Busty sluts suck outdoors fingering and big tits

Busty sluts suck outdoors fingering and big tits
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Jessie Prescott worked for the Ross family as their nanny caring for their children. Jessie was a young beautiful five foot five inch one hundred and thirty pound girl about twenty one years old. She would be considered a solidly built woman nicely shaped feet attached to firmtoned long legs and a firm butt.

A solidfirm abdomen and a pair of almost d-cup breasts firm and plump. She had a beautiful face framed by silky red hair.

Luke Ross had been in love with her since the first time he saw her when she started as his nanny. She treated him like animai girll sex black guy vidio kid not really seeing him as a potential boyfriend, he finally had enough and came up with a plan to prove to her that he was a man.

Waiting until everyone was out of the penthouse he put his plan into action. His two sisters Emma and Zuri were away for the weekend at a fashion event. Ravi and Mrs. Kipling his pet lizard had gone with the butler to a gaming convention for the weekend.

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That left him and Jessie alone in the penthouse since his parents were always away in Hollywood. Luke had met with a drug dealer at school and acquired an expensiveexperimental drug from him and tonight he would use it. It was Friday night and Jessie was in the theater room watching a newly released movie only available to people like the Ross's.

Luke brought Jessie a cup of her favorite beverage and when she took it and started to drink he slid the needle into her neck and injected her with the drug. It started taking effect immediately as she started feeling horny as hell and all of her inhibitions disappeared. Jessie stood up and turned to Luke began slipping out of her clothes as she walked towards him. Come here Luke I want to give you what you've been after all this time. Stepping back Luke watched as she slowly disrobed kicking off her shoes and pulling her dress up over her head leaving her in her panties and bra.

Jessie slid her panties down her legs and kicked them across the floor and reaching behind her unhooked her bra dropping it to the floor. Jessie now stood before him totally naked like one of his wet dreams come true. His cock became hard extending to it's full thirteen inches long and three inches around.

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He almost came right then when she reached down encircling his penis in her soft hand moving it up and down the length of his shaft. Come on Luke let's fuck drive this monster up into my womb and fill me with your seed. Oh God yes Jessie as he pushed the remote button that would record every second of her raping himhe would have her then she would be his slave forever.

He pretended to try and get away but she easily overpowered him throwing him to the floor and ripping his clothes off until both of them were nude.

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She straddled his torso and pushed herself down onto his massive cock. You are so big Luke I don't know if I can take you but I'm going to do my best as she lowered herself inch by inch bouncing a bit to get down those last few inches.

Finally she was balls deep on him blood dripping from her formerly virginal vagina. Groaning with the pain she started movving up and down on his engorged member picking up speed as she became more and more lubricated.

Luke moaned as he ejaculated the first time filling her womb with his sperm but he was also ready for tonighthe had taken an experimental form of Viagra that he had acquired.

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He was ready for six hours of constant sex before his hard on would shrink. He glories in the feeling as Jessie used him as a living dildo riding his cock like she hadn't had sex in years which being a virgin she hadn't. Luke reached up and grabbed a double hand cull of Jessie's bountiful breasts squeezing and mauling her orbs. After three hours of fucking Jessie's pussy Luke managed to move his cock to her other hole and driving it up into her asshole making her scream as his oversized penis tore up her virginal anus and went deep into her bowels.

Ten hours they made frenzied unabated sex and finally totally exhausted passed out. Jessie was the first to awaken and soon woke Luke up when she started crying.


What have I done she kept repeating as she looked at Luke's naked abused body. Jessie you didn't do anything that I didn't want to happenthat being said with a large grin he told her that her beautiful ass belonged to him unless she wanted to go to jail for statutory rape. Luke you wouldn't she saidtry me he replied you are my sex slave now get your ass over here so I can do something I've wanted to do for a long time.

He laid her across his lap and began slapping her ass cheeks alternating from left to right and shoving his fingers up into her cunt after every five slaps. This made Jessie so wet it was like she pissed herself and it only got worse when she orgasmed.

The pleasure didn't stop her from crying as the spa king turned her ass bright red to black and blue finally he stopped and told her to go get dressed he had put out an outfit the night before when she was dressed they were going out.

Yes Luke and she went to her amazing babe with natural tits blows dick and fucks hard and dressed in the clothes she found on her bed. Pulling on a burgundy red silk skirt then a dark pair of thigh high silky stockings then a pair of knee high black leather high heeled boots.

Then she donned the sleeveless collarless sheer white silk blouse and put on the double silver chain belt with cuffs as the buckle and the handcuff bracelets and ankles then putting on the keys that were earrings.


Going down stairs she saw Luke was waiting for her and now fully dressed. Smiling with approval they moved to the elevator and rode down to the lobby where Tony seeing her gasped and his jaw dropped open in surprise. They breezed past him not giving him a chance to speak and the two walked down the street to the subway. Walking down the stairs they used their passes and boarded one of the cars which was full.

They found a place to stand and Luke enjoyed the lascivious looks Jesxie was getting from many of the passengers. Soon a group of young men belonging to a street gang encircled Jessie and started pawing at her.

She made the mistake of slapping one of the more aggressive boys and stacked milf rides on a massive cock big tits and cumshot grabbed her pulling the cuffs of her and putting a cuff on each wrist they attached the other cuff on each end to the ceiling rail pulling her arms up over her head and apart.

Then they removed her belt and attached the ankle cuff to her leg after taking off her boots and using the longer chains cuffed her to the poles making her spread eagled in the center of the car. Two of the female gang members cut her clothes off of her leaving her naked and exposed. Seeing her black and blue ass they started laughing it looks like you have already been misbehaving girl. Then each of the gang members fucked her in either her anus or cunt.

When they were done she was dripping cum from her holes and standing in a pool of it. One of the girls took the keys to the cuffs and they left her hanging there.


Jessie was ebony college les licks lesbiansex and lesbians by many through out the day old and youngmale and female human and in one case dog although technically that was not rape but he licked her pussy until she climaxed in public to other passenger when a blind man's seeing eye dog fucked her with his tongue.

Finally when the car was almost empty and they were almost back at their stop Luke moved to her and brought out his spare keys freeing her from the restraints. Collapsing into his arms he half carried her naked body back to the apartment where he cleaned her up and out. Put her in his bed and spooned with her the two falling into sleepLuke with a huge smile on his face as he buried his massive cock in Jessie's pussy leaving it in as they slept.