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Lesbian beauties like to use their dildos
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Disclaimer:I don't own lord of the rings nor any of the characters depicted in this story. The fellowship had failed.Frodo had been captured and the one ring returned to sauron.Through his dark powers he forcefully transported the elves who had fled middle earth back to be his slaves.


Those who tried to resist were cut down one by one.Lord Elrond,Lord Celeborn,Gandalf,Aragorn,Gimli,Legolas and many others fell.Orcs terrorized the lands daily,pillaging,raping and murdering whoever they pleased.Many fair and beautiful elven and human women were used as sex slaves by the orcs or to be used as breeding stock to birth stronger orc babies for saurons army.

It seemed all hope had been lost.until HE came along. His name was Harvey.Harvey the flash.Harvey was a mage and a warrior,though much of a pacifist.He never drew his sharp short sword just for any danger and abhorred using combat spells.Though when he did deem it necessary.Valar help the bastard on the receiving end.He would need it.

As harvey travelled the now desolate orc run lands of middle earth one day,he happened to find a camp.An orc camp no less.As he drew curiously towards it,his eye met with a abhorrent sight.A huge Uruk-hai was deeply fucking a beautiful raven haired elf.Her fair pale body was covered with globs of hot,thick,yellow orc cum and her face twisted in disgust as the uruk pounded her pussy continuously.Shrieks of pain left her red pouty lips while the uruk took her.He procceeded to grab her by her silky hair and slam his mouth to hers in a wet,sloppy kiss,shoving his tongue down the maidens throat.Harvey's anger grew at the sight,a plan forming in his mind to save the female elf as soon as possible.He didn't wait long as the uruk finally reached his limit.

'Take my seed and bear my child,rivendell slut.Give me a healthy son you elvish WHORE!!'he roared as he came in her pussy as the elf cried in disgust.Two minutes passed as the elf finished his release,slipping his cock out of the unconscious elfs pussy as his thick seed ran out of her abused hole. With a quick spell lightning erupted from harveys fingertips and struck the uruk-hai in the back with 100,000,000 volts of electricity till he was nothing but a mass of burnt flesh.Harvey rushed to the elf and performed some quick spells sophia milk tits petite story healed her and cleaned her of the cum covering her body.He conjured a cart and placed her gently inside it,covering her with a warm,large blanket.

Harvey looked into the uruks tent only to be shocked even more.There lying naked on the ground with thick orc cum oozing from her pussy was the lady Galadriel and next to her Eowyn,shield maiden of Rohan in the same state.On top of their pussies were the words 'brood mare' in elvish.Luckily both were unconscious as well from their experiences.Harvey ebony girl fucked in back of the van same spells on both lucky dude fucks two hot teens brunette cumshot the leaving them cum free and healed of their wounds.He gently placed them in the cart beside the dark haired elf and noticed as the subconsciously clung to each.Looking at the facial similarities of galadriel and the elf he deduced her identity to be Arwen undomniel,galadriel's granddaughter.

With a wave of his staff,the cart began moving towards the nearby forest where harvey had his home,hidden and guarded from any orc.He needed to hide the women from anymore orcs that would want them.Being important prisoners,he knew it was only a matter of time before their escape was noticed and reported to sauron. ######### 2 years later ####### Harvey sat on a bench outside his home in the village of paradise lost.He himself had created the village as a refuge for the few survivors and escaped male and female slaves of middle earth.Many people of different races lived here:Men and women from Gondor ans Rohan as well as Dunedain rangers,Dwarves from the mountains,A few hobbits,though the most were elves.Harvey was the mayor of the village and its main protector though a council made of representatives from all races was made to discuss and debate the important decisions.The village itself had an impenetrable magical barrier which not grandmother and fack son xxxx sauron could pass and thus they were hidden and safe from harm.


Even though they lived in peace,they were preparing to once more take back middle earth.An army was being raised,outfitted,armed and trained to fight for their lost lands and free their kin still in captivity.There numbers grew and in 10 years they'd be ready. It had been a hard task for harvey to make such a utopia in 2 years.He was glad it had worked out well though and he continued to hope for the future.

His keen ears catching the soft footsteps of an elf made his tired eyes look up from his musings to see who it was.Luxurious raven hair,beautiful pale white skin,perfect natural red lips,perfectly round cleavage and chocolate brown eyes and a perfect figure covered by a green dress met his gaze.It was the lady Arwen. Since he had rescued her,galadriel and eowyn from their sexual slavery and started the village,harvey had made a point of ignoring or keeping away from them,citing social class and race differences.This had made the three ladies agitated for a reason that eluded him yet was clear to even the most stupid man in the village.The women had fallen in love with him.For two years he had ignored them,now it had come to a head finally.They would be ignored no longer.

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She slowly came towards him and sat beside,her eyes looking curiously at him as he pretended to be looking elsewhere.She sighed. 'Do I disgust you that much,sir harvey,that you cannot even look at me when most males find it hard to look away.Do me,my grandmother and lady eowyn repulse you that much?'she asked quietly. Harvey was shocked at this statement.He had never been disgusted by them and he told her so.Arwen seemed to capitalize on this statement as she moved closer to him.

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'Then,sir harvey,why not be with us?,why ignore our love for you that came from the very day you rescued us?.Building a home for us an our people to rest and heal in when you yourself remain tired?,she asked him.

Sir harvey.He thought himself nothing but a mid-level mage.Even the title 'the flash' was nothing but a reminder of his quick spells and thinking,granted to him by the council.Who would love him when there were greater men to be had?,Was it not better to harden his heart before it was broken by a lady who would grow tired or him and leave him?.He remained silent as arwen continued talking in a soft voice. 'The lady Galadriel saw a vision.And in tat vision she saw a middle earth of such beauty as never before.She saw a great elvish city as great as Minas tirith with all elvendom residing in it.And in its throne room she saw many young elves both male and female,beautiful beyond all and stronger than many elves come before them.They were her children.and mine.And she saw you,our king sitting on the throne perfect teenager bubble butt in action tube porn us beside you.She saw Rohan.No longer a golden hall but a golden city,with a great army and horses that could charge swiftly as the wind into any battle.And she saw yours and eowyns daughter on the throne,a grreat queen of unmatched beauty among men.' Harvey gripped his staff tightly at the revelation.Her words almost made him see the vision itself.But she was not yet finished.

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'She then saw another vision should you continue to resist our love.She saw you fall in battle against sauron himself,destroying him and the ring before your death.She saw these very same people kill each other over the right to succeed you.She saw us three captured once more and used by the orc to bear there bastard children till an evil child,more treacherous than sauron,with the powers of an elf but heart of an orc was birthed.Then and only then would they slit our throats and let us die.' Harvey's hands grew weak.He gazed up and met arwen's sad eyes.

'Would you leave us to that fate?,she asked him.He shook his head.Never would he be the object of their doom. She took his hand and led him to her house where she then led him to the bedroom whereupon she locked the door and threw the key into a dark corner.She stood in front of him,letting her dress fall,leaving her naked before him. 'Prove it my love.Remove your clothes and come claim me as you should have two years ago'she holed big dick shoved in petite school girl holly hendrix ass walked backwards ionto the bed,her eyes on him as she pushed her finger into her wet pussy,which was dripping her sweet nectar.

Sir harvey snapped his fingers softly and vanished his clothes.Arwen's gaze fell on his erect thick six inch cock and his swollen,bloated balls.He walked and climbed onto the bed and knelt down as he parted her legs and placed his mouth on her dripping pussy,sucking her juices deeply. 'Ahhh,yes,yes,yes,my love.Taste me.Taste the nectar from my womb.My eggs are ripe my love.They make my juice flow to ease your manhood to them.My eggs are in want of your seed,my love.AHHHH,YES,YESS!Suck deeper.Drink it and let it nourish your seed,make them even more fertile.Drink my love.DRINKKKK!OH VALAR!!!AM CUMMING!AHHHH!' He drank her juices and saw her cum.He felt his seed tingle with each gulp of her juices.As arwen came down from her orgasm,he finally lay down on the sheets and watch arwens cheeks becomes rosy from her high,her pussy now literally overflowing with juice.His cock was freely leaking his pre-cum in copious amounts.Arwen flipped her dark hair from her face and put her mouth near his balls.Her eyes meeting his,she placed deep kisses on both balls before taking each bloated ball in her warm mouth and sucking deeply.Letting go of them she used her tongue to sloppily lick each nut,relishing their flavour.

'I can taste your seed,harvey.I can feel our children in your balls.'she said reverently.Her eyes then flashed to his face.'I'm afraid though that some of your thick,potent seed won't have the opportunity to breed me'.She licked his cock from top to bottom,gathering ppre-cum on her tongue and swallowing.'I hunger for your children,my love and must feed first.' With that she took his cock in hand and sucked hard on it,giving him intense pleasure.she was slurping on his cock for all her worth and before long her reward arrived.Harvey thrust his cock down arwen's heavenly throat and released his thick,hot load into her belly,feeding her a protein rich meal.She let a good amount of seed lay on her tongue to savour.

As he moved her head gently from his cock,he watched as the elven beauty opened her mouth and remove her tongue out to show him his thick,potent seed.She spits it into her hand and gazes at it in wonder. 'So thick and hot.The smell itself is potent enough to make my eggs hot in anticipation.So fertile and creamy.'she whispers.she puts her hand to her mouth and swallows her hot meal,feeling it slide down her throat.She then licks her lips and smiles.

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'Delicious.' Without a word amateur asian chick pussy fingered and licked big dick blowjob lays down and spreads her legs.He moves his cock toward her soaking cunt and with a thrust,buries himself to the hilt inside her fertile womb.He begins to pound her elven pussy hard amidst her moans and cries.Her legs wrap around his waist trapping him within her.

'YES,YES,YES.OHHHH YES.POUND ME MY LOVE.THRUST YOURSELF DEEP WITHIN ME.DESTROY MY ELVEN CUNT!,POUND MY ELVEN PUSSY!DESECRATE MY SACRED CHAMBER WITH YOUR SEED.CUM!CUM!CUM FOR ME MY LOVE.GIVE ME YOUR THICK,POTENT,SEED.LET MY WOMB BEAR YOUR POWERFUL OFFSPRING.LET ME GROW BIG WITH YOUR SEED.LET ME MOTHER YOUR CHILDREN.BREED ME MY LOVE.CUM IN MEEEEE!!!' With a roar of triumph,harvey buried himself deep in the lady arwen's pussy and came huge globs of hot,creamy,potent spunk into her womb.His thick cum clung to the walls of her womb like a paste,travelling to her ripe,fertile eggs and thoroughly impregnating on the spot.In her minds eye she saw his virile seed claim her eggs and become one.Galadriel's vision would come to pass.Her first child would be the first of many to come.

She kissed her future husband hard on the lips with passion as she placed his hand to her soon to be swollen womb. 'Soon,my husband.Our child will be here harvey,my love.'They fell asleep in each others arms,Arwen still rubbing her belly contently. And somewhere in mordor,sauron felt a new emotion:fear. To be continued in chapter two:Galadriel.