Asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing

Asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing
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Right outside my window there were two girls who waited for the school bus every morning (I think they were in the 7th or 8th grade when I first saw them. They failed many grades and got held back so they were both 18 years old though). I remember even though I usually didn't work until later in the day I would get up bright and early just to masturbate to them from my window. They were very close, I could hear them laugh and even some faint conversation. Even in the winter I jerked off to them, cause they often wore tight jeans.

Exceptional slim sweetie gets her spread vagina and tiny anal hole shagged damn, when the warmer weather came around it was PURE BLISS masturbating to them in their shorts.

They actually even did dances too! They were in some sort of junior cheerleader class( I found this out later), and would practice their moves while waiting for their school bus.

I actually bought some binoculars to get a close up view. There were times when I could see close up panty line, close up panties sticking out. Close up of mouths sucking on lolly pops. DAMN.Brings back such good memories. I dreaded the summer when they had no school! Although I would still see them around in the summer, they were not as close to my window. At least once a day (except in the summer, where it was about twice a week) I would masturbate to them.

They had that same bus stop for 3 years! (fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap) During the second year, I really started getting bold.

I knocked on the window and waved at them. They smiled and giggled. I started asking them to show me their dance moves. They loved to show off, and I made an effort to show them that I really liked it. All of this still from my window though.

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Until one day, I went outside to take out the trash, and I went over and said hi to them, and we started talking about stuff.

I just talked to them about normal stuff like school, weather, and complimented their dancing. Then one day I had noticed that they had missed the school bus. I had noticed in the past that they had missed the bus, but that was before I had made any contact with them. This time I had already had in mid what I wanted to do. I was hoping that they would miss their bus, and finally they did. As I saw them come up to their bus stop, I went outside and told them that I saw their bus go by, and offered to give them a ride.

With big bright smiles they unhesitatingly thanked me and took my offer. Both of the girls got into the back seat of my car, and we headed off. it took them a good 20 minutes to realize that I wasn't headed in the right direction of their school.

"OH CRAP!" I said, sounding embarrassed, "I'm so sorry girls, I'm an idiot, I was thinking about another school and thinking that was yours. I should have asked you guys" They didn't seem to mind. The truth is, I knew exactly where I was going. many months ago I had started picking secluded areas that I could take them if I ever got the opportunity. As I turned onto a dirt road surrounded by forest and legal age teenager widens luscious virgin legs hardcore blowjob, that's when I could tell that the girls were a little worried.

They stopped talking, and as I looked back at them through the rear view mirror, their eyes looked worried. But by then it was too late. As we approached a clearing, I slow down and then stop the car. The girls don't say anything. I look back at them and say "girls, I'm sorry you will be missing school today, but I really like both of you a lot, and I want to have sex with you." They looked back at me in terror, probably not so much the sex part so much as they realize that I lied to them.

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I asked one of the girls to lift her shirt up so I could see her nipples. As she started to do so slowly, the other girl quickly tried to open the backseat door. It wouldn't open. I had fixed the back doors to not open from the inside. "Don't worry girls" I said reassuringly, "I won't hurt you, I just want to see your bodies, and touch you. You girls make me feel so good".

I reached down and pulled my erect penis out of my pants, stroking it slowly. The girls looked afraid. I instructed both girls to pull down their pants and show me their vaginas. They did so hesitatingly, with looks of shame and worry on their faces. I told one of the girls to get on top of the other girl and show me her butt. Now I see one girl's vagina with the other girl's ass right on top of it.

Sexy teen and huge boobs stepmom some in the kitchen move in and position myself on top of them and stick my fingers in the top girl's ass. I surprised at the lack of resistance. I lube up the girls ass and eventually start to ass fuck her.

In the position I am in, as I look down I see the other girls face looking up at me. She looks confused and scared.

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Her eyes are a little watery. I continue to ass fuck the top girl, pulling out a few times to and spreading her ass open with my hands. Then I tell the top girl to move away and then I tell the other girl to open her mouth wide.

I cum inside her mouth. As I do, she actually keeps her mouth open the whole time without me even telling her!


After I cum, I give her a tissue to spit out the cum. I was going to ask her to swallow, but I am already much more than satisfied at this point. As I zip my pants up, I fat pussy lips oriental beautiful teen sucks knob a cold chill throughout my entire body.

I love those girls so much. It's a shame really. But I can't allow them to go home and tell anyone what I did. They seemed to take it really well, maybe they wouldn't tell anyone? Maybe. But maybe isn't good enough. As I move back to the front seat, I put both my hands inside my front pockets, as I pull them out, they now both have spiked brass knuckles on them.

I don't bother telling the girls anything more. I immediately pounce on them and starting pounding them over and over with my fists. They don't even put up much of a fight. They scream, put their hands out in front to try to hold me back. Then they get knocked out from the blows. After they are both knocked out, I hit them in the head a few more times to crush their skulls. I move back to the front seat.

I sit there for about 5 minutes, just taking it all in. Then I open the glove compartment and pull out my handgun. I put it to my head. I had planned this all along. I wanted those girls so bad, and I finally got them.

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It was great. I think it was worth it.


I planned on killing myself right after, and that is what I am going to do. But I hesitate. Is this it? Is this all I leave behind? Three dead bodies? I put the key in the ignition and drive. All i can do is hope no one notices the blood on me, or hope I don't get pulled over for some reason. The last thing i want is to go to jail. Not that I can't handle it. I mean, what can anyone in there really do to me. If anyone starts shit with me I'll just rush them and try to kill them.

Then I'll probably get beat up and put in solitary. It's not about that. But I am a criminal. I deserve death. I accept that. Why waste the judicial systems time and money?

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let my die bye my own hand. but let me at least get my story out there, for whatever it's worth. I pull in to a McDonalds parking lot, and grab my bag from the passenger seat.

I pull out my laptop and connect to the internet via McDonalds free WiFi. I go to and log in. Maybe these guys will appreciate what I've gone through.