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Chapter 2. A High School Disappointment In Love Dad became satisfied that he had successfully godage en voiture entre teen et milf avant un trio bord de route his new family. Dad was happy with them in spite of the fact that they had met on the Internet. The two women were friendly with my sister and me, when we met at my Dad's house. It was very interesting, but my sister and I did not notice Kate's curious oddity at that time, but Kate and Natalia began to speak without any Russian accent, when we were in family gatherings after only six months or so.

But they spoke with a Russian accent when strangers were close to them. Later they spoke without any accent everywhere they were when they spoke. Kate did not attend any high school at all, she learned as a private student. Natalia and Kate were not American citizens that time so we accepted this as an explanation for the private student practice.

She passed the examinations smoothly. Her exams were in my high school. She was very smart and she was perfect academically.

I learned well in high school. I liked mathematics and sciences and Kate was good at same things that I was good at. Becky was not great academically so I assisted her at home, but Kate was able to explain the school task better than me. Soon Kate became Becky's regular tutor instead of me. It was very interesting that a girl who had arrived to the States only six months ago could explain mathematics, sciences, history and almost everything to my sister.

Mom helped my sister in English only. Kate had not only this one strange thing. I will tell you step by step. Natalia was not a poor stranger. She had an independent fortune from Uzbekistan.

My step mom founded a firm and she began to invest a little money in the kerala boy forced sex with ammayi and in other possibilities. After Kate's successful examinations and the end of the school time dad organized a travel to Cook Islands in August. We flew to the main island, Rarotonga through Auckland New Zealand and we were in a Hotel for two weeks. The new members of my dad's family were friendly with us for the two weeks.

Now I know my fate had already been decided then, but I was total clueless about this at that time. During the holidays Becky and I were amazed with Kate's abilities. Kate rode a bike, swam and ran more quickly than us. Dad bought an acoustic guitar for Kate in Rarotonga and she began playing on it and she sang with good voice.

She sang evergreens and local songs and she got less audience at evening in the Hotel's garden. Kate was modest and she smiled at us friendly and she did never boast. I never met a girl as smart as she was. Kate was more than simply a stepsister. We became friends. Sincerely, I admired her beautiful body in secret, but without any erotic thoughts. It looked like a beauty contest jury had planned her to be so perfect. Yes, I was not blind, but I did not think of her as a sexual being, she was my fantastically beautiful stepsister who had always good advice to us.

I think Becky and I felt Kate as a true sister. We called each other brother and sister. Before leaving home to go to a good restaurant to celebrate, Natalia and dad announced to our surprise that they were going to have a baby. After we had eaten lunch, we went to the beach.

Dad and the two girls went swimming in the lagoon and I stayed with Natalia under the palm trees. She smiled at me and she said, "We know you learned Becky's origin and you could keep this in private well. This was very nice from you. Your dad knew you had bugged the living room and you heard his confrontation with your mom. Your dad is very proud of you that you didn't reveal this secret." I was so confused with surprise that I could not speak any intelligent word, "Hhh.Mmmm." She continued, "I persuaded your dad to write a will.

You'll inherit almost everything. Becky and Kate will get a little money, but the company and other investments will be yours." I understood my step-mom entirely that she wanted to show me I was safe despite the fact that they would be having a child in common.

I said, "Thank You." Natalia explained, "I'm wealthier than your dad. My own assets are twice as large as his wealth. Kate and our future kid will inherit mine.

But I'll not only help my blood kids from my fortune, but you and your sister as well. But your dad and I ask for you to keep everything in the dark. We arranged so that I could tell these facts to you." I understood dad. He wanted Natalia to tell me these facts first about our future, so I would have more faith in Natalia.

I agreed, "Thank you for your kindness Natalia. Naturally I won't tell these confidential things to anybody." Dad came back with the girls, so we stopped the conversation. While we were packing up, dad and I found ourselves alone in the Hotel for a while and he confirmed Natalia's words.

He also asked for me to keep cover his last will and testament and Natalia's wealth, as well as Becky's origin. I swore. When we arrived home I felt that Becky and I loved our stepsister deeper and we knew this was mutual. When I turned eighteen in October and I fell in love with a beautiful girl from the other class in my High School.

She was Eve Sharp and she was the daughter the chief surgical physician from the local hospital. She got a brand new small car for her birthday and I got one too. Our birthdays were on the beginning of October a few days apart.


Dad and Natalia bought a brand new Ford Focus station wagon for me. We both played soccer and we went home from the soccer training almost at the same time. We began to talk before starting home by car and we became an item. I fell in love and I believed this was mutual. We kissed passionately, but she refused the further steps.

She said she had been virgin as was I and we should wait until the Prom. I wanted to have sex with her, but I agreed with her, because I was sure she was in love with me. I went to dad's house less often, because Eve consumed my free time, but I wanted to become an engineer the same as dad.

Eve wanted to be a doctor, so we studied hard in spite of she sets out to conquer the cock of her long time crush frequent dates. So I tried to spend more time with her at the expense of time spent visiting my dad and his new family. That time Becky met them more than me. She studied together a lot with Kate. On a Thursday in mid-December I studied at home alone, when dad phoned me to come to him to assist him in something.

The streets were cleared of the snow and as I drove, I noticed Eve's car and Eve was with somebody in it. I turned around in their direction and went after them. I stayed as far behind as I could and yet still see Eve and her classmate Bret Tyminsky got out of the car and they entered the dark house. Yes his parents were not at home.

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I went to the house and I discovered a little opening crack in the curtain at the window of the living room. So I could see Eve and Bret. They stripped naked during a record time and they began to have sex in the living room. They did not go up into bedroom up on the second floor, they were so impatient.

I stood there in anger at Eve's betrayal. I remembered dad called me to help so I turned back around in my car. I sat in my car for five minutes, but the cold drove me into dad's house in my sad state of amorous disappointment. I was so sad from this betrayal, because Eve told me we would take our virginity jointly after the Prom and she began to have sex with this jerk. I remembered Bret told us he had just broken with his girlfriend Helen.

The truth was Helen broke up with Bret, because Helen told us he was a player. This jerk Bret took my girlfriend from me to heal up from his love disappointment. My cheating girlfriend was another case. Main cause of my anger at Eve was that if she had said she had not loved me, I would have been sad but I would have moved on from her sooner. To play lover to me and to have sex with another man was a big betrayal and it was too much for me.

I remembered my mom and my dad. Because I was in the same shoes as dad had been before Natalia. When I entered dad's house I found Kate, the seven months pregnant Natalia and dad in the living room. They knew what was the matter, when they saw the disappointment on my sad face. My father simply stated, "Eve?" I moaned, "Eve is with her classmate alone at his parent's house." I was in total emotional shock and I stood, when Kate jumped up and she ran to me.

She hugged me close and said, "You poor soul." Her eyes were sympathetic and I felt her wonderful body and mainly her big, firm, beautiful breasts. I looked at her fabulous deep blue eyes and I could see in them kageny linn karter and johnny sins only pure sympathy, but other feelings as well.

During my sad state from Eve's betrayal a funny idea flashed through my mind, "Ben you're very silly, because Kate is more beautiful, smarter and sexier than Eve. You were blind and stupid." Kate took my hand and she pulled me to her room. She pressed me into a chair and she sat facing me.

She said, "If you want our silence we can stay so." I looked at Kate and I could see a pair of sympathetic eyes, so I nodded. So we stayed in silence for a while. After this I told her everything about Eve's case from the beginning to this evening.

Her clever insights into my storytelling, but one of her statements was the most influential in disenchanting me from Eve's spell and attracting me to Kate. Kate said this at the end of my sad report, "Because I'm only your stepsister you could be honest with me. I'm with you." We called each other as sister and brother but her comment that she referred to herself as my stepsister again was a signal.

I know now this was the meaningful sentence that she wanted to be a sexual beauty for me. She was right, because I began to delight in sneaking secret glances at her. She stood up and she took my hand again and she pulled me out of her room to the living room, where the seven months pregnant Natalia and dad were.

They looked at me with an encouraging smile and Kate put her arm around my waist. Kate proudly declared, "I will make him forget that stupid bitch." Natalia began to smile completely at me just before she turned toward my dad, who began to laugh a little.

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Dad said, "Kate, isn't it too soon for this?" Kate's mind was made up, but she did not respond to my dad's words directly, "Who offends Ben offends me too!" She intended to hide the meaning of my dad's words, but it was not to be. She was no longer simply a stepsister to me.

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She had become much more than that. Dad and Natalia knew this. I recognized that from the whole situation. Dad gave it up his original plan for me to help him, because he saw my sorrow. Dad said I would help him on the following day. Dad decided I had to stay in their house and he called mom.

I was eighteen years old so I could sleep in my dad's house free. He explained to my mother that I was in such a sad state from disappointment in love that I could be involved in an accident on the icy streets.


Mom understood this. It was so ironic that my parents were discussing my disappointment with being in love. Yes I remembered my mom's betrayal. My room was next to Kate's bedroom and I went to the bathroom. Then I planned to sleep, when Kate knocked on the wall and I knocked back. Soon the door opened and Kate entered.

She wore an almost transparent nightgown. She was without bra and she wore a little black panties. Her 'C' tits were almost pear-shaped and beautiful with the brown areolas and erect nipples. Her very light brown skin was without hairs or today he found out his gf is a slut. She sat on my bed where I lay under the blanket.

She looked at me with seductive eyes. I almost melted into my bed. She told me smiling, "I hope you'll forget that cheating stupid cunt tonight." She stood up and left my room slowly to show me her perfect round bottom.

She turned her head when she shut the door and winked at me. I became totally red. Luckily she left my room so she did not see my embarrassment.

For the first time in my life I masturbated for hours while thinking about Kate. Kate was right I forgot Eve at once.

Kate's perfect body was on my mind when I first woke up the following morning. Eve's betrayal disappeared completely. I knew I fell in love with Kate. I understood from my dad's words that Natalia and he did not mind Kate and I would become lovers, moreover I suspected they had additional plans for Kate and me.

Next day Kate was my wake up call. She wore a nice short skirt and blouse, but these showed her round body parts well with her shapely legs. Now we laugh a lot several times with Kate, when we recall that night that she knew that I would almost forget Eve's betrayal with her erotic trick. We got up earlier than dad and Natalia, because I had to go home for my school things and to take Becky with me to school.

It was funny but Kate was not sleepy so early in morning. She prepared breakfast for all of us, when I went to the dining room. She served the breakfast in such a way that she could show the beautiful round parts of her neat body to me. Her whole being radiated sweet, gentle love with a non-intrusive hint of erotica. Like last night I melted down from this unbelievably, amazingly beautiful girl. In spite of my open admiration she behaved naturally a while, but she became a little red two or three times.

She knew how she could attract me. She was the perfect erotic seductress to my taste. Dad and Natalia got up and they came to the living room, when we ended our breakfast. I said goodbye to them. They told me I had to be careful of the dark morning streets, because of the icy parts on the streets. I left for my mom's house and my high school. I was lucky not to have any accident, because Kate was in my mind despite Eve's fresh betrayal and I was 100% sure Kate loved me too and I confess now I fell in love with her in that morning.

Mom waited for me even though she wanted to go to work, but I had to take my sister with me to our high school. She and my sister looked at me as if I were an alien, because I was cheerful. Dad told mom on phone last night Flawless tiny kitten gets her yummy pussy and tight anal rode had experienced disappointment with love.

She knew about Eve's cheating and she was sure I would be sad, devastated. I was sure mom remembered her betrayal. In spite of this I was alive, cheerful and without any trace of Eve's betrayal. She asked, "What was with Eve?" I replied cheerful voice without any consideration, "I was glad to be rid of that cheating bitch!" Mom began crying and she rushed to the kitchen.

Becky looked at me with embarrassment, "Mom has worried about you a lot." Mom came back and she wiped her eyes and I was sure she suffered because of the analogy which was between Eve and her. Perhaps she understood dad's pain better from Eve's betrayal. I preferred dad to my mom, but I did not want to injure her.

Mom's unhappiness and dad's happiness were enough punishment upon her and mainly dad would have his own baby girl soon was a newer pang to her. She said, "I'm glad you aren't disappointed," and she hugged me. I took Becky to our high school by my car. Becky was freshman there where I was in the final year of high school. She did not ask me about Eve, but she chirped about nothing. She thought this prattle helped me to forget Eve. She was and is a true sister, but she did not know I had already forgotten Eve totally and instead of Eve, Kate was in my heart and in my mind.

Friday was the last school day before weekend. The ordinary events took place in school and I did not mention Eve's betrayal to my three good friends whose names are Frank Barth, Billy Smith and Sam Whiteside in the class.

I was ashamed of myself. It's time to introduce my friends. Frank's parents were big farm owners near our city.

Billy's dad was a welder at a local firm and his mom was a sun and nader feet kis xxx in a supermarket. Sam's father was the county sheriff and his mom worked at a local Bank. They were the older siblings in their family the same as me. We all learned well in the school, but Billy was the best in our class and he was a mathematical talent and he wanted to teach mathematics.

Frank wanted to carry on to sustain the big family farm so he wanted to learn agriculture in the college. Sam wanted to be an investigator at the Police. We became very strong friends on the soccer training and they did not like Bret Tyminsky. The soccer was the most popular among the girls here. However it was a surprising fact that soccer was the second most popular sport activity after football among the boys in my school. The girls and the boys trained on adjacent fields, so many love stories started here.

My three friends found their sweethearts on the soccer field after training and unfortunately I found Eve here. Bret played football and attended other classes as well, but he naughty and moist gang bang striptease hardcore a jerk and he would have become a terrorizing bully, if we had not stopped him two years before.

Bret insulted Billy. Sam and Frank saved Billy in the situation. Some days later we got interesting information from one of Bret's former middle school classmates that he was a bully in his middle school. An idea came to me. My three friends assisted me as we organized the next step.

We talked to a lot of boys from many classes and we left our classrooms at the break and all of us went to Bret's classroom at the same time. We were more than twenty plus boys and we stuffed Bret's classroom. I was the spokesman. I told him, "We've come in this school to learn and to enjoy ourselves here and you will just have to find another school someplace else." Everybody had a menacing stare at Bret and we left his classroom quickly, because the security cams broadcast this flash mob scene to the High School security guards.

Three guards ran to Bret's classroom, but we left his class in time. The guards questioned some of our mates and they learned we tamed a bully so the School Principal stopped the investigation entirely. Nobody wanted to be the school bully after that flash mob action in my high school.

Brett remained a class room jerk, so some classmates suffered only a little from him. Bret insulted Jimmy Lang the most in his classroom, but he avoided to become an all school bully.

Jimmy was a pudgy slob. Jimmy quietly endured the torments from Bret and he did not complain with him, because he believed complaining unmanly pathetic behavior.

Unfortunately this was a mistake from Jimmy, because we could have quenched Bret in time as earlier. Bret remembered our bitter treatment well. I think he wanted a revenge on me with my cheating girlfriend after Helen broke up with him. Eve was not in the high school and this was interesting. Dad sent a message to my mobile that he and Natalia would come to my school.

I called dad in the next break and I learned they wanted to ask for the Principal, Mr.

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Walt Kaminsky to allow Kate to join to the Prom. The request was based on my dad's generous donation to the high school and that Kate performed her successful examinations here in my school. I joined my dad and Natalia at the Principal's office in the last break. Principal allowed Kate to come to the Prom.

Dad asked for Mr. Kaminsky and me to keep secret about Kate's possibility to go to the Prom until the beginning of the Prom organization. Dad asked for me to assist them again after school. They left for home and I went back to my classroom. I could not pay attention to the teacher at all, because Kate was in my mind, "Together at the Prom with this stunning beautiful girl!

I won't be lonely, there! Fantastic! Natalia, my dad and Kate are great!"