Gianna michaels watch my cleavage

Gianna michaels watch my cleavage
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Janine and I had finished our meal and we were walking to our flight gate. We were boarding in 25 minutes. We took our seats at the gate check in area. Janine seemed a little distant but she had been questioned for 40 minutes, they must have been rough on her, still she did have a wide smile so I knew she was ok.

The area got busier and busier, lots of families heading home and a few other couples who im sure were all newly weds. Our flight was called and we headed on down to the plane, while boarding we were stopped by a very good-looking air steward.

he was tall, perfect skin, chiselled jaw line, deep blue eyes, perfect smile, I assumed that given his job he was gay, my ignorance big tit country milf rides cock bts be proved wrong later, "Are you guys newly weds? Any honeymoon couple get a free upgrade to first class and free champagne for the flight" Before Janine got a chance to speak, I blurted out, "Yes we are, married three days ago," Janine then flashed a rather impressive ring I bought her; it passed for a wedding ring, "Well" the Air steward said, "I hope you enjoy your flight, here are your complimentary first class passes" We both smiled and headed off to the first class area, it was lovely, lots of space, privacy shields, and the seats reclined into beds too; this was going to be a comfortable flight.

The pilot made his announcements and we were soon on our way, I was not the best flier but Janine was a cool and relaxed as ive ever seen her, she was sipping on champagne and eating chocolates, she looked so happy and content.

This holiday was going to do her the world of good, she deserved it. We took off at 8.30pm the flight was going to be about 9.5 hours so we were going to need to get a few hours sleep in before we landed. the chocolate had made Janine a bit hyper, as I started to nod off Janine was still trying to keep herself amused, listening to the radio stations and reading her book with a small light attached to the top of the page.

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The air steward was just making a routine check of the cabin when he saw that there was a small light a bit further up from where he was, as he approached he noticed Janine bathed in a small glow of light, she seemed to be the only one awake. He tapped her shoulder, "Excuse Me," he quietly said Janine, a little startled, removed her ear phones and looked up, catching his stunning blue eyes in her book light made her stomach flutter, she managed to open her mouth, "Yes?" she said, trying to be calm.

The air steward introduced himself, "My names Alex" "Im Janine" good sex with a russian milf met on milfsexdating net replied, with a huge smile, Alex continued "Sorry to disturb you but I couldn't help but notice you were awake, I was wondering if I could get you anything" "Well I am really bored sitting here" Janine said, "As you can see my boyfriend has fallen asleep too," she giggled.

Alex looked puzzled "Boyfriend? I though you guys were married" Shit, Janine had let the cat out the bag, her mind raced thinking of what to say, she stood up and grabbed Alex by the hand and took him to the kitchen situated at the front and closed the curtain behind them.

She immediately whispered too him "look, ok, I fucked up, were not a married couple we just pretended so we could get a free upgrade", Alex was taken back by her honesty, "Don't worry about it, you're not the first to do that" he grinned, "So you won't tell the captain or anything" she smiled at him, "I wont utter a word" he reassured "Good, I didn't want to make more mistakes today" she laughed, Alex looked inquisitively at her, "What do you mean?" "Give me more of that champagne and ill tell you" she said.

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She threw back glass after glass recounting in full detail to her new friend about her "interrogation", he barely said a word as Janine gave every sordid detail. "Well Janine, that's one hell of a story" Alex stated, "I don't think ill be forgetting for a long time either" she laughed, Janine being really tipsy and her own panties being wet after her own story, she looked down at Alex's crotch and noticed he was as stiff as a board.

"Ha, I see those cocks did for you what they did for me", pointing at Alex's hard bulge, "What, no, that's been all from you" Alex said, "Shut up, there is no way a guy as hot as you is straight" Janine said in disbelief, "Hey, not all of us are gay" he laughed. Janine's eye light up and widened as she had wrongly assumed as her "husband" had that he, and all, Air Stewards were gay.


Finding her body on auto pilot she step closer to him and grabbed hold of his cock through his trousers, "Prove it" she purred as his after-shave filled her nostrils With that he placed a kiss on her lips, she had never been kissed so passionately in her life, her entire body tingled as his hands gently caressed her back and waist, her own hands unbuttoning his shirt from top to bottom, pulling it open and feeling her hands run down his body.

It was so hard and well toned, he had round pecks rock, hard abs. Janine stroked his body, she loved men who looked as good as they felt. She kissed her way down his body paying attention to his nipples and kissing every one of his gorgeous abs on the way down. She got him to sit on the counter behind him as she pulled off her top and bra, letting her huge tits spring free. "You know its hot women like you that stop me going gay" Alex chuckled Janine laughed with him and slowly brought her hands up to her tits and cupped them as if to display them to her confidant, "Trust me" she said, "Its men like you that stop me being faithful" With that, she quickly undid his trousers, grabbed both his trousers and boxers, and pulled them off in one quick movement.

His cock sprang free not large by any means only 6.5 inches, she first a cock sucking then a finger banging her lips in anticipation, although slightly disappointed, "Well, he is beautiful and has a heart stopping body, shame he's not hung like an Adonis" she thought as she looked him up and down. She placed herself in front of him and poured the last of her glass of champagne over his cock, it made him jump and twitch.

She then lent forward, took his rock hard cock between her tits, and gently teased the tip with her tongue. Janine looked up at him and said, "Well Alex, im gonna give you something no man could give you" Alex just moaned with approval as Janine slowly moved her tits up and down his cock, it being completely lost on the up stroke and just the tip being visible on the down stroke. Janine had a hold of her nipples and had made a vice like grip with her tits, his cock was going nowhere. Her pace quickened as she wanked his prick with her impressive tits, the heat and friction being produced was sending Alex over the edge, Janine could sense his impending climax and switched to sucking his solid member, she deep throated his entire cock and sucked with all she could, she kneaded his balls with her hands as he squirted his cum straight down her throat not even having to swallow as each spurt was fired.

She sucked some more and released his cock. His breathing was erratic but had remained as stiff as a board. Janine looked him in the eye. "Hmm you're cum tasted so good and your still hard, everything about you has impressed me so far" she said as she licked her lips savoring the taste of his cock.

"Well, im not done yet Janine, after all you've still to cum for me" Alex ordered, With that he hoped off the counter and spun Janine round and roughly pulled down her jeans and underwear leaving them around her knees, he quickly got behind her and she lay her body flat on the counter, she reached back and held open her ass and pussy, "Well what you waiting for 'gay boy' fuck my brains out" Janine growled, She barely finished her sentence when he grabbed her arms and held them in place as he slid his cock into her, he bottomed out quickly but was just hitting her g-spot in the perfect place, she lesbian babes playing games with sex toys her lip, she didn't want to make too much noise after all the packed plane was silent and people were sleeping no more than 10 feet from where they were.


His short controlled thrusts sent wave after wave of pleasure through her body, his strong arms holding her down, his hard body making contact with her's, her pussy was producing so much cum, when ever he slid-in some of her juice would splash out onto his balls making a hot little squelch sound that was only drowned out by their breathing, Alex's rhythmic pounding and constant g-spot stimulation brought Janine to climax very rapidly, she came time and time again, this well oiled machine of a man was relentless, he was just pounding away as if he was just using her for his own pleasure, she couldn't stop cumming for him and she so desperately wanted him to cum inside her too.

Janine just managed to cross her legs, from the knee down, while keeping herself balanced, making her pussy just that bit tighter, it was definitely having the desired effect as Alex started to grunt in appreciation.

Janine's soft wet pussy became a tight little hole as Alex squeezed his cock into her pussy, his entire cock being milked by her. He couldn't take anymore and was cumming without warning deep into her, he held her tight against him, trying to bury himself in her as he emptied his entire load into her. Alex pulled out of her and Blonde masseuse decides to punish horny bastard massage and handjob stood herself up and turned to face him.

Janine looked into his exhausted eyes, "Oh god Alex that was a great fuck, you have certainly made this flight interesting" "You really know how to control a man with that pussy, ive never felt anything like it" Alex managed between breaths, "Well let's just say ive had my fair share of cock, I teen cutie gets fucked by a senior how to please, ha ha" Janine laughed as she pulled up her jeans and panties, Alex pulled on his trousers, "lets just hope your on the red eye on your way home from your holiday, I could use some more of this action" Janine leaned into him, looked him in the eye as she spoke, "I could use some of your cock again Alex, ill keep using this airline till we meet again" They kissed again, as if they had been lovers for years, gentle but with passion, intense but slow, they ment what they said, they wanted each other so badly, with that Janine pulled on her bra and top and stroked his face before leaving to go to the bathroom to tidy herself up.

As she exited the bathroom Alex came from behind her and gave her ass a gentle, playful squeeze, she looked around to see that everyone was still asleep and quickly planted a kiss on his cheek and made her way to her seat. She settled in and put her book away, she was now ready to sleep, the adrenalin her lover had made her produce was subsiding and her body relaxed as she fell asleep.

A few hours past and Janine was shook awake by a little bit of turbulence, it was 4.30am and they would be landing soon. I was sitting next to her all smiles, "Morning sleepy head, they weren't serving a full breakfast but I kept you some orange juice and some cereal and milk if you want it" Still trying to wake up Janine just smiled and opened up her orange juice and let out a huge yawn, "You still tired?, I thought you would have been refreshed after a few hours sleep" I stated, "Well you had lots more than I did, I was up reading most of the night, and I couldn't get relaxed" Janine said blurry eyed, "Still a bit stressed out with the interrogation were you" I said in a concerned manner, No not really", Janine said, "The chocolate and champagne had me buzzing a little, if you had been awake Id have talked your ears off" Before I could answer, she continued "I wasn't alone all night, the Air Steward came over for a chat seeing as I was the only person awake" Sarcastically I retorted "so what did you guys talk about, cute boys?

Hair care?


Moisturisers?" Janine laughed, "Well kinda, we never got to talk about his sexuality" I laughed also, "Yeah well, it was a bit obvious to me" We finished our breakfast and stared out of the windows as the sun blazed through the windows, the pilot announced his approach to the airport as the cabin crew made their final checks. We landed quickly and without a hitch and were soon given the all clear to take of our seat belts and grab our bags, as we exited the plane we were met with the crew thanking us for using the airline and to hope we returned, we also thanked them on our way past.

Our gay friend, who Janine had told me was called Alex, was the last in the procession, as we approached him he gave Janine and me a wide grin. "I hope you both enjoyed the flight and Janine thanks for the chat last night" Alex said, "Don't mention it Alex, the pleasure was all mine and anyway I doubt I would have gotten any sleep at all if it wasn't for you" Janine replied, "Well enjoy your holiday, see you again soon" He smiled, I shook his hand and stepped off the plane as we went up our exit ramp I quietly said to Janine "Yeah, definitely gay I think, his hand shake said it all" I whispered, "Well, most men that good looking usually are" Janine giggled, With that being said, we both enjoyed the sights and smells of a new country not to mention the heat as we entered the arrivals lounge in the airport, we sexy lucy rides on a pulsating shaft lingerie cumshot our bags and met up with our holiday rep.

We were ready to start our holiday, who knows what will happen next. FIN