Teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked

Teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked
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TENDER FLESH She awoke sore and uncomfortable. I'd bound her tightly just above the elbows and those lines to her ankles pulling her young dancers body in a tight bow. I loved to watch her wriggle under my binds. It was just a few hours ago that she, Melanie, had been heading home from the dance studio. I'd seen her dancing many times, always the star of the show. It wasn't until I watched her star in "Cats" that I decided that I must have her. It was easier to capture her than I had thought it would be.

After her final dance bbw anything and everything compilation tube porn quickly changed into her street walker outfit, and slung her bag over her shoulder and headed home. She left before the show was completely over, choosing to walk the three blocks to her apartment rather than drive.

I took this opportunity to snatch her. I couldn't have planned it better myself, as everyone else was still watching the end of the show, there was literally no one to witness her capture. Her small body quivered with fear when I grabbed her shoulders from behind. I drug her to my expedition without a sound, as I covered her mouth with a slap of tape placed securely over her pouty lips. She was easy to secure in my truck, a few bungee cords around her limbs and she was still.

I began the drive to my home, being sure to take a few extra miles to enjoy watching her struggle. Futile as her efforts were, she gave it her all, tugging and pulling and screaming; oh how I will love breaking her.

Once I got home, I opened the back doors, unhooked her. Then backed up and slammed on the breaks, and she slid out of the truck and onto the ground. She didn't get up and try to run, so I took my time to park and get back to her. She was unconscious, oops. I grabbed her tied wrists and drug her across the gravel and into the house, down the stairs, and into her new room.

When she finally awoke, strung like a bow, she screamed; louder now that the tape was removed.


Con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena slowly stepped down the stairs, making loud stomping noises on the way down. "Hello Melanie." "Fuck you!" she screamed to me. "That's not very nice Melanie, You've got a foul mouth on such a beautiful body." Her body shivered as I ran my fingers over to naked skin.

She wiggled under my touch, trying to remove my skin from hers, it was enticing. "You're quite a talented dancer, Melanie. And now you'll be dancing for me, and be at my beckon call. Is that understood?" she'd been surprisingly quiet while I spoke. When she did not reply I pulled her hair so her eyes met mine then repeated the statement.

She stared at me with furious eyes. "very well, you will call me Master from now on, Melanie. If you behave well you may keep your name, if not; then I shall fashion you with a new one more befitting of your role in life; Slave. I had planned to leave her alone to think about that, but then her mouth uttered a statement that defiantly deserved a reward. "Yes, Master." She said "I wish to keep my name, Sir. Please, Please don't kill me.

I'll do what you want." I unhooked her feet and hands from the chain holding her hostage and let her stretch back out, laying on her back on the cold floor, she didn't move a muscle. SO OBEDIENT. I then led her to a table and loosely strapped her arms and feet down, spreading her legs. "A gift for such Obedience, Melanie." With that, I lowered my lips to her sweet-smelling cunt.

I split her pussy lips with my tongue and laid my tongue right on her clit. Her moans echoed through the room. I continued to eat her out until I could feel her pussy constricting under my tongue. "Don't cum yet Melanie, hold it. Hold it." I went back to her hot pussy, and worked her clit vigorously, never once penetrating her though. I could feel her body pulsing with her need to orgasm and finally I allowed her to cum. Cum she did!

"My oh my, what a lucky Master I am! To have a squirter." I left her laying there for a few moments and went to the bench in her room.

I finally found what I'd been searching for: Two silver nipple clamps. "These Melanie, are for you." I said as I held them so she could see. She made a face, but gave no protest. I placed them gently onto her tender flesh, only tightening them down enough to sting and stay on. "I'm very glad you're kinky anal roxy raye mandy muse yhivi sasha heart this so well. You will soon understand that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior incentive for me to punish you; I LOVE to punish, so it won't take much to set me off.

I came to her cheek and kissed it gently and then turned and walked for the door. "Thank you Master" she whispered as I ascended up the stairs. What to do, what to do, I thought. I had not anticipated her to be so easy to deal with.

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I had planned hours, days of torture, but it seemed she needed none. I couldn't have that; I yearned to make her squeal. I made our supper and ate mine then boob press by old man in bus hers down to her in a small silver bowl, no utensils. Her meal consisted of mostly noodles, so I could enjoy watching her slurp them into her mouth.

She stared at the bowl hungrily and when I allowed her onto her hands and knees she dug right in, without even asking for a fork. "Good girl" I cooed "Just like a little bitch." She finished as quickly as she had started, it being such a small portion.

Oh yes, I was going to make her earn her meals and so far, she'd earned about ten noodles worth. Once her meal was over, I decided she'd earn her desert. I strapped her into a low seated chair and then strattled her body, placing my throbbing hard cock in front of her closed mouth.

"Open up, Melanie. Suck my cock like a good little bitch." She opened her mouth and took my cock in. she used her tongue a little every once and a while when I thrusted quickly. A few times I felt she wasn't giving me enough attention, so I'd shove it down her pretty little throat and watch her eyes bulge as her throat stretched to accommodate my girth. I finally came inside her mouth, squirting down her throat so she wouldn't have the chance to spit it. "ah! Ah!" I moaned removing my still hard cock head from her lips.

"All in all, a worthless job. On the floor for your punishment." I said in a stern voice. I clipped her nipple clamp chain to a carribeaner in the floor and whistled up the stairs. My big Pit/Doberman stud Constantine came running down the stairs to greet me. "Good boy, good boy." I patted his head and lead him around to her behinds. His dick lengthened instantly when he smelled her cunt, still wet from her orgasm earlier.

"I had considered forgoing this initiation; but I thought better of it." I gave her a minute to understand just what her punishment was going to be, before I walked back to Con to make sure he was ready to go. Sure enough, his cock had fully extended out of its sheath. I had to admit, this dog was hung. Fully erect he measured up to about ten inches from his thick cock head to the back side of his softball sized knot.


I was going to enjoy this. I knelt over and spread her pussy lips, letting Con lick her pussy a few times. She cried out for mercy. "Don't tempt me bitch. Shaved luscious virgin pussy filled by rod your punishment well and I won't give another." Constantine mounted her then, scraping her skinny sides with his claws.

He stabbed around chaoticly searching for her hole. At last his cock struck true, finding her tender flesh and penetrating.

His first thrust gave her half of his gigantic cock making her scream. "Yes! That's it Melanie, scream for Constantine, he loves it, scream louder!" she did her best to muffle her cries, but it was no use. When you have a cock as big as Con's pistoning in and out of your pussy you can't help but wale. Before long his humps gave way to full on doggy style thrusts, giving her his entire length, up to his knot. I looked back to see the blood running from her abused vagina and over his shaft, lubricating his rape of her.

"Just a little more now Melanie, it won't be long before he knots in you." She cried out, no words, just guttural sounds coming from her mouth. In the middle of a low growl from Constantine Melanie's shrill voice filled the air. I knew Con had slipped his knot inside her pussy. He have wild but short thrusts into her stuffed full pussy and whined. "He's cumming inside me!!!

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It's so hot! Stop! Stop! Make him stop PLEASE! Its so hot!" she screamed. I loved it. "Yes, Melanie he does have quite the load, doesn't he? He's a stud, you know; a real breeder." He's knotted in you and looks like he'll stay that way for quite some time.

I'll return in a bit my bitch." When I returned Con was beginning to get impatient and tugged his knot almost completely from her pussy making Melanie scream in pain.

I encouraged him to try again, plug in hand. This time Constantine freed himself from her tight pussy and I plugged all his thick spunk inside her pussy before I instructed her to suck him clean. She did so unwillingly and only complied when con bit her shoulder roughly, drawing blood. "Wh-What are you going to do with that?" she tilted her head towards her spunk filled pussy. "Ah yes, my pet. You will store this load until I see fit to relieve you of it." She whimpered around his softening cock.

I ordered Constantine back upstairs and then strapped Melanie to the table, this time on her hands and knees. "And to think about the nasty thing you've just done, an enema will be rewarded to you to hold over night.

Pucker up Melanie." With that I slid the enema tube into her butt and turned on the bag. The water was frigid, just as I'd planned. I squoze the bag to rush the water into her bowels causing her to cramp more.

After the three quarts had filled into her I plugged her but with a four casual teen sex cumshot on her nerdy glasses shaved pussy and cunnilingus plug(quite a tight fit, but I liked to listen to her whimper) and turned the lights off and left her to her thoughts. I awoke with a raging hard on.

I had to have her. I needed to fuck her cum-filled cunt and flood her with my own. We could conceive. She would carry our child.Children. yes. Children. And soon! I raced down the stairs, save the last four in which I stopped, straightened and strolled into her room and gazed upon her. Her face was strained but she was asleep. I reached under her chest and unclipped her nipple clamps, feeling a pang of guilt for having left them on all night.

I made a mental note to make that up to her. I pulled the plug slowly from her pussy and the cum dribbled out and down her legs. Amazingly she was still asleep! I then went for the win and pulled her butt plug from her tight ass with an audible popping sound. The water and shit mixture flooded out and all over the floor. (I'd planned on this, as I would simply spray the areas down with the hose and it would flow down the drains I had in the floor.

Only when she felt her bowels being emptied did she wake from her slumber. "Oh my fucking god! Oh my god! This is disgusting!" she screamed. I simply giggled, glad that I scorching blonde licked and fucked and got a cream masturbation blowjob humiliating her.

She knew nothing of humiliation; yet. I then sprayed her down with the hose, consentrating on her slowly constricting asshole. The pressurized water jetting into her ass. "PLEASE STOP STOP! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING!" she called.

I finished with the cleansing I stuck my hard cock into her sloppy cum filled cunt to the hilt! MMMM! She moaned instead of cried, this interested me implicitly. "you like that, baby?" "y-yes m-master." "Ah, that's right Melanie, you will worship my cock for the rest of our lives together." She seemed to take this well and began to push back onto me. I decided to make up for the nipple clamps now. I reached around her and rubbed her nipples gently.

"Come my prize, squirt on your masters love cock." She did, oh boy did she squirt, it nearly sent me over the edge. "mmmm yes! Yes! Now, Melanie, do you or do you not wish to carry my child?" I quickened my thrusts near to orgasm. She didn't reply so I pounded into her nearly ordering her answer. "i-i." "do or do you not wish to make a life together Melanie!?" "I do, master." And with that, I came inside her sopping cunt.