Pretty babe plays with chubby one eyed monster hardcore blowjob

Pretty babe plays with chubby one eyed monster hardcore blowjob
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I am construction Engineer my name is Shaam, Right after my graduation I join a building repair work company in Mumbai, which was carrying out repair work in posh locality in Bandra. You know people are staying in the buildings and we need to do the repair works from outside its pretty tough job to handle these rich nuts. On the second day I got a complaint stating that you can't tie the scaffoldings to the window, I got to know this from our labor.

What the hell without which I can't support the structure he told me to have a talk with this lady.I went to her house at 4 floor, a female servant open the door I mia khalifa xxxx sex stories rape for the madam, she told me to wait outside after a minute she call me inside.

There she is, beautiful angry rich woman in her gown fully covered from neck to toe, may be in her early 30's but look much younger, slim and fit I said "Good Morning Madam, I am the Engineer who will be looking after your building repair, if you need any kind of special treatment at your flat as per the repair works are concern you can always talk to me".

By not directly coming to what I want has broken the nut she told me to sit on the sofa exactly facing her in fact I was amazed at her beautiful face. She asked me would you like to have some coffee, never miss the opportunity so I said my pleasure. Looking around her house I find a photo of kid girl, I asked about she told me she is her daughter.

I just said to her "Oh my God, I can't believe this you look so young you are having a daughter of 10 year old, I thought you are newly married woman". After that she was on roll, finally after 15 min I was making a move I told her " Madam for the next two month kindly bear with us as works sound, dust and cement particle will keep coming". She said not an issue I understand and also if you want to take help of our windows grill for support then go ahead. That is what I wanted. I said thanks madam.

Next day I was sitting at the office provided to us in parking area.

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I saw her she coming to take her car out she was wearing a tight jean and T shirts, I got a complete 440V shock. What a figure yaar 36-24-36, what a boobs, patli kamar and wonderful buts.

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Intentionally I came out and said hello. She asked me how u doing and left. Everyday I have seen her for the next one week, one day in skirt, other day in low waist jeans, and another day in saree showing her sexy deep belly button and her complete back. I was dieing every time I see her. She use to have a word with me every time, while talking I never miss opportunity to have glance at her beautiful asset and she use to enjoy it.

One fine day her servants came into office and told me madam want to see you immediately as she is having some issues.

She was having bags in her hand, may be she is going for some purchasing. Immediately I rushed to her flat. She opened the door, was hiding behind the door. Once inside she closes the door I was taken back, to see her in mini skirt which was just below her pussy and her thunder thighs were for my viewing pleasure and at the top her half covered boobs where trying to get out.

She told me your people have broken the tiles in my bathroom, while talking she keep smiling by looking at my restless position and the erection which clearly visible to her.I told her to show me the bathroom tile, her flat was actually a duplex inside they have staircase.

Told me to follow her, little blonde daughter undresses for big black guy right before her fathers eyes my mind " Pakdo aur chood dalu Sali ko".( grab and fuck her) I was 6 ft behind her she was stepping the steps. My eyes are struck at her wonderful ass. Suddenly I realised that she is not wearing any undergarments her clean shaven pussy and ass was for full view.

She looks down at me and gave a naughty smile; this fucking bitch is teasing me. I was getting out of control but I need to restrain myself.

Once inside the bathroom. Started showing me the broken tile at top I was standing just behind her suddenly she bend down to show the bottom broken tile and became in doggy style her ass was just few inches from my fucking lund, Next moment she pushes her ass on my dick that is one step back I was waiting for this moment and caught her slim waist started pushing her on my deck, she said " Yeh kaya kar rehe ho"( what r u doing).I said "Hey madam this is what you wanted at the end this show so don't disturb I like your beautiful body, your boobs are just wonderful and the more I see your golden triangle more I like to be inside that heaven so stop teasing me and start enjoying the show".

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The next step I freed my 7" long dick out, pushed straight into her wet pussy. As I keeping pumping she was crying. Keep pushing zor se aur zor harder harder" she keep repeating.

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That fucking bitch was getting it harder and harder right in doggy style. With my hands I was exploring her big mounts. After ten minutes of fucking I wanted to change the position but she caught my Lund started sucking it hey guys I felt like I am in heaven, because this was my first time.

Actually I keep myself neat and completely clean shaven at lund area, So she was enjoying more in sucking, the pleasure was so powerful I was about to cum I told her I am Cumming she removed her mouth and started giving hand blowjob. My all "ras malai" fall down in the bathroom. All the time we were half nude, we both removed our cloth completely naked and started cleaning and having bath together.

I started kissing her in the shower then to boobs she was having really big boobs then started feeling her pussy and beautiful ass. Then again my Lund started rising I asked her "Madam are u ready for second innings". She said "don't call be madam call me Tara, I am your Tara I like your mota and long lund I like to blonde babe naomi woods gets fucked in reverse cowgirl it inside more and more, I like young stud so keep fucking me".

"You fucking rich slut, chal Sali jaldi se apne mou me ley( ur mouth), then I will fuck you in your pussy". She was enjoy the rough language, again she started sucking my lund For the next 30 minute she cum twice and I enjoy to best level.


Finish the bath and we were laying naked in each others arms exhaust in her bedroom she told me any time my servant will come so you have to move. She told me "Tere lund ne to muje khush kar diya, muj ko tera Lund bar bar chahiye, mujhe jab be muaka mile ga I will call you".

This was just the beginning.


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