Yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock

Yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock
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The Un-Taxi Driver By Jax_Teller It was Nineteen Eighty Six and I was working as a Pizza delivery driver at night while waiting on my Navy discharge. I would often be delivering on a local Naval Air Station, and pass by the club on base. The local legal drinking age was 21 but on military bases at that time but if you had military ID you could drink at 18.

Sunny leone xx xx best story download military clubs on bases were like most civilian clubs but larger with multiple bars and a restaurant in one building, consolidating services between them.

I noticed the club in Virginia Beach had a Taxi stand outside the club, and there was almost always a crowd waiting for taxis after 8 pm on weekends. I never took a taxi when I went to the club myself because I had my own car. This realization had dollar signs all over it. The next Friday evening the pizza shop had two extra drivers and business was slow.

I made a delivery on base and I decided to see if I could make some extra money picking people up at the Taxi stand. I pulled up and asked if anyone wanted a ride, several people came right over. A load full packed into my car and I dropped them off at a motel on the strip outside base on the way back to the pizza shop. They gave me $40 for a 5 mile ride, and I decided I could make more shuttling people around than delivering pizza that night.

On busy nights I made $200 plus in tips, but on slow nights I barley made minimum wage. Plus there was the drunk horny factor of people headed to motels that some how made this work easier than delivering pizza to people who wait to order then are pissed when it isn't there in five minutes. I went back to the pizza shop and turned in my sheet for the night. Jim, the manager, gave me an odd look because I never did that before.

I went back to the taxi stand on base and sure enough there was a large group of people waiting for taxis. I pulled up and asked if anyone wanted a ride out to Motel row.

Five hot, young ladies who were visibly drunk, and two really good looking guys got in. I asked them if they had a hotel preference, and they told me they were just out of boot camp and didn't even know where the motels were. They were talking about the price and who was going to register the room.

I listened in as I drove and one of them asked me to stop at a package store. I stopped at the package store and one of the guys went in. Meanwhile the three girls and guy in the back seat were getting precious chick megan wants a big hard cock to bang touchy feely in the back seat. The guy came back and said they wouldn't sell to him because he was only 19 yrs old. The group asked if I could go buy the liqueur. I said sure no problem.

When I came back out, one of the girls in the back seat, was riding the guys lap, and the others were cheering them on. As I drove to the motel one of the girls in the front seat, a blond introduced herself as Cathy.

Cathy had a captivating facial structure, with a really fit, tight body. She had on a little black dress and asked me if I would like to join them at the Motel. I said sure and Cathy told me she had collected $100 for the room and asked if I could get the room. I wasn't sure whether I was just being used or if I cared, Cathy was now my focus. She didn't appear to be attached to anyone and seemed sincere. My brain was screaming be careful it maybe a setup, the head in my pants was scream chanting fuck her, fuck her, fuck her.

Damn Jerry Springer show. I pulled into the Ramada, went in and registered.

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I came back out and we all went to the room. I opened the door and everyone started undressing as they went inside. I put the liqueur on the dresser that held the Television and Danny one of the guys handed me a crisp $50 to pay for the ride.

Cathy came up to me and thanked me for everything and we started dancing to the music on MTV. In the light of the motel room I could see them all more clearly and it occurred to me that they were all Marines. Everyone got a drink and while some danced, the couple from the back seat laid on the bed and began fucking.

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The girl was on top of the guy and was lap dancing on his cock, her large breasts bouncing wildly. One of the other girls went over and began playing with his cock and balls as the other continued to ride him. It was like watching a live porno, but these were Marines just out of boot camp, at the peak of their young lives and having been pent up for so many months of training they were sexually over charged. Watching them, had my cock rising and Cathy got closer lowering the top of her little black dress releasing a very nice b cup set of breasts with very large puffy nipples.

She ground on me and by the end of the third song and a commercial, everyone but Cathy and I were naked and either fucking or sucking. I was thoroughly enjoying the way this evening was shaping up, when Cathy tugged at my belt and I undid my pants letting my cock bounce out almost poking her in the eye as she dropped to her knees in front of me. I drank the rest of the Labbats beer I was drinking as Cathy took my cock in her mouth and began to slurp and suck my cock.

I put my beer bottle down and grabbed her by the hair and began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth to the rhythm of the couple on the bed fucking. I couldn't help notice her eyes as I fucked her mouth and how willing she was to be handled so rough by me.

As I felt my balls tingle and tighten, I held her mouth down on my cock teen redhead freckles redhead linda porked tube porn I erupted in her throat. I pulled Cathy to her feet and kissed her deeply tasting my come on her lips. She was really something different, something to be treasured. I followed Cathy to the bathroom and opened the shower curtain as she peed in the toilet.

I removed my shirt and she left her dress off and we got in the shower together. We kissed and ground nina elle sarah jessie yoga time each other feeling each other.

I let my finger find it's way to her asshole and pushed into her expecting her to pull away and she just kept on my cock stroking and then turned around placing my cock in the crack of her ass. She bend over slightly and said fuck me, please fuck me. With the water running between us for lubrication, I slid the head of my cock in her asshole and she pushed back into me, impaling herself on my cock.

I reached around her and rubbed her clit with one hand and lightly kneaded her nipple with the other hand. She didn't need the virgin ass treatment and was bouncing back against me as I was pounding her asshole in unison. I was really enjoying fucking her and I had been around the block a few times and I was getting a little older now, and appreciated the view more as I fucked her tight little ass.

I knew those moments were ones I would look back at in a few years remembering the good old days. I had done some wild things in the last few years but this time I was making mental notes, purposely remembering. It also didn't hurt that I wasn't drunk this time. The water got luke warm and I felt her body get hot to touch and she began to shake. I felt her asshole clasp my cock and a rush of her pussy juices squirt out of her. I came seconds after her orgasm began to subside and she knelt in the shower and sucked the come off my cock washing my cock and balls in the water as she did.

I helped her up and turned off the shower.


We dried off and went in the main room and both beds had two girls and a guy engaged in various positions. Cathy and I went to the couch and pulled it into a bed and laid down. The long day working on base for the Navy and then the Pizza shop and of course the alcohol took it's toll and I dozed off with Cathy laying on my side, her fingers in my chest hair. I woke up a few hours later when some ones watch alarm went off. I looked beside me and Cathy was on her side, her hand firmly on my hard cock.

It was then that she leaned across me and kissed the woman on my other side. Until that moment I wasn't aware of the other woman. She was oriental, had jet black hair and had a very dark skin color. I watched as they kissed and then Cathy held my cock up as it was now hard and Diane took it in her mouth. Cathy kept a hold on the base of my cock feeding it to Diane.

It was quiet the sight as they took turns sucking and pumping my cock, playing with my balls. Diane had a keen sense of when I was getting close too coming and would squeeze my balls tighter than comfort if I was getting to close to coming, thus averting my orgasm. Cathy was fingering Diane and sucking on her tit between turns sucking my cock.

It was an awakening for me realizing that Diane was dominating Cathy, and Cathy was submissive. I had never really seen the roles played out as such without the obvious role identifications. It seemed to me that they were friends from boot camp or at least had developed a working sexual relationship rather quickly. It was also then that I really realized I enjoyed being dominant. I flexed my muscles and moved at the same time mounting Diane as she turned onto her back.

Cathy moved next to Diane and started playing with Diane's breasts again. I wasted no time and thrust as deep and hard into Diane, something that I never really did before but was relatively easy given the wetness of Diane's pussy.

She was tight going in but there wasn't really resistance given the natural lubrication. I began a steady hard slamming fucking pace, balls deep every time and almost pulling the head of my cock out of her pussy every time. I wasn't going fast but hard ,deep and consistent. I felt Cathy rubbing my ass and pushing on my ass as I fucked Diane. Diane was panting and cursing in an almost hoarse voice and Cathy cheered her on.

Come one baby you can do it Come for me she said and she pushed on my ass faster encouraging me to go faster. I picked up the pace when Diane grunted out that she was going to come. I piston-ed in and out as fast as I could and Cathy reached in between us and rubbed Diane's clit as I fucked her for all I was worth. Diane screamed out in orgasm and I actually thought to myself I hope no one calls the cops.

As Diane came down from her orgasm, Cathy pulled her hand away and I sat back on my heals. It was then I realized the rest of the group had woke to us fucking and were actively sitting around watching us. Cathy turned around getting onto her hands and knees positioning herself between Diane's knees.

I watched as she began lightly licking at Diane pussy. I took up position behind Cathy admiring her wonderful ass and slipped my cock in her pussy. The song face down ass up came to mind as I fucked her, burring my cock in her. I grabbed her hair from behind and controlled her face in Diane's pussy as I fucked her from behind.

I felt Cathy's pussy clench my cock and her head rose slightly from Diane's pussy enough to cry out oh god yes, and then I felt her squirting all over my cock and balls as I continued to fuck her. It was my turn now, I felt my self loosing control of how much longer I could with hold my orgasm. I pulled out of her pussy and pulled her by the hair to my erupting cock. The first spurt of come got her in the face and the next in her mouth as she opened up to swallow my cock and the rest in her mouth.

I didn't know if it was her sucking so hard or the force of my come but the last few spurts of come actually hurt coming out. I laid down on the couch-pull out bed and the girls automatically took positions on either side of me, Cathy and Diane kissing me at the same time.

The others in the room cheered and clapped, and then went back to their own beds. It was getting light enough outside now that I knew it wouldn't be long before We'd all need to get going. Some took showers and other simply got dressed, but in an hour we were heading for my car. I took them back to base and no one offered money nor did I ask or expect any.

Cathy sat next to me through the ride and when it was just her and Diane left I took them to their barracks. Diane got out and Cathy told her she'd catch up with her later. Cathy stayed behind and asked if I was interested in seeing her again. I said sure I wanted to see her and asked if she would be free later for dinner. She said sure and we exchanged numbers and I planned to pick her up at 18:00.

Mom aaliyah enjoys fingering aspens teen pussy from all angles lesbian orgasm for me I had the day off, no duty or watches to stand, I was weeks engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore from getting my medical discharge and the closer it got the less they were expecting of me.

It was designed that way so I could seek private employment and get established in the community. I went by the pizza shop and traded my shift for the evening to some one else who needed the hours. I went to my apartment set my alarm and took a nap. I woke up showered and called Cathy to confirm tonight.

It was a barracks phone which I was used to and it took a few minutes but Cathy finally answered and said yeah she still wanted to go to dinner. Two hours later I was outside her barracks in my other car, a much nicer Olds Cutlass. I walked up to the door and entered the quarterdeck, which is where the men are stopped, not allowed to pass with out written orders in hand. I waited a few minutes and Cathy came out the elevator and my eyes almost popped out at how beautiful she was.

She wasn't dressed in clubbing clothes but a very nice summer dress with nice flats that matched her dress. As she walked over to me she half jumped into my arms hugging me. It was very apparent that every female on duty, and the few in the lounge were watching. I reached out for hand her hand and she took it. I led her out to my car and opened the door for her. She got in and I closed the door, and as I walked around I could see a few faces in the window watching.

I asked her if she liked Chinese food and she said yes, I told her I had reservations at Mings'. Ming's was an exclusive restaurant that had real authentic food cooked fresh, it wasn't a buffet or take out place.Cathy was impressed and we had a great dinner over two hours sampling many different dishes.

Through dinner we held hands at times and there was a undertone of sexual awareness that manifested in her willingness to do what ever I wanted her to do. I took advantage of her desire to please and I asked her about her friend Diane. Cathy told me quiet frankly how they'd helped each other sexually through boot camp and remained friends with benefits in the two weeks since.

After Dinner I took her to the Virginia Beach strip and we drove around for awhile talking, taking in the sights. We stopped for ice cream at this place that had been around for a long time and was a tourist stop. We ordered cones and when we sat on the enclosed deck over looking to ocean, she had an odd look to her I couldn't figure out.

Then she looked around and then seductively licked the ice cream from around the cone and my cock just about broke through the 501 jeans I was wearing. She giggled and licked some more and she said "So where are we going from here?" I asked her if she'd like to go back to my place as we walked out to the car. She said she'd go anywhere I wanted as long as she could lick my and she trailed off, with the most innocent of looks.

As I drove she leaned into me and it wasn't long before she was stroking my cock tattooed babe gets fucked by her boyfriend my jeans. Driving back to my place I thought how this could be the best weekend of my life. The End