Bunny busty japanese enjoys cock in pov style masturbation and sucking

Bunny busty japanese enjoys cock in pov style masturbation and sucking
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The next morning we realized we had fallen asleep on the sofa after sex. We went upstairs and took a shower together. Cindy got down on her knees and grabbed my cock which instantly got hard. She stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick it in her mouth and started sucking.

She worked her tongue around it, around the peehole, and completely engulfed it to the hilt. I could only take it for 5 minutes when I shot my cum deep down her throat.

She didn't let a drop fall. She got up and I kissed her on the mouth tasting the saltiness of my cum. We finished showering, dressed, and went down for breakfast. When we were done I commented, "Well which animal will get lucky today?". My wife just smiled. I got up and looked outside. "I don't think I am ready for the horses. I have seen videos of pigs fucking and they seem to have a long skinny cock. I could do one of them first. Then maybe a goat and then the bull.

I gotta make sure I find a place where they can try to mount me without putting all their weight on me". All the videos I have seen of horses and bulls fucking guys, they have leaned up against the rails of the fence enclosures or the barn. I don't want all their weight on me. I walked outside. The dogs followed me. I walked toward the pig corral and walked in. The dogs stayed outside. Now to figure out how to get one interested. Since masturbating seemed to spark the interest of the dogs, I decided to try that.

I pulled my cock out and began to masturbate. I fantasized about taking the dane's knot up my ass which got me harder as I yanked and tugged. I started to leak precum when I saw one of the pigs walking toward me. I saw an area in the corral that wasn't dirty and continued to masturbate. Some cum fell on the floor as the pig followed me. I took my shorts and underwear off and got on my hands and knees.

The pig walked up behind me and quickly climbed onto my back. My cock throbbed. From aletta ocean got fucked in the ass I learned saori hara handjob xnxx full story a pig's cock is like a corkscrew.

I have fucked myself with dildoes that have ridges so I guess it will feel something like that. The pig penetrated me and it felt weird but exciting. I felt this long cock entering me as the pig started to fuck me. It felt good and I just let the pig do his thing. After about 5 minutes I felt the pig cumming inside me. I've heard that a pig's orgasm lasts about 30 minutes. Guess I will find out. After another 5 minutes or so I felt the pig slide his cock out of me.

I hadn't noticed but another pig had wandered up to us and quickly mounted me as the other pig got off. Since it didn't hurt or anything I stayed and let him fuck me too. As I said it really felt cool feeling that slim cock enter me. This pig also started to cum in about 5 minutes and he stayed in me a bit longer than the first pig.

He then pulled out and I got up and went inside the house to wash up. The dogs followed me and they both had their cocks out. "Sorry guys not now". My wife was on the porch smiling when I walked into the house.

I showered and went outside to join Cindy. I told her about the 2 pigs that fucked me. As usual she just smiled. "Glad you enjoyed it honey". "Are you sure you aren't disgusted with me about all of this?". "Yes honey I am sure. Besides it has made our sex better then ever." In the afternoon I got an itch in my ass to get fucked so I went outside. The dogs as usual were following me.

I walked to the area of the goats. They were in a corral so I opened the gate and walked in. I noticed 2 male goats and a few sheep. I was going to feed them and apparently they all know their schedule as they gathered around. I put their feed out and they started to eat. I went over to a corner and looking at the goats pulled my cock out and started to masturbate.

After a while I noticed one of the goats ears perk up as he looked around and sniffed the air. He started walking toward me and I could see some of his cock exposed. This was my cue. I undressed and dropped on my hands and knees. The goat walked up to me and still sniffing the air began to snort. More of his cock was exposed. The goat walked up behind me and quickly climbed onto my back. I felt him thrusting as my cock started leaking precum.

The goat found its mark. "Ow". He was a bit bigger than I expected and he got most of his cock in me on the first thrust. I relaxed so I could enjoy the fucking. I started to push back and soon cum spurted from my cock. About then I felt the goat shoot his cum inside me while he kept thrusting. It felt really good.

As he pulled out of me I noticed the other goat had walked over to me so I stayed in position. He walked up behind me and quickly mounted his weird looking sheep.

Once he penetrated me and began to fuck me hard I don't think he cared that I didn't look like his ladies. He was a bit bigger than the other goat and I was enjoying the fuck. "Damn this is great. I could only fantasize about this before but here I am on a farm getting fucked to my hearts content". When I felt the goat emptying his cum inside me I came again.

The goat finished and I got up, dressed, and walked back to the house. Again Cindy was on the porch. "Just got fucked by 2 goats". I went inside and saw Cindy had left me some lunch. I later took a nap. When I awoke Cindy was lying next to me. I slid my hand under her skirt and started to massage her pussy. As she started to waken I saw she was leaking juice and shoved 2 fingers in her cunt and started fucking her.

She was moaning and leaking juice all over. I took my fingers out and went in with my fist. I shoved it in and slid my arm halfway inside her pussy and started to fuck her hard. She started to scream as an orgasm hit her soaking my fist and arm.


I kept fisting her til her orgasm subsided. I purani xxx story 2 gp pulled out, kissed her and told her I was going outside. I realized that I had the bull and the 2 horses left but I still was not ready to take a huge horse cock so I decided to try the bull.

When I saw the cows lining up I realized it was time to take them to be milked. John and Betty had 10 cows. I led them to the machines and hooked them up. After they were all milked, I took them back to their enclosed area. They started grazing. I then noticed the bull was trying to mount a cow with no success. As she ran off he tried to mount a couple of others with the same result. I decided it was time to let the bull have a new hole. I undressed and started to masturbate. This got the bull's attention as he headed toward me with his cock still hanging out.

It was bigger than the dogs cock but I wondered if all of it was showing. I leaned up against the fence as the bull walked right up to me. I kept on masturbating until I saw the bull rear up and climb onto my back. As he started thrusting his cock I was about to cum so I quit masturbating.

The bull found his new hole and thrust so hard he basically lifted me in the air. "Arrrggg - oh gawd what have I gotten myself in to?" The bull was fucking me hard and moving forward with each thrust. I could feel his cock deep inside me as I started to spurt cum. As I was emptying my load the bull shot his cum inside me still thrusting hard. When he finished he climbed off me. As I looked back I realized just how big his cock was.

It had to be 10-11 inches long. I picked up my clothes and walked out of the gate and back to the house. I found Cindy asleep on the couch but just went up to shower and clean up. I came back down and made us some dinner. When she got up we ate and sat down to watch some television. "Well all I have left are the horses.

I'm going to let both dogs fuck me first and let the dane tie his knot so he can open me up to be ready for the huge horse cocks". Cindy and I had some good sex again. She gave me a blow job and I ate her pussy while she came twice. I then fucked her as she came legal age teenager widens luscious virgin legs hardcore blowjob a 3rd time.

Then we drifted off to sleep. Cindy and I got up next morning about the same time. After we washed up, we dressed and had breakfast.

I then went outside. The dogs came to me and I petted both of them. It appeared they knew it would be a good day for them as I saw both of their cocks peeking out of their sheaths.

I walked toward the stables with the dogs following. When I got there I realized one of the horses was actually a pony. Guess that made my decision easier as I figured he would have a slightly smaller cock and I would start with him after the dogs fuck me.

I took my shorts and underwear off and walked up to the doberman. His cock was peeking out as he licked at my cock making it throb. I got down on my hands and knees.

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The dobie quickly came up behind me and mounted me. He began thrusting and was in me quicker than the first time he fucked me. I wasn't going to let him tie this time since I was going to let the dane do that. As the dobie fucked me I moved forward each time he tried to drive his knot in me. He was giving me a good fucking and shooting precum in me. He kept fucking and at one point I let him slip his knot in me but quickly moved forward so it would slip back out.

At this point I felt the dobie shoot some cum in me as he stayed still and drained some of his cum in my ass. I then pulled forward as he slipped out. I got up quickly so I could now let the dane fuck me. I looked at the horse and pony and they both had some cock hanging down.

That means they would be ready for me. As the dane walked over to me I got back down on my hands and knees. The dane was quickly behind me and mounted me. He was thrusting quickly and when he penetrated me I shot some cum onto the floor. The smell of sex was exciting the horses. I started pushing back as the dane started to fuck me harder.

When I felt his knot ready to enter me the dane gripped me tighter as he thrust forward.


I pushed back hard and the knot slid in. I kept pushing back as the dane fucked harder and the knot grew. I then felt the dane stop humping as I felt his cum filling my asshole.

I kept pushing back and took a look at the horses. The pony had a good 8 inches of cock hanging down. The dane kept spurting cum inside me and stayed tied to me for about 20 minutes before he slid his knot out and dismounted. My ass was quite sore and I wasn't sure if I should let the horses fuck me right away. Maybe I should come back this afternoon. Bi studs spitroasting redhead babe in mmf seeing them with their cocks hanging I didn't want to seem like a tease.

So I got up and walked into the pony's stall. He was snorting and nudging me with his head. I walked over to a corner of the stall, leaned forward and bent over. I was looking back as the pony was walking behind me. His cock was about 12 inches now. I suddenly saw it go stiff and grow to about 15 inches when he reared up on my back and started to thrust.

I could feel his thrusts and adjusted my position til I felt him penetrate me.


He got about a 3rd of his cock in me. As he began to thrust hard he walked forward trying to get more cock in me. Each time he did I pushed back hoping to have him get all of his cock in me. It seems the pony was so excited that in about 4-5 more thrusts he started to shoot his cum in my ass. I shot a load of cum as well as he pulled out of me and a gush awesome erotic action on cam hardcore blowjob leaked out of my ass.

I stayed in position to see if he wanted more. I noticed the horse was snorting over in the other stall. After a minute or so the pony grew stiff again and drove his cock in my ass. He fucked even harder lifting me off the ground.

Again he was too excited and did not get all the way in me when I felt him shoot another cum load. It leaked out of my ass as he pulled out again. I quickly walked out of his stall and went toward the horse's stall. I saw he was ready and even though I was a bit tender I wanted this horse to give me the fuck of my life.

I wanted him balls deep in me thrusting until he emptied all his cum inside me. I was going to do everything possible to make that happen. I walked into his stall and he quickly circled behind me as I walked toward the corner of the stall. I was barely able to lean forward and bend over when he quickly climbed on my back and thrust his already stiff cock at my asshole. Arrrrggg - he thrust so hard he got 3/4 of his cock in me.

He then kept thrusting harder while at the same time walking forward.

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I pushed back hard each time feeling more cock penetrate me. In one final thrust I felt his balls up against my ass and I knew he had stuffed all of his cock in me. He kept thrusting in short hard strokes now. I was cumming and kept meeting his thrusts. The horse just kept thrusting until I finally felt his cum shoot inside my ass. As he was cumming the horse kept up the hard short strokes.

He then stopped briefly for about 30 seconds as I felt cum keep squirting inside me. When the horse pulled out I came again. Cum leaked out of my ass down my legs. I was in heaven. What a fucking. It was everything I had ever fantasized about.

As the horse dismounted. I walked out of the stall with wobbly legs. I had just cute sweetie is opening up tight cunt in close range and climaxing fucked by both dogs, a pony, and a horse.

My ass was sore but I didn't care. I was already thinking about doing it all over again tomorrow. Maybe I would let them all fuck me. I even wanted Cindy to watch me get fucked although I was not going to try to convince her to try it since she already told me it wasn't her thing. Again Cindy was on the porch as she saw me walk up. "Honey I am exhausted. I am going to shower and go straight to bed. I will see you in the morning. The next day I let both dogs fuck me.

I let both of them knot and tie me. Later in the day I took on the pig, the goat, and the bull one right after another. Then in the evening I took on the pony and the horse. I must've cum a dozen times while being fucked. And to think I still had 3 more days to enjoy these animals before John and Betty return. I am definitely going to have to get a dog.