Anal gangbanged sexy floozy hardcore and blowjob

Anal gangbanged sexy floozy hardcore and blowjob
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It was what seemed to be a normal day at high school for Jacob, he had attended all of his classes elena gilbert in rich girl learns a lesson went to gym.

He stayed after to practice his free throws for basketball. He put his ball away and went to the locker room, he thought most would be gone so he could change out of his clothes in the open, as he normally changes in bathroom, not wanting to be near guys half naked. He couldn't wait till he got home he was dying for a shower as his shirt was covered in sweat, his boxers underneath his shorts were sticking to his thighs.

He was so warm that his balls were dropping farther down sticking to his shorts, when he played earlier the school galas 15your sex xxxx had caused a hard on, which forced him to sit part of the game out, pretending he sprained his back, bending over as he sat on the benches, his hands on his crotch forcing his cock in between his legs till it went away.

As Jacob walked toward the locker room he parted his blond bangs, which were sticking to his forehead as his whole body was sweaty, revealing his brown eyes. When he entered the locker room he heard the voices of two people, he paid little attention to them, but the voices grew louder as he got closer to his locker, as he turned the corner he saw them but they were no longer talking and laughing, they were kissing.

Jacob knew both of them as they are in the same classes. Nick sat on one of the benches, his back leaning on the side of a locker, with a sweat soaked white tee shirt, his eyes were closed but he had opened one aware of Jacob's presence.

Nick was tall and slim with lean muscles, his head topped with dark brown hair which was cut short with his bangs to one side. He had the same skin tone as Jacob but more tanned, and his face covered in acne. The most intriguing feature of Nick at present was that his blue cotton shorts are pulled down to his knees with his boxers, his cock standing straight up, oozing with what Jacob thought to be precum. Nick had been jerking it off when Jacob came around.

Dawn, was fair skinned, with no noticeable blemishes. Her brown hair held up behind her head with a headband. That head band being the only thing she wore. Her breast, firm and perky, rubbing against Nick's side. She had one leg propped up on an opposite bench, her pussy wide open as she rubbed its lips, fingering herself alternating. "Wow! Sorry!" Jacob said, as he quickly began to walk away "Nah Jacob its okay come over and join us" Nick said grinning, thinking how more interesting this had become.

"Come here Jacob," said Dawn as she walked over to him "please Jacob you'll have fun, besides I've never had a blond boy before." as she ruffled his hair with her hand. "No way." he said bit he couldn't say any more, he felt paralyzed, Dawn placed her hands along his hips and sliding down to his groin, her fingers finding his hard cock, "Haaaaa." was all Jacob could make out, as she touched him, his teenage cock throbbing from contact, not known of its own.

"No way.what Jacob?" Dawn teased, as she leaned up to his face and kissed him, innocent at first, guiding Jacob's lips with hers as she forced him open, tasting his tongue.

Releasing him, his head hung there, wanting more. "Okay." Jacob said. Dawn grabbed him by his arm, and guided him over to a bench, across from Nick. Jacob sat down on the bench, enthralled as Dawn stripped him. Dawn removed his shoes tossing them to the side, she started pulling at his shorts, allowing her to pull down his grey nylon shorts to his ankles. Jacob's cock was hard as a rock pushing his boxers out, making a large bulge "Well what do we have here." Dawn said as she examined his boxers.

She moved her finger along the large bulge, making Jacob moan quietly. She then used her mouth sucking on the head of his cock, through the his boxers. "Argh.Dawn stop." Jacob moaned. Dawn did so and pulled them down as well. Nick disrobed further as well, getting hot from watching the two, removing his shirt, his chest shined from the sweat.


Nick leaned back against the lockers watching his two friend, jerking his cock off, he leaned forward and spit out a string of spit onto his cock, melding with his sweat making a perfect lube. He moved his hand up and down his rod quickly, grinning as he looked at Jacob's cock. Nick's own manhood was the around the same size as Jacob's, about kandi hart likes to get drilled hard inch longer but with more foreskin, girth, and a patch of dark brown pubes.

Examining Jacob's cock since Dawn removed his boxers,which had sprung making Nick let out a small laugh while jerking his cock, Jacob's cock was long and thin with its own patch of blond pubes, his warm hairy balls hanging in the air. Nick noticed his whole manhood was covered in sweat looking very slippery, Nick was finding himself attracted to Jacob, though this was not new.

Nick was Bi, and loved cock just as much as pussy, but he liked a boy's ass a little more. "Ha ha, Jacob, you want Dawn to ride your dick right now?" Nick said " We're going to have fun with you, and your virgin cock." "Shut up Nick" Dawn said "I think it's hot that I'm his first" Jacob hated this situation he started to pull his shorts up but Dawn stopped him his pants resting on his calves.

Dawn moved her hands up his legs his hair real brsis sex in film to them, her touch making Jacob quiver. With her breasts resting on his lap, Jacob's cock between them "Why don't you play with yourself for a little while."she said as she stood up. Jacob did so, he started to massage his cock roughly with his right hand groping his sticky hot rod, having not done this before his manhood was not feeling true pleasure Jacob could not tell if he was jerking it right from his lack of practice.

"Here let me help "Dawn said, she stuck her head next to Jacob's groin and began to rub his thighs and around his groin and then down his back squeezing his ass making Jacob tense.


Dawn addressed his cock, it stank of BO but oddly it turned her on, she took his cock into mouth, the moist and warm enclave filled Jacob with ecstasy, as her tongue circled his head, sucking him. Jacob leaned back his hand supporting his weight on the bench as he moved his groin towards Dawn, his balls hanging off the bench bobbing as he cock was engulfed in Dawn's mouth.

Jacob was moaning as Dawn"s mouth enveloped his cock "Haaa.oh yeah.that feels so good.", she took his whole length, swirling her tongue around his ridged base, pulling down the skin of his cock, licking under his head, then sucking on the head itself, this made him moan louder putting him on the edge of cumming but she stopped before he did leaving his cock covered in a trail of saliva, his head sprouted a generous dose of precum.

Dawn licked the seed off of Jacob's dick and rose up, she glided over his cock and slide on it forcing it down but it was so hard it wouldn't go past his thighs and the lips of her pussy rubbing against it, he moaned more as he was soon to ejaculate, she dived towards his face and kissed him shoving her tongue into his mouth, he embraced her and moved his tongue with hers, as they did this she spit his precum into his own mouth, it tasted salty to Jacob, he didn't realize what it was until their mouths parted, her tongue white.

As she climbed off his lap she told him "Jerk off slowly now and softly otherwise you'll cum, and then you couldn't join in the fun." Jacob didn't touch his throbbing cock for a few moments fearing he will cum too soon.

Nick was jerking his cock off furiously, while watching the two it had made him so hot, he had been moaning and sighing quietly, he was covered in more sweat and his chest had some of his own saliva on it as he had missed when lubing him self, his cock was lounging against his chest as he slowed jerking off the shaft, it was covered in spit and precum. Dawn sat next to him village school girl field porn sex began to kiss him as they kissed, Dawn rubbed his cock, her hand getting lathered in a slippery layer of saliva and cum.

She moved her hand down the length of his cock and past his shorts and massaged his balls. Moving her fingers between them making Nick moan from both pleasure and pain as she squeezed them tightly, then she returned to the rod and circled her thumb over the head, this made him retract his tongue, and clench his teeth as he sighed from the sensation. Nick then went to her chest and began to fondle and suck on her tits making Dawn moan.

While Jacob observed the two fondle each other he removed his shirt, his chest was soaking as well his chest hair was sticking to his skin but was drying out in the air, he had also removed his socks and shoes, letting his feet air out, but left his shorts and boxers on his calves. He had then returned to jerking himself off. Jacob leaned back with one arm supporting him on the bench and spread his legs wide letting his balls cool.

He gently moved his hand up and down his cock barely moving his foreskin for except when he reach the top and massaging his balls lightly experimenting with his genitals for the first time, and loving it, but hungering for a mouth to slide his cock into. The two stopped and Nick began to take off his shorts but before that he grabbed what Jacob thought to be condoms out of his pocket, he threw three at Jacob.

He then stood up and took off his shorts and boxers and tossed them to the side leaving only his sock on. Jacob looked at the condoms and said "Don't I need only one" Nick let out a chuckle, "No, you need to take one off your cock when ever your cum, and put a new one on." Nick stood up and and broke open one of the packets, it was blue latex condom just big enough to fit on his cock, he slide it on and revealed his whole length, it was a about an inch longer than Jacob's, hiding his whole length with his shorts eariler, and looked thicker with his small patch of pubes.

His balls were bigger than Jacob's as well and hung closer to his cock, which was a light blue thanks to the condom. Nick squatted down on his knees and rested his ass on his heels. His cock pointing straight, Dawn squatted down as well. Dawn leaned back against Nick with his cock probing her pussy, she then slide down his length making Nick moan. He placed his hands on the floor for support and Dawn began to move up and down on his dick, she began moving so hard that when she pounded her ass into Nick's groin his balls slapped against his thighs.

Jacob stood up and walked over to Dawn, she opened her mouth wide and Jacob slide his cock in, he moaned from the pleasure "Ohhh, that's so good, take it deeper please." he said, Jacob bent his knees and let go off his shorts revealing his plump firm ass, he thrust his hips faster as he held her head, he was not use to the movement but was able to catch on, for his driver for pleasure his teacher.

Jacob lunged his cock far into her mouth that her teeth rested on Jacob's balls, the head of his cock rubbing against her throat making him moan more. Dawn opened her mouth even wider and took Jacob's balls into her mouth this made his legs quiver and he let out a cry as her grip must have been to tight on his balls, she let go and Jacob straightened himself up as whore with curves acquires banged hardcore and blowjob feet were sliding, he continued to thrust but slowed down his pace and let Dawn work with her tongue, she swiveled her tongue around his head and under his foreskin and sucked on the head, after this Jacob's began to change his pace of breathing, "Oh yeah, uh god, that feels so good!" Jacob moaned as she sucked on his cock he felt like it was ready to explode, then fetish bitch gets fucked up her ass in rough sex session felt like he was going to piss, but it felt so good he kept his cock in her mouth, letting it flow through his manhood and he erupted with pleasure as he came for the first time, he shot countless streams of sperm into her mouth he loved johny sins fuck shop assistant girl lily carter in changing room feeling of the sperm piling into her mouth bathing his cock, she began to gag on it and opened her mouth.

Dawn opened her mouth, seeping with his sperm, but he still wasn't finished. Jacob's 15 year old cock still had more to give, as he pulled it out of her mouth he saw that it was covered with his sperm and some saliva, he began to jerk it off his hand getting encrusted with the sperm but his cock shoot more out, "Argh, oh ha, oh god," he moaned, hitting Dawn's face and back, it even hit Nick's chest.

"Jacob, damn it aim your dick a little, you got me!" Nick exclaimed "Sorry .about.that" Jacob said his breathing labored from exhaustion, Dawn got up off of Nick's cock and laid down on her knees in front of Jacob.

He felt guilty for cumming in her mouth. "I'm *huff* sorry Dawn, I didn't know I was cumming."Jacob said with a sad face, feeling ashamed with his shorts around his ankles, having forced his cock down Dawn throat. "Its okay Jacob see," she opened her mouth for Jacob it was clean, she had swallowed every drop of his sperm, "Now let me taste your cock again." Jacob was turned on by this more than anything else, he interested his cock again and she cleaned off all of his cum, he wiped the sperm off of his hands from jerking off onto his hips, while he leaned back thrusting his cock.

He removed himself and Nick walked over, he rubbed part of his chest which had Jacob's cum onto Jacob's arm.

"Ugh, gross dude." Jacob groaned as he felt Nick rub against him, quiver from the touch. "Ugh, yourself, didn't want your cum flying onto me." Nick siad, although he thought to himself that he did to some degree.

He digressed, pushing Jacob over inserting his own cock into Dawn mouth. "Hmmm. blueberry."Dawn moaned quietly, teasing, making both boys laugh. Nick pulled his condom further up his cock, at the end it was filling with precum. He began thrusting his cock in and out of Dawn's mouth while moaning quietly, as he felt her suck him off, her tongue pressing hard against the condom, tasting it trying to pleasure Nick's rod at the same time.

Jacob jerked off his still hard cock, while watching the two glancing at both of them, although his eyes wondered to Nick more often, peering over his carved out face, as he leaned backed and moaned, or was it the hips that got Jacob harder most, moving back and forth as he face fucked Dawn.

After Nick received his blow job, Dawn stopped sucking him off, and jerked his off quickly. She then laid on the ground. "Jacob come here, I want to feel you inside of me." Dawn said as she motioned for Jacob to come over ready to embrace him. Jacob garbed yellow condom and pulled it on, he took of his shorts and tossed them to the side, not wanting any thing to constrain him from fucking. His cock looked like a golden rod to Dawn, Jacob knelled on the floor next to Dawn trying to enter her pussy.

but he was missing rubbing his cock against the lips and her clit making them both moan. Jacob wanting to make it easier, moved down her and started to eat her out. Jacob knew next to nothing about the female anatomy. So he did what felt natural, he rubbed the lips of her pussy with his tongue, and quickly moved it in and out tasting her flesh, he put his whole mouth dirty talk jackoff encouragement with cum countdown it and sucked.

Then he saw her clit, and moved his tongue around it sucking on it gently, and then returned to the pussy it self, Jacob didn't know how good he was doing as Dawn moaned quietly. Nick sat to the side jerking of as he watched his friend eat pussy. Dawn came then, her pussy pouring her juices onto Jacob's face. He liked the taste of it, somewhat sour and very sticky.

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Jacob tried to enter her again, his cock slide in swiftly as it was soaking wet. "Hold on Jacob let me get underneath that way it'll be easier." Nick said but Jacob didn't hear him "Jacob, you there?"still no replay as Jacob had penetrated Dawn and began to work,thrusting his hips long and hard his balls pounding against Dawn ass.

Jacob leaned forward and sucked on Dawns tits as he pounded her. Nick poked at him but still couldn't get his attention, he stared at Jacob as was thrusting his hips, his ass swinging, he then slowed down his hips just moving in and out his ass just sitting there.

This gave Nick an idea. He began jerking off his cock quickly till he felt like he was ready to cum, he took off his condom and inched toward Jacob. Jacob had been close to cumming again so he slowed down, Dawn told him to take his condom off, that she wants to feel him inside of her surely.

He did so tossing the condom to the side, he reinserted himself and pounded her slowly as he was just ready to cum but something happened. Nick interested his cock into Jacob's ass quickly and before Jacob could react Nick shoved his seven inches into Jacob twice and cumed, "Oh fuck that's good, your so tight Jacob!" Nick moaned, his cock shoot several rounds of sperm into Jacob's ass, Jacob shocked, hot busty blonde is nailed in asshole such warmth cummed into Dawn, her pussy overflowing with his seed, Nick pulled out his cock with a pop and shoot more sperm over Jacob's ass as it flowed out.

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"What the hell is wrong with you, you fag?!" Jacob said as he punched Nick, Jacob picked up a sock and wiped his ass with it, removing Nick seeds. "Hey I told you to hang on a sec, an there was no other way to get your attention, besides it doesn't look like you hated that ha ha." Nick said as he rubbed his softening cock. "You could have pushed me, and your the only homo in here right now." Jacob said angrily feeling violated and weak. "Will here then whenever you want, you can get me Jacob, besides your only gay if you love guys, sex is just sex." Nick said plainly.

"Oh boy's if your done playing with each other I'm not quiet down yet." said Dawn as she sat on the benches twirling her hair. Both of the boys stood there gazing at her hungrily, wanting to get out of there soon, as the school was going to close in a while.

"Lets finish up in the showers." Dawn said walking towards the showers. The boys followed there cocks getting hard again. "Grab some soap boys" Dawn commanded. The two did so and entered the showers to find Dawn standing in a stall with steam flowing out. Jacob was the first to act, he joined Dawn in the shower the hot water flowing down his head running all over him sliding down his back in between his ass cheeks clearing out more of Nicks sperm, and the pellets of water beating onto his cockhe then began to rub Dawn the soap, fortunately it didn't take long to soap up Dawn with Nick doing it as well.

Dawn took turns rubbing down each of them, both Jacob and Nick rubbed their cocks and chests against Dawn, Jacob had begun moaning once he found his way to Dawn's ass and rubbed his cock along her cheeks.

Nick had walked away to the side and came back with two condoms, a blue and yellow one. Jacob had begun kissing Dawn when Nick walked away, rubbing his cock between her legs. Nick slapped Jacob's ass getting his attention and tossing him a condom. "See that's what I did with my dick last time, it just lasted a little longer and I liked it.

Come over Dawn." Nick said grinning, he walked over to a ledge and sat down the water beaded down on his head running down the ledge his feet where just a few inches off the ground, he pulled another blue berry flavored condom down his cock which stood straight up.

Jacob walked over pulling on his yellow pineapple flavored condom, he grabbed Nick by the thighs and turned in the other direction, Nick's left leg hung around the corner giving Jacob and Dawn a whole view of his light blue cock and slippery balls resting on the ledge.

"Dawn said she wants us to DP, I couldn't reach up there." Jacob said explaining his actions, Dawn walked over to Nick and pushed him down so he was laying back on the ledge, his cock standing up, dawn rubbed his thighs and climbed up his legs creasing his chest, she jerked off his cock pulling down the condom so it was resting on his balls, Nick's toes began to curl in response.

She brought the head of his cock to her pussy, and then slide down it, making Nick perky cheater blows fat cock in car. Jacob walked up the lower ledge to them so his cock was near Dawn.


He grabbed Nick by the back of his knees so their cocks were right next to each other ready to fuck her. Nick had begun to thrust his hips ramming his blue cock into Dawn's pussy. "Nick don't you need to be in her ass?" Jacob pondered while rubbing his cock. Nick paid no attention to him, moaning as Dawn straddled him. "No, just squeeze your cock next to Nick's, we need to finish up." Dawn said, she leaned forward stretching her pussy more for Jacob's golden rod, Jacob put his leg on the ledge behind Nick's leg and rubbed his cock against Nick's trying to insert his own.

Nick stopped moving his hips to give Jacob ease, Jacob pressed the head of his cock deep against Nick's and it slide in. He loved the feeling of the pressure on his head making him awe and moan, he then began thrust his hips with Nick, both of the boys began to moan as they felt their cocks rub together in the warm wet pussy. Jacob got off the higher ledge with both of his legs on the lower ledge for more support, but as he had not moved in harmony with Nick, the head of his cock only being in Dawn was fondled by Nick's, putting Jacob on edge blowing, put he moved rhythm again with Nick, his hands resting on Nick's thighs as he hammered his cock into Dawn's pussy who moaned loudly as she begun to cum again, feeling both boys inside of her at once.

The two teen boys speed up, their balls hitting each other as their cocks rubbed one another. Then they felt a rush of liquid as Dawn came, it seeped out her pussy sliding down Nick's balls and thighs. "Jacob I'm going to stand up hold on to Dawn." Nick said as he slide off the ledge with both of their cocks still in Dawn, who put her arms and legs around Nick.

Both of the boys locked their arms around each other, both began thrusting their hips as they fucked Dawn's pussy in midair with the water beating down on them. Jacob moaned loudly, "Ah, yeah," as he reached his hands between Nick's and Dawn's chest and fondled Dawn's breast, he had his mouth next to her shoulder and began to kiss her and bite down on her shoulder lightly, and with a few more final thrusts which rubbed roughly against Nick's cock making him moan.

Jacob's cock throbbed and shoot streams of sperms, "Oh shit, ah!" Jacob moaned as the pleasure of his cock turned slightly painful as his sperm filled the condom and seeped out. Jacob took his cock out and removed the condom, it was covered in sperm again and the seed slide down his cock with the water to his balls and thighs, he rubbed it between her ass cheeks pushing them together with his hands shooting more streams of sperm onto her back, he probed her ass slightly, making him moan, his head very sensitive from cumming.

But his cock became limp. He let go of the couple, without the extra support they fell but Nick made use of it, with Dawn to his side Nick got on his knees, propping her leg over his shoulder and continued to fuck her till he came, with his labored breathing dressed up and no one to blow striptease pornstars took dude saves busty teen then fucks her his cock removed his blue condom and jerked of his sperm covered cock rubbing his head against her thigh covering her with his spunk.

Nick stood up and guided Jacob to the shower where they wiped there cocks clean of sperm, Nick had an urge to help Jacob, but resisted. They walked to lockers Jacob walked over to the toilets first and let out a stream of piss, this turned Nick on some what, Jacob standing there buck naked and wet.

After Jacob finished he shook his limp cock shacking off his urine and walked over to a bench with a towel drying him self off. Nick did the same. Jacob grabbed his jeans out of his locker and put them on with no underwear, he pushed his cock down so it wasn't pushing out of his zipper and pulled it up, put on his shoes and shirt, placed his sweaty boxers, shorts and shirt in his bag. Nick put on his shorts and a clean shirt on with no boxers putting them and the sweat soaked shirt in his bag, his cock visible though the blue shorts.

Then they both left the school and went there own way.