Dani daniel behind the scene

Dani daniel behind the scene
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When you came home from your trip, tired and jet lagged, I started with a massage to relax you and then I put you in bed and climbed in next to you put my head on your chest with your arms around me, holding me close. my leg draped across yours. My arm around your waist. Listening to your heartbeat, hearing you snoring softly, wondering what you are dreaming about that has you smiling in your sleep and pulling me tighter against you.

Feeling safe in your arms I fall nina masturbandasu padre xxx porngratis. A while later not wanting to wake me, you slide out of bed and within a few minutes I wake from being cold without you.

Coming to look for you and finding you watching tv in the living room, I walk over to stand in front of you and ask you to come back to bed with me. Wearing nothing but the blue satin robe you bought for me, you can see clearly my nipples straining against the fabric, it's chilly in the house.

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I reach to take your hand and you pull me down onto your lap. Immediately your lips find mine and your hands are searching for the opening to my robe, finding it your warm hands slip inside to cup my breasts, warming my flesh with your hands, my nipples still hard but not from the cold - anymore. Each of our bodies telling the other how much we missed one another. Your kisses driving me wild, your hands on my body making sure that you touch every inch of me. You lay me down on the couch without breaking our kiss.

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Your thigh between my legs rubbing against me, the weight of your body on top of me pushing me into the softness of the cushions. I can feel your desire building as your kiss becomes harder against my lips.

I run my hands over your shoulders and my nails across your back and as I do you growl low in your throat and arch your back, breaking our kiss, I feel your hardness swelling against my body, begging for release. Again I ask you to come back to bed with me and you tell me you are going to make love to me, here on the couch.


With one arm you hold your weight off me and with the other you untie the belt to my robe and slide your hand down over my stomach to cup my moist mound, feeling my wetness you slide your hand lower still to insert the tip of your finger and pull it back out, slide your hand forward a bit and put your finger against my clit. Rubbing circles around it, gently tugging on it, I grind my hips against you.

"oh God the things that you do to my body. Make love to me, please" You raise yourself slightly - just enough to move between my legs, as you lower yourself onto me your throbbing member touched my sensitive clit and I black dick for chastity lynn interracial pornstars my breath as I waited - longing to feel you inside of me. As you slide in to me, you capture my lips and tongue with your mouth.

Slowly sliding out, almost all the way out. Driving back into me, slowly moving your hips from side to side.


Buried so deep within the tight walls of my softness you groaned with each stroke as you buried yourself again and again. Feeling the tightness getting tighter and wetter you pull my breast into your mouth and suck on my nipple, causing my body to tremble with desire, awakening a fire inside of me that I have not felt in so long. I run my fingers up your chest over your shoulders and down your back, leaving blazing trails of tingling sensations all over your body. You wrap one arm around my waist and pull me up off the couch only to sit down with me straddling you, tying my hands behind my back with the belt of my robe, you start to move my hips, riding you.

Every muscle in your strong thighs flexing with each movement of our bodies.

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You are buried so deep within me, with each stroke I feel myself getting closer. Closer to completely letting myself go. I throw my head back as I feel it coming, you reach down and put your finger on my clit, within moments you feel my muscles clamp around you as I let go and give myself to you, completely. Covering you with my juices. As my body calms down a bit, I look into your eyes and wanting you to feel the same complete abandonment that I felt just moments ago, I beg you to untie me.

Still moving inside of me, you reach back and untie my hands. I take your hands and lace our fingers together, wrap your arms around my waist, thrusting my breasts into your face, eagerly you take them one at a time into your mouth to suck and tease. Never separating our bodies I grind my hips against yours, keeping you buried as deeply as I can. Tightening my muscles around you and moving my hips back and forth, I hear you groan deep in your throat, I lean in to kiss you and feel your cock pulsing, throbbing, begging for release.

I grab your ear lobe with my teeth and bite whispering in your ear, "come on baby, I want you to bury your hot seed inside of me" That is all it takes as you grab my waist and pull me tight against you, I feel you explode inside of me, over and over again.

Keeping me in your lap you lay down on the couch, pulling me close and wrapping a blanket around us, I lean up to kiss you, there is such tenderness and passion in that kiss.

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I lay my head on your chest and wrap my arms around you and listen to your heartbeat slow. I feel the rise and fall of your chest. I close my eyes and lay there with you until the sun starts to rise, making sure that you don't wake too early.