Mouthful of sperm after sucking and shagging

Mouthful of sperm after sucking and shagging
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The Chauffeur……Jill By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 Chapter 1 Before Jill and I parted ways for our respective homes, we had a little fun in the back of tonight's limo. I guess one could say that I got a 'hummer' (the fun kind). We had the 'Hummer' stretch limo. Jill told me that she had always wanted to play in this limo, one of her favorites, but it never seemed to work out.

That was until now. I kissed her softly, remembering that she loves it soft. I teased her by gently licking her neck. I put my hands around her and realized that she was not wearing a bra. I had completely missed that when she redressed from the previous clients. Our last clients were two lawyers that wanted to do a DP with her. She initially declined politely. However, they told her to 'name her price' and that I could watch to make sure she wasn't abused or in danger in any way.

Jill thought about it for a moment. She gave them a number that she was sure they would balk at&hellip. $30,000. Stunning honey shows big ass and gets asshole shagged said, "DONE" in unison.

I pointed out that we don't take credit cards, and this is a cash only transaction…certainly no checks. They asked us to drive them to that 24-hour check cashing place. There, they can get the cash and then we can all have fun. Jill and I drove them to the check cashing place, the only one in town that was still open at this hour.

They got out and went inside. It took about 45 minutes, with one of them coming back out about every 10 minutes telling us how far along the transaction had progressed. Finally, they came out with a large brown envelope full of $100 bills neatly wrapped by a bank totally $30K. They handed the money to me and I counted. Yep, 300 - $100 bills. Jill was stunned, but happy for the money.

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We drove to an empty parking garage. Jill and I got out and got into the back. The lawyers already had their pants and shoes off.

They were both stroking their cocks. "Will you please get fully naked for us?" one of them said. Jill nodded yes and began to undress.

I asked, "guys, do you have any condoms with you?" "You mean we got to wear a condom after paying that much money? That doesn't seem fair." The same guy said to me. "Well, it's certainly up to her." I replied. "It's OK, David.

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I'll risk it. But, I need some lube. No one is going in my ass without me having lots of lube." Jill requested. Oddly enough, the lawyers must have planned for that one. They produced a pint-sized bottle of Astroglide. Jill directed one of them to lay on the floor of the limo. The lawyer got down and laid there with his average 6" but very thick cock standing at attention.

Jill squatted over him planting herself on his rigid cock. The other guy went around behind her. He grasped his cock and poured the lube on it. He then lubed up her ass so much so that it was dripping off Jill onto the guy underneath her. The guy behind her was a bit smaller than the other guy and much thinner. His cock probably measured only about 5" …maybe. He slid his cock right into Jill.

At first, they were in a disjointed rhythm. After several attempts, they finally started going in and out of her with a rhythm that Jill was ok with. Luckily, neither one seemed to be in a hurry to finish. They just kept working in unison. I heard Jill begin to moan. I could see that she was getting very wet. All the eurobabe assfucked outdoors by lover reversecowgirl and buttfucking could do was smile.

Although one did say something about this being the best day of his life. It seemed like they were starting to reach a climax. They picked up their fucking as I heard moans come from the two guys.

All at once, the guy on the bottom, stiffened up and told us that he was cumming. Which prompted the other guy to cum also. Jill only had small little orgasms from this, but no big orgasm. Jill looked over her shoulder at me and smiled a bit. She was enjoying it, but only to a very minimal extent. As both men, had shot their baby seed into Jill. I asked them to uncouple and get themselves cleaned up.

The guys were gentlemen about everything.


They helped Jill up and each one kissed her, thanking her for agreeing to their longtime fantasy. Later after our shift, Jill and I played in the Hummer in our own company parking garage. Jill first got on her knees. She licked my hard cock, up and down the shaft. She twirled her tongue around the thick bulbous head. When she sucked one of my balls into her mouth, she stroked the shaft of my cock.

She used the pre-cum droplets as lubricant. She moved from one ball to the other taking time to lick, suck, and caress my balls. At this point, she did something that no one had ever done to me before. Oh, I had heard of it happening, but I began thinking it was just an urban legend. While she was deepthroating me, she began to hum. The vibrations coming from her tongue and throat were spectacular!

It took all my powers to not explode in her mouth right then. I held off for as long as I could, but it was to no avail. I felt that distinctive twinge in my scrotum. "Jill, I'm…I'm gonna cum". It was only a matter of moments after I said that for my baby batter to splash her throat and mouth.

All Jill did was moan all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore acceptance. I couldn't believe it, she had made me cum before I got the chance to get her to orgasm first.

While, on one hand, I was gloriously satisfied. On the other, I was disappointed in myself for not taking care of Jill first. My Grandmother used to always tell me, "Women come first". So, at least in my head, women always CUM first. Ember stone the cam queen does it with her pops refused me trying to reciprocate.

I so wanted to pleasure her, but alas, for whatever reason she decided against it. When we were done, we kissed goodnight. Each headed to our own cars to go to our respective homes. When I finally got home, I received a frantic call from Jill. I had just walked in the door to my apartment and my cell phone buzzed. It wasn't a number I recognized but obviously they knew my number, so I answered it.

"Hello?" "David, thisisjillimintroubleineedhelpcanyouhelpme" said the voice on the other line. She was speaking so fast that I couldn't understand her at all. "Slow down. Slow down. Who is this?" I asked. "David, it's me Jill" she replied. "What's the problem?" "I had an accident on my way home. I'm in the ER. You're the only one who would answer my call at this hour." She replied.

"OK, what ER are you in?" I asked "City General Hospital" "I'll be there as fast as I can. Relax, I'm coming." Trying to settle her down a bit. I grabbed my keys, locked the door, and headed out to my car. I was thinking to myself about the quickest way to get to City General. Should I take the interstate or the surface streets. It is 2:45 AM, so maybe the surface streets would be better. I arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes later. Mostly a fast route, but I had to sit and wait for a train to pass through an intersection which delayed me by 4 to 5 minutes.

When I got to the ER, I stopped at the reception desk asking where Jill Morgan is located. "She's in room 5 sir." I was told by a security guard that seemed to me that he only guards the snack machine judging by his big belly. The guard just pointed with his left hand to go that way." I sprinted down the hall following the numbers before I found room 5.

I just burst through the door. There she laid, sobbing. "Jill honey, what happened? Are you alright? What did the doctor say?" I asked as my head was filled with a flurry of questions.

There was that awful silence. I only heard her sobbing. "Jill&hellip. Jill honey, what's happened?" I quietly asked. Jill began telling me what happened: "When we parted, I was driving home. I went to the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee. I was drinking some when the lid popped off.


I tried to catch the lid from hitting the floor. I took my eyes off the road for just a second, but I went through a red light and got clobbered by a box truck from that appliance store over on Main Street." Jill went on, "I got hit on my side, driven across the intersection and slammed into a cement telephone pole.

The firemen got me out of my car, or that's what the paramedic told me. I was initially unconscious. When they revived me, I was on my way to this hospital. I called Sasha-no answer. I called Tina-no answer. I called a couple of others-no answer. Finally, out of desperation, I called you." Jill said with tears running down her cheek. "What is the doctor saying? Are you in pain?" I queried. "Yes, lots of pain. Doctor thinks I have some internal injuries.

They're going to run some tests. They've already drawn a lot of blood for lab work. The nurse said that they are going to do an MRI to look for any internal issues. She also said that they might do a CAT scan as a precaution." Jill explained.

About that time, a female nurse came into the room. "Sir, may I ask, are you family?" the nurse asked. "Just a close friend." I replied. "Sir, I need to tell her some private things, so if you could please step into the hall while I discuss things with Miss Morgan?" The nurse said back.

"No, I want him here. I have nothing to hide. Anything you tell me, it's OK for him to hear." Jill defended. "Well, alright then. Miss Morgan& is Miss, right? I'm here to tell you that they will be coming to take you for an MRI in a short while. But, more importantly, you are pregnant." The nurse said as deadpan as possible. "WHAT??? That can't be right. Are you sure? But, I'm on birth control. How could this happen?" Jill said completely lost and full of emotion.

The nurse explained that there is no perfect birth control method except for abstinence. She told Jill that although it is a long shot daringsex brunette babe fucked by muscular stud is some possibility of still getting pregnant whether you use pills, shots, condoms, or any other form of birth control.

I began rubbing up and down on her back and caressing her hair gently. I tried doing my best to reassure her that everything will be ok. "Hun let's get through the Nina elle and naomi woods amazing threesome on the bed first. The doctor will be able to tell you more once they read the MRI. Isn't that right nurse?" I said as calmly as possible. "Yes sir. They will be coming to take her to the MRI lab. You can go with her, if you would like, but you will have to wait in the control office with the technician since the MRI uses high magnetic forces to take the exam." The nurse explained.

I asked the nurse, "Ma'am, is the MRI procedure safe for the baby?" "Yes sir, that's why they will do an MRI instead of an X-ray or CT scan. It's much safer for the baby." The nurse explained. Just then, a tall Policeman knocked on the door. "Are you Jill Morgan?" "Yes, I am." "Ms. Morgan, I have several questions to ask you. May I ask them now?" the Policeman asked. At that point, the nurse gathered her stuff and left.

The officer was a tall African-American. Bald, broad shoulders and carried himself well. Judging by the stripes on his uniform shirt I would guess he was at least a Sargent and maybe 15 or more years of service on the Police force.

"Ms. Morgan, I'm Sargent Johnson, City Police. I am handling the investigation into your accident. How much do you remember about the accident?" he inquired. "Um, well…&hellip. I just got off my shift. I drive a limo for the Happy, Happee Limo company. I felt tired. I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to get a coffee.

While I was drinking the coffee, the top came off. I took my eyes off the road for just a second to see where the lid went. I guess I went through a red light, at least that's what the ambulance guy told me. I remember hearing brakes then nothing until I was being sent here." Jill explained. "Ma'am are you sure you aren't dealing drugs?" "WHAT?? Why would you ask me that?" Jill said in a state of shock. "Ms. Morgan, We found a large sum of cash in your purse." The officer said.

"About $32,500." I said interjecting myself into the conversation. "Yes, sir. That's exactly how much we discovered.

Who are you, sir?" The officer asked with one raised eyebrow. "David Greene sir. I work with Jill, she's my trainer. I know how much she has because I have the exact same amount from work tonight still in my pocket. May I pull out the money to show you and I'll also get my ID as I'm sure you will want to see it." I said as respectfully as possible. "Yes sir, I would like to see both the money and your ID." Sgt. Johnson replied. I reached into each of my back pockets.

I pulled out my wallet first and fished out my Driver's License and handed it to the officer. Then, I reached into my other back pocket and pulled out the cash. I laid it down next to the sink for the officer to inspect. He picked the cash up and did a quick count. He handed the money back to me and I folded it up and put it in my back pocket.

"Mr. Greene, how long have you worked at this limo company." Sgt. Johnson asked. "About a week." "Mr. Greene, are you telling me that in a week of work, you made $32,500? I find that hard to believe." The officer said in a doubtful tone. "Well, Sargent Johnson, actually Jill made all of the tips. But, she is such a sweetheart that she agreed to split her tips with me. Our company doesn't think that new drivers should make tips for the first 30 days. She doesn't agree with that rule, so she gave me half of her tips." I tried to explain.

I went on to say, "Sir, Jill is THE most requested driver we have. She handles Senators, movie moguls, rock stars&hellip. In fact, a couple of nights ago we had Senator Smith and his wife in her limo.

The same night we had that British Rock n Roll guy Billy something&hellip." "Ms. Morgan are you telling me that you made $65,000 tonight alone?" Sgt.

Johnson said in a state of shock. "Yes sir, I am." Jill said calming down a bit. "Ms. Morgan, just how much do you make at this limo company. I've been on the Police force for just over 16 years and you made in one night just under what I make in nearly a year. I'm not sure if you're covering for some drug running or you are just an incredible driver." I decided to interject again, "According to Sasha, our boss, Jill will make about $600,000 this year." The officer kept eyeing Jill and I.

He kept scribbling things down into his notepad. "Ms. Morgan and Mr. Greene, I will have to call this Sasha. How can I reach her?" the officer asked. I reached into my front pants pocket and pulled out two business cards and handed them to the officer.

Then, my phone went off. I excused myself and stepped into the hall and answered the phone call. I saw it was Tina calling me back. "Tina, darling, I only have a minute to talk. Jill has been in a serious accident. She's here in the ER at City General. She's pretty banged up. They are lovely teen playgirl rides and blows pecker hardcore blowjob she may have internal injuries.

They are going to do an MRI. I'm going to stay here with her for a while. Can you come down here, I'm sure she would love to see you." I explained. "I can't" she replied. "Sasha?" "Yep" "Please tell Sasha about the accident. I will text you as we get any news from the doctor. OK, love ya, gotta go," I said as I hung up.

Did I just tell Tina that I 'loved her'? I can't believe that I just said that. What the hell was I thinking? I went back into the exam room. Sgt. Johnson was giving Jill his card, thanked us for our time and left. CHAPTER 2 My mind was in deep thought about what I just said to Tina.

I just stood in the exam room staring off into space. "Hello, earth to David. You in there?" Jill said jokingly. "Huh? What? I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said." I replied coming back to the room mentally. "That was Tina on the phone. I told her about your accident. I told her that I was here with you.

I also told her that they may believe you have internal injuries and are going to do an MRI." I said to Jill. "You didn't tell her…" Jill asked worried that I blabbed about her being pregnant.

"No, of course not. That's not for me to tell." Looking her in the eyes as I replied. "David, I've been wanting to say something to you, but I don't know quite how to word it." Jill said to me.

"Jill, you're a Marine. Just say it. Whatever it is, we're both adults." I said back to her to give her confidence. She takes a big breath before speaking, "David, I can see why Tina's fallen for you. I'm envious of her. You seem to be a caring, loving, passionate, and generous man. The man of a woman's dream. All of us women want. no. yearn for someone with the qualities that you seem to have. I can't even imagine why you are divorced. If you weren't spoken for by Tina, I think that I could just as easily fall for you……Wow, this pain medicine is really starting to kick my ass&hellip.

You know, the ass you've already had……Oh my gawd, did I just say that out loud? No wonder why I can't seem to shut up&hellip.I just keep parting my lips, but instead of something going in, words keep coming out. Speaking of coming out, did I tell you how good you tasted when you put your cum in me? I mean, WOW, what the hell do you do to make it taste so sweet?. OK, I'm gonna try to shut up now." I went back over to her and started caressing her back.

She put her head on my chest. In just a couple of moments, I heard very heavy breathing. She had fallen asleep on my chest while I was stroking her back and hair. We stayed like that for nearly an hour before someone came to take her to the part of the hospital that does MRIs. I walked with the transport guy as he wheeled Jill on her gurney through the maze of hospital corridors.

Until we reached a series of thick doors with 'Caution' signs, 'Radiation in Use' signs, and 'Do Not Enter When Door is Closed' signs. The transport guy wheeled her into a room that had an open door. He asked her if she was able to move off the gurney onto the exam table for the MRI. I saw that her eyes were rolling to the back of her head.

I answered for her. The transport guy asked if I was able to help him move her gently over to the exam table. We lifted together and moved her. The transport guy strapped her in and thanked me for helping him. He directed me into a small room that had another technician.

I went into the little room and looked at all the monitors and controls in front of they guy. I thought to myself that Spock would be envious of this setup. The MRI took about an hour. As the tech was near the end, he paged the transport guy who showed back up about 3 minutes after the MRI was complete. We put her back on the gurney and headed back to the ER exam room. When we got back to the exam room in the ER, the nurse came in to see us.

I pointed out that she was knocked out from the pain meds that they had given her. She told me that they were going to admit her. It will be about another hour but then they will move her to a private room.

I thanked her for the information and asked about how long until the MRI is read, and the results discussed with us. "About 30 minutes or so." The nurse said clinically. Jill was completely asleep, which made me feel better.

The body heals itself when you're asleep. I texted Tina. I let her know that the MRI was done. They have knocked Jill out with very strong pain medicine. They are going to keep her for a couple of days. When they put her in a room, I will text her the room number. I stepped out of the exam room and asked a nurse just how many ER workers are on duty currently?

She said about 10. There are:7 nurses, 2 doctors, and the security guard. She wanted to know why I would ask that. "Well, I'm going to buy you all dinner. I'm going to call Uber to pick up dinner for all of you from either IHOP or Village Inn& you have a preference?" I said. "Village Inn. They have a wider variety of food".

The nurse said to me. "OK then, please write down what everyone wants and include a name with each order. That way, I can get them to write it on the Styrofoam box for easy distribution." The nurse practically danced over to the nurses' station.

She got out several sheets of copy paper from the printer and began telling everyone that I was buying their meal for them. I really think that all ER duties came to a stand-still as nurses looked up their menu and made their choices. While they were gathering their orders, I stepped back in to Jill's exam room. She was still sleeping. I called Uber and asked the price to irsquom so over guys bubble butt fingering up meals from Village Inn and bring them to the ER of City Hospital.

They quoted me a fair price. In a couple of minutes, a nurse came to the room. She asked if I was the one buying the dinner, I told her yes. She handed me several sheets of paper with names and dinner orders on them. I counted them up. Eight orders.

"Who are we missing?" I asked. "Doctor Ramos. He said he isn't hungry and Nurse Becky, she's on a diet." The nurse said to me. "OK, thank you." I went out to the hallway and walked down to the nurses' station. "Hi, is it possible for me to see Nurse Becky and Dr. Ramos please?" I asked the charge nurse. Nurse Becky was standing nearby and introduced herself.

I told her that I didn't have a food order from her. She replied, "Look, its sweet of you but I'm on a diet. I need to lose 18 pounds before my wedding in 3 weeks." "Well, I know that they have some very tasty meals that are surely in your diet. Might I suggest the V.I.

salad hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs grilled chicken on top. If you're worried about the dressing opt for the lite Italian instead of ranch danica dillan in rainbow socks gets nailed creamy blue cheese." I said to her using my best sad puppy-dog face. "OK, OK, all right. Order that for me." She gave in. I heard some of the other nurses' snicker as I had gotten my way.

"Um, sir. What is your name?" Class me girls xxx storys school asked. "David. David Greene." My dear friend is the lady in exam room 5. "What do you do for a living, if I may ask?" "I'm a chauffeur for Happy, Happee Limo company" I explained.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out another generic card and wrote my name on the back with my cell phone number. I leaned into her ear and whispered, "Betty, you are a stunningly beautiful woman. Whomever you are marrying is one lucky person. If you're trying to lose some weight that's fine.

But, don't starve yourself to do it. You work too hard to do that to your sexy body." I gave her a peck on the cheek and walked away from her. As I rounded the corner, I looked back at her. She was just standing there looking stunned. I went to check on Jill. She was still sleeping. I dimmed the lights a bit and went to find this Dr.

Ramos. Dr. Ramos was now at the nurses' station writing some type of report. "Dr. Ramos?" I asked. "Yes, can I help you?" "Sir, I'm the guy buying you bukkake fetish slimed girls fuck gloryhole cock dinner. Please allow me to order something for you." I said "Thank you, but I'm really not that hungry." "Maybe you allow me to order you either a salad with grilled chicken on it or a club sandwich and fries.

Both of those meals will keep until you are hungry. And with everyone having food, I'm sure you will regret not ordering something." I offered. "OK, OK, order me the club sandwich with fries and lots of ketchup please." He relented. I thanked him and went to Jill's exam room to call Village Inn and place the order. I read off each order and the name on the Styrofoam box.


They gave me a total and I put it on my debit card and told them to put a 15% tip for the kitchen staff. They repeated the orders and the corresponding name gave me a final total with the tip for the kitchen and ended the call. I called Uber and let them know that the order has been placed and paid for. I put their fee on my debit card also and told them I would pay the tip in person to the driver.

They told me about an hour to get the food and bring it to the ER. Transport came for Jill to move her to a room. I told them to hold on for a moment. I went back to the nurses' station asking about the MRI results. Nurse Becky jumped up and took me down to Jill's exam room. She needed to tell me the results of the MRI. She started by apologizing that no one came to talk to me about Jill. It turns out that she has severely bruised ribs, but they don't see any internal organ damage.

Spycam innocent teen groped to orgasm in a crowded cinema are going to start her on an IV of fluids and a second IV of pain meds that are safe for the baby but, will keep her sleeping for about 12 hours. She said that Jill is still inside the first trimester of the pregnancy and the baby looks to be healthy.

Then she did two things that stunned me. First, she asked how long Jill and I have been together. "Less than a week." I answered. I explained that she is my trainer at work and that we are not dating, not married, just work colleagues. That left nurse Becky stunned again. "You mean you are spending all this time here at the hospital ER and she's "just" your co-worker?" Betty asked.

"Yes" Then, Becky reached behind me and pulled the privacy curtain around, so no one could see in the room. She grabbed me by my shirt collar and pushed me back into the wall. She kissed me hard. She whispered in my ear, "David, you are a sexy man. If I wasn't getting married in three weeks, I would be chasing you all over town. What I would like is one last 'hurrah' before I get married.

Are you interested?" She handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. Told me to text her yes or no and if yes, where to meet. I kissed her back and told her yes. She said, "I get off at 7:30am, can we do it today?" "Absolutely!" Before she left the exam room, I gave her $30 for the Uber driver. She left the exam room and called the transport guy over to take Jill up to her room. The transport guy used the gurney in the exam room and again, worked our way through the maze of hallways to reach her room.

I noted room 188A. Jill was still hentai anime cartoon cartoon sex hentai videos besthentaipassport co tube porn asleep. I texted Tina that Jill had been moved to room 188A and that they are putting her on a powerful pain med for her to sleep 8-12 hours.

Therefore, no visitors for at least 11+ hours. Tina texted back that she will let everyone know. I saw that it was after 7am. I texted nurse Becky. Did she want to follow me to my apartment or did sweet chick nina elle loves fucking hard meaty dick hardcore and cumshot have a different place in mind for "breakfast"?

Hoping that if someone was looking over her shoulder it wouldn't raise any suspicion. I sat in a chair in Jill's room and stroked her hair. She stirred a small bit but, stayed in a deep sleep. As 7:30 approached, I got up, kissed Jill on the forehead and left the room to head back to the ER where my car was parked.

CHAPTER 3 I followed the signs in the hospital hallways and got to the ER at 7:27am. Nurse Becky produced a big smile seeing me arrive. She told me yes to my text about breakfast. I told her that I would be sitting outside on one of the benches. When she came out, we made what appeared to everyone else, normal conversation. I handed her a business card from the limo company with my address on the back for her to plug into her phone's GPS for directions. Then I just left.

She began walking to the 'employees parking lot'. I got to my apartment and scurried around trying to pick up as quickly as possible. There was a knock at the door, "It's open" I yelled. The door opened hesitantly and there stood Becky. I invited her in an asked that she shut and lock the door.

Not knowing how to proceed with Becky, Incestvidz real father daughter creampie just came out and asked if she had anything in mind.

"Yes, I want you to take me and make me yours. I want to remember this morning for the rest of my life. I want……" her words just trailed off. I walked over to her. Lifted her head gently and softly put my lips to hers.

Our mouths parted a little and our tongues intertwined. I softly caressed her neck and cupped her face while we gently kissed.

She slid a hand down the front of me to my mostly hard cock. "mmmm" is what escaped Becky's mouth. I slowly started to lift her nurses' scrub top off her. When I had the top covering her whole head, I teased her a little by nibbling on her neck. She giggled. Becky was a beautiful woman. She stood about 5'8", a full B cup or even a small C cup, slender waist.

A belly button piercing that highlighted a small tattoo that encircled her naval. Her soft brown hair was cut short in front and a razor cut up the back of the head about an inch or so. Her brown eyes certainly were her highlight. One could look at those eyes thai babe koy sucks a hard cock rest of their life, my gawd they were beautiful I thought to myself.

She had a cute little ass, too. I pulled the scrub top off her. I reached around behind her and using only one hand, unclasped her bra. She shrugged her shoulders to allow the bra to fall off her.

I gazed for just a moment at her pert pink nipples. They were hard little nubs that appeared to ache with no one attending to them. I leaned over and began to lick gently on them. A small moan escaped her. I circled my tongue around her aerolas. I nibbled. I licked. I sucked. Hell, I even bit which caused a surprised jump out of Becky. I licked between her beautiful breasts. I licked the underside and all around the entire soft pillows of her chest.

"David, I want to be ravished. I love this gentle stuff, but this is more like making love not 'taking' me. I want to be conquered." Becky whispered in my ear while breathing heavy. "Your wish is my command." I said looking deeply into her eyes. I turned it up several notches. I pulled her scrub pants down along with her lacy blue panties. She kicked them out of the way. I spun her around, so that my now steel hard cock was falling between her ass cheeks, although still being in my pants.

While I was rubbing my cock on her ass, I reached around and began playing with her nipples. I twisted them. I massaged her beautiful boobs. I slid one hand down off her chest to begin my assault on her clit. My mind drifted for just a moment, thinking about Danielle, a girl that I dated long before my marriage. She spent many hours teaching me about a woman's anatomy. She taught me what some women like and others like.

She taught me the difference between Love and Lust. I was so grateful that our lives crossed paths. As my index finger rubbed small circles on her clit, I began unbuckling my belt and unclasping my pants. I unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. I spit on my hand to lube my cock. I dropped a large amount of spit down the crack of Becky's ass. I positioned the head of my cock at her anal entrance. I rubbed it up and down before I pushed forward entering her delicate ass.

"OH, MY GAWD, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN IN THERE. IT'S SO&hellip.SO…BIG!" she exclaimed. I pushed her forward onto the bed. Now she was standing and yet bent over at the waist with my cock in her ass. I pushed my cock deeper into her. After a couple of inches, I stopped allowing her body time to adjust to my 9" hard cock.

I heard her beginning to pant like a dog in heat. I started pushing my cock in and out of her anal rosebud. Faster and faster I pushed. Her breathing very hard and taxed. I still played with her nipples all the while I fucked her ass. At some point, I stopped playing with her tits only to grab her hips and begin my real assault on her ass. Faster and Faster, deeper and deeper I plunged my cock. I kept feeling her little orgasm, but I wanted her big one!

She began gasping for air, but never said a word. I felt her tense all up. All at once, she shrieked out, "OH MY GAWD, MAKE ME YOUR SLUT. I'M YOURS&hellip. OH GAWD, THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD&hellip. FUCK ME BABY&hellip. KEEP FUCKING ME&hellip. I'M YOUR SLUT." Even though her powerful orgasm stopped, she was still feeling the ripple effects of much smaller orgasms pulsing through her body. I didn't stop plundering her ass.

She was still gasping and panting. I could see the strings of spit dripping out of her mouth. I could feel her anus tightening around my cock. I pushed in deeper and deeper grinding my pelvis against her writhing ass. Unexpected to her, I reached around her hip and started playing with her clit.

I pinched her nub with a bit of force. This made her jump and squeal. Again, like a lightning bolt through her body she began cumming very hard, so hard in fact that I felt wetness on my thighs. I just smiled knowing that she just squirted (one of my favorite things to get a woman to do). "WHAT DID YOU JUST MAKE ME DO? I'M CUMMING SO&hellip.SO&hellip.SO&hellip. HARD. I'M YOUR SLUT.

TAKE ME. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. I'M YOURS. YOU'VE GOT ME AS LONG AS YOU WANT ME&hellip. I AM YOUR SLUT." She yelled while trying to gasp for oxygen. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "My dear, you just squirted, and I loved it. Are you ready for me to really start fucking you?" "WHAT???" she exclaimed I withdrew my cock from her ass.

"Lay on your back" I instructed. She hesitantly stood up, not sure what to expect next. I stood there waiting for her with an impatient look on my face. I wiped my cock off on the white t-shirt that I had taken off myself and tossed it over towards the hamper. Becky nervously laid down on her back on the bed. "Becky, just relax. I'm not going to hurt you. But, I do want to fulfill your wish, to make this something you will forever remember." I said in a matter of fact tone.

This seemed to help her to relax. I spanked her clit with my still hard cock. She had cum so many times the room was now starting to smell of wanton raw sex. I slid my entire cock into her. Because she was so wet, her pussy accepted my invader with no resistance. At this point, I went into "Sasha-mode". I began to hammer her wet musky pussy with everything I had.

Faster and Faster, in and out, harder and harder until my hip movements would appear to be just a blur to anyone watching. Harder and harder. Harder and Harder.

Her breath became very shallow. I heard her gasping for air. And, suddenly, it happened again. She went totally limp. No movement. Again, I called her name a couple of times. Then had to resort to the smack on her face. That restarted things again as she made a huge gasp of air. It took her a couple of minutes to get her bearings. She looked at me with a bewildered look. "What just happened? Did you just slap me, my cheek is stinging." She asked. I stopped fucking her but left my cock inside of her sopping pussy.

"Yes, I slapped you. You passed out during sex. This is the only way that I know of to revive someone to get them to breathe again.

Hun, you are not the first one that I have encountered doing that." I replied, trying to explain. "You&hellip. you mean&hellip. I passed out from fucking?" She hesitantly asked. "Yes." "Can we do it again? That has never happened to me&hellip. EVER. I want to do it again." She said giggling. "Becky, I'm not sure a second time will happen." I responded.

"PLEASE…………&hellip. PLEASE" She begged. Without saying a word, I began pushing my cock into her again hard. I withdrew it almost all the way leaving jus the head in and pushing it hard and deep. Deeper and deeper I went. I changed her position a little, putting her feet over my shoulders.

I felt her cervix hitting my cockhead. Harder and Harder I kept pounding her pussy, which by now was loose. Even with the size of my cock there was room for at least two fingers in there. Still in "Sasha-mode" I kept pounding her until I heard that all familiar gasping sound.

"Becky…Becky…Becky, stay with me. Look into my eyes…Becky" Somehow I knew she was holding her breath to achieve the passing out experience again. And, once again, it happened. She went totally limp. 'Smack' again on the same cheek. A red mark was now beginning to form on that cheek where I slapped her to revive. Again, she looked at me as a lost puppy looks at their owner.

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Her eyes were heavy and still a bit glazed over. "Becky, Becky are you ok?" I asked truly worried about her. With her heart in her eyes, she replied with a 'dreamy' voice, "Oh yeah. I better than ok. I feel fucking fabulous. You better believe I'm telling all my female nurse friends about you! So many of them are in tired, stale marriages. Some of them keep finding loser boyfriends who are totally lame in bed. Yet, others miss the satisfaction play with my cock while i pump your pussy just animalistic raw lust.

You my dear, provide the solution to all their needs." "Ah, no. I mean, what I did for you is different. You asked me to give you something that you would remember for the rest of your life. I'm not going to do that for every horny woman at your ER. I have a job. I'm a chauffeur. I make more money than you and 4 of your nurses combined. In fact, the lady I was seeing in exam room 5, my friend Jill, will make over $600K this year alone. How much do you make?" I said matter of fact. "We make good money, I make almost 58K.

I don't have a job making some pitiful $13.00 an hour you know." Becky said all defensively. "Becky, I'm not dismissing the amount of hard work you put in getting to this point in your life. I was only pointing out that I really like my job and get paid well for it. So then, let me ask you&hellip. Will you always remember today for the rest of your life?" trying to direct this conversation in a different direction before it got out of hand.

"Absolutely!" she exclaimed. "Then my dear, I have given you the gift you asked of me. Go. Go marry that lucky guy who loves you. Make a wonderful life with him. Don't look back. Just fondly remember our morning together. Can you do that?" I asked hoping for the correct answer. "yes" she said sheepishly. I got up off her. I helped her up off the bed. I leaned in and kissed her passionately. I showed her where the bathroom is located if she wanted to shower up before leaving.

She declined. She put her work clothes gave me a light kiss and headed out my front door. I decided that before I grab a shower I need to call work. I look at the clock while I'm dialing my cell phone. It read "1:15pm". What the hell? How did time get away from me? "Good after noon, this is Marsha, will this be for pick up for delivery?" "Marsha, this is David Greene, the new guy. When am I to come in tonight and since Jill is in the hospital, will I be driving or still riding?" "Hold on please while I transfer you to Tina." Marsha said.

There was music while on hold along with a crappy on hold advertisement about the limo company. It sounded to me like a teenager wrote the. There was no pizzazz, no punch, no sense of urgency, and most of all it was boring. "Hello, This, is Tina. How may I help you?" "Hey Darling. It's me. I'm sure happy to hear your voice. I called to ask a couple of things.

When am I do in? Am I driving or am I riding with someone else since Jill is in the hospital?" I asked her now smiling that she came to the phone instead of Sasha.

"Sasha took you off the schedule. She said she saw you and Jill playing in the Hummer and she believes that you probably caused Jill to have her accident. I'm sorry David, I need to go now. Take care." And with that she hung up. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? I screamed in my head. I sat down on the bed and hung my head. What the fuck do I do now. Suddenly, it hit me.

I need to shower, change, eat, and go see Jill. She is most important now. I went to my pants and pulled out the money. I peeled off a couple hundred bucks and threw them on the bed next to my wallet, keys, and cell phone. I took the remaining money and put it in my safe. I did the math in my head 1600 for Thursday, $15K for Friday, and $32.5K for last night. Let's see, that totals $49,100 in three days of work&hellip.and tomorrow is pay day.

So, there will be an additional $5K (after taxes) tomorrow in my bank account. I laid out some relaxing clothes such as loose-fitting jeans, a button-down dress shirt in yellow, underwear, socks, belt, and my sneakers. After taking a long hot shower, I felt refreshed. It popped into my head that I had to change the sheets. After I got out of the shower, I shaved, dressed, and stripped the bed.

I went to the closet and grabbed clean sheets. It took me about 15 minutes to make the bed and put the pillows into the pillowcases. I called the hospital to check on Jill.

They said she was awake, but that was all they were 'allowed' to tell me due to HIPPA laws. I put my socks and sneakers on, grabbed my wallet, keys, money, and cell phone and headed out to go see Jill. CHAPTER 4 I was deep into thought as I pulled into the hospital parking lot. Suddenly, I became self-aware. How the hell did I get here?

I didn't remember the drive at all. I parked and went into the hospital to go see Jill. Thankfully, cuckold femdom slave bbc black arab the more you plumb the nicer yo gift shop was open. I bought a card and flowers and a small vase. I signed the card and had the cashier put the vase in a bag to make it easier to carry to her room. "Room 188-A" I said to myself. After navigating the halls to finally get to Jill's room, I was shocked to see Sasha there.

I stood at the doorway stunned. Jill piped up, "DAVID! Get in here." I went in and kissed Jill on the cheek. I asked how she was doing, intentionally ignoring Sasha until I had spoken to Jill. I handed Jill the flowers and the card. She read the card, chuckling a bit, then smelled the flowers.

I took the vase out of the bag, put some water in it from her water pitcher and put the flowers in the vase. I set them on the piece of furniture under her TV. "I'm doing OK. They fed me, which is OK because I was famished, but the food here is not all that good.

They took me for another round of that MRI stuff. The doctor is supposed to be in here shortly to discuss the new batch of tests." Jill told me. I leaned in and hugged her tightly, making sure she knew that everyone at work is pulling best jav mother big boobs her. "Mr. David, do you know that I have taken you off the schedule?" She said dripping with attitude like the cat who ate the mouse.

"What? Sasha, no! You can't do that. The clients LOVE him. Why are you doing that?" Jill said with wonder and a touch of anger in her voice. "This does not concern you Miss Morgan. It's about what David did. He violated the rules. I warned him, and he ignored my warning. Now he will reap the punishment." Sasha said with an Air of superiority in her voice.

"Mr. David, don't you have anything to say to defend your insolent actions?" Sasha continued. "When the hell did I become 'Miss Morgan'?? A couple of minutes ago I'm Jill now I'm Miss Morgan? What the fuck?" Jill said in a controlled anger. "A few minutes ago, you were still my number one driver. But, now I think you need to be put on probation for siding with Mr. David." Sasha fired back at Jill. "Sasha, I think you need to leave now. I'm here to see Jill.

I didn't come here to have an argument with you. I came for Jill. Please see yourself out." I directed. Sasha picked up her Gucci purse in a huff and stormed out of the hospital room. I turned and hugged Jill as hard as I could without hurting her. I kissed her passionately. I stroked her hair and caressed her back. There was a knock on the hospital room door from the doctor. I stepped around to the other side of her bed to face the doctor. I held Jill's hand as he gave us the news.

"I don't see any internal injuries. You have a lot of bruised ribs and even a small bruise on your gallbladder. The baby is fine. She's about 7 or 8 weeks along. If you have someone to take care of you, I can release you today." Doctor Shapiro said.

"She?" Jill remarked. "Yes, She. We got a great look at her. I have a couple of pictures for you of her." The doctor said as he reached into mama desvirgada x su hijo pocket of his white doctor coat. "David, did you hear that? I have a daughter." Jill's eyes teared up and began flowing tears of joy down her cheeks. "David, what am I going to do? My job is in question. I'm pregnant with another guy's baby.

The police are suspecting that I am running drugs. And, the only one who cares about me is the one guy I can't have&hellip. ain't life grand?" Jill said in a suddenly dejected tone. The tears started flowing again, but now, it was not tears of joy. I just held her hand and put my arm around her to hug her. We stayed that way for nearly an hour. As my feet were getting tired, the charge nurse came in with Jill's discharge papers. An orderly followed right behind her with a wheelchair.

"Ms. Morgan, its time for you to get dressed and head home. I'm sure you will be missing our great food here." The charge nurse said laughing out loud. I helped Jill off the hospital bed. "Do you need someone to help you get naked?" I said chuckling before she headed into the bathroom to put her bundled up clothes from the car accident back on.

She playfully slapped me on the shoulder as she went by me. "Hey, Hun, if we take it slow, do you feel up for just one stop?" I asked. "Well, I don't know. It may be a lot for me. Doctor said to take it easy." Jill replied from inside the bathroom. After several minutes of silence, the bathroom door opened. She walked gingerly towards the wheelchair. "David is this stop important?" Jill asked. "Would I ask if it wasn't important. I'll make it as quick as possible.

I know you're not feeling well." I said with my heart in my eyes trying to convince her. "OK. But please remember, I'm still wobbly." She said. "Let me go get the car and meet you at the front door to the hospital." I said to the transport guy. I ran through the hospital hallways getting to my car rather quickly.

I started the car and drove around the parking lot towards the front door. I got there before the transport guy with Jill. My phone rang. I saw it was Tina. I answered it. "David, this is Tina. I'm calling to tell you that Sasha has forbidden me from ever seeing you, talking to you, or communicating with you in any way.

In fact, she's made me put you on speaker phone, so she could listen in to this call." Tina said with a definite tremble in her voice. "I'm sorry David. Goodbye." And the phone went silent. I sat there stunned. The next thing I knew was a knocking on the window of the passenger door. I looked over, it was Jill sitting in the wheelchair waiting for me to unlock the door. I hit the unlock button, jumped out of my side, ran around to her side and gingerly helped her out of the chair and into the car.

I gently put the seatbelt across her, clicked it into the buckle and shut her door. I started the car and headed off the hospital property. "What happened?" Jill asked. "Nothing." I replied with my mind somewhere other than inside my car.

"David, you're a lot of things, but having a good poker face is not one of them. Obviously, something happened between leaving my room and me getting in the car. If it's going to be too much for you…&hellip." Jill's words trailed off. "No, no, no. That's not it at all. Tina just called me. We're through. Sasha said so." I told her, my mind still miles away. "Uggggh, that bitch. She knows just how to push everyone's buttons, so she gets her way with everything.

She infuriates me." Jill said with some anger in her voice. We drove a bit before I pulled into a small shopping plaza and parked in front of a store front that said, "Isaac's Jewelry". "There's something I wanted to get, but I need your help in picking it out." I said to Jill.

I turned the car off. I got out and ran around to Jill's side of the car. I opened the door and slowly and carefully got Jill out of the car. I put my arm out for her to hold on to as we walked into the jewelry store. "David, what are we doing here? Didn't you just say that Tina just broke up with you because of Sasha? Don't waste your money on her, buying her some piece of jewelry.

It won't work. Sasha is too strong. Let yourself heal and move on." Jill said trying to be as sweet and gentle with my feelings as she could be. "Jill, it doesn't hurt to look, does it?" I answered back. We walked into the store. The security guard asked if we had any weapons. We told him no and walked towards a counter to be greeted by a large Jewish man with a rather big nose. "Hello, welcome to Isaac's Jewelry. I'm Jacob.

How may I be of assistance?" I spoke up, "Um, we're here to look at engagement rings and wedding sets." "DAVID, what are you doing. You're going to make yourself miserable. It's OVER. It's over, it's over." Jill said pleading with me to come to my senses. I followed Jacob over to another counter holding on to Jill and moving slowly till we reached Jacob. "Jill, I need help. Tell me what you like." I asked "David, how can you even be considering this when she just broke up with you?

Besides, just because I like something doesn't mean SHE will like it? Jill argued with me trying to use logic. "No, it doesn't. But, I'm sure what you pick out would be much better than what I would pick out. "Are you sure. I don't believe that this will do any good. But, I'm willing to help you if that is what you truly want." Jill said.

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Jill pointed to 4 different ring sets. Jacob pulled each one out, one at time (for security purposes). Jill tried each one on. She decided that ring set number 3 was her favorite. It was an exquisite set. One marquise cut diamond in the center at 2.3 carats. The ring dropped into a split band that had smaller cut diamonds across the top and bottom of the split band. All in all, it was a very beautiful set.

The price for the set was $14,500. CHAPTER 5 I asked Jacob if he could put the engagement ring into one of those velvet ring boxes. As he handed it to me, I fumbled it allowing it to hit the floor.

Jill's eyes got big as saucers. I dropped down to one knee to pick up the box. While on that knee, I opened the box and held it out for Jill without saying a word. "DAVID&hellip. DAVID&hellip. NO. I don't want you to do this because Tina just broke up with you. No, David. Your heart is hurting. Don't make a mistake with me." Jill said with a tremble in her voice and tears running down her face. "Jill. Please marry me. I'm not asking you because of Tina in any way. I had already made this decision.

It was my plan to gently break it off with Tina and propose to you. Sasha only expedited the matter. Jill, my darling, I love you and according to your statements to me last night when they gave you the pain medication, I believe you love me too. So, I ask you again. Jill Taylor Morgan, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I said, still on one knee. There was a long, long pause. My heart was racing. "yes" she said in almost a whisper. "Yes, David, I'll marry you. When would you like to do this?" Jill inquired.

"Well, how about right now." I said trying to surprise her. "WHAT?" Jill said in a big state of SHOCK. "Yeah, Jacob is also an ordained Minister as well as a Notary Public." I said with more confidence. "Are you sure?" "ABSOLUTELY!" I replied finally getting up off my knee. I pulled out my credit card to pay for the rings. Jacob took 20% off the price for us. It came to a total of $12,412.00. Jacob pulled out a book and asked us to place our hands on the book. He also pulled out a small card and read from it to us about being married and what it meant.

Jacob read the usual vows. We both said the "I busty spanish secretary nekane gets her big butt fucked at work and we kissed, the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

I kissed her as passionately as I could possibly muster.

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I gently hugged her. "I love you Jill" "David, you know that I love you" I put the entire ring set on her finger. She stood there just staring at them for several minutes. "Darling, we need to go." I quietly said to her.

I thanked Jacob for all that he did. We got congratulations from the security guard on our way out. "Well, my dear, let's go show off your new ring. I have an idea on whom to go see." I said as we were driving. I pulled into the valet of the McCall. I knew she would want to see her Marine buddy. We went inside. She showed Donna the ring and they both squealed loudly. "So, you're his wife now?" Donna asked. "Yep, and he's my chauffeur." I hope you enjoyed this segment of The Chauffeur series.

This is NOT the end of the series.