Desperate nurse sells old teapot and fucked by pawn man reality blowjob

Desperate nurse sells old teapot and fucked by pawn man reality blowjob
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hey im Abbey, i'll describe myself a little for you im 14 about 5'5 shortish brown hair and green eyes.


The problem i had was with guyz you see is i didn't hav a great figure the other girls were like stick insects n thats all the guyz my age wanted, i do have a really beautiful face though so i'd been told. The only guy who i really had any contact with was my stepbrother Jamie he was a 17 year old sex god basically. He was 6'0 or a little taller gorgeous body (i'd seen him coming out of the showe phwoar was that a sight) blonde/brown hair n dark brown eyes.

The only contact i ever had with aunty fuck steep son brezzer tho really was when we would sit on his double bed watchin movies till really late n we would have a laugh and a joke, as u can probably guess i had a serious crush on him.

One night i was in my own room watching t.v when i heard the front door slam shut, It was only 10:15 and Jamie had been out on a date n when Jamie went out on a date he wasn't normally back til gone 12.

He stomped up the stairs n went into the shower luckly it was only me and him in the house other wise there would of been an arguemnt with our parents over all the banging about he was doin.


He came out about half an hour later in just a towel and shouted down the hall asking me if i wanted 2 go and watch a movie with him i shouted back sure n headed out of my room. When i got in his room he passed me a dvd and told me to put it in while he got changed there was already a dvd in i looked at the title n read it aloud ' susans lesbian dreams' i giggled while My stepbroth gave me a funny look n said put that away.

Laughing i put our movie in and sat on his bed he came back in wearin a tshirt and boxers.He lay on the bed beside me, This was a typical scene for us. The movie started, Half way through i noticed Jamie kept squirming about and re adjusting his boxers.

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I decided to distract him by asking him what all the banging about and the little strop was for when he came in he told me that his date wouldn't do anything for him she would let him explore her hidden depths but when it came to him she wouldnt do anything so he had come home horny and hard.

Jamie told me he'd tried jerking off in the shower but he needed a womens touch.

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I looked at him nervously while he adjusted his dick again. Almost in an inaudable whisper i said i could help him he told me 2 speak up i cleared my throat and in a more confident voice i told him i would help him.

For what seemed like forever we sat staring at each other he had frozen with his hand movin his semi hard cock around in his boxers. he seemed to snap back to his sense's and said he couldn't ask me to do that i was like his little sister for some reason the word 'little' made me mad, I pulled myself up and said 2 him i wasn't little all he had to do was look at my body to see i was a young women he told me he had noticed my body i started gettin even madder n ended up almost screaming at him what was it?

was i to fat for him sany laone xxx poorn new i to fat to even give him blowjob n i carried on and on. I dont know if it was to shut me up or not but he leaned forward n planted a kiss on my lips. He pulled back and just sat there looking at me finally he said he liked my body n he said he didnt think i wasn't fat he said i was just curvey and thats how some guyz prefered it.

i just nodded like a stupid little kid. He added that if i really wanted to give him a blow job i could aslong as i didnt tell anyone. He lay back on the bed i crawled upto him trying to show him some clevage. i sat on his legs i slowly pulled at his waistband his 8 inch hard dick popped out of his boxers his big purple head was just infront of my mouth pre cum had formed i let my delicate little pink tongue snake out my mouth to the head n gently ran mah tongue over it sucking in the precum.

I could feel my own thong gettin wetter and wetter.

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i placed one timy hand around the base of his prick n started rubbing while my tongue went down his shaft n back up over the head it he started givin out little moans i gathered he was enjoyin it.His hands started wondering through my hair, I was in heavan.

after 6 or 7 minutes of doing that he told me to put my mouth over it and play with his balls aswell, I did as i was told.

His big dick was stretching my mouth i could practically feel it down my throat i could feel every vein i was gettin so turned on.

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He started moaning louder his hands suddenly shot to my breasts. I looked up he had his eyes closed n he was bitin his lip. Jamie suddenly stopped me he said i want u to take your night shirt off and start goin faster on my cock.

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A little nervous i sat up slowly pulled my night shirt off his eyes staring at my developing breasts he nodded and said very nice den he tilted his head back again, i took that as my cue to go back to giving him head. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he started groaning his hand immediately went to my naked breasts tweaking my hard nipples making me even wetter.

i started pulling his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster tugging and massarging his balls. i could feel him start tensing up i guessed he was gona cum soon but instead he pulled out of my mouth i looked up in surprise worried i'd done some thing wrong, H e said dont look so worried im not ready to cum yet we hav more to do .