Extra fat bbw slut apple bomb masturbates masturbation

Extra fat bbw slut apple bomb masturbates masturbation
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Foreword: We survived the hurricane and life pretty much went back to normal. My only regret was that we didn't take any pictures that day.

So, here's what happened next! This was originally going to be two separate stories but I felt that it made more sense just to roll it into one, so it's a little long. Seven Months With Marie- Part Six: "The Challenge" Fall 2004 Marie and I were approaching the five month mark. She was the kinkiest girl I had ever met by far and away. Our first sexual encounter had been a threesome with our co-worker (and my land-lady/next door neighbor) Karen.

It had started as a joke, and Karen had started filming me walking around her house drunk and naked. Then things got heated and the whole thing ended up on tape. After that Marie and I were together pretty much every day and every night. Quickly after we started dating, we shared a bed with her friend Michelle several times. For whatever reason, Marie liked to watch me have sex with her friends.

She was kinky like that. In order to show my gratitude, I arranged an evening with two of my friends and we gang banged Marie.

Nothing was off limits and Marie seemed to be game for anything at all. She was truly amazing! She had long dark hair that hung just above her large gorgeous ass.

She had a small waist and a flat stomach with perfect c-cup breasts. Suffice it to say, she was very fun to look at. So, you can imagine how bummed I was when she told me she was going to California for two weeks.

An old friend of hers was getting married and she wanted to use the opportunity to visit some other old friends and see some family. She was latina big ass teen bangs huge dick in two days. She came over to my place that night after work and, as usual, we made heated love together. Afterward, we lay on our backs in bed, breathing hard and glistening with sweat.

I told her how much I was going to miss her. That's when things got interesting. Once again, Marie was about to blow my mind. "I'm really going to miss you too… That's why I came up with a little homework assignment for you to keep you busy while I'm gone." She smiled, still breathing hard.

"What's that?" I asked.


She rolled on top of me and kissed me before straddling me and sitting up. She reached between her legs and started gently pulling on my sleeping cock.

"Do you remember the first time we had sex?" she asked. She was referring to the night we'd had a threesome with Karen. "Of course I do." I said. Karen was in her mid thirties. She had long red hair and enormous natural breasts. I still hadn't seen the tape she'd made of us that night, but I wanted to. Anyway, apparently, Marie thought that Karen had a little crush on me and she wanted to put her theory to the test. "While I'm away, I want you to see if you can get her to fuck you." She smiled as she rubbed my hardening cock on her wet pussy lips.

"Oh, my god" I moaned "Are you serious?" "Uh-huh." She moaned as she positioned my then hard cock and slid down stop your parents are going to catch us me. "Ungh… And when I get back, I want you to tell me every single detail." "Not that I'm complaining, but can I ask why?" I moaned as she ground her pelvis into me. "I just want to see if you can pull it off." She moaned. "And if I do?" I prodded.

"Then I'll think of something REALLY fun to do with you." She moaned. FAST FORWARD TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS LATER I waited in the terminal with so much anticipation that I couldn't sit still.

I had tried to tell Marie what had happened with Karen over the phone, but each time I tried, she would stop me and tell me to save it for when she got home.

The terminal tram door slid open and a crowd of people rushed out. Finally, after two weeks, I saw my girl. She was wearing a denim skirt, a 'Rolling Stones' T-shirt and flip flops.

Her skin was tan and her hair looked a shade or two lighter. She was smiling. I ran to her and we embraced tightly and kissed without inhibition. I was bursting at the seams to tell her what had happened with my 'homework assignment' but the airport terminal was definitely not the right place. After waiting around the baggage claim, we finally made it to my car. As sister xxx rap bf story as the doors closed I began to try and tell her.

Again, she stopped me, only saying "Not yet." We finally arrived at her house. I followed her inside and she dropped her carry-on on the living room floor, never breaking her stride. I followed her into her bedroom where I watched her kick off her flip-flops and leap onto the bed.

I kicked off mine and sat on the bed Indian style. In her overwhelmingly natural yet sexy way, she quickly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her legs to a bunch around her feet and then kicked it off the bed. She went on to pull off her Stones T-shirt and bra in two fluid movements. She then lay back against her pillows wearing only her black thong. She crossed her legs and very seriously looked me in the eyes.

"Okay. Now… Tell me everything." "Okay. I went over to Karen's the night you left town. Do you remember her friend Alexis? She's the bartender that sold us the ecstasy." "The gay chick?" Marie asked.

"Yeah, her. Well, she was over there and they were hanging out or whatever, so I just hung out with them for a while and then went home." "Uh-huh." "I waited a couple days before I tried again.

When I went over, Alexis was there again! Apparently she and Karen are becoming pretty good friends." "Is Karen a dyke now? Did I turn Karen gay?" Marie asked smiling. "I don't think so. I just think they're friends.

Anyway, I tried again two days after that." Marie smiled at me. "Here we go." "Believe it or not, Alexis was there again! I figured that it would just keep happening so I decided to just stick it out and take my chances." Marie shifted and uncrossed her legs. "So, the three of us hang out for like four hours. Finally, at around two in the morning Alexis left. Incidentally, she's a really cool chick. You would like her… Anyway, so she left and I'm sitting on the couch with Karen." "Wait." Marie stopped me.

"What was she wearing?" "Oh. Uh. She worked the dinner shift that night, so she was still in her work clothes. (Shorts and a polo.) So anyway we hung out and had a few beers. Of course, we jessica rox blows guy and swallows cumshot talking about you. She was asking me if I was sad that you were gone.

Of course I actually was, but I played it up a little. By then we were pretty buzzed, and I brought up the night the three of us all had sex together. I wanted to see how she would react.

She seemed pretty comfortable talking about it, so I asked her if she had recorded over the tape we'd made. She said that she still had it. Are you ready for the awesome part?" I smiled. Marie's eyes popped open wide as she looked at me with growing interest.

"I asked her if she had already watched it and she said YES!" Marie closed her eyes and leaned back into the pillows. "That's awesome." She spread her thighs very slightly and cleared her throat.

"So I asked her if I could watch it because I missed you so much. She went and got the tape and handed it to me. Thank GOD I don't have a VCR!" I laughed. "I told her that and asked her if I could watch it at her place.

She looked a little nervous but I eventually got her to put it on." Marie let out a soft moan of approval and I knew she was enjoying the story so far. "So the tape starts playing and it's me looking like a fucking moron walking around in her kitchen naked and drinking a beer." "I remember that." Marie smiled and laughed.

I slowed down and put a little more bass in my voice. "Then I walked up to the two of you on the couch and took the camera from Karen and you totally freaked her out and started sucking my cock." Marie smiled at the memory with her eyes still closed. Her hand slid across her flat belly and up to her breasts. She began to make feathery circles around her nipples with her fingertips causing them to slowly stand erect. "We kept watching the tape and I made it a point to lean back in the couch.

Pretty soon I started getting really hard and I made sure Karen could see the front of my jeans rising.

She definitely noticed. I was trying to see if she was getting turned on. I was pretty sure my plan was working, but I decided to really push it, so I reached down and started rubbing my dick through my jeans. It wasn't too much longer until she was watching me more than the TV. She was enjoying my little show, but she was still too nervous to try anything, so I decided to really go for it." Marie's hand trailed down the center line of her flat stomach and slid over the outside of her panties.

She spread her legs wider and began to rub herself through her panties. She was getting off on my little story. "I looked up at Karen and made sure we made eye contact. Then I pulled down my zipper. I reached into my jeans and tugged on myself a couple times before finally pulling my cock out. I gripped it and started to slowly jerk off as I stared at her. Her jaw dropped and I swear, the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

At that exact moment, on the video, she started blowing me! It was perfect! I leaned toward her and we started kissing. We kissed for about half a minute and then I grabbed her wrist and guided her hand to my cock." Marie slid her hand up to the top of her panties and wriggled her fingers underneath the waistband.

"Uh-huh?" she moaned. "So we were making out pretty hard and Karen started jerking me off. We kissed really wet and I watched her hand slide up and down my cock for about 5 minutes or so. Finally, I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down into my lap. She started sucking my dick for me. That's when I took my shirt off.

Her wet lips felt so good on my cock, I decided I wanted to get totally naked. I pulled my pants down and kicked them off. So, I was naked and she was still blowing me as I watched a video of me fucking you from behind while you ate her out! It was so fucking hot I almost lost it." Marie took a short break from her self-indulgence to lift her hips and slide her panties off.

I looked at her beautiful shaved pussy as she spread her legs wide. She used one hand to continue finger fucking herself.

With her other hand, she reached into my lap and started tugging on my belt. I rose up to my knees on the bed beside her head and helped her get my pants open as I continued. "Karen kept sucking me and I managed to get her out of all her clothes. So, now, we're both naked." Marie reached up and gripped my cock.

Her eyes were closed. She opened her mouth and began to rub my cock on her tongue as she fingered herself. "Yeah?" she moaned. "Karen was on her knees on the couch cushion next to me, bent over with her head in my lap.

I reached over her back to where my wrist was resting in her ass crack and I started rubbing her pussy with the tip of my finger." Marie pulled me into her mouth and started gently sucking my cock as I continued the story.

Her rhythmic rubbing on her pussy was gaining speed. "Ungh. Then Karen started getting really into it. On the TV, I was fucking her and you were sitting on her face. She was licking your pussy. Then you started fingering your ass, so I looked at Karen and thought, why not? I raised my finger up from Karen's wet pussy and started rubbing her asshole. She was moaning onto my cock and I could tell she was really into it. I wondered if she had watched the video more than once." I ruminated.

"Anyway, it got to the part where you told me that you wanted me to fuck you in the ass. I started to slip the tip of my finger into Karen's ass to see if she would be into that! She totally was." I smiled. Marie moaned and squeezed her tit really hard as her back lifted off the bed.

She sucked my cock rapidly as she moaned louder and louder. She was going to make herself cum soon. "Then, Karen sits up and looks at me. She looks at me all shy and cute and says that she wants to try it. Try what? I ask. Then she pointed at the TV and said 'That." Marie started making all kinds of strange sounds at that point. She was panting and moaning flawless tiny kitten gets her yummy pussy and tight anal rode I wanted to fuck her so bad.

I continued the story. "She got on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the TV and I knelt down behind her. I leaned forward and spit on her asshole and then started rubbing my cock on it. Once she started swaying her hips, I started to push it in. She screamed at first, but then she let me in further and further until I was all the way up her ass." Marie couldn't hold on any longer. She gave herself a teeth rattling orgasm and small spurts of cloudy fluid seeped between her fingers as she howled into the night.

Her body finally became still, save for her breathing and she looked at me again. "Fuck! That was intense!" she yelled as she jerked my cock, smiling like a sorority girl.

"So then what happened?" "Well… I got her to rub her clit until she came, then I came in her ass." I smiled. "That is so fucking hot." Marie hooted. "I told you to try and fuck her and you end up cumming in her ass? You are a fucking man!" There was a brief pause. "So what else happened? Did it get weird?" she asked as she kept jerking my cock. She was smiling up at me. "We kissed some more and then she took a shower. When she got back she started talking about how she felt like shit because you're her friend and she felt like she betrayed you and how it only happened because we had already had sex when you were there.

She was getting really nervous about you finding out." I said. "Then what?" Marie probed. It was amazing how safe I felt with Marie. I really could tell her everything. "Then, she made me promise to never tell you and that it would be our little secret and it would never ever EVER happen again." "And?" Marie asked with her eyes wide.

I took a moment to savor her anticipation. "Then we had sex again and went to bed." She smacked my arm in disbelief. "Shut up!" "And I fucked her three more times last week!" I finished, chuckling.

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"Oh my GOD, she is a total whore!" Marie gasped. "I love it. This is perfect!" she yelled. "Well, is my shit together or is my shit together?" I gloated, feeling confident I had gotten an 'A' on my homework assignment.

Little did I know, the gears in Marie's twisted mind were already turning. "Call her right now and tell her you want to see her tonight!" Marie smiled. Long story short, Marie finished getting me off. Then I called Karen and told her I wanted to see her and would come over at 9.

She asked about Marie coming in that day and I told her that Marie's flight was delayed. Karen agreed to see me. Then, at 8 that night, Marie went over to Karen's unannounced! (Later on Marie told me that Karen asked her why she wasn't with me that night.

Marie told her that she had lied to me about her flight being delayed and that she just wanted to spend some time with Karen alone. HAHA!) I took a shower and walked over to Karen's house and knocked on the door. When Karen opened the door I wrapped my arms around her and pushed my face into hers to kiss her. As expected, she jerked back, pushing my chest and said in an unnaturally loud voice "Hey Johnny! Marie, look who's here! It's Johnny!" I pretended to be surprised and looked at Karen wide eyed.

She made that great "Oh fuck!" face. It was perfect. They had been watching a movie. I went in and acted completely surprised to see Marie there. Lovely hottie gets pleased on the sofa made up some bullshit about wanting to surprise me and we feigned a big hello hug and kiss. After a little small talk we sat down together on the couch and kept watching the movie.

It was that shitty Madonna movie called "Swept Away." The plan was that Marie and I were going to keep dropping little hints about ass-fucking and what not and see how uncomfortable we could make Karen. Then we were going to start making out and just totally go for it and start taking off our clothes and then let Karen in on the joke.

Then, hopefully, we'd all have sex together. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. We were only watching the movie for a few minutes when it showed that obnoxious French guy with his shirt off. Marie moaned dramatically and said "Oh my god Karen, I would totally let that guy put it in my ass." That was all it took.

Karen waited about ten seconds and then stood up. "Well, I'm gonna hit the sack. Let you two catch up." We all said goodnight and Karen disappeared into her bedroom and closed the door. "Fuck." Marie whispered. "I know." I said. "I was really looking forward to seeing what she was gonna do." Marie and I didn't know what to do after homemade teen solo squirt then he invites his unsuspecting to sit beside him on the. I eventually ran over to my house, rolled a joint and brought it back to Karen's.

Marie and I went out on Karen's screened porch and sat on the day bed. It was dark except for the moonlight coming through the windows. I lit the joint and took a big pull and handed it to Marie.

She took a deep drag and held it in. I put my hand on her thigh. "We can try again tomorrow." "Nah." Marie said.

"I don't want to drag it out like that. If we wait too long it might get weird." She paused as she handed the joint back to me. "Maybe we should just tell her tomorrow. I can already tell she feels weird around me." I took a slow drag. "So what do you want to do now?" I asked, handing the joint back to her.

She took a light puff and giggled. "Let's get naked." Marie liked to sit around naked when she got high. I loved that woman. She stood first and took off her shorts and panties. Then she pulled off her shirt.


She wasn't wearing a bra. I stared at her beautiful body as smoke curled out of the corner of my mouth. "God damn, you look good." She smiled at me. "Your turn." I was starting to feel pretty stoned by then. I stood up and took off my shirt. Marie was still standing. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and they fell to the porch floor. Marie put the roach in the ashtray and pushed her body into mine. I felt her breasts push into my ribs and the cool air of the evening grazed our bodies.

I sat in the corner of the day bed with my legs apart wide enough for Marie to sit in front of me. She sat down and leaned her back against my chest. I swung my arm around her and held her close. She reached over to the ashtray and picked the roach back up. "This feels so good." She smiled. "Yeah." I said as my hand brushed past her nipple. I sat quietly for a moment thinking to myself. "So, tomorrow, you just want to tell Karen everything?" Marie put her hand over mine and settled it over her breast.

"We have to do something…" I gently squeezed her breast. "Do you think she'll mind if we fuck on her porch?" I asked, laughing. "She better not! If she can fuck you in her living room, I can sure as hell fuck you on her porch!" she laughed.

The laughter settled into silence. Suddenly Marie adult tv french connections ali and nadia up sharply "Wait!." "What?" I asked "I got it!" she turned and smiled at me.

"Fuck telling her tomorrow. I know what we should do!" She turned around and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She started lightly rubbing it trying to coax it out of sleep. "Okay…" I said.

"First, I want to get you really hard." She said, licking her lips. "Yeah?" I said. My cock was already getting stiff. "Then I want you to walk into Karen's room completely naked and hard as a rock." She started stroking me and it felt fantastic.

"What if she's asleep?" I asked… FAST FORWARD THREE MINUTES. My cock was as hard as a rock and still a little wet with Marie's saliva. I walked through the living room and stepped into the hallway.

My nerves were on fire as I placed my hand on the doorknob to Karen's room. The hallway was dark, but Karen's room was even darker. The clock on the nightstand told me that it was only 10:15. The night was full of possibilities. She was asleep on her side facing the doorway. I moved toward her as silently as I could. I stood beside her bed with my rock hard cock just a foot from her face.

I then reached over to the bedside table and found the turn switch for the lamp. I clicked it on and I took a step closer. The light didn't wake Karen. I was really going to have to go all the way this time. I gripped the base of my cock and rubbed the tip of it across Karen's lips. She stirred a bit but didn't fully wake. I repeated my movement but this time I continued to rub my cock on her lips.

Her eyes began to slowly open. She slowly rolled back a bit and looked up at me. "What are you doing?" "What do you think I'm doing?" I smiled. "Where is Marie? She asked with genuine concern in her eyes. "She's at my house asleep." I replied. Karen didn't notice that I had left her bedroom door open about three inches.

The truth was that Marie was standing in the darkness of the hallway completely naked and watching everything that was happening.

Karen got a few extra bonus 'friend' points for what she said next. "We can't keep doing this Johnny." I took another step forward and reached into the blanket she was covered up with. I stuck my cock in her face as I began to massage her enormous breasts.

"She's asleep Karen. It's okay." I said in my most reassuring voice. She began to moan softly as I inched closer to her.

She closed her eyes and surrendered to what she wanted. She leaned toward me and pushed her lips onto my cock. I threw my head back and gave her nipple a light pinch through her tank brunette gives facial blowjob on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg. She responded by opening her mouth wider and taking me all the way in.

It wasn't long until she involved her hands. Soon after she was jerking my cock while she sucked the tip. I kept squeezing her breasts through her top. Marie pulled the door open as silently as she could. Luckily, Karen had closed her eyes.

Marie walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso, pressing her naked breasts into my back. She peered over my shoulder and broke the silence saying "Suck that cock baby girl." Karen's eyes snapped open wide and she pulled away from me. She was utterly confused. Marie's hands slid down my belly and she took my wet cock into her hand and started stroking it in front of Karen's face.

"You don't have to stop for me." She taunted. Karen was still confused. Marie kept jerking my spit drenched cock and said "Or do you want him to fuck your tight little ass again?" The transition that Karen's face went through in the next four seconds was amazing. There was confusion first. Then there was a flash of anger that I had told Marie our secret.

Then there was more confusion, then guilt followed by rationalizing that Marie clearly was okay with it because she was standing right in front of her completely naked and jerking me off.

It was priceless. Rather than get into the 'how's and why's, Karen just decided to go with it and see what happened. She looked up at Marie for reassurance. Marie smiled and held my cock out in front of her. I was grinning from ear to ear. Karen leaned forward again and took me back into her mouth. Marie released my cock and said "Good girl." Marie passed me on my right side and pulled the sheet and comforter off of Karen.

Her big boobs were covered by a tank top and she was wearing a small pair of flannel boxers. Marie climbed onto the bed and lay down behind Karen. Karen rolled onto her back and looked over to Marie. Marie then leaned into Karen's face and kissed her deeply.

I stood and watched them make out for a while and soon Marie grabbed Karen's wrist and placed her hand on my cock. Like clockwork Karen started stroking my cock as she and Marie continued kissing.

I was staring at Marie's writhing naked body. Her hands floated up and down the curves of Karen's body before grabbing hold of the hem of Karen's top. She slowly began to pull it upward. She finally pulled it all the way up, exposing Karen's huge tits. She then stopped kissing Karen and pushed her head back toward my amy brooke sucks dick and gets fucked. Marie then slid down on the bed a little and pulled Karen's left nipple into her mouth clenching it between her teeth causing Karen to release a loud moan.

Then she moved over to Karen's right breast and did the same. Marie continued to suckle Karen's breasts and Karen kept sucking my cock. I was really enjoying their little show. I watched Marie's left hand slide down Karen's abdomen and disappear into her panties without any hesitation. Karen spread her legs wider and Marie began to massage Karen's clit with the tip of her finger. Then Marie slid off of the foot of the bed. She reached up to Karen's waist and pulled her panties off in one motion.

Karen spread her legs wide again as Marie knelt down on the edge of the bed and began to kiss Karen's inner thighs. Seeing Marie's big beautiful ass sticking up in the air was too much for me to resist.

Karen was too distracted by Marie to continue giving me a decent blow job anyway, so I stepped back and headed to the foot of the bed. As I approached Marie, she had finally plunged her tongue into Karen's wet mound. Karen pulled her tank top the rest of the way off and moaned with pleasure at Marie's tongue. I positioned myself behind Marie's beautiful ass. My cock was still dripping with Karen's spit.

I placed the tip just behind Marie's clit and pulled her hips back until I was deep inside her. I watched Karen writhe and squeeze her own enormous tits as Marie ate her muff.

I let my eyes travel down to stare at my cock slamming into Marie. Life was so very good. Marie being Marie decided it was time for a little more heat. That was when she started talking dirty. "You like getting your little pussy licked by a girl?" Karen just moaned.

"You like it? You like sucking Johnny's big fat cock too?" she goaded. I was getting really hot. Then Marie stopped. She looked up at Karen and asked her very seriously "Did you like getting fucked in the ass?" Karen smiled mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob her.

She looked slightly embarrassed but playful at the same time. She didn't need to answer. "I want to see it." Marie said. She turned to english sex story rape karne wala and said "I want to watch you put your cock in her ass." All I had to do was smile and Marie rolled off to the side. She told Karen to flip over and Karen obeyed. Karen laughed "What the fuck are you guys doing?" as she got to her knees and dropped down to rest her palms on the bed.

I climbed onto the bed behind her and Marie started jerking my glistening cock behind Karen's ass. Marie was visibly excited by the proceedings. She scooted between Karen and I and rested her head on Karen's right ass cheek. "Are you ready for it Karen?" she asked. Karen just giggled and Marie turned her head more and stuck out her tongue. The tip of her tongue glided over Karen's asshole and Karen's giggling quickly turned into wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy. Marie kept jerking my cock as she rimmed Karen's asshole until she felt it was sufficiently wet.

Then she pulled her head back and began to pull my cock forward. She rubbed my cock on Karen's glistening asshole and gently continued pulling me forward. Karen moaned "Fuck!" as I entered her. "Go slow, okay." Marie watched with fascination as I gently eased my cock into her friend's ass.

Once I had gotten in about half way, Marie leaned back on the edge of the bed and spead her legs. I inched in a bit further and Marie let her hands slide down between her own legs and she began to pleasure herself. Karen moaned in pain as I finally forced the entire length of my cock up her ass. Marie was smiling valerie luxe works off her fine assblk she watched us and fingered her then dripping cunt. "Yeah Johnny. Fuck that asshole baby!

Fuck that tight little asshole!" Karen was soon moaning in pleasure and I was having the time of my life… again. Damn, Marie was amazing!

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My rhythm was quickening and I could tell if I kept that pace I would cum soon. I looked over to Marie and it was as if she could read my mind. She smiled and nodded her head gently. I focused back on Karen. I let my grip on her hips go slack and slid my hands around her body. I leaned forward and slid my hands up her tummy until they found her giant swaying breasts.

I squeezed her breasts and kept plunging myself slut victoria banxxx cant get enough of big cock smalltits and pornstars her butthole.

The hairs on my head started feeling like electricity and my stomach tightened in spastic waves. "Fuck!" I shouted. "You're gonna make me fuckin' cum!" Suddenly, Marie lurched forward.

She placed her hand on Karen's backside and pushed her forward. I dropped back onto my haunches and Marie grabbed my cock and violently pulled it into her mouth.

I had gone straight from Karen's tight asshole to Marie's warm wet mouth. Marie sucked me with expert skill and I found my hands gripping wildly at the bed sheets as I felt a heavy load of cum burst from the tip of my cock and explode like a depth charge in Marie's throat.

Then there was another explosion, followed by a third. My skin was tingling and I felt like I had just been on fire.

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My head was light and the scene in front of me was straight out of Roman times. Marie leaned back and I heard her swallow everything I had just given her.

Her naked body glistened with sweat and she looked incredible. Karen rolled onto her side and covered part of her face with the edge of a pillow. Of the three of us, I was the only one that had cum so far. I usually like to try and hold off, but something about the spirit of that night told me not to worry about it. From behind the pillow, Karen looked use the plushcam pink tail to fuck dripping wet lesbians good me and said "I should've known you would tell her." Her tone was playful.

"It was her idea." I laughed. Marie slid up to put her head beside Karen's. "I don't care if you guys fuck sometimes. Just make sure you let me watch." I loved that girl. She pulled the pillow away from Karen's face and kissed her softly on the lips. "Did you like our little surprise?" she asked her. "Yeah." She smiled. "I was totally freaked out at first.

I thought you were gonna kill me, but then I saw you were naked and everything!" "Johnny told me you've been hanging out with Alexis a lot. Are you two hooking up or what?" Marie asked. "No!" Karen protested. "She's just really cool. I'm not gay!" "You realize you're saying that about 15 minutes after I was eating you out right?" Marie laughed. Karen laughed with her "Yes, and I also realize I'm saying that about two minutes after your boyfriend had his dick in my ass!" "Fair enough." Marie smiled as she kissed Karen again.

Karen looked back at me and then to Marie. "You two are fucking nuts!" she laughed. Marie kissed her again. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the kiss grow into full blown making out. They kissed passionately and deeply. The sheets were hanging off the edge of the bed. Marie slipped her hand between Karen's thighs and Karen eagerly accepted. Marie moved her head down to Karen's neck. Karen leaned her head back and moaned softly as Marie fingered her twat.

Marie then focused her attention on Karen's huge tits. She reached up with her wet fingers and teased Karen's nipples. "Have you ever let a guy fuck you tits Karen?" Karen immediately started laughing hysterically.

"Every guy I've ever dated!" she howled. "I know I have big tits, okay? Every guy wants to do that!" she laughed. Marie sat up next to Karen and asked "So, will you let Johnny do it?" "Are you kidding?. NO!" she remarked with sarcasm. "Your boyfriend can put his dick in my ass but he cannot, under any circumstances, fuck my titties!" I had already started getting a little hard again from big dicks fucking hard some porstars video them kissing.

Marie looked at me with that mischievous smile of hers and placed her hands on the outside of Karen's tits. I got even harder at the sight. I made my way up Karen's body and straddled her stomach. She smiled and giggled more. My cock was as stiff as a board. I lowered myself down onto her and my cock rested between her breasts. "Jesus." Trio ffh completement fou french illico porno giggled. Marie then pushed Karen's breasts together and my cock disappeared except for the tip protruding from the top.

I had never done that with a girl so well endowed before and it was fantastic. "Wow!" Marie sighed. "You almost made his whole cock disappear." "Shut up." Karen giggled.

The atmosphere was very playful until I started thrusting my hips. I started to get really into it. Her tits felt amazing around my cock. Soon, Karen closed her eyes and began to moan lightly at each thrust. Marie's expression changed too.

"Fuck, that's hot." Marie moaned. "Fuck, that's so fucking hot. Fuck those titties baby. Get yourself off with those fucking tits." I reached back and let my fingertips find their way between Karen's legs. She spread her thighs for me and I gently fingered her wet pussy as I rocked my cock in and out of her cleavage. She moaned louder as I continued to fuck her chest. I was shocked to find that I was getting that feeling again so soon!

There was no fighting it. I was going to cum again. Out of an ingrained desire to be chivalrous, despite how ridiculous my circumstances, I shouted out a warning.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fuckin cum!" "Keep going!" Marie shouted. Karen didn't protest so I just kept on going. Marie squeezed her tits tighter together and I pounded away as hard as I could.

My load spattered out onto Karen's chin in quick bursts. She arched her head back and I sprayed more jizz onto her neck. "Fuck yeah baby!" Marie hooted. "Give her that fuckin' cum!" I sagged over Karen as Marie released her huge breasts. Marie leaned down and kissed Karen on the mouth again before she licked up some cum from her chin.

"That was so hot! Fuck Karen, how many cocks have you had between your tits anyway?" "Shut up." Karen laughed. "I'm gonna take a shower." "Can we come?" Marie asked smiling.

"Sure." Karen smiled again as she hopped off of the bed. Karen was the first to step out into the hallway. Marie and I were right behind her. As we passed the entrance to the living room on the way to the bathroom, Karen was the first to notice Alexis sitting on the sofa. It was too awkward to do anything but laugh which is exactly what Karen did.

Marie and I rushed past Karen into the bathroom. I then heard Karen say "When did you get here?" "About ten minutes ago." I heard Alexis say. Alexis already knew that Karen had had sex with both Marie and I once before.

I had no idea if Karen had told her that we'd been screwing around for the past week. Either way, Alexis didn't seem terribly surprised. I heard Karen say "So you heard all that?" "Hey, I didn't hear a thing." Alexis responded playfully. Then Karen was in the bathroom with us. I turned on the shower. All three of us were smiling in shock. Marie looked at Karen. "Did she hear us?" "Does it matter? The three of us walked out of my bedroom naked and I'm pretty sure I've got jizz on my neck.

I old man and young sex she finishes up boning both of our folks at the same time she can figure it out." Her face was red.

The three of us got into the shower still laughing. I knew Alexis was gay, but immediately started wondering if she had any interest in joining us. I figured that I had gotten lucky enough that night and shouldn't press my luck. In the shower the three of us kissed and soaped each other down. Once we were done, I shut off the water. We dried off and wrapped towels around ourselves.

There was a moment of anticipation about what would happen next. Finally Karen took over. "Okay, she knows what we were doing and she knows we've done it before. She didn't leave, so I say we just go out there and talk to her." I was down.

I looked at Marie and she just smiled. "Okay." We stepped out into the living room and sat down. Nothing else sexual happened that night. Oddly enough, that was the night that Alexis and I became very close friends. We all hung out for about two hours. We talked about what we had all just done. A debate came up as to whether or not Karen was a lesbian or just bisexual. We had a few drinks and a lot of laughs.

In the end, Marie and I went to bed at my house, leaving Karen and Alexis alone. I still don't know if anything happened between the two of them after we left, but I do know that Alexis didn't leave until around noon the next day. Over the next two months I saw Alexis more and more over at Karen's. Eventually we exchanged numbers and started hanging out together. I really enjoyed her company and got the feeling she enjoyed mine too. It was great because she was hot and I could talk to her about girls and there was never any awkwardness between us because I knew she would never sleep with me.

We became best friends and I often would call her asking for advice both about relationships as well as sex. Things were going incredibly well with Marie. Then, as all things eventually do, it ended… Sort of.


She had gotten accepted into medical school out of state. We toyed very briefly with the notion of a long distance relationship. We both knew that was impossible. We were both far too physical. We needed to be touched. We needed sex. I had never been through a break-up where neither one of us wanted it. It was strange. Marie and I came to a good set of terms. We would stay in touch.

We would talk at least once a week. We would continue to be honest with each other about everything. She moved away and we kept our word. We eventually both hooked up with other people, but we would always tell the other every detail. When we could see each other, we would hook bp cxc xxx story bp xxx, but it wasn't often. I missed her, but it was time to press forward. What happened next was my proudest conquest… NEXT: HOW TO HAVE A THREESOME