Rui natsukawa has jugs touched doggystyle and stockings

Rui natsukawa has jugs touched doggystyle and stockings
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My neighbour Jack has a very sexy and attractive young wife, Doris, who is half Chinese and very small and slim, only about five feet tall. She has a very neat, curvy figure, with small high set tits, slender legs, a nicely rounded bottom, and a very appealing smile. My very good fortune is that Jack enjoys having her used, and he has asked me to write about it all. He is, however, very careful about these activities.

He does not want his wife damaged, of course, but also he does not want her to remember anything afterwards. He used to do this by getting her very drunk, sometimes with a little help, but now he has a better way, a friend in the shape of Joe, a retired stage magician, who can use hypnosis on Doris leaving her with no memory of what has taken place. Jack was waiting for me to come home one evening, and came out to speak to me.

He said that someone he knew was very keen on entertaining Doris, as he put it, and he had arranged to take Doris to "see" him. He hoped I could go with Joe and himself that Friday evening. Of course I could! He also told me that there would be a second visit the following Friday as well, so that Doris could recover a bit before we had another session with her.

The Friday arrived. I went next door as arranged to find Joe had already had his little "talk" with Doris, who looked absolutely gorgeous dressed in an above the knee pleated skirt and a fairly tight fitting shirt, and heels. Her dark hair was styled with a fringe framing her pretty face, and her eye makeup made her look perhaps a little more oriental than usual. As we all walked out to the car, Joe whispered that tonight Doris would be aware of everything, and even though she might show some reluctance and might have to be persuaded, she would ultimately be compliant.

"Should be good," he smiled, climbing into the car. The front of the house was in darkness as we drove up. However when Jack went to the door, sure enough it opened and he led us all in. There was a dim light coming from a basement room, and this was where we were headed.

The room itself was quite large, dimly lit, and our host James stepped forward and took Doris's hand. "Let me introduce you," he said. "This is Thomas, my personal assistant." Thomas was tall and fit looking, and merely stared down at the small figure of Doris.

"This is my friend, Rita." Rita was blonde, perhaps 50, hard looking, but she smiled sweetly at Doris and said. "Hello," before turning to James and remarking, "She's cute and sweet. I like the look of her." James smiled and nodded, and next was a young girl seated next to Rita. "This is Rita's friend, Lucy." Lucy stared up at Doris standing before her, but said nothing. Her face was pretty, but she looked sullen, almost sneering.

We all sat down, except James and Doris. Despite her earlier conditioning to be obedient, Doris looked puzzled as James took Rita's hand and helped her to her feet, saying with a smile, "I will leave you in Rita's hands, now, Doris." Smiling, no doubt in anticipation, Rita said, "Come and stand over here," and led Doris towards the side of the room. The couches were arranged in a semi circle facing that wall. Suddenly all the lights dimmed, and a light came on above big tits and blue eyes babe in hot orgasm two figures, and also lit up the wall, which contained a giant mirror.

Rita and Doris were brightly illuminated, the rest of us in shadow. Rita turned Doris to face the mirror, and stood behind her, with her hands on Doris's shoulders.

"From now on, Doris," she said, "You will do what I tell you." Reflected in the mirror, Doris still looked puzzled, but gave a small nod. "Do you understand, Doris?" Rita went on.

"Everything I tell you." Once again, Doris nodded. Rita let her hands slide down Doris's arms to her wrists, and quite gently pulled them behind her back. The action made Doris push her chest out slightly, making her little tits more prominent against her shirt. Rita said, "Stay still, Doris, and watch the mirror." In fact, everyone was watching the mirror.

Using one hand, Rita held Doris's wrists behind her back. Using the other hand, she began to unbutton Doris's shirt. Doris started to protest, but Rita cut her short. "You do what I tell you, Doris," she said, sharply. "Stand still." Button after button was undone, until the shirt was hanging loose and Doris was standing still as she had been instructed to, docile, under Rita's control.

Still gazing at the mirror, the older woman eased the loose shirt over Doris's shoulders until it was hanging on her elbows, revealing her small half big ass ebony kali dreams sucked a big cock bra.

In the mirror we could see Rita smiling broadly as she unclipped the bra, but Doris had a rather shocked expression on her face, staring at her reflection, meekly allowing the woman to strip her to the waist. The bra came off and suddenly Doris's little tits were on display.

Rita brought her hands up to cup both of them. "Look, Doris," she said. "Look at my hands, they are holding your lovely little breasts. They are so firm, and round, even though they're quite small. Would you like me to make your nipples all big and stiff?" Doris gasped and her face showed the struggle going on in her head.

A few seconds passed, then she nodded, and gasped out in confusion, "Yes, I mean, no, yes." Rita began to roll both nipples between her fingers.

Speaking in an even voice, she said, "I'm going to do that, Doris, and when your nipples get stiff, your pussy will get hot, won't it. Then you'll want me to rub it for you. You have to tell me when your pussy is ready, pull up your skirt and show me. But keep watching the mirror and look at your nipples. See, they are getting stiff already, aren't they." Rita was rolling and pinching the nipples more vigorously and Doris's upper body was twitching.

She couldn't take her eyes away from the mirror, until Rita repeated, "Is your pussy hot, Doris?" Her head jerked round and she looked at Rita over her shoulder. With a whimper in her voice, she said, "Yes." "Is it really," Rita replied in a mocking tone. "Oh, you slut, Doris. What are we going to do with you. Showing your tits to everyone, with your nipples all hard, and p marley brinx cumshot on face after sex you tell me your pussy is getting hot.

Look at the mirror you slutty bitch!" Doris turned back to the face the mirror. She was breathing hard, her face screwed up in a mixture of shock and horror.

Rita was unrelenting. "What did I tell you, bitch, pull natural breasty beautiful girlfriend hardcore and bondage skirt up." Doris waved her head from side to side.

She looked distraught. But then her hands grasped her skirt.

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She had to obey Rita. She had to obey everyone. She began to pull her skirt up. It was so slow. Doris was obviously fighting with herself, she knew that people were watching her display herself. She didn't want to, but she had to.


Both hands were clutching her skirt. As it came half way up her thighs, the tops of her stockings came into view. A little bit more and she was exposing bare thigh flesh.

She was sobbing, her head down, but still she had to reluctantly pull the skirt higher. Suspender straps were in full view in the mirror, and then her panties, a triangle of black silk between her legs. She only stopped when the skirt was crumpled up around her waist. "Keep looking at yourself, bitch," Rita snapped out. "You're a slut!" Her hands slid below Doris's tits, and in the mirror we could now see her nipples standing out huge and erect.

"Put your hand in your knickers, slut," came Rita's next order. Doris wailed, "Nooooo!" and helplessly shook her head, but she had to give in. Her hand slid under the waistband. Rita took hold of her wrist and jerked her hand up and down.

"Rub yourself!" she said loudly. Doris began to move her hand, hidden by the material, but quite obviously she was doing what she was told. For a few seconds Rita let Doris stand staring hopelessly at the mirror, feeling her own pussy and watching herself doing it.

Then she briskly turned Doris and marched her in front of the sullen girl Lucy. "What do you think, Lucy," she asked. "What do you think we should do now with our pretty little Chinese girl?" Lucy was as small as Doris and looked even younger.

Her face was grim. "She's just a cunt," she said sneeringly. "Get her knickers off, get her naked and we can see if she's any good for fucking." "Oh she's good for it, Lucy," Rita said smoothly.

"You do it, you take off her panties." Rita had teacher locker room blowbang p tube xvideos blowjob and interr arms round Doris to stop her protesting.

Lucy for once grinned, and immediately reached for Doris's little black panties. She wrenched them down, leaving them caught in one of Doris's heels, then sat back, staring at Doris's exposed pussy.

In just a few quick minutes, they had got Doris stripped to her stockings and suspender belt, standing in her high heels looking totally woebegone.

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"You want to taste her, Lucy?" asked Rita. Without waiting for an answer she snapped at Doris, "On the floor, bitch. On your back, with your legs spread." Doris hesitated, looking dazed and bewildered. She was breathing heavily and made no move. Rita's hand slapped down hard between her legs. Doris squealed and doubled up, then quickly scrambled down to obey and lay herself out as instructed.

Lucy jumped down beside her and knelt between her legs. She dug her thumbs into Doris's thighs to keep her legs apart and to Doris's horror, nuzzled her nose against the naked pussy. Doris jerked as Lucy's tongue took a long lick along her defenceless slit. The young girl began to lick and suck, but Rita allowed only a few seconds before ordering Lucy to her feet.

"Well?" she asked.


Lucy leered down at Doris spreadeagled on the floor. "Yeah," she said. "She'll be a good fuck, she's got a good tight cunt." Rita told Doris to get up and put her hands on her head. As Doris shakily obeyed her, she produced a harness and some dildoes. To Doris's complete surprise, she began to strap the harness round Doris's waist and between her legs. She took a short black dildo and attached it to the harness.

"Get your feet apart!" she snapped. Doris moved her feet apart, and could only look down in amazement as Rita deftly reversed the dildo and squeezed it up between her legs. "What are you doing - ahhhhhhhh!" she cried out, as Rita pushed it into her cunt.

It was so unexpected that Doris was speechless. Rita quickly tightened the harness and fixed another larger dildo to it. The dildo in her cunt was invisible, but the second dildo jutted out stiffly from the harness round her hips. She was so shocked by what had just been done to her that all she could do was stare down at the strapon.

Lucy brought forward a small chair and placed it in front of the mirror. All the time staring at Doris, she brazenly began to strip, and in no time she was naked. She walked over to Doris and took hold of the dildo strapped round her waist. With that sneer still on her face, she led Doris to the chair, and bent over it. Looking over her shoulder, she said, "Fuck me, Doris." Doris gasped loudly.

"What!" she exclaimed. Rita was right behind her. "She said legal age teenagers go hardcore on a ottoman blowjob and amateur you to fuck her, so do it." Doris turned round in consternation. "What do you mean!" she cried out. "I can't do that!" Rita closed her hand round the strapon, and moved it back and forth a couple of times.

Doris gasped she felt the internal dildo moving inside her. Her mouth fell open. Rita smiled. blowjob by adorable horny babe hardcore handjob got a nice big cock here, Doris," she said.

"Lucy wants you to fuck her with it. Look at her, bending over and holding her arse cheeks open for you. Look at her cunt, all ready and waiting for you. Now do it, fuck her!" She positioned Doris behind Lucy with the tip of the dildo just touching the young girl.

With a horrified look on her face, Doris took hold of it and tentatively guided it to the girl's pussy lips. She hesitated, unsure, looking nervously at Rita, who said firmly, "Push it in, Doris. Don't keep her waiting." With that, she gave Doris a hard slap on her bare buttock. Doris yelped and jerked her body and of course the dildo got driven into Lucy's cunt.

Doris yelped again as she felt the effect of the dildo inside her own cunt, and Rita helped by gripping Doris by her hips and pushing her forward, then pulling her back. "Fuck her," she hissed in Doris's ear. "I've heard you've been fucked often enough, so you should know how to do it." Another slap across Doris's backside and she reluctantly began to move the dildo in and out. Her face contorted as she did so, and it was obvious she was feeling her own dildo working inside her cunt.

Jack was on the edge of his seat with a huge grin on his face as he watched his petite wife in nothing but stockings and suspenders and wearing a strapon, doing her best to fuck Lucy with it. Her curvy little arse was moving faster now, she was getting into a rhythm, panting a little, her head rolling. We knew that by fucking Lucy, she was also fucking herself with the second dildo embedded in her cunt.

Every thrust into Lucy's cunt was causing friction in her own cunt, getting her more worked up, more horny, more likely to make her cum. And that was what Jack was waiting for. The image of Doris, naked, shagging a young girl with a strapon was one thing, seeing her cumming while she fucked the girl would be something else. Her shagging movements with her hips were getting faster and faster. The dildo fucking Lucy was sliding easily in and out and Doris had her head back, her eyes closed, her hands on Lucy's back to steady herself.

She began to moan, long drawn out sounds that lasted two or three thrusts. Suddenly she brought her hands up to her tits, grabbing them both, squeezing them together and feverishly rolling the little mounds from side to side. Her fingers rolled over her stiff nipples and her moaning became constant. And then she was cumming. She bent her body backwards and rammed the dildo into Lucy at lightning speed.

She gave a shriek and her thrusts became little uncontrolled jabs. Then with a long moan, she fell forward across Lucy's back and started sobbing. Everyone was delighted at Doris's performance.

Next thing James and Thomas stepped forward. They pulled Doris upright and held her sideways on to the mirror. James said, "Look at yourself, Doris." He turned her head to make her look at the strapon jutting out from between her legs.


He took her hand and closed it round the shaft of the dildo. Doris hastily turned her head away, horrified to see herself, naked, looking so sexy in her stockings and a suspender belt, wearing a strapon dildo and with her hand clamped suggestively round its shaft. James again made her look at the reflection.

The nipples on her little up-turned tits were still standing out hard and erect. In her high heels, her hips were pushed forward slightly, and her rounded arse cheeks looked as if they were clenched. Thomas dropped to his knees in front of her and closed his lips round the end of the dildo.

Doris looked down in surprise. "What. what are you doing," she cried out, causing James to put his arm round her waist to stop her from backing away. He dropped his free hand to the back of her thigh. Doris was visibly trembling, not knowing what they were going to do next.

Thomas moved his head back and forward slightly, and the action was enough to move the dildo embedded in Doris's cunt. She gave a sharp surprised cry and her body jerked. Thomas looked as if he was sucking the cock shaped dildo, but he was gripping it with his teeth and moving it.

Doris gasped and winced. The dildo inside her was being moved in unison with the external dildo in Thomas's mouth. He was in reality fucking her as his head bobbed to and fro. "Does that feel good, slut," James asked her. Doris just moaned and looked totally distraught.

"Look at the fucking mirror!" he went on, and Doris reluctantly turned her head to see herself standing there with Thomas on his knees in front of her. The pressure on the dildo in her cunt was making her hips jerk a little, and it really looked as though she was fucking Thomas's mouth with her strapon.

As she stared at the mirror, James began to caress her arse cheeks, stroking them and squeezing them. Thomas was steadily moving the strapon with his teeth and again James said, "Is your little cunt getting excited again, Doris.

It feels good, doesn't it." Doris, still looking at the mirror, groaned and moved her head slightly from side to side. "No? Well, tell me if this makes it feel better," James added.

His gorgeous little kitten gets her narrow pussy and petite anus screwed slid between her arse cheeks and Doris let out a cry. She turned her head and looked towards us as if she was seeing us for the first time. Her mouth fell open and her eyes went wide. James's finger was between her cheeks, pushing into her arse. Doris suddenly was up on her toes, whimpering, staring at us, aware we were watching James quite vigorously finger fucking her arse.

With Thomas still working the dildo in her cunt, Doris was getting stimulated in both holes, and her pretty face was screwed up unusual teens nail the biggest strap ons and spray load all over despair. Rita joined the little group and took hold of Doris's wrists, bending her tiny slim body over Thomas's head, allowing him to go on jerking the dildo back and forth. Behind her, James had his cock out. Doris had her cunt full of dildo, and now her arse was going to be taken by James and his cock.

Rita had a firm grip on her as he worked his shaft into Doris's arse. As it penetrated her, she let out a long wail that seemed to turn into a scream, and then he was fucking her. Her helpless body was bucking, but Rita had her arms held tight, stretched out above her head, making sure she couldn't move. What a scene it was!

Doris held bent over Thomas, who was working hard with his mouth gripping the strapon dildo and jerking it to and fro, and we knew that the dildo in her cunt was jerking to and fro at the same time. James was behind her ramming his cock into her arse, fucking her furiously. Jack's little wife was being well and truly shafted in both holes, and the friction was having its effect. Although she had cum off a few minutes earlier when she was strapon shagging Lucy, Doris was cumming off again.

Her moans sounded like a continuous wail, coming from a wide open mouth, her eyes shut, her face screwed up, her body jerking and her back arching. The men carried on fucking her all through her obvious orgasm, then with a huge groan, James stiffened and he pumped several very short fast strokes into Doris's arse.

Panting heavily, he pulled his cock out, dripping cum. He hooked his hands under Doris's arms and pulled her away from Thomas, turned her round, and forced her to her knees. He took hold of her head to keep her in place, and forced his wilting cock into her mouth in the last throes of his climax. Doris stayed on her knees, panting and gasping, spunk dripping from her lips, as Rita unfastened the harness and eased the dildo out of her cunt.

She looked down at the slender little well fucked body, and said with a smile, "Now that was good fun, wasn't it, Doris. Don't say you didn't enjoy it, you had some good cums, didn't you. What a horny little cunt you are! Can't wait to see you again next week! Now be a good little slutty whore and go and get dressed." Doris could only look up at her in disbelief, breathing hard, unable to say a word in reply. We got her tidied up and dressed, and into the car, and I wondered how she would feel in the morning.

She would remember nothing of what had happened, but she would probably think that Jack had given her a good hard ride the night before.