Teen slut evelin stone gets her pussy ruined

Teen slut evelin stone gets her pussy ruined
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The semester had ended, me and my girl friend was on our way home from school. It was about a four hour drive so we were just getting rolling on the highway, when Rose(my girlfriend) started flashing truckers as they passed by. Rose is about 5'7"165 pds, 36D breast, long brown hair and a very tight ass. She ask if i wanted to have some fun because all the attention was making here horny. "Hell Yes" is what blurted out without hesitation. I started to rub her erect nipples, as she moaned ever so slightly.

Cars were driving by blowing the horn as they saw my ripe breats stand at attention as she rub her hand acrossed them. She she slowly slipped her hand down into here shorts and started to rub on her pussy.


Watching her please herslf gave me a hard-on like no other. She asked me if i liked what she was doing. She could tell by the bulge in my pants i was enjoying every minute of it. Rose tilted her seat back and pulled off her shorts and began to finger her pussy. She finger her pussy and played with her tits while i rub on my dick. I could she her juices dripping from her fingers as they went in and out of her. She began rub the jucies on her nipples and licking it off.

She turn and laid back across my lap as i began to finger fuck her wet pussy as she rub on her breast. The moans of pleasaure rang out as the other vehicle pass by and blew their horn in amazement.

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She pulled my hand out of her pussy and began to lick my fingers cleaning them, then she pushed them back deep inside of her. I rub her clits soflty and fingered her pussy with quick thrust. She moved her body up and down as i moved my fingers in and out of her. Then she began to scream "Don't Stop, don't stop, don't stop. She shook and quivered on my hand as the juices flowed out of her all over my hand.


Taking my hand she licked some of her cum off my finger and I licked the rest. Thinking it was over she got on all four and started to rub on my cock and bite on my nipples.

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Pulling my throbbing cock from my shorts, i could feel her warm mouth surround the head of my cock. As she licked the shaft of my long member I began to rub on her round ass.

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While she sucked my cock i finger fucked her ass. I started with one finger and worked my way up to two. We both enjoyed the attention as we sreamed and moaned for more. I could feel my load about to blow as i scream i'm about to cum and she open wide and receive all my load in her hot steamy mouth. At that same moment the horn blows became clear again and when i look up some how i was driving down the wrong side of a four lane highway as cars swerve to keep from hitting us.

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Until this day we don't know how we got across the median onto on coming traffic.