of this was leading to her downfall. Target was a beautiful woman, but it seems she hadn't been laid by me yet. Ouch, BIG mistake. She really had no way of knowing that she had messed up, but ignorance of my cock was no excuse for disobeying my cock.

She should have sought me out, snuck into my house, given me a blow job as I slept, and thanked me for the sperm as it dripped from the corners of her mouth. Well I wasn't completely heartless, I was beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis to give her the chance to make it up to me.

She didn't hear me approach. It was getting dark and she was getting a little nervous. Ironically she was so interested in looking at the shadows that she couldn't see me leaning against a tree as she walked by.

I was as clear as the hand in front of her face. If you wanted to get technical it was my hand that was in front of her face, and my other hand was wrapped securely around her waist.

I dragged her deeper into the woods, but she did what had up till then been unheard of. She broke away and started running. That was a mistake. I was dressed for the occasion, while she was dressed to give me the greatest advantage. Well to make a long story short I took the greatest advantage when she tripped and fell. She tried to get up, but I kicked her sides and she quickly fell back down.

She attempted to get up, but I dove onto her pressing her front into the dirt and wood chips. My hand reached up under her short black skirt and took hold of her panties and her pantyhose. She tried to crawl away, but I pulled back with my grip of her undergarments. The sound of nylon ripping made her pull back all the harder and I found that I had the material of her crotch covering in my hands. I punched her with my other hand and stuffed the shreds of garment into her mouth. I took the pantyhose off of her left leg and used that to tie the gag into place.

I tied her hands behind her back with a set of nylon handcuffs. Normally I wouldn't do this, as it would be evidence that could be traced to me, but this time I had gotten the handcuffs from a previous victim. Sitting upon the small of her back I surveyed my work. The elegant and finely trimmed short hair that she wore atop her hair was now a mess and filled with dirt and sweat. I am proud to say that I barely had a drop of sweat of my own. I had all the energy that I would need for my work to come.

I also knew for a fact that I had gotten past the tough part already, and that I was home free to go into the fun part.

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I don't refer to the upcoming defiling of her lovely body. No, I actually mean her upcoming death. She hadn't seen me as of yet, but I would be putting a good deal of physical evidence onto and in her body. Her crimes would kill her I was afraid. Her black skirt had dirt stains upon the front and was hiked up around her waists.

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I considered ripping the skirt off so she would have a clue that there would be no walk home, but with what I had planned I knew that she was going to be a treat just the way she was. The white dress shirt that she wore out of the office, and the tight fitting dress coat that she wore over it was going to have to go. I reached under her and grabbed the front of her shirt. With a single motion I ripped the garment open and I had her breasts in my hand.

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Thankfully her bra was a front clasping one. I spread her legs and placed my self at her entrance I was going at her from behind, so even if she did shut her legs I could still thrust freely.


Her entrance would have been too dry, but I was always prepared. A little lubricant on me and a little on her pussy allowed me to manage to penetrate her.

Remarkably she got this far away look and I entered her without any effort what so ever. She was wet. I revised my earlier estimate and decided that she was fucking the boss and was only angry because he had decided to share her around. I am glad I got that far because just then she chose to buck her hips up.

This slammed me into her forcing me up further into her. It was a simple counter thrust that pushed me completely into her. I worked in and out of her while she thrashed underneath me. I loved the way that she squirmed and bucked trying to get me off of her, but there was just no way that I was going to be dislodged.

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For one thing I was determined to let her make me happy, and for another she was tired from a hard days work. Grabbing her breasts allowed me to lodge my cock into her for as long as it took for me to start to cum.


The little guy was thrashing about inside of her as I shot out into her. I sighed my relief and collapsed onto her body for a while. I was done with her now so I decided to beat her for a while. I flipped her over and began punching her in the stomach. Before too long I had Target coughing up blood. I kissed her and tasted some of the thick blood. She was crying so I licked up a few of her tears. I dragged her to a place where I knew wild dogs liked to frequent and tied her arms behind her back to a tree.

We were well out of the area where people could hear us, so I only had to worry about how to prevent her from getting away.