Jewel styles has just turned years old and has

Jewel styles has just turned years old and has
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Blackmailed 2 Since her encounter with Mat and Troy Janet had been conflicted, she knew she had screwed up big time. These guys were going to take advantage siter fucks brother small cock her situation to the fullest.

They had given her a very hard spanking that had first time anal squirt bbc her ass red and sore for three days, that and the fact it took two days for all of Mat's cum to leak out of her. Her dilemma was if this was ever discovered her and her husband Roy's lives would be ruined, no doubt he would divorce her she'd lose her kids and be disgraced. She hated being spanked but did secretly enjoy the large black cock which had fucked her several time.

She wanted to tell her friend Jill but was afraid to admit this to anyone she like the big black cock. Her friend Jill was always horny, she loved sex or so she said she was always complaining she didn't get nearly enough. But telling anyone about her situation could be disastrous for her and Roy. Roy left Monday for a seven-day sales trip, so she would be alone all day as usual.

She would also be alone all weekend and after the kids went to bed was worse for her. She arrived home Wednesday from dropping the kids at school when her phone rang, it was Mat she answered on the second ring.

He sounded very upbeat, "hi Jan how are you"? her answer was a bit caustic, "I'm fine Mat my ass took three days before I could sit comfortably but other than that good, I guess". There was a pause then he spoke, what time do the kids go to bed"?

without realizing the implication she responded "By 8 at the latest", "good Friday night we'll be there at 8:30 we bought you an outfit we want to see you wear, see you then" the phone went dead. All she could think of was oh great. Friday after she had brought the kids home from school, she bathed did her hair even put on a little makeup.

Around 6 she fed the kids she had them get ready for bed at 7:30 as usual, as she went out to dump the trash her friend Jill drove by. Seeing Janet, she stopped she got out of the car to talk to her, both women kidded about not getting enough sex from there husbands. Finally, Jill looked straight into Janet's eyes "girlfriend we need boyfriend's, we need them badly and very soon I'm ready to fuck a pile of rocks". Janet smiled, "Jill your serious aren't you"? Without hesitation, "you damn right my toys just do it for me I need a real hard cock that cums".

"How do you propose to accomplish this with two kids and a husband"? "I've given this a lot of thought, I'll take a few photos of myself nothing porn just showing my best assets". She chuckles and stuck her chest out, "with a 44d rack someone should find me interesting"? Janet thought for a few seconds, "ok later send me three pictures I'll post them this way you're not involved unless you want to meet a guy".

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Jill immediately responded, "ok you'll have them by 8". Jill drove away while Janet was formulating a plan. If the guys liked Jill maybe they would leave her alone, Jill tits were bigger so that might be the trick or so she hoped. Since the guys were buying her an outfit, she did her makeup and hair, a pair of spandex leggings with a plane top.

She went to the kitchen to make son rape his sexy mom a stiff drink. At 8:30 she heard a car pull into the driveway, quickly she opened the garage door she hit the remote so they could pull in. Once Mat's car was in, she closed the door, Mat got out, but the other guy was not Troy but another black guy.

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She backed up so they could come in, once inside Mat grabbed her stuck his tongue in her mouth and started fondling her tits. After almost 30 seconds he broke the kiss, he looked at her "Janet this is Barry he loves married white pussy, so I brought him to get some". She was surprised that he would do such a thing without even telling her.

Before she could react to the situation, she was handed a small bag, "here put this on I think you'll look great in it.

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Were going into the den for a drink don't take too long". They headed off they had a small overnight bag with them. She stood in the hall way confused and pissed she thought I can't allow him to take advantage of me this way. She took a deep breath she followed them to the den.

Mat and Barry were at the bar they had started making themselves drinks, "look Mat I'm not comfortable with this". There was a long pause, both guys put down their drinks. Barry grabbed her arms he roughly pulled her over the sofa, so her ass was at the back of the sofa, she heard the overnight bag being unzipped. Mat's hands grabbed her leggings down they came.

She was now in a pair of yellow cheek hugger panties, she started kicking to free herself, but Barry was to strong. She felt the sharp sting of a paddle hit her butt cheek, "Janet my dear you will be getting 5 hits to each cheek when I stop you will tell us how much you want black cock in you pussy.

If we don't here it or you don't sound convincing you will get another 5 whacks to each cheek. This will continue until we are convinced". Each one of her cheeks was bright red after the last whack, she was crying her butt hurt, Barry let her go so she could stand up.

She realized they had their phones on to record this. "Mat please don't make me do this" was all she got out before her ass was again assaulted by the french high school girl shemales paddle. They let her up after the second 10 whacks, she was hysterically crying it took her several minutes to compose herself. Standing they're in her panties in front of two black men was something she didn't want anyone to see ever.

She wasn't going to get spanked anymore either. "Mat baby my white pussy really wants your and Barry's big black cock to pump cum in me would you please do it for me"? She was smiling as best she could, "now I'm going to change into something sexy give me ten minutes please". Mat nodded his approval, she turned and headed for her bedroom he ass stinging from the spanking. She opened the bag inside was a pair of boy shorts in pink and a ½ cup pink bra. My god they want me to wear this went through her mind, it's a slutty outfit.

She did realize her ass stung so not doing what she was supposed to was not an option. After she put on the outfit, she fixed her hair and makeup since her crying had ruined whatever she had done before. She entered the den to find two black men standing at the bar naked, Barry's cock was as big as Mat's, but it looked thicker. She did her best to smile at them, she walked up bent over and kissed each cock on the head.

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She stood back up looked at Mat, "baby can I have something to drink"? Barry asked her, "Janet do you want something warm and thick"? she smiled coyly "of course I love cum, but I'd really like something with ice first if its ok with you guys". Mat handed her a vodka and tonic. She figured this would be a perfect opportunity to show them Jill's photos, "I've got something you guys may like." she cooed as she took her phone and scrolled through for the photos.

Barry smiled widely, "Janet is she fuckable"? Janet smiled "I think so all she talks about is getting some strange cock".


"Does she like black cock", asked Mat. "I'm not sure but her tits are bigger than mine if I could get her to come over you guys may be able to get her into a compromising situation then you'd have another white married pussy who loves black cock." "OK its something to consider but I want to stretch out our white pussy and pump a load of cum in her" was Mat's reply.


She wiggled over sitting between them, they spread her legs draping one leg over each of there legs Mat was rubbing her clit while Barry was alternating sucking her nipples. Barry asked, "Mat lets go to her room fuck he stupid she needs cum dumped in her, sounds good to me man, Janet you good with it"? She nodded yes, as they got up Barry took the overnight bag but kept the paddle out, he eye's shot open.

She gave them her biggest smile, "guys you don't need that I'm going to be a very, very good cooperative girl. They chuckled they entered her bedroom she closed the door as they sat on the bed. The guys waste no time Mat got between her legs he went to work on her pussy and clit. Barry had one nipple asian schoolgirl is hungry for some dick his mouth while he rolled the other one between his thumb and index finger.

It didn't take long for her body to react to there stimulation, she remembered how good her pussy felt after Mat had fucked her a few days ago. She grabbed Mats head pushing it deeper into her pussy as an orgasm ripped through her, he body trembled for several seconds.

She looked into his eyes with lust, he smiled moved up, she felt the larger black cock at her pussy lips, with one push he was half way in her pussy was stretching to accommodate the large cock. With his every downward thrust she would move her hips up to meet him after only a few minutes he was buried balls deep in her. The head of his cock had pushed past her cervix he was deep in her womb. His thrusts became more rapid she wiggled her ass, she arched her back to get more of the cock in her she was orgasming on almost every downward thrust, "baby fuck me stupid uGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG as, yet another orgasm ripped through her body.

"Mat baby fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as she climaxed again. Her pussy was milking his cock for all she was worth, his cock felt beyond wonderful as it filled every part of her. Suddenly he stiffen, he attempted get his cock even deeper into her as she felt the sensation of hot cum flowing into her womb. She grabbed his shoulder, she cried, she shuddered she moaned with pure lust as he deposited seven robes of cum deep in her. It took her several seconds to catch her breath, he rolled off Barry was smiling "man from my view I'd say you own that white married pussy".

She looked straight at Barry, "you are correct he does own this pussy he can do her any time any way he likes". "Mat you ok with me taking her ass"? asked Barry. "Sure, you may be the owner of her ass before the morning". Her body was experiencing small after shocks from the fucking she had received, but she realized they were going to be with her all night.

Barry rolled her over places a large globe of lube on the head of his cock mounted her from behind and with a hard push he was in. Until that night Janet had been an anal virgin, she never imagined being butt fucked, it hurt like hell, but he kept going deeper his strokes were slow but steady.

His cock wasn't as long as Mat's, but it was thicker, she realized the pumping was starting to feel good. The pain was being replaced by a warm feeling in her. Her ass still hurt but her body was saying push back, she did he was balls deep in her, his strokes started to become more rapid.

She was grunting with each deep thrust, suddenly she felt a shudder as a strong climax hit. She started howling like an animal, she felt his entire weight on her now there was a strange sensation deep in her bowels, Barry was pumping a large load of cum into her she shivered again as a small climax hit. Teen babe cece gets her hairy twat nailed and creampied pornstar hardcore rolled off, she felt a plop as his cock was out of her ass.

The guys had taken pictures of her gaping cum leaking pussy and her cum leaking ass. She rolled over, she looked at Mat and Barry, Leaning on one arm, "well it appears my ass and pussy are owned by black cocks, I never thought I'd say this but I'm stretched to the point where I can accommodate both of your cocks which I really enjoy I really want to keep doing this with you guys, if my husband doesn't like it fuck him, frankly I'm not chaturbate pregnant mandy and tawney he will notice my new pussy and ass size anyway"!

After a twenty-minute break for drinks Mat turned to Barry, "bro how about we double penetrated her"? her eyes shot open, 'you mean I'm going to have a cock in each hole at the same time"?

The guys didn't say another word Barry got on the bed "come here mama"! She came over to him, his cock was sofia leon and suny leon straight up. "mama sit on it"! She smiled then started lowering her ass onto his hard cock, since her ass had already been stretched, she didn't have nearly the issue getting it in.

Mat walked up to her, "Janet baby straddle your legs over Barry's so you wide open". Again, she did as she was told, Mat placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy one gentle push he was half way in.

Her body started to shudder the sensation of two cocks moving deep in her was like nothing she had ever experienced.

"Oh god I've never had a sexual feeling like this in my life, oh myyyyyyyyyyyy", as an orgasm ripped through her. "Mat baby deeper please I want to feel it in my wombbbbbbbbbbbbbbb". She had another orgasm this one was more intense than the one before.


She was being fucked stupid and loving it, they kept a slow steady pace for five or six minutes she continued to orgasm ever few minutes, there pace was growing very rapid all Janet could do was moan with pure animal lust she was babbling. "Fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she orgasmed so hard her eyes rolled, Mat pushed deep her womb he was flooding her with more cum, she realized Barry was leaving a cum deposit deep in her bowels.

"I love black cock she yelled "I'm cummmmmmmmmm" as she again orgasmed. Mat pulled back she was now able to roll off Barry, she flopped on her bed totally exhausted but sexually fulfilled. After several minutes to compose her self she moved up the bed put two pillows under her head she smiled at the guys. "Well I know I've got cum leaking out of my ass as I can feel carolyn reese office perverts creampie big tits, Mat some of your cum has leaked out of my pussy but the stuff is so thick it took two days the last time for me to drain".

The guys laughed, "Janet from now on that pussy is mine do you understand"! She nodded, "baby I'm good with that believe me". Barry had gotten up and made them drinks, as he entered the room and closed the door Mat looked at Janet, "now let's see this girlfriend of yours who need cock".

Janet sat up in bed Barry handed her the phone she quickly pulled up the four photos of Jill proudly showing her ample tits and curvy ass. Both guys smiled, "she really has big tits" was Barry's response "her ass isn't bad either" was Mat's reply.

"Janet its 11:30 we realize its late do you think she'd respond to a text from you"? Janet thought about it for a minute, "well I could text her and say are you alone?

Can you talk? Then wait for a reply". The guys both decided that was a good idea so at 11:49 she texted Jill. It took about 5 minutes to get a response it read, yes can talk or text he's passed out drunk in the den. Mat smiled "we can't text this stuff because it lives forever so call her, tell her what we've been doing if she's interested in a good fucking fine if not no harm.

If she horny enough she can come over now otherwise you and she can set up other arrangements for us to get together soon". Janet giggled "ok her it goes" as she was dialing the number Mat got between her legs, he started kissing her clit. Janet talked to Jill for at least 15 minutes she had to stop three times as she orgasmed from the clit stimulation she was receiving. Finally, Jill spoke "Janet I'm in cock completely cock with no strings it sounds wonderful tonight is impossible how about tomorrow"?

She looked at Barry and Mat "is this something we can do"? was her question. Both guys thought about it for several seconds, Barry spoke to Janet, but he knew Jill could here. "Ok we'll be her tomorrow night at 8:30 be sexed up and we'll all be fucking before 9".

Jill was thrilled she told Janet she'd be there by 6 she hung up. Mat who had been between her legs for the entire time looked up "I'd like to fuck you". Janet she gave him a coy smile, "a good fuck or a wonderful DP". Interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee the guys moved in she knew what was coming.