I did fuck my classy businesswoman looking hot stepmom

I did fuck my classy businesswoman looking hot stepmom
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Chapter 1 Justin was bored at his house in Stratford when his best friend Ryan Butler calls him. "Hey bro, whats up?" Justin says when he answers the phone. "Not much, wanna hang out?" Ryan says. "Hell ya, im so fucking bored!" Justin replies. "Same here, be there in like 15 minutes" Ryan says then hangs up.

15 minutes later Justin's doorbell rings. He opens the door and him and Ryan do their friendship handshake. Ryan walks in the house and goes with Justin up to his room to find something to entertain themselves with. They both enter the room and Ryan sits on Justin's bed and Justin sits in his desk chair. "Wanna play some XBOX?" Justin says to Ryan.

"Ya, sure why not." Ryan says. Justin hands Ryan a controller and keeps one for himself. They start playing a couple different games. After about two hours it started to get dark outside. "I think I gotta head home. Its starting to get dark out." Ryan says in a sort of sad sounding voice. "Why don't you spend the night? My mom won't be home all weekend so we will have the place to our selves." Justin says. "Sure, let me call my mom!" Ryan says no longer sounding sad.

A few minutes later Ryan hangs up with his mom and tells Justin he can spend the night but getting the service of his life jet multimedia had to go home to get a few things. Ryan left and returned about a half an hour later. "So what do you want to do now?" Ryan asked as they both sat down on Justin's bed.

"Why don't we get changed and watch some movies?" Justin says. "Ya, Sounds good!" says Ryan. Justin goes to his dresser to grab his sweatpants and tank top that he usually likes to sleep in. As Justin strips down Ryan can't help but notice the bulge in Justin's tight underwear. Justin catches Ryan in the act and makes eye contact with Ryan. "You like what you see?" Justin says while biting his lip. "For some reason, yes I do." Ryan says sounding confused. "Its okay. I have checked out other guys before too." Justin says now taking off his shirt.

"Holy Shit! when did you get those abs?" Ryan says now looking Justin up and down. "You like them?" Justin says as he lays back on the bed not bothering to put the sweatpants or tank top on.

"Ya, i do." Ryan says still staring at Justin who is now laying next to him. Ryan now has a million thoughts going through his head when all of a sudden Justin kisses Ryan. Ryan shocked at first starts to get into it.

Ryan feels Justin's tongue pressing against his lips trying to gain access to his mouth and Ryan lets him. After 5 minutes of making out Justin starts to strip Ryan. He throws Ryan's clothes on the floor and starts to make out again. Ryan gets more into it and climbs on top of Justin.


He pulls away from Justin's lips and slowly starts to work is way down Justin's body. First the neck, Then Justin's nipples, Then works his way down Justin's abs until he gets to Justin's happy trail. For some reason Ryan liked a little body hair on a boy it was almost like a fetish. He starts licking the hairs and enjoys every minute. Ryan now slowly makes his way back up to Justin's lips.


Ryan looks at Justin face to face. "This may sound strange but i have this weird fetish for body hair. Especially armpit hair. Ryan says. "That is strange but its worth a try." Justin says while putting his hands back behind his head exposing his armpit hair. There wasn't much but it was good enough for Ryan. Ryan starts to lick Justin's armpits.

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Ryan really gets into it when Justin starts moaning quietly. Ryan pulls away from the armpit and kisses Justin again. Ryan looks down at Justin's crotch and notices his bulge has gotten twice as big as before. "You ready to suck it?" Justin says in a sexy toned voice.


"Fuck ya! How big is it?" Ryan says trying to copy Justin's tone of voice. "About 8 inches. How big is yours?" Justin says hoping he would have the bigger of the two. "Im about 7 inches." Ryan says feeling somewhat proud. "That's still good." Justin says. Ryan pulls Justin's underwear off and his cock sticks straight up.

Ryan starts by stroking it slowly. Justin starts moaning again which turns Ryan on even more.

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Ryan starts licking the tip of Justin's cock and slowly goes deeper and deeper. Justin's moans get more frequent the deeper Ryan goes. Ryan gets about 6 inches of it in before gagging a little bit. "Come on! Shove that whole thing in there!" Justin says. Ryan finally gets the whole dick in his mouth. Justin starts moaning louder now too. "OH GOD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Justin screams.

the moaning, screaming, and deep throating continues until Justin finally starts to feel his climax coming on. "FUCK ME! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA COME!" Justin exclaims. Ryan prepares for Justin to shoot his load so he puts his mouth around the tip and starts stroking the dick until Justin's load starts shooting into Ryan's mouth.

It fills Ryan's mouth but he still manages to swallow it. "Wow, that was amazing!" Justin says as Ryan cuddles up next to Justin. "That tasted so good!" Ryan says. They both fell asleep in each others arms.