Saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette

Saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette
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Too long. It had been too long since he'd seen her. Time didn't seem to exist when she wasn't in his arms, and it had been forever since she'd been there. Finally, however, the wait was over. She stood in the door, silhouetted against the setting sun behind her like some fairy-tale creature, her blonde hair slightly curled and floating over her lean shoulders.

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He couldn't quite see her face, but he knew the look upon it. He knew those cobalt blue eyes, so capable of making a lip quiver and heart melt, were locked on his, shining with barely contained excitement. He could almost smell her perfume, memory filling in gaps his senses couldn't pick up on. Memory only served so well, for when his eyes slipped from the shadow of her face to the barely visible lines of her body, he could feel the animalistic lust in his loins.

She was gorgeous, her body one flowing curve after another. From the gentle slope of her breasts down over the sumptuous arc of her ass, she was absolutely gorgeous. Breaking the moment of silently reverie, she leapt the five feet that separated them into his arms, a giggle of glee escaping slightly parted leaps as he caught her. His lips immediately touched her neck, sending shudders down his body at the feel or her skin once again. Smooth as alabaster, she wore a tan like a second skin.

She pulled back slightly, only to allow their lips a moment to find one another before joining in a melting embrace. His tongue pushed past the luscious barrier of her lips, finding hers roaming in anticipation as well. His hands slid from ass to hips, gliding over the thin layer of clothing she wore to cup her breasts, the unnecessary bra unable to hide the erect nipple beneath.

He held her firmly against him as his arms circled her and crossed; her own already dragging fingernails over his shirtless back. A groan slipped into her mouth, causing her to smile mid-kiss. He chuckled as she kissed him harder, pulling against her lower back and forcing her to arch her breasts against him.

"Clothes… off," He whispered, turning and carrying her to the bed. He squatted slightly, seating her on the edge of the mattress so that she could raise her arms above her head as he removed the cotton barrier from her body, leaving only a lacy cover over her perfect breasts.

For the moment, this stayed, his passion unable to be contained as his lips found the skin of her jaw-line, sliding from bottom of the ear to collarbone and back again. She tilted her head back adorable slim teenie gets her soft vagina and tiny anal drilled moaned, eyes closing as her toes curled in pleasure, the small sandals previously there falling silently to the carpeted ground. She pulled back lightly, only to lean forward a moment later and place a kiss on his peck, her fingers trailing down to his belt as her lips followed their movements.

He leaned back slightly in anticipation, her hands forcing his now undone pants down and over the arc of his muscular ass. His strong hands found side of her head as she looked up at him with almond-shaped eyes, a smile touching her lips.


A single wink was the only answer she allowed him as her hand wrapped around the shaft of his semi-erect cock, slowly tightening her grasp on his throbbing member. Another groan eased itself from his throat as eyes snapped shut, a shallow breath expelled from unready lungs. With no further hesitation, she pulled the tip of his dick to her lips, allowing her tongue to slide forward and dart against its thick head. He could barely hold himself up, his body so unused to the gentle touch of a woman as she slowly took his cock into her mouth.

She worked the shaft with her small hand, taking more and more into her mouth as she continued to stare up at him. "Christ babe," He groaned, "That's fucking amazing." She giggled lightly, scraping her teeth against the head of his dick as she continued to pleasure him. He reached down and took a handful of her hair in his grasp, gyrating his hips forward to match the motions of her head.

She gagged for a moment, unused to it, but quickly collected herself and relaxed her throat muscles, allowing more of him into her. Slowly he slid his cock deep into her mouth, her throat; his body screaming in protest each time she pulled her head back. Minutes seemed like hours, such was the pleasure that she could inflict upon him. Finally, knowing that this was only the beginning, he pulled back and lifted her up to him, kissing her jenna gets fucked while wearing knee socks on the lips as he reached behind her to undo the clasp of her brassiere.

Black lace slid from tan skin as he pulled the bra from her body, basking a moment in the beauty of her ample and perky breasts before sliding to his knees before her, his lips trailing kisses down her chest as he did so.

He took her nipple in his mouth as his body separated her knees, pulling her to him with strong arms. A curious tongue flitted across the rigid nipple that lay in his mouth, dirty ebony bad words story teeth grating it ever-so-tenderly.

She bit her lower lip gently, looking down at him with a look of care and tender passion, arching slightly to his touch as if to tell him she wanted more. He took her nipple into his mouth fully, lips encircling the areola as he sucked gently on the rigid surface.

She gasped lightly and ran a hair through his hair, pushing downward suggestively with little force. He got the hint, however, and lowered french brunette giving good head before taking dick deepthroat and blowjob lips once more, kissing her body in a side winding trail down to her waist.

His fingers deftly undid the button of her jeans and in no time she was left wearing nothing but a nearly transparent thong, the only thing separating his body from hers. Allowing this to remain for the time being, his lips continued their journey down and to the inside of her thigh, pausing at the joint of her hip and lingering on the soft skin here.

She leaned back on two hands and closed her eyes, placing her feet on his shoulders as his kiss sent shivers through her body. He knowingly grinned, continued his path as his mouth led its way across the inside of her thigh and to the back of her knee.

Pausing for only a moment, he finally traversed his way back to the soft spot just next to her wet slit. He grinned, noticing the slowly growing line of wetness on the thin material of her thong. With baited breath, she slid gyrated her hips against mather sleep son hot focking mouth.

"Stop teasing me babe! Just fucking do it already!" She smiled as she berated him, chuckling as he finally removed the underwear from her body. He grinned as well, finally able to access her sweet, juicy pussy. With a lick of the lips he knelt steadily between her legs, trailing kisses all around her the lips of hairless vagina before finally allowing his tongue to grace across the wet slit.

She groaned audibly as he continued, sliding his tongue into her body before up and over her clit. She arched her back further, forcing her pussy up against his face as his tongue flickered and darted, performing the act he loved so much. She moaned with his cunnilingus, placing a hand on the back of his head and pulling him closer.

His hands slid up so that his arms encircled her thighs, his thumb and forefinger spreading her pussy lips so that he could more closely lick her clit. She shuddered with joy as he focused on the sensitive nub, his tongue darting across it quickly as he sucking on her pussy.

His finger found its way into her tight little hole and plunged deep, causing her a sharp intake of breath as he sucked her clit. "fuck yea babe… right there. Oh god RIGHT THERE." She bit her lip hard as his fingers fucked her pussy and his tongue worked her slit, lips puckered on her clit as she ground her hips against his face.

Suddenly, her legs clamped on the side of his head and her breathing halted for a moment. He grinned, continuing to tongue fuck her as he tasted her orgasm flood his mouth.

A moment later he leaned back, her hand stroking his hair as her breath came in sharp gasps. Grinning widely, he stood before her, leaning across her naked body to kiss her passionately.

Her hands slid to his cheeks, grasping his face, and holding him in the kiss… in the moment.


Her heels lifted and crossed over his lower back as his hard cock slid up and over her pussy, resting on her stomach.

She grinned devilishly as she lowered one hand down to his throbbing member, guiding the pulsing head to the still wet opening of her slit, rubbing it up and down between her lips.

He closed his eyes and breathed heavily against her neck, doing all that he could to not simply thrust the length of his cock into her with one solid stroke.

At long last she stopped her horny blond amateur slut fisted by multiple men and held his cock just before the opening of her pussy, allowing just the tip to part her hot, wet, lips.

Pulling gently with her hand, she guided him into her as he slowly pushed forward, thrusting himself into her body. A wild groan emitted from her throat as her eyes closed in ecstasy, the gentle rhythm of his cock matching her breathing. With closed eyes he embraced the moment, feeling his thick dick sliding in and out of the tight walls of her pussy. He could feel each movement, each breath, each heartbeat.

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He could feel her working the muscles of her lower body to clench herself on his cock, milking it with each movement. He fucked her slowly, gently…passionately. "fuck me baby… fuck me." she whispered in his ear, dragging nails across muscular shoulders to leave trails of bright red. With renewed inspiration he thrust his cock into her harder, slamming the tip of his head against her back wall.

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She grunted lightly, but didn't make an attempt to stop him as he hammered into her, her lips parted with each moan that escaped her body. He thrust himself deep and hard, pulling out so that just the tip of his cock remained inside of filthy teen slut double penetrated and facial cumshot before plunging back into the hot wet depths of her body.

She rocked herself back against him, grinding her hips against his with each forward thrust. "Roll over," He grunted, lifting her almost completely from the bed as he placed her on her stomach and pushed her legs together.

Looking down at her gorgeous ass and puffy pussy lips, he couldn't but help but smile, wondering where he'd found such a gorgeous woman. He took his cock in his hand and tilted it slightly downward as he straddled her, leaning forward so that he entered her from behind. She moaned loudly, her hands squeezing the sheets in them as his cock slid the length of his shaft into her pussy. She arched back against it, moaning as he pushed both himself up and the bed down, allowing it to spring her back into him with each thrust.

"Oh god." she moaned, "Harder. fuck me harder." Her desire was his decision, and he pounded his cock down and into her, causing the bed the knock loudly against the wall of the small dorm room. She grunted as he panted, his hips working hard to continually push himself down into her. He grabbed her long hair and pulled back, slapping her ass as her head lifted from the bed with closed eyes and an open mouth.

"Yes baby, fuck me!" He bit his lower lip as he obliged, trying to hold off what he knew was inevitably to follow shortly. With a final slap of her ass he ripped his cock from the hot confined of her body and grabbed it with his hand, groaning and bucking his hips as hot white cum shot from the bulging head. White globs landed on the small of her back as his orgasm shook his body, grunts pushing through clenched teeth.

Finally, when all was over and he could regain control, he wiped the semen from her body and leaned to her ear, encompassing her with his arms.

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"I missed you babe."