Mom son sher bad room

Mom son sher bad room
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Sex park Once upon a time there was a park. Not any old park no. This was sex park founded by Thomas James Williams. This park is outside like most parks.


Except there are a few exceptions that you can tell between a sex park and a children's park. The slides are raised higher and there are a few lined up next to each other. Under the slides are chairs. The swings are also higher. And for bondage reasons there is a play pirate ship but it holds secrets. This is the story of noah and Lisa's sexual life.

Entering sex park Noah and lisa are pleased to find that there is only a few other couples there Babe where first? Noah asks his girlfriend lisa. The swings. Hurry I am feeling really horny just standing here. Looks like your little friend is too Lisa said and giggled. Both Lisa and noah are already naked. Noah already had a full erection and his cock was at attention. Horny sluts veronica clark francys belle kiara night little candy went ahead and say down on the swing.

Noah sat on top of her and immediately thrust his cock in. Ohh Ohhhh Lisa moaned as she grinded against his thick hard 8 inch cock. The 2 of them starting pumping their legs and they started swinging higher and higher each time Noah thrusting harder inside Lisa's frail pussy. Lisa I'm cumming noah moaned and they slowed down noah leaning hard onto Lisa thrusting his hot thick cum into her tight pussy. They took a breather and Noah got off of Lisa. As soon as he got off and Lisa stepped off Noah got an immediate hard on.

What next Noah and his buddy? Lisa asked smiling seductively. Noah stepped to the side and grabbed a set of handcuffs and some rope from a cashier at the edge of the park.

He swept lisa off her feet and placed her on a stool at the end of a slide. He raised her legs so that her pussy was wide and open to any passers by.

He tied her ankles up on the slide and tied her onto the stool. Then he handcuffed her hands. Noah stepped back and climbed the ladder up to the slide. He sat down and spread his legs so that his cock would meet her pussy.

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Then he quickly slide down the slide and pounded hard into Lisa's pussy. He used his feet to glide up and down the slide each time gliding hard and fast into Lisa's pussy. Ohh Ohhhh Ohh Noah I'm cumming Ohhhh Lisa moaned. Me too lisa hang on Noah said and together they cummed.

Noah slid one last time deepest into Lisa's young pussy and cummed. Together they cummed and Lisa squirmed under Noah's embrace in ecstasy. After they both calmed down after their organisms Lisa took Noah's cock in her mouth.

She slowly licked noahs cock like an ice cream cone giving extra pressure underneath. Her tight squeezing with her mouth gave Noah a hard on and almost coming. Lisa I will cum soon he groaned out. Noah pulled out of her mouth and squirted his hot cum all over Lisa's tits to her cheeks and forehead. Afterwards lisa and Noah walked though the park back to Noah's car.They walked all the way there with noahs cum still splattered all over Lisa's face and tits and both of them are still naked.

Sex park 2 During that sensual day at the park there had been another girl watching. She admired the girl who had cum splattered all over her face. This girl was Alice Johnson.

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Alice is a 20 year old girl in college. Since its summer she is at home alone. I has long black hair that she always ties back into a pony tail.

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She has ghostly pale skin and bright blue eyes. I walked past the couple and headed towards the oh so famous pirate ship. It's an adults playground. On deck there are 30 king sized beds. There are also nightstands that hold rope and handcuffs and any toys that you would need during sex. In the pirate ship there are 2 stairs down to different rooms. Where I was heading was the first set of stairs. Down there was a tv set and many rows of couches.

Playing on the tv set was porn videos. Alice took a seat on an empty couch.


On the tv set currently it was a video of group sex. One girl was getting furiously fucked in both her anus and pussy, another man was fucking her tits and she was giving head to another.

Since I am currently the only person in here I took my skinny jeans off and started rubbing myself with sex xxx hinde daunlod com vibrater I took from upstairs. I watched as the guy in the girls pussy cummed and it overflowed. I didn't notice when a group of guys from my college showed up. But they noticed me. I had dressed sluttily tonight because I wanted to get laid.

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Henry and Dan sat next to me while Kyle sat on a couch behind us. hey alice. Whispered Dan in my ear. He took my vibrater from my frail fingers and rubbed it for me. Eventually he removed the vibrater and pushed my panties to the side and started fingering me.

Ohh I moaned sex tubidy bigass fucked com leaned into him giving him better access. As I leaned against Dan I felt his hard thick cock through his jeans on my back. I could no longer focus on the movie. All I felt was sheer pleasure as henry pushed aside my half shirt off (it covered under my tits and a part of the middle of my stomach and the same on my back but that was it) and started sucking on my right nipple Wanna take this upstairs?

Dan whispered in my ear I couldn't respond right away so I just nodded my head yes Dan removed his finger and I moaned. Kyle came over and picked me up. He carried me upstairs Dan laid down on the bed first and Kyle positioned me directly on top of dans 9 inch thick hot cock.

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I felt it rubbing between my pussy lips until Kyle let go and I completely bottomed out on dans cock. I screamed at the pressure and pleasure that gave me.


They gave me a minute to adjust and then Dan grabbed my hips and started thrusting harder and deeper with each thrust. Ddddaaaannnnn ohhhhhhhhhh I moaned. Kyle shoved his cock in my mouth and Henry started applying lubricant to my anus. I licked and sucked on Kyle's cock swirling my tongue over it as Kyle started face fucking me.

Eventually I deep throated him. Henry starting fingering my ass and he has 3 fingers in. He sat beside Dan and pushed the head of his cock in my ass. He pushed inch by inch into my ass until he is balls deep. He started thrusting in and out slow at first yet gaining speed. Ohh god Dan Kyle Henry. Oh fuck oh fuck. Fuck me harder like your whore I screamed. Then I was in bliss. I climaxed and my body writhered in ecstasy.

Dan Henry and Kyle all cummed at the same time filling me with their hot seeds. I swallowed all of kyles cum only choking brunette tiff banister loves black dick pounding her good.