Pretty teen babe deepthroats and gets screwed hard and deep

Pretty teen babe deepthroats and gets screwed hard and deep
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I and my wife am a quit active couple, and we like to pass time with friends on excursions as well as at home, over a dinner or a nice glass of wine. Recently we have been spending time with a colleague of mine, working at the same research department, and his wife. We have been working at the same department for five years now, and I have known his wife since we started to socialize with them, about one and a half year ago.

While my colleague has turned into one of my best friends, my colleges wife appears to be getting along quit well with my wife. My wife is fairly athletic, with short dark hair, while my colleges wife (Ill call her Rachel in this text), has a more female appearance, with a more "shaped" body and long and dark hair.

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Rachel does not necessary dress challenging, or extra sexy in any way, but she has certainly made my mind play some dirty games with me lately. However, for some time I thought that my mind was the only dirty thing about her. Always properly dressed, in blouses and skirts, or jeans which do not challenge the society in any way. That is, apart from advertising her nicely curbed body beneath the clothes. But no excesses of skin or visible under wares.

Therefore it surprised me the more when I caught her, about a year ago, playing with herself quit openly. Or at least, if not public, not particularly discrete. We had spent the day in the woods; me, my wife, my friend, and Rachel. We had been mushroom picking, as my wife enjoys the woods in general and mushroom picking in particular. After having had lunch as picnic, we had split up the four of us. My wife and my friend had been walking along a small forest way, Rachel had walked into the woods, and so had I.

I had lost my wife and my colleague almost direct as they walked in another direction, but I kept track of Rachel for yet some time, but eventually lost track of her too. At least until I almost walked straight into mom and son six stroi in a small opening in the wood.

She was sitting leaning towards a log, still wearing here blouse while her jeans and her panties were down here ankles. Blushing red in here face and shoulders, she moaned quietly as she worked her cunt and clitoris with one hand, and held on to a stick coming out from the log behind her with the other.

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Her fingers worked in small short fast circles over her cunt, sometimes briefly letting a finger deep inside herself. Her face and throat was red, her eyes closed, and she was letting short quiet moaning sounds over her lips.

Not quit the way I expected to find Rachel, nevertheless, very welcome. She did not see me on the other side of the opening (at least I think so), but I stayed around slightly out of her sight to hear and see here complete orgasm, and also to get a better glimpse of here legs and her cunt.

And of course for the joy of getting aroused. While watching here there in the woods, fingering herself and getting off from it, I ended up with a bone hard dick almost blowing away the bottom in my jeans (I took it out on amateur eurobabe drilled by nasty man for some money blowjob and bigcock wife later that evening, fucking her for half an hour but being with Rachel in my thoughts).

I swiftly sneaked away right after she had her orgasm, and before she regained her conscious enough to notice me. But the sight stayed with me for months afterwards. And I also had a second, similar experience with Rachel only some months later. I was picking up my friend for a field trip we were going to make. While waiting for him to put on his coat and boots in his apartment, his wife Rachel came out and kissed him god buy.

As he had forgotten his sampling kit inside the apartment (we were going sampling vipers for a genetic study), he asked me to go in and collect it for him while he was tying his boots. On the way to the wardrobe where he kept his equipment, I passed their bedroom, and the door was half open.

Again I saw Rachel without panties and with one of her fingers deep inside herself. But this time she was not only without panties, she did not have any clothes on at all.


I was amazed on how fast she had undressed and aroused herself to the peak of excitement. It was only a few minutes since she was kissing her husband god buy, and here she was without any clothes, rubbing here clitoris, and ready to release here physics in a major orgasm. While I was in the doorway watching her and her pointy nipples, she came in their bedroom before my eyes. Sufficiently quiet so she was not heard by my colleague tying his boots, but loud enough to drive me and my hardening dick by the bedroom door crazy.

I could see that the orgasm had turned here red from her face down to her chest. Her tits, nipples erected, but were they not larger than usually? But this was the first time I saw them bare. With her trembling thighs and her fingers working fast over her cunt she came obvious but quiet, leaving the impression in my mind for the rest of the day?

Had she noticed me? Known that I was watching her working her cunt? I did not pay the vipers much attention that day. And also when my colleague did tell me that they were expecting a baby, and were in the twelfth week now.

That would explain nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob scaled up tits. Otherwise I had not noticed Rachel expressing a pregnant figure. Nevertheless, having seen her orgasming twice made me horny as hell every time I met her from that moment. This June afternoon which I am about to describe was such moment.

Rachel and my colleague was over for some socialization. As Rachel was now visible pregnant, we were having them only for coffee and some desert, avoiding stronger drinks. Rachel was wearing a long white sweater and a skirt. Back grounded by her black hear and femalely curbed body, it looked quit good. She was now getting a small belly and well sized breasts, and she looked sexy as hell.

I saw her and I could only think of her without clothes in the middle of an orgasm. Her presence was enough to give me a hard on these days. I think that neither my friend, nor my wife, knew anything about my desire. My wife usually ended up taking my load whenever I had met Rachel during a day. My colleague never said anything indicating that Rachel had an unusual appetite for sex or similar, and I did spend a lot of time with my colleague these days, working on the same project as him etc.

How much Rachel sensed, I do not know. Did she know that I had seen her fingering herself? Had she maybe even done it for me? Or had I just caught her in private situations?

As my wife and my colleague were chatting away about football in Barcelona (my wife is quit interested in football and my colleague is originally from Barcelona), Rachel rose and left the table. She wanted to move around a little she said. Felt better for her back now with the extra burden in her belly. I thought about her, what she could be doing in the nearby room (hoping rather than guessing).

After some minutes I excused myself and said I needed to go check on the burner in the basement (our house is heated with oil). It would take me through the neighbouring room, which Rachel had entered. We used that room as reading and working room, and we kept a small library and a writing desk in there.

The stairs down to the basement was on the other side of that room.


The desk was standing up against a wall, away from the doorway. It was not visible from the table in the sitting room, where my wife and my colleague were sitting.

Rachel was sitting on the desk, with her legs pulled up and her feet on the table, as I entered the room. Her panties were down her ankles and she was rubbing her cunt as she watched me intensely in my eyes. I did not say anything but watched her back as I walked on toward the stairs. One of her fingers disappeared into her body, into her cunt.

I had to pass her closely to get to the stairs down to the basement, and when I did so, she caught me with one hand. She pulled me close to her, and managed to unzip my pants and pull out my hard dick in one movement with the hand. My dick had been hard and prepared ever since she entered our house, so I needed not to be aroused. I was already prepared to enter her. As she pulled me closer, I thought about my wife and her husband, sitting only 10 meters away from us, separated only by a thin wall.

I looked down at her. She was ass of amazing gal is fucked hardcore blowjob on my desk, her legs and feet pulled up bringing her hips and cunt upfront. Her white sweater exposed rather than hid her pregnant belly and here milk filled titties. Her skirt was pulled up over her hips.

Her cunt was fat and wet and not shielded by any panties. One hand supporting her behind her back, and the other pulling my dick closer to her cunt. I was about to stick my dick into my best friends pregnant wife, and while he and my wife was sitting only a few meters away.

My wife called out for me. "Is Lars there" she asked. From the other side of the wall. "No, he went down to the basement", Rachel answered as I entered my dick into her body. Ohh it felt warm an good, to be welcomed into her pussy. My shaft looked banging hard when I looked down at it on its way in. "A pity, I wanted to know if he knew who was playing up front in Real Madrid this weekend". Real Madrid, what did I care for it this moment.

I was deep inside Rachel, one hand on her belly and the other on one of her titties. It all had to be done very quiet, and she was opening up as wide as possible to create as little sound as possible when I fucked her.

I could see my dick in her cunt under her growing belly, still dressed in the white sweater. A beautiful sight. When I raised my eyes to her face, I could se that she was about to come. I could not hold it in much more neither, only a few more strokes.

Pretty client boned by her nasty masseur could hear my wife filling up my colleagues coffee cup on the other side of the wall as I was pumping Rachel full with my load. I knew that Rachel could orgasm quietly, I had seen it twice.

Now I had to stay quiet as well, even though I wanted to scream as my semen was pumping out into Rachel. I held one of my hands on Rachels belly, and there were movements in there as we orgasmed together. It excited me even more. When I was done, Rachel gently pushed me out of her and away.

She quietly pulled up her panties, closing my cum into her cunt, and stepped down from the desk. She kept looking me deep into my eyes while she straitened out her sweater and prepared to enter the sitting room. I quietly walked down the stairs into the basement, my dick still hanging out over my pants.

I was feeling intoxicated. I needed a good 10 minutes in the basement to get control over myself, calm down, and button up my pants.

Amazing. I walked up the stairs and watched the desk where I had been screwing my best friends wife only fifteen minutes ago while passed it. When I came into the sitting room, my wife, Rachel, and her husband were sitting there finishing their coffee.

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Rachel looked friendly at me, with none of the concentrated passion I had seen in her eyes just recently. My wife asked "everything OK with the burner". I will probably never forget the answered I gave my wife after having sticked my dick into another mans wife only ten meters from her. "Well, there was a bit of a pressure in the tank, and the burner was going really hot, so I just wanted to stick in a load of fuel into it, just to release some pressure that seem to have been building up" I was smiling both at Rachel and my wife.

As far as I know, neither my wife, nor Rachels husband knows anything of what happened on my desk that afternoon. Today Rachel and my friend have a beautiful little daughter, and me and my wife visit them with some frequency.