Pretty brunette luscious girl rides up chunky cock

Pretty brunette luscious girl rides up chunky cock
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So this is my first story on this website. So be nice please. I have noticed that all the babysitter stories are from the parents point of view so I wanted to do a story from the babysitters point of view. So this evening instead of spending my evening with friends. I have to babysit for this tragically hot guy and his horrible wife. They told me that I had to play stupid games with their boring five year old and I on top of that I had to let him win every game. Lucky for me the wife started to feel bad so they ended their night early.

The only thing that made me have an enjoyable night was that they paid for the entire night instead of the hour and a half I was there. A couple weeks later the wife calls me and asks if I could babysit for them again that coming up weekend.

They wanted to get away for a couple days and I said that it would be no problem but I would need a little more money for meals.

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So the next couple days flew by and it was Friday before I knew it and I got ready to go babysit for the weekend. I arrived and it was only the husband that was home and he was packing bags.

He told me that I could go swimming if I wanted and I said of course that is where I will be if you need me.

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Well I was using this opportunity to be in a skimpy bikini that barely covered my 48DD breasts. I jumped in the pool and then got out and laid out to get some sun since it was still early in August and it was unbearably hot outside.


The wife showed up at home with the kid and saw that her husband was watching me laying out with my top untied to make sure I didn't have any tan lines on my back.

This caused a huge fight between them and the wife told him (let's call him Brad) that she was taking the kid with her and he had to stay here and be alone. She came outside and said that they no longer needed my services and I could go home. I told her that I was sorry about the trip hot pizza delivery girl gets a large sausage cancelled and said that I would be gone in a minute.

I ran into the house and to the bathroom to change back into regular clothes when Brad followed me into the bathroom, and said to come back over in a hour.

At first I said no I can't do that to your wife and he was like I wasn't talking about us hooking up. I just don't want to be alone and I bet you don't want to go back to your house with a roommate. I said your right, see you later. I waited for the wife to leave and when she left, I made my way back to Brad's house. I had changed my mind about hooking up with him and all I had to do was change his mind. I went inside and suggested we have a drink or two and go swimming.

He liked that idea and told me to go ahead and jump in while he changed and made drinks. I did what I was told but once I was in the pool, I removed my top and bottoms and threw them out of the pool.

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Brad walked outside and saw the bathing suit and said now I thought we discussed this we are not fucking. I said I never said we had to fuck but I think you earned a little skinny dipping and it's not like you haven't seen these before as I slowly got out of the water. I caught you earlier before your wife did.

I moved closer to him and said come on let's get you out of those shorts and I slowly reached for them pulling them down his legs.

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Once the shorts were removed I ran my hand up his left leg. This got his 9in cock twitching and I knew that I was making his mind change about fucking. I turned and jumped into the pool, then Brad followed me into the pool.


I swam over to him and before he could push me away, I kissed him while grabbing his cock and started to give him a hand job. When he realized what was going on he pushed me away and said we can't do this and the phone started to ring and he jumped out of the pool and answered the phone. The person on the phone was one of their friends and french granny son incest uncensored was telling Brad that his wife ( we can call her Susan) had cheated on him with the friend and she is pregnant but he wasn't sure whose kid it was.

Well Brad immediately called Susan and asked her about what he was just told and she said that it was on one weekend, when he was out of town for work. Brad immediately said well good luck with the kid I want a divorce and oh by the way I cheated too. Well not yet but it will happen. He threw the phone down and grabbed me and kissed me while putting me on the kitchen counter.


He swiftly switched from kissing me to slowly eating me out. After making me squirt my love juice on the counter top, he picked me up and arousing and juicy oral sex deepthroat and blowjob me into the master bedroom and put me on the bed. I stopped him for a second and asked if he was positive that he wanted to do this and he said I have not been more positive about anything in my life and now all the lustful thoughts I have about you, I don't have to hide them anymore.

I slowly moved down the bed, and started slowly sucking his cock and he was enjoying it and right as he was about to cum, he said I want to save it for when I am ramming your tight virgin pussy.

He pulled me onto the bed and moved in between my legs and placed his cock at the opening of my pussy. He said at first it is going to hurt but I will be easy with you and it will start to feel better I promise.

He went slow at first and once he pushed through the hymen, I told him to go faster and he went faster and I could feel every inch and vein and it felt so good. After a few minutes, I told Brad that I wanted to ride him and we flipped and continued to fuck. About ten more minutes had passed and both Brad and I had climaxed and we were now cuddling and making out. We fell asleep and the next morning when we woke up, I told Brad that the next time could we make love nice and slow.

Brad smiled and said yes of course and he carried me into the bathroom and hot lezzies fill up their massive bootys with milk and squirt it out showered together and ended up making love in the shower and then again in bed after the shower. Susan ended up coming home and caught us making love and she looked at me and said he will cheat on you like he did me so watch it. That was when I said well that would only be true if we were to start dating and we weren't planning on that this was just for revenge.

Susan kicked Brad out and he just came to live with me and my roommate. In the divorce papers Brad stated that he would pay child support only if the new baby was his. We came to find out it was not his and the judge said that he would only have to pay for his child.

We ended up with the help of the judge pushing the papers through faster as I became pregnant with Brad's child. Being pregnant never slowed us making love or just fucking down at all.

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After giving birth Brad and I got married and lived happily ever after.