The wildest gang bang ever smalltits and homemade

The wildest gang bang ever smalltits and homemade
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After that heavy torture thing last time I said to my slut, that we'll have a nice relaxed gang bang in a cinema in our town. I put an invitation on the website of the sex cinema and wrote the following text: "We plan a gang bang on Saturday from 8 pm open end.

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Feel free to cum as often as you want and bring lots of friends with you. My slutslave is Romanian, slim, 25, brown haired and tanned and has a great slim body. Her small sluttish perky boobs are two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun for your hands and your cum. She s extremely hungry for all your cocks and swallows everything you give her. My slut is one of the most submissive sluts in the world. She does everything you want.

We hope to see you soon. What you need is an actual aids test. Entry fee: 20 dollars" I made a deal with the cinema owner to share the money he made.

So we prepared ourselves for the evening. Benas heart was beating double the speed it normally does. She was already wet the whole day. She had no idea of how many guys would fuck her that night.

She had to wear her servants dress with hot black stockings, a short skirt in black with white pockets and a shelf bra, which exposed her long puffy nipples. She had a servants hood on her head and wore 5 inch black latex stilettos.

As usual she wasn't allowed to wear any slip. When she walked, her new fat piercing rings on her pussy lips hit together and made a hot concert. When we left home Bena was so excited that we had to stop on the way to the cinema, cause she had to pee. We stopped at a parking lot and she walked in front of our car. Lifted her skirt and peed in front of it.

I was rock hard immediately. When she was finished she stood up and let the rest of the pee run down her hot freshly shaven long slim legs. She got into the car and gave me a taste of her pee with her hand. Then she fucked herself a bit with her hand and licked her juice from her hand. I was so fucking hard so I ordered her to suck my dick immediately. Instead of sucking it in the car she walked around and opened the drivers door.

She took my dick in her hungry slutmouth, while her bare ass was poking out of the car.


Her fuckslut was visible to everybody. Her piercings horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck down her slit. Some cars passed us and hooted. They couldn't believe their eyes. Bena went on sucking my dick and with her special slut technique she massaged my cum out of my balls in record time.

Quite a good training for tonight I thought. She slurped my small brother fuck her slipping sister down, after she played with it in her slutmouth. She is a specialist in cum gargling and enjoys to tease with it. After she swallowed she wiped her mouth and sat back in the car.

We drove to the cinema, where we couldn't believe what we saw. There was a waiting line at the cinema. It seemed that there were 40 or 50 guys when we passed the whistling group. There were guys of every social background (even some really nasty ugly beggars). Ebony guys, Caucasians and Asians. Young and really old guys. Punks and business guys. What a fucking mess I thought. That takes hours to make them happy. When Benaslutslave passed them they started to grab at her tits and ass cheeks.

I had to separate them to come into the cinema. There was some kind of bodybuilder I couldn't get off. He grabed my slut on her hair and forced her down to the ground.

Wxxxc one boy and twgirls obeyed. He forced his dick out of his trousers directly in her throat. She sucked submissively and massaged his shaven bull balls. He forced his fat dick till his balls knocked on her chin. Tears run down her eyes. Her eyelash smeared a bit. But he didn't take long to cum in her throat. He shot and Bena swallowed.

She didn't have any choice. He ripped her head of his dick and disappeared. Bena fall back a bit and catched herself. Her pussy was visible to all the guys in the line. One of the guys said, that this piercings are fucking crazy. "You are the filthiest whore he'll ever fuck! We walked down to the cinema rooms and it looked not like 40 to 50 but like 80 in total.

Bena found a seat in the first row. She sat down. Some really horny porn was running. But nobody cared. They all followed us and wanked their dicks. I sat next to her and played on her pussy. I fucked her with my four fingers in her pussy hole. I ordered the first guy to my slave and allowed her to start her blow jobs. She immediately had two dicks in her hands and on in her sluttish mouth. Behind her where dozens of guys and grabbed her tiny but fucking sexy little titties. I fucked her heavier and she moaned over the dicks.

The first guy was near to cum and on rage. Bena sucked harder and he couldn't hold it anymore. He shot her in her mouth and released her.

She was showing his cum to all the surrounding guys. They just realized what a slut she is. Then three guys where again next to her. She was changing dicks every 10 seconds and looked deep and sexy in their eyes. It didn't take long again and she collected their loads in her mouth.

The other guys gave her their loads and Bena gargled 10 loads within 10 minutes. Her mouth was full. I fucked her now with four fingers in her pussy hole.


After the experience with the sadist in his house her cunt was widely spread for 3 weeks. I ordered Bena to do daily training of her muscles down there to get it tighter again. But I had that feeling it didn't work out to her original tightness.

Nevertheless she gargled the loads and suddenly swallowed all the mess and let go a yummy sound. Then she moved and kneeled on the cinema seat. She spread her bum and cunt into the masses and said, fuck me you fuckers. While she was bending over the seat she wanked dicks in the second row and blew a huge member from a beggar.

That fat cock looked really ugly and smelled stinky but my Slaveslut sucked it dutifully. I guesss he hadn't have sex for years and Benaslut was doing something social. After just 30 seconds he shot his 10 thick jizz loads in her fuckface.

She wasn't expecting that and was totally messed up. All the guys laughed and said, she is the sickest bitch in the world. Her pussy was already filled with a cock from an Asian guy. She didn't realize it first but as he changed holes in her butt she started to enjoy it. Another guy sat beneath her on the cinema chair and sucked her titties while he fucked my bitch in her pierced whorepussy.

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The Asian guy continued and shot his load in her ass. And so it went on for two hours. I didn't have the impression that the waiting line gets shorter. Bena was totally filled up with cum in every of her holes. Even when she gagged and threw up only cum disappeared from her. She felt in heaven. She was in the centre of the fuck universe. A cum loving goddess. Unexhaustible flows of warm cum. Under her three slave holes where huge puddles of cum.

Her hair, her eyes and her ears where full of it too. She got a bit exhausted. I said to all, that my slut needs a 15 minute break. After that we could continue. We disappeared in a dark room. What we saw was diverse SM stuff. I had an idea. I attached Benaslut on the swing set looking upwards and bound her A cup udders on a rope hanging from the ceiling. As usual they looked like tiny table tennis balls when they where bound. I enjoy that embarrassing presentation of her titless body.

I bound her legs to the swing set. She had to arch back her head in a position where she can be fucked perfectly in her throat.

Last but not least I bound her arms behind her back and attached her hair to it. So she was absolutely helpless and reduced to her three holes. Then I opened the door to the room and the guys flowed into the room. Bena was still covered In cum and it flowed out of every of her holes.

But that was only a third of what followed the next two hours. They raped her and fucked her. They filled her with their hands and fisted her ass and her pussy. Wads of slimy cum came ut of her bowels and her slutslit.

She was chocked and gagged. Her face full of mucus. I asked the cinema guy if he could close the doors, because I think that my slave isn't able to take more than the 30 guys still waiting for their release. When I entered the room again some nasty guy was fist fucking her poor sloppy anus and causing a fat two inch prolapse coming out of her bumhole. He boxed it in and released his hand a second later. I couldn't see Benas condition through all that mucus, but I realized her moaning still.

And finally she was still breathing and orgasming. I stopped counting after 6 or 7 times. Sure was she still had fun. Her piercings where hitting together in the speed of the fisting. She gagged loud and coughed. A huge black guy had stick his member in deep erotic schoolgirl was seduced and banged by her aged lecturer her throat. It was clearly visible in her neck. He enjoyed that slow fuck deep in her and fucked her like that for at least 10 minutes.

I couldn't believe what I saw but he managed to get that huge member of 11 inches all the way in. It was like sword swallowing, what she practiced with him while she got fisted.

Several guys fucked their load mom son sex storys kurnool her pussy using breaks deauxma and kelly madison milf money adventure the fister. I couldn't hold my cum seeing that black dick in my slave and fucked her on her eyes. I said, that they would have to hurry up. There is only half an hour left. With that the rest of the bunch stood around her and waited until the black guy shot his load into her mouth.

She hold it and gargled. A group of guys shot their load into her cum bag mouth. 5 where left. I closed the room. I released here from all the bondages except the tit bondage. Her little teeny udders were deep red blueish. She had to kneel down. I got a whip and spanked her hard on her udders. She screamed. I whipped her hard again. She was back and more alive than before.

It waked her up a bit.

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I whipped 10 times over her hot sexy ass cheeks. Then I told the five guys, that the guy who gets her to orgasm within a minute wins a night with her alone and can do whatever he wants except harming her permanently or killing her of course. Bena was kneeling a bit uncomfortable cause her tits lifted her up a bit.

The first guy must have cum from a construction area nearby. He was full of dirt and was stinking sweaty. He commanded Bena to stand up and fistfucked her cunt. After one minute she was really high but not near to cum. The second guy was another asian pervert and massaged her cum covered clit and licked it. I was shocked a bit but it seemed to work. Parallel he fucked three fingers in her anus and massaged artificially her left bluish tit ball.

That brought her over the edge. So we stopped the challenge and he gave me his address for the next Saturday.

I released Benaslut from her tit bondage. Bena walked out the cinema towards the car fully covered in cum. I said to her, that she had to slurp the cum from her body or she doesn't come into my car. After five minutes I gave her a towel and rubbed the rest of her body dry.

At home she took her shower tortured boidy and was still excited of that evening. She was fucked over 5 hours by dozens of full cum ball owners. She slept quickly and I m sure she had wet dreams that night.