Pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie

Pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie
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They rounded the corner onto their street, panting heavily from the run they were on. Their sweaty bodies glistened under the streetlights. It was barely dawn and Samantha and her daughter Amber were finishing one of their now regular AM runs. Samantha (or Sam as her daughters called her) was 45 years old, a natural brunette with 36D tits, and an athletic body for a woman her age.

She wasn't as fit as she used to be, but the curves of her waist, stomach, and bust were beautifully proportioned. Her legs were toned and firm, as was her ass; both a result of her weekly fitness routines. Her daughter Amber was a spitting image of Sam, except 27 years younger at age 18. The one noticeable difference was her rather large breasts size 38E. She played high school volleyball and had the athletic and muscular build from it.

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She was young and strong. Their ponytails bobbed in unison as they finished the run; part of their training for an upcoming 5k. The mounds of their breasts pulsed up and down as their sports bras struggled to keep them in check. "Come on mom, almost there." "I.know…honey…I'm just…hurting…" Sam said as she talked between the heavy labored breaths from the run. They jogged onto the driveway both breathing heavy; celebrating one of their last training runs.

"Gosh mom, your tits almost popped out that last sprint." "You would like that wouldn't you, your mom's big tits swinging around?" said Sam. "Maybe I would" Amber said jokingly. "Give me a hug sweetie, I'm so proud of you" said Sam as she called her daughter closer. She embraced her daughter with a big hug, and inhaled her smell, which Sam noticed made a pulse rush through her pussy. Amber smelled a mix of her flowery body lotion, scented shampoo, and most of all the sweat coming from every pore.

Its mixture was intoxicating. Sam breathed it in a second and third time, elongating the embrace. Sam also noticed something else. Amber had lifted her leg up ever so slightly so that her inner thigh rubbed the inside of her moms, moving up and down just a bit to feel the friction of the fabric of their running tights.

After the embrace Amber slapped and grabbed her mom's ass; a habit from volleyball. "Geez honey, you go around grabbing ass like that in the locker room you are gonna make some girl get all wet." "Maybe so, but what can I say I love a firm round ass." replied Amber.

Sam and Amber walked into the house quietly so as not to awaken Amy. Amy, Sam's other daughter was less than a year younger than Amber. Sam watched Amber strut up the stairs, each ass cheek flexing and resting with the steps. It wasn't the first time she had found herself checking out younger girls including her daughter. She often found herself in a trance during her daughters volleyball tournaments watching the girls slap and hug each other during games. A few times she noticeably felt her panties getting wet.

She fantasized about ripping off her pants and panties and just girls xxx pushy fucking and bobs story her hot cunt until she came all over the benches. Sam was raising her daughters all by herself since their deadbeat dad had disappeared from day one. The girls loved their mother unconditionally.

Sam never got into another relationship, and only had a few one night stands with both men and women. While her daughters were out Sam would watch lesbian porn and masturbate on her king size bed. She taught herself to squirt and would leave wet stains all over her sheets.

At the top of the stairs they each went to their own bedrooms. Amber went to her room only to put down her phone, then went to go shower before school.

Her sister Amy was still asleep. The hot shower quickly steamed up the bathroom.

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She thought about how firm her moms ass was and that even though she had seen her mom's tits before, that she would have enjoyed pulling out one of them from atop the sports bra and massaging it in her hand. Amber always thought of her mom as hot, and even smiled one time when one of her teammates called her a MILF. Amber started to feel her own ass imagining it was her moms.

She felt juices starting to build up inside her and thought 'I might as well rub one out before school'. She turned her back to the shower head and let the hot water run down her shoulders and back. She lifted her left leg up to the top edge of the tub and lowered her left hand down to her pussy lips, running down either side of her mound, just teasing the little hairs she kept shaven low around her pussy and asshole.

Her right hand continued to grab her right ass cheek hard, jiggling it all around. She pulled the one cheek apart from the other, opening up her ass and she stuck her brunette gf makes revenge anal sex tape finger into her light brown and pink colored asshole.

It was tight, but she let out a slight gasp as she pushed it all the way in. She felt around the inside of her asshole with her finger, sending a rush all throughout her pubic region. With her left hand already near her now throbbing cunt she, inserted two fingers inside herself.

She curled them upwards, stimulating the exact spot she know would send her to a massive orgasm. Like her mom, Amber was a squirter and loved seeing her juices sprayed all over the shower. She ran her two fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy, while her left pinky gyrated inside her asshole. She was moaning louder now, getting faster and faster until she finally pulled her fingers out of her pussy and shot out a stream of cum straight into the shower wall.

She rapidly rubbed the outside of her pussy, pushing even more cum out of her, now spraying all over the place. She stopped gushing and pulled out all of her fingers from inside herself and put them into her mouth. She tasted the mix of pussy juice and the must of her ass, the last part of her masturbation routine.


Unbeknownst to Amber, Amy had been just outside the bathroom door, about to go in when she heard her sister moaning. She knew the familiar panting when her sister masturbated, having heard it all over the house the past few years. Amy swiftly opened the door to find Amber reaching for a towel; the shower curtain fully pulled back revealing her nude wet body.

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"You finished jerking off in here?" Amy said with a kinky little smile. "You know you like it when I do" replied Amber giving her a wink spreading her pussy lips and thrusting her hips forward aiming the crude gesture right at her sister. "Whatever, I need the shower." said Amy shoving her sister out of the way and turning the water back on. As their bodies passed Amber gave a little slap to the mound between her younger sister's legs, something she had done for awhile now just to tease her in a sisterly way.

"Move!" cried Amy jumping slightly letting her smaller 34C tits bounce a little as she entered the shower. Amy did love it when her sister groped her like that. It sent electric shocks through her body, instantly making her nipples erect and warming her young cunt. Amber went to her room to change and Sunny leone romans sex story fuking in started to shower.

At this same time Sam thought she might try to sneak a peak from the other bathroom door, at what she thought was Amber still showering. When she saw it was her younger daughter Amy, she immediately started rubbing her pussy through her panties, enjoying the sweet surprise. To be continued…